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  1. Starfleet Historical Database Sakiko's Personal Record "The Holographic Dream" Name: Sakiko Anami Ship: U.S.S. Reaent Rank: Petty Officer Third Class Position: Assistant Medical Officer Current Role: None Location: U.S.S. Reaent MEDICAL INFORMATION; Medical Status: Normal RPD Level: Controlled "Dreams are things that stimulate the mind to soar beyond the original boundaries of human beings. They come as invisible entities only striking when one has left themselves to slumber. The human ability to dream is what gives mankind its focus. Often we tend to want to touch our dreams, live up to them or accomplish them. However, the notion of a dream is always and always will be a metaphor. " – Unknown It took a little while before Sakiko found herself standing in one of the many Holodecks onboard the Reaent. She admired the sheer magnificence of how far technology had progressed, but she never did enjoy the idea either. Up until now, these large toys only served a simple purpose when she was still in the Academy and that was to simulate medical situations. She was fully aware the thing was also used as a tool for enjoyment, but she was never one to play video games, no matter how many pixels they surrounded her with. She picked up the small memory chip that she had gotten from Miho just the day before. She held in the base of her hand and stared it with an anxious sigh, "Taro… what are you trying to tell me?" Taking another heavy sigh she walked over to the holodeck controls and hesitantly inserted Taro's holodeck memory chip into the console. She noticed the console start blinking and scanning, there must've been a ton of information on that small chip. The computer kept working so Sakiko yawned lightly and sat on the floor. She slipped onto her back and stared up at the ceiling only seeing more holographic projectors. She remembered that Taro often liked playing with holographic simulations… maybe a little too much. He would create everything from vast spaceship battles to sparing with our samurai ancestors. Even though he was older than Sakiko, he certainly was more of a child than she was. None of it mattered anymore though… he was dead now and all she could do now was respect everything he left behind. Sakiko started to daydream a little, she imagined herself lying on the floor at home back on earth staring up at the ceiling fan. She could remember the sound of kids playing outside and the calm summer wind making her curtains shimmer with each gale. "Saki! Check it out!" Taro would have said as he brandished a small toy model of a federation starship, "Look, sis! I finally finished it! My model of the U.S.S. Yamaguchi! Isn't it awesome?" He was 12 at the time, still beating with the heart of a child. Taro flew the toy ship around the room while making funny makeshift engine and warp noises, "one day I'll be on a ship just like this, Saki! I'll see the universe and fight the bad guys!" "Dad would be proud of you." Sakiko said softly, she remember how quiet and light her own voice sounded back then. "This is the best ship out there! Just wait, sis, you'll be proud of me too." Taro nodded as he flew the U.S.S. Yamaguchi around in a circle. "The best ship huh? You know they'll probably make better ones by the time you join Starfleet." "This one is special though" Taro insisted. Sakiko remembered tilting her head at his statement and smiling gently to act as if she was interested, "how come?" "It's an Ambassador Class starship. It's got the best sounding phasers in Starfleet! Its design is ingenious. Not so sloppy looking like the new Galaxy Class or shrimpy looking like the Akira class." Taro babbled on. Taro was always an enthusiast about starships. If he was to get any job he wanted, he would make his own. He treated starships like antique cars and if he had all the money in the universe he'd probably try and collect them all. "See! Saki, check it out. Fire Photon Torpedoes!" Taro yelled gleefully as he pressed the little trigger on his model starship causing two small little plastic projectiles to make their way to Sakiko's forehead. "Ow! Taro!" Sakiko grumbled softly as she rubbed her forehead. Wait… did she just feel pain? Sakiko sat up looking around the room, Taro was gone. It seemed as if the memory chip had finally loaded without Sakiko noticing. She was sitting on the floor of Taro's room back on Earth. Sakiko looked around the room again for her brother, but there was no one was around. She looked down and picked up two little plastic photon torpedoes, the same things that Taro shot her with just a moment ago. Was it a daydream or the program…? Confused, Sakiko slowly stood up. She could feel the breeze flowing in through the window and the kids laughing outside. The sensation made her feel at peace… but troubled at the same time. Did Taro make a program of his own life? "Miss?" a tiny voice came from behind. She turned around to find a little girl who couldn't be any older than 8 years old. She had a big smile plastered on her face and she was holding a big stuffed animal in her arms, a cat. "My brother doesn't really like strangers in his room, but you must be his friend if he let you in." the little girl continued, "Taro doesn't usually bring friends home especially tall ones like you!" the girl giggled and beamed with a blossoming smile. Sakiko softly knelt down on one knee and smiled gently to the little girl, "Where is your brother now?" "He's sick. He said he had to go and for me not to worry about him. Are you a friend he met at the clinic?" the little girl said tilting her head from one side to the other. "Y-yes… he told me to come back and check on you." Sakiko said shakily. This was ridiculous… why did Taro make this thing? "Nyan! Nyah nyan!" the little girl squeaked gently as she held up her stuffed kitty cat. The cat's eyes were big and dawning along with a toothy smile that would put the cutest tribble to shame. "My name is Kaori!" the little girl spoke for the stuffed kitty cat, "what is your name?" Sakiko stopped for a moment and stared at the stuffed animal. She thought hard for a moment. Holodeck programs are supposed to be objective right…? It shouldn't matter what name she gave the little girl. Grabbing the stuffed animal's hand gently in a handshake, Sakiko smiled gently and nodded. "My name is Sakiko it is nice to meet you," Sakiko said carefully with some hesitation. "Nyan nyan! On behalf of my mistress I welcome you to the Anami household!" the stuffed animal blabbered on. Sakiko smiled a little and bowed lightly in respect. "Kaori must like you! We hope you have a wonderful stay!" the little girl said happily as she cuddled with Kaori the stuffed kitty cat. Suddenly everything became very dark and Sakiko felt disoriented. She was lying on the floor again somewhere… she couldn't tell. A light came on in her face, and she winced from it. Another light came on and another. Sakiko sat up looking around again… she was in the holodeck and her eyes felt heavy as if she had been sleeping. The holodeck console beeped once or twice, the kind of beep one would hear when the computer found a problem. Operation Halted, Memory chip is incompatible with current operating system The computer called out loudly after it had finished its process. Sakiko blinked in a slight disbelief and was even more confused. The holodeck wasn't even running… was it all a dream?
  2. Starfleet Historical Database Sakiko's Personal Record "Olden Hatred" Name: Sakiko Anami Ship: U.S.S. Reaent Rank: Petty Officer Third Class Position: Assistant Medical Officer Current Role: None Location: Starbase 1123 MEDICAL INFORMATION; Medical Status: Normal RPD Level: Critical The air seemed dark and lonely, much like the vast vacuum of space that surrounded all else. Sakiko sat down, alone again at her table in Starbase 1123. She usually was alone, she preferred to be alone. Even through her years at the Medical Academy, Sakiko never made a huge amount of friends and was usually avoided by her peers anyway. This particular night was even quieter than the last. Not even the soft hum of the Station's generators was making a sound. Despite how calm it seemed, she couldn't help but shiver as if the silence itself was more scrupulous than the clutter of daily activity. I think you just don't like hearing me, isn't that right, Saki? She gently picked up the small flower that lay as a decoration on the table, a small white rose. The rose was light, but Sakiko could tell the rose had been there for a while… yet it felt alive even though ripples had started to characterize its figure. You never could hear at all, could you? Not only are you blind, but you're also deaf. Sakiko held the rose carefully and she couldn't help but smile ever so softly at the generous scent it gifted her with. She gently slid her glasses off and set them on the table… the blurriness of the rose settled in with a muddy acceptance. Does that help you, Sakiko? To continually tell yourself that you will never get better? Where exactly do you find the pride… to smile at blindness? After a moment of staring at a blurry rose, she awkwardly slid her glasses back on. Sakiko stood up and walked over to the window. She could see a few ships still being serviced… but it was very late and everyone was sleeping now, including the dock workers. She thought the vessels looked quite happy… also in their peaceful sleep, dreaming of the day they sail the stars once again. The Reaent floated peacefully a few levels below her; she could see most of the cosmetic damage had been repaired in a surprisingly small amount of time. However… it wasn't the outside of the ship that was in pain, she could still feel the Reaent's agony from within. Though, it wasn't inside the ship's terminals, bulkheads or corridors. The damage of the Reaent was within her own crew. She thought of her earlier experience in sickbay. A drunken officer shoving passed her with enough force to knock her to the floor, but she didn't feel any disrespect. There was something about looking into his eyes that made her sad… a strange pain and fear that she hadn't felt since Taro died years and years ago. This pain, Sakiko felt… it wasn't just the drunken officer. It was with everyone she ever set eyes on that ship. Sakiko wasn't unaware of the situation that ensued weeks before. She was aware of the events that happened through a very cloudy official report and gossip. Despite those rumours, she never once felt as if she wanted to turn down her acceptance to the ship. Although she felt a distinct amount of empathy for the crew… she wasn't without her own sense of discomfort. "She's looking much better isn't she?" a man's calm voice came from behind. Sakiko was startled, but she didn't show any indication of it. She slowly turned around to face a lieutenant wearing an engineering uniform. He seemed almost startled at Sakiko's blank expression to his presence but he continued to smile and wave to her as if he might've known her in another life. "I'm sorry, Petty Officer. You seemed distracted," the lieutenant continued. Sakiko simply stared at the man blankly like she didn't approve of his intrusion into her privacy. The lieutenant for some reason didn't seem offended; instead he stepped closer to Sakiko. He stepped again and again… until he suddenly wrapped his arms around Sakiko's waist and pushed her against the glass window. Sakiko gasped in a mild befuddlement, she hadn't clearly seen the lieutenant's face and she still couldn't in the darkness. She started to shiver … there were too many thoughts going through her mind. "自分は忘れか?" He said gently. Sakiko's eyes widened lightly and she could feel her heart almost stopping. She knew that voice. A voice she hadn't heard since…. "あんたは。。。?" Sakiko said softly, she couldn't look up… she didn't want to. "お指し振りだな、咲子ちゃん。" the man continued as if he hadn't even heard her question. Sakiko took a deep breath and shoved him away from her, causing him to reel back into the table. She still couldn't see his face in the darkness but she could see his expression… he was smiling. "誰!" Sakiko insisted, she felt her breath becoming short. She gently took another troubled breath and she could feel her heart slowing down far beyond where she'd want it to be. "怖いね、咲子,"he said, he smirked and he held his hand out at her. Sakiko ducked away from his grasp. She ran towards the door, but the door didn't open. Desperately she hit the door repeatedly while wailing out in a panic. Huff… huff. Again her heart rate began to slow down, she couldn't breathe anymore. She heard footsteps behind her, he was coming. A moment passed… maybe two, Sakiko's heart was heavy. It became heavier. Suddenly there was silence. She couldn't hear a thing. A heavy pain slashed into her back, she felt the cold sensation of steel press deep into her abdomen and the pain became unbearable. She could see the end of the sword that had made its way through her body, the end coated with her own blood… her uniform soaking into a dark red against the black. "忘れないで、咲子。。。" She heard behind her, the voice stale with hate, "忘れないで。。。" Sakiko couldn't see anything now, her vision seemed to fade into darkness… the pain slipped away and the voice became distant. "起きて!咲子!" a different voice called out to her,. Sakiko opened her eyes; the room light was too bright so she couldn't see anything. "Sakiko! Wake up!" "Miho?" Sakiko mumbled lightly, she covered her eyes gently and took a deep breath. Her heart was beating again; she could swear just a moment ago… it nearly wasn't. "どうしたの?" Miho asked, standing over Sakiko holding Sakiko's medical hypospray. "When did you start talking to me in Japanese…?" She rubbed her neck softly, she could feel a little pinch of pain as if she had just been injected, "Miho… did you?" "You need to start watching yourself, Sakiko." Miho simply dropped the hypospray on Sakiko, "I wont always be here whenever you need to inject yourself… what were you thinking? You're supposed to do it before you sleep." Sakiko's older sister just threw her arms in the air with a regretful sigh, "I can't believe you even decided to go through with this, you can barely keep yourself in check and you're planning to go on a Starship?" Once her eyes got used to the room, Sakiko sat up and lightly rubbed her head. She could see she was inside her quarters back on Starbase 1123. She hadn't yet gotten used to quarters on the Reant so it was temporary. "You couldn't stop me three years ago… you really think you can stop me now?" Sakiko said blankly as she pulled her legs up onto the bed and wrapped herself up into a ball. "Saki… it's going to be too hard for you. Hasn't this caused enough pain?" Miho continued, she walked over to the window in the room and stared out into the docking area, "Mother and father would never have approved of this." "They didn't." Sakiko interjected, "it's my decision, Miho. You please mother and father… I can't do it anymore". "It doesn't mean it's not too late, Saki, come back, you don't belong here," Sakiko's sister pleaded. "I'm going to die anyway, sooner or later." Sakiko looked at herself, she rubbed her stomach gently as if she could still feel the sword blade inside of her, tearing into her organs and ending her life… but wasn't real it was all just a dream or a nightmare. Miho just stared at her younger sister, she took a deep breath and sniffled as if she was close to crying, "Saki, we can cure you… the answer isn't out there. It's with us." "出て。。。" Sakiko said softly almost in a whisper. She was looking down at the floor, not able to face her older sister anymore. A despairing look came upon Sakiko. Miho sighed heavily again, she picked up a small box from the table and placed it in Sakiko's lap, "Fine… before I leave, take this. Taro believed there was a way to fight the illness… he gave this to me before he died. He said to give it to you when you lost your way, which means I should have given it to you the day you started talking about this Starfleet nonsense." Sakiko took the box lightly and stared at it, she felt her eyes feeling heavy… a feeling she hadn't experienced since her family decided to reject her. Her breathing became shaky but it wasn't from her illness, it was her sadness. "ありがとう。。。出てください。" Sakiko said softly and quietly. "さよなら、妹さん。がんばってよ。"Miho softly walked over and embraced her younger sister. She took another deep breath and rubbed her eyes gently. Miho stood up again, and left the room. Alone, Sakiko slowly opened the box in her hands. She picked up a small chip inside that had been wrapped carefully in the softest material. A holodeck memory chip…
  3. Okie ^^ posted them. They're not as flashy I don't think xD. It was actually my first time making desktop wallpapers. ^^ I hadn't used Photoshop much for a long time so I'm extremely rusty when it comes to formats and proper sizes ^^;.
  4. Photoshop CS2 xD I'm a bit an oldie and all outdated now. ; ; I think CS4 is out now @[email protected]
  5. I've had some extra time lately. ^^ So just for fun I made some new wallpapers for my sim since I was getting a little bored of my old desktop wallpaper. Originally the picture was another concept for a picture prompt I was making for my logs ^^ then it turned into my wallpaper. I've had a lot of comments on some of my previous works like my signature and stuff xD so I thought I'd share. ^^ I also made one for the IKC Qob a little while ago xD I might post that one a little later ^^;. Like I said, just a little fan thing I made for everyone ^^. Enjoy. -Sakiko Here's the IKC Qob ones I made for their sim. ^^ It was more of a gift to Captain Rosen for helping me out when I started the game ^^;.
  6. Welcome to STSF Caaga ^^;. I met you already a couple times in the academies. You're a very skilled RPer ^^. I hope you enjoy your time here! Sometimes I feel like I'm drowning in the chat too @[email protected] it can get pretty fast paced sometimes. Hope to talk to you again soon! ようこそ!^^
  7. Welcome to STSF, Brynna ^^;. I'm sure it's fine your husband can watch. ^^ ようこそ! ^^
  8. Starfleet Historical Database Sakiko's Personal Record "Prologue - A Heavy Heart" Name: Sakiko Anami Ship: U.S.S. Reaent Rank: Petty Officer Third Class Position: Assistant Medical Officer Current Role: None Location: Starbase 1123 MEDICAL INFORMATION; Medical Status: Normal RPD Level: Low Sakiko sat against the window, her back lying gently against the barrier that separated the small room with the unmerciful vacuum of space. She may have been sitting there for a good few hours now but never once felt like sleeping. It had been a long few days since she left Earth and the Medical Academy. She had been jumping from one terminal to another to meet up with the Reaent's arrival and so she didn't get all that much sleep. However, now that she was there, she didn't feel at all like sleeping. Instead she chose to sit there staring into the vastness of space waiting for destiny to approach her. She curled up into herself and shivered as if she were cold. Shakily she laid her hand on the window and brushed her fingers through the stars. The stars, so beautifully laid out like confetti sprinkled on pitch black waters. She marvelled at the apparent magnificence that surrounded her, yet she couldn't help but feel afraid of it at the same time. What is it that humans experience that makes us so receptive to the idea of adventure? Those old explorers like Kirk and Columbus always had something in common, they were all crazy, simple radicals that refused to sit in one spot and admire the view. Sakiko sat up and giggled lightly at her own thought process. Your mind is always so closed, Sakiko. Someday that will come up and bite you, no wait. It already has. She stopped and sighed softly under her breath. "I'm sorry…" Sakiko whispered and she drew little circles on the glass. 'Sorry' never cut it before did it? What is that supposed to mean, really? Sakiko shivered again and she could feel her eyes feeling a little heavy and it wasn't from sleep deprivation. She shakily drew her hand away from the window and closed her eyes lightly to try and relax. Look at yourself, you wear that uniform… and for what? Sakiko looked at herself, dressed in a Starfleet uniform. She never did feel comfortable wearing the attire, but she couldn't change it now. She softly took off her communications badge and flipped it between her fingers. I have to give it to you, it is quite shinny. You could use the pointy part to gouge someone's eye out. She sighed heavily as if she disapproved with something, perhaps the smell of the air. Calmly, she set the communications badge on the table beside her and stared it for a moment. The Starfleet insignia seemed to stare right back at her as if even the badge itself was insulting her. Huh look at me! I'm the symbol of your wasted life. "Taro… I wish you were still alive." Sakiko spoke quietly to herself as she stared at the Starfleet insignia. That isn't the first time you've said that, Sakiko. There was music playing in the room, it sounded so light and happy. Sakiko smiled lightly as if she was mesmerized by the woman's singing. She closed her eyes softly as if she could see the words in her mind. That's what you should have been, Sakiko… someone you actually wanted to be. An hour or two passed and Sakiko had nearly fallen asleep. She woke up shakily and sighed gently as the calmness of the room settled once more. Sakiko sat up slowly and stared at the floor. She looked over her shoulder to the stars once again and brushed her fingers on the glass, "This is okay… isn't it?" Sakiko, it never was okay. You know that. Why do you keep asking yourself that question? Thump… thump. Sakiko could feel her heart started to slow. She could feel her breath suddenly start to diminish but Sakiko was calm, in fact she almost welcomed it. She placed her hand on her chest and felt the light thump of her heartbeat tapping softly against her hand… but it was slowing down. Sakiko… don't do this anymore, please. She reached over to the table and softly picked up an extremely small cartridge, it was a light green liquid and she held it in her palm. You're just to keep lying to yourself, aren't you? You think that 'medicine' really helps you? It's the only thing tying you down. Sakiko rolled the green cartridge in her hand gently then she pulled up her right sleeve to reveal a bracelet on her wrist. Someday they'll know, Sakiko. You can't shut me out forever… not again. She inserted the cartridge in a very small slot, and then she lifted her bracelet so it gently touched her neck. Someday it'll kill you. Sakiko felt the injection pierce into her neck, her breathing returned to normal and she stopped sweating. Someday it'll all happen again. "…Again", Sakiko whispered to herself. She took another deep breath and pulled her sleeve up while staring at her hand, "Again… I cheat death." She looked up slowly through the window. There was now a ship that could be seen in the far distance. Sakiko could see small lights flickering on and off as the ship moved closer to the Starbase. She picked off her communications badge from the table and looked it once more; it seemed to be as hard and as inanimate as before. After staring at her communications badge for a while she finally pinned the badge back onto her uniform and closed her eyes again slowly. "遣る。。。遣る," she said lightly. Suddenly, she smiled and she felt confident again. She picked up her belongings on the table and made her way to the docking area, where she waited until the Reaent would arrive. The ship looked magnificent. It was large, and carried a stature stronger than any human figure Sakiko had ever known. The USS Reaent seemed to glide passed the gigantic doors of the Starbase and move ever so elegantly towards her. Sakiko marvelled at not only at its beauty but its strength. Her hand came up onto the glass and she pressed her hand against it as if comparing the size of her hand to the ship itself. She smiled again as if joking with her own conscious. "This is where you're meant to be, Sakiko. " After a while, the Reaent's nacelles began to darken, the ship was shutting down after its long and painful voyage back to safe havens. It looked sad however, the ship. It had many holes, burnt plating and other damaged parts. Deep down inside, Sakiko felt sad for the ship, as if the ship had a soul and it was very weary. She brushed her hand over the ship's image and smiled gently as if trying to console it for its injuries, "and so you rest… rest peacefully… you deserve it. I'm here, to protect your crew… will you protect me, ship of the stars?" "You've experienced many harsh memories and much pain." Clasping her hands in front of her, "may you rest in peace… again you will sail the stars, as you always have before." Sakiko then bowed deeply and respectfully to the USS Reaent, she looked up again and then she glanced over her shoulder. A large entourage of officers were walking passed the busy corridors; she knew right away, these were the officers of the Reaent. Even though they didn't notice her at all, she bowed respectfully as they passed her by whispering softly under her breath, "my name is Sakiko and I will protect you."
  9. xD I remember this one time I was having lunch with one of my old professors (It was a Sports Field day xD) and we sat down at one of the tables and talked for a little while. So suddenly I see his coffee make weird splash. I didn't think much of it at the time and I just kinda looked up and saw birds flying around. Then I look down and he's about to take a drink and was like, "Umm.. I really don't think you should drink that... >.<". He looked and sure enough, xD we had a good laugh after that.
  10. Congratulations! ^^;.
  11. Starfleet Personnel Database Nurse Sakiko Anami GENERAL INFORMATION: Name: Sakiko Anami Gender: Female Age: 22 Species: Human, Asian Height: 5'5" Weight: 85 lbs. Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Dark blue Skin Color: White Place of Birth: Japan, Earth Marital Status: Single Mother: Yoshiko Anami Father: Shinji Anami Sister: Miho Anami Brother: Taro Anami (Deceased) SERVICE INFORMATION: Rank: Petty Officer Second Class Position: Assistant Medical Officer Role: Nurse Practitioner, Field Medic Assignment: U.S.S. Reaent Registry: NCC-3345-G Awards: None PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE; Ms. Anami is a very kind spirited young woman who is best known for her selflessness and her knack for alien linguistics. I find that although Ms. Anami's focus is in medical aid, she has not lost her passion for speaking foreign languages without the aid of the Universal Translator. I have also examined that it seems that Ms. Anami seems to break down easily under immense pressure; however her emotional state seems unrelated to her work ethic as she has passed every medical exam with unchanging grades despite her elevated stress level. Despite any of Ms. Anami's flaws it is not to be misunderstood that she takes her job lightly, she has proven herself to be almost obsessively devoted to work and study while rarely taking breaks. I should also note that Ms. Anami also tends to take herself for granted, she has a high devotion to her work but still sees herself as an inferior to everyone around her. I find it hard to find specifically where this inferiority complex originates from, but I suspect this has to do with her family indefinitely. As a result of this psychological process in her mind she will often do practically anything without question even if it contradicts her personal view, in short she has a tendency to lose her individuality when following an order. On another note, I must add that I find Ms. Anami's lack of confidence unnerving. I have never seen someone so distraught about their family's honour and identity as this young woman. She seems to care so much about her family's honour system yet she appears to disobey them at every turn. I find no logic in what she's trying to accomplish and most efforts to find out more have ended in failure. I describe her as a "tough egg to crack" but it is her decision to keep things to herself and I have not the authority or the heart to force it out of her. -End Report, Starfleet Counsellors Office [Dr. Lilith Edison] MEDICAL OVERVIEW; Examinations of Ms. Anami's physical condition place her as a healthy young woman by normal Starfleet standards. However there are prime concerns relating to her diet. On an official note, Ms. Anami is perfectly healthy but even I can see it in her daily routine that she suffers from dietary problems related to extreme emotional stress, as a physician I can only foresee this situation worsening and her body weight decreasing to unhealthy levels due to her reduced appetite. There is also the subject on Ms. Anami's vision. Some might find it peculiar that she wears a set of quite antiquated pair of glasses. This I can determine as simply being as an aesthetic preference by Ms. Anami. There does not appear to be anything wrong with her eyesight, infact she's had laser eye surgery when she was a child. Her main preference for glasses seems to be only when reading. So her peculiar use of eyewear should not be of any concern to anyone. Moving onto Ms. Anami's medical history, it seems apparent that she has had broken bones, most notably the right forearm and left wrist. I do not find these injuries uncommon as injuries of this manor are usually found with Starfleet Cadets at this age. However, during Ms. Anami's physical test I noted some unusually reduced stamina and breathing levels in the most peculiar times, more of this information is in the formal report. Ms. Anami does not seem to have had any history of any major notable illnesses but these peculiar conditions with her respiratory system simply should not exist given her excellent physical condition. With concerns to Ms. Anami's peculiar condition I did research into her family background and found… [ERROR: STARFLEET CENSORSHIP PROTOCOL (By order of: Yoshiko Anami)] In conclusion of my report of Ms. Anami, I have further concerns that this condition may worsen over time if certain factors are met accidently. So long as Ms. Anami can keep her condition stable, I see no reason to withhold her medical record to any Starfleet vessel that accepts her commission. -End Report, Starfleet Medical Office [Dr. Lori Kazuya] BIOGRAPHICAL OVERVIEW; Sakiko started her career in Starfleet straight from High School. Her acceptance into Starfleet Academy came mostly from her aptitude with Exo-Linguistics but ended up changing her focus into medicine due to a personal shift in idealisms. While training as a physician she received exceptional comments as being a very skilled medical aid with a unique characteristic of being able to reassure and calm patients with her kind words and gentle smile. While being a particularly skilled physician, Sakiko is not without her flaws. Sakiko has been constantly referred to as a "bad leader" and does not appear to do particularly well in command of any situation; Sakiko's sense of inferiority to others seems to be the cause of this, as a result she was never accepted a doctor. Sakiko's choice to join Starfleet was not looked upon with admiration by her family and was often a source of rejection. It is still unclear what Sakiko's motives were for joining Starfleet but her family believes she is blindly following the dream Sakiko's brother left behind with his unfortunate death due to illness. Her family seems to believe that Starfleet was to blame for her brother's death because of an over-commitment to the Dominion War; as a result, Sakiko's family business refuses to associate with Starfleet in any way. As the years in Starfleet Academy passed, Sakiko Anami graduated and without the blessing of her family she attained the rank of a Federation Petty Officer. Following her graduation Sakiko went into a brief state of depression by the recurring rejection by her family and started doubting herself more so than before. Several months would pass before she would finally be assigned and thus a new page in her story is left waiting to be written. SERVICE RECORD; June 07 2381 – Accepted into Starfleet Medical Academy April 29 2385 – Graduated from Starfleet Medical Academy [Attained rank of Petty Officer]
  12. Hey everyone. ^^ Sorry I kinda put off the "hello" post because of a busy University schedule xD, but here I am ^^;. Nice to meet you everyone. I've been around some academies already and have gotten to know some of you already. ^^ You're all very nice people, thank you for giving me a warm welcome at every opportunity. Thank you, again. ^^ Hope to see you around. ありがとうございました、宜しくお願いします。 ^^;