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  1. Maryse stepped into her office, shutting the door behind her. After ordering a drink and a plate of food from her replicator, she took a seat at her desk. “Computer, begin recording.” The computer chirps in reply. “Chief Medical Officer’s log, stardate 0410.2016. Ketracel White, or sometimes known simply as the white is an addictive narcotic containing an isogenic enzyme and nutrients used by the Founders and Vorta to control the Jem'Hadar. One of the active ingredients of white was yridium bicantizine. Without the enzymes, the Jem’Hadar would suffer from extreme withdrawal symptoms and eventually die as a result. It would seem that someone, whether it be Dominion or another source, has altered Ketracel in a way that it can affect a multitude of races. It had been modified in numerous ways. Infused in the hot springs, the food and drink, even in the air pump systems. And now some of our crew has now come into contact with the substance. I have taken blood samples from our entire away team to study the long term effects it will have on our systems and have come up with a prognosis. We will begin suffering various degrees of withdrawal. Symptoms may include irritability, mild headaches, cravings for certain foods or drink, and possibly even certain...basic animalistic desires. I expect the team lead by myself will most likely suffer the most, since we were exposed longer than Commander Hawethorne’s team. I will have to watch them further. I also suspect the Admiran symbiote may provide Tandaris with a small level of protection, but I doubt he will be fully immune. As for myself, my faster metabolism has given me a small amount of comfort, but I still find myself affected to a degree…” She paused a moment, looking at the tall glass of strawberry smoothie and plate of strawberry crepes. “My only recommendation at the moment is rest in order to let the symptoms pass. I will continue to monitor the situation. On a side note, if we had stayed any longer I fear we may never have returned to the Excalibur.” Maryse ended the log, relaxing in her chair. She stared at the food a moment before finally grabbing the glass, taking a long draw of drink from the straw. “Ahh…” A big smile on her face emerged as she spun around in her chair. Maybe this wasn’t going to be as bad as she thought.
  2. General Information: Full Name: Maryse Dubois Gender: Female Age: 24 Species: Human Height: 5'6'' Weight: 110 lbs. Hair Color: Brunette Eye Color: Light Brown Noticeable Features: Butterfly tattoo on lower back Place of Birth: Paris, France, Earth Family: Dr. Jean-Marc Dubois (Father) Dr. Sophie Dubois (Mother) Dr. Colette Bouvier (Older Sister) Dr. Celeste Dubois (Identical Twin Sister) Zoe Dubois (Younger Sister) Service Information: Rank: Lieutenant Commander Position: Chief Medical Officer Assignment: USS Excalibur-C Personal History: Maryse is one of four daughters of the renowned geneticists Jean-Marc and Sophie Dubois. While born on Earth, Maryse and her family actually spent most of their lives on a remote colony suitable for experimentation. Each child within the family excelled in every activity they undertook, physically and mentally. The girls were so successful that unfounded rumors began to spread around the community. While Colette and Celeste (Maryse's twin) continued the family tradition of becoming geneticists, Maryse chose to take a much different path. Jean-Marc was pleased, seeing the potential his daughter had within the field of Medicine. The youngest daughter, Zoe, is about to finish her senior year of high school at the head of her class. It is currently unclear where she wishes to continue her studies. Academy: Maryse was in the top of her class in Starfleet Medical. Along with her major in General Medicine, she also opted for numerous minors which included Pathology / Forensic Pathology, and Toxicology. She scored excellent in surgical procedures. Given her family background, Maryse also studied Advanced Genetics. In her final year at the Academy, Maryse was one of the top students given internship aboard a Starfleet vessel. She was assigned to the USS Saving Grace, one of the top medical ships in Starfleet. She wrote and published two case studies during this period, much to the delight of her advisors and teachers. For doing so, she was awarded several citations in academics. Service History: Maryse began her post academy career aboard the USS Brady (Nebula class) as a medical assistant. She quickly rose through the ranks without much incident. However, she did have an altercation with her CMO at one point during her assignment. Disagreeing with a method of treatment that she was ordered to perform, Maryse ignored the order and used her own idea. Though the patient was saved, she received a reprimand in her file. After the incident, she became at odds with her superior officer and requested a transfer. Her second assignment was aboard the USS Sedna (Akira class.) This post was more to Maryse's liking as she got along with most of her peers. It was during her stay, she was promoted to full lieutenant. Unfortunately, the young doctor began to grow bored of this assignment, as the Sedna's missions only spanned much of the already explored Alpha Quadrant. She began to feel as if she wasn't challenged enough. When the chance arose, Maryse put in for another transfer in hopes of finding a suitable position. It didn't take long for Maryse to get her wish. Her transfer request was accepted and she was assigned to the USS Excalibur. This pleased Maryse as she would get the opportunity to put her skills to use in the Gamma Quadrant. Personality Profile: Stubborn, conceited, and driven are a few words that can describe Maryse while in sickbay. She takes her job seriously and rarely tolerates horseplay and gossip. She has also been known to use excessive means to restrain crewmen that try to leave without permission, which includes sedation. While she is stubborn, Maryse can work with others as long as they remain focused on the task at hand. It has also been documented that she will use her own methods of treatment, despite orders, if she finds it more effective to the patient's recover. It is possible her rebellious nature goes beyond work and can be traced back to her family (hence her tattoo.) Though she seems hard, Maryse is actually quite different outside of work. She is more relaxed and sociable. Medical Profile: Maryse is in perfect physical and mental condition. Her exercise regimen includes swimming, gymnastics, fencing, yoga, and various styles of meditative martial arts. She has an uncanny mental capacity with a near perfect photographic memory (though she plays it down at times to more suitably fit in with her peers.) Service Record: 0605.01 – Assigned to USS Saving Grace for internship 0611.07 – Graduated Starfleet Medical with top honors and Promoted to Ensign 0612.03 – Assigned to USS Brady as Medical Assistant 0703.11 – Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade 0805.13 – Reassigned to USS Sedna 0807.29 – Promoted to Lieutenant 0906.21 – Temporarily assigned to USS Union 0910.18 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and Chief Medical Officer 1001.03 - Awarded the Order of the Round Table