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  1. There's a building down the street where I can get food. I might be able to get away with going over there "for dinner" and then getting on STSF... Now that you mentin it, I think their internet is laxer, cos it's a bar/liberty center/wings place
  2. Well, when I'm on 24-hour watch, we technically stop working and "go to sleep" in the adjacent bunkroom at about 2000. The sims start at 21-2200, and it's not like I can leave.
  3. My other car is an ALUMINUM FALCON!
  4. Is there some way to mirror or link to the chatroom and still access it via a network that blocks gaming and chat-based websites? I know that sites that aren't necessarily tagged as such, or that haven't gotten on a blacklist, are still accessible (such as noob.us, even though it has games, or omegle.com, even though it is nothing but chat). I stand 24-hour watches a few times a week, and would love to attend consecutive sims, even when I'm at work. Can anyone set something up to make this happen?
  5. I watched it for Margaret Cho.
  6. A buddy of mine brought it to my attention that Sir Patrick Stewart has been knighted this year. For the squee's, he looked for his coat of arms (as he is entightled to), and we can't find one. Anyone know what it looks like?
  7. I know I haven't been on as often as anyone would like. With this crazy schedule that changes every 3 days, I find myself spending most of my time at home in fragmented sleep (consisting of long naps, since I don't get to have a consistent sleep pattern). There's talk of changing the schedule back to days, with 5-section 24 hour shifts, which would be preferable, since I can sleep like a normal man if I do this... Anyway, maybe I'll be on later next week. :/
  8. LMAO
  9. ::breaks out Thread Defibrillator:: New Acronym! USSR
  10. in an attempt to revive this thread, I'll answer my own challenge... Feebly Exempt: Eugenic Theocracy
  11. Never feed your fish again! simply flush, and PhilterPheed does all the rest!
  12. All I can say is... holy crap. Gene Roddenberry didn't provide for this in his universe...
  13. one I use all the time is "Sh*t on a velvet, toasted pringle!"
  14. has anyone seen 40 mines and an old man?
  15. I taste like rainbows!