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  1. Scooter I cannot get in the chatroom.  Not certain why. after username and password another screen appears with a blue login button that gets me nowhere.


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      Technical difficulties outside our ability to fix it immediately.  Sim canked.

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  2. And there will be much rejoicing.
  3. Stardate 2262.xxx Earth Cargo Ship Fitzgerald Edmunds Near a currently uncharted megastructure Mala slid into the seat at the helm of the bulk and containerized cargo ship, relieving the previous watch’s helmsman. Since being rescued 18 months previous from a frozen death by the freighter she now helmed, Mala had been a bit of a recluse- by both inclination and because the crew were understandably uneasy around a Romulan in their presence. She’d seen the news reports of the Yorktown rescuing the crew and passengers of “an unidentified Vulcan colony ship,” but that was the last she’d heard of her old crew. As Captain Saalo didn’t have the need for a science specialist, Mala took larboard watch helm of the large freighter. A skill she didn’t need, much like commanding a starship before Virinat, but it was coming in handy. Even if the rations weren’t the greatest. The ship’s crew was eclectic, not at all like the boomers of the previous century. Even though the ship was licensed by the Earth Cargo Authority, the captain was Bajoran. The first mate, Gorn; the second mate a medically retired member of Starfleet- one of the few, very few survivors of the Battle of Vulcan. Early on, the crew chalked up her lack of familiarity of current events as either traumatic amnesia or Romulan propaganda. Taking a few moments to familiarize herself with the ship’s location, course and speed, Mala had a good idea where they were. The megastructure off to starboard was a familiar landmark, and usually one they didn’t go visit. ECA regulations were strict enough that a deviation to an uncharted/uncontacted system was usually suspension of their license for over a year, and loss of lucrative contracts. Sometimes, though, a captain would make that deviation just to see what’s lurking beneath the Oort Cloud. Seeing the look on S’shar’s face (such as it was) reflecting on the main viewer told Mala that this was going to change this watch. “Mala, change courssse. We can sssave 10 hours cutting through the sssyssstem’sss outer planetsss.” She nodded, and implemented the course change, and watched the ship’s sensors as the Edmunds plunged through the heliopause and Oort Cloud at Warp 2.3. Taking advantage of the cargo ship’s course change, Mala directed the long range sensors to gather as much data as they could about the megastructure and the surrounding system. She was, after all a scientist, but not really a helmsman. It was, at that moment, that the ship’s sensor suite picked up an explosion of gravitons, tachyons, neutrinos, and other elemental particles moving at the speed of light, rapidly followed by a plasma wave moving perpendicular to the course of the ship. “Mr. S’shar, plasma wave inbound, bearing 270, relative. We’re going to get hit.” “Get the bow into the wave,” S’shar hiss/growled. “Braccce for collisssion.” “Attempting to get her bow into the wave!” Mala shouted, as the wave caught the saucer of the freighter. Warning and caution lights began flashing on the helm and engineering consoles. “Helm, impulse and thrusters are not responding!” These warning and caution lights were accompanied by deck vibrations and the sounds of rending metal echoing through the ventilation system...and the bridge plunging into the feeble light of backup systems as the ship split in two, the victim of three waves in rapid succession. The cargo hull, still under power, slammed into the saucer, forcing it out of warp, flipping end over end. The ship groaned from the torque of the multi-axis spin and sudden deceleration. Structural components failed, falling on to the deck; one large stanchion falling across the center seat...and S’shar. With the detachment of a survivor of the Fall of Virinat, and numerous campaigns against the Tal Shiar, Mala noted the death of the second officer. “This is Mala. S’shar is dead; the ship is not going to survive. Abandon ship. I repeat, abandon ship.” She looked at the few bridge crew still there. “Man your lifepods. The ship is going down.” They nodded and headed for their pods. For the second time, in almost as many years, Malaelys Valreos would be the last to leave her dying ship. * * * Her lifepod coasted, inertia carrying her towards the megastructure after the last of the was exhausted. Life support was functional, barely; thankfully the megastructure Mala was drifting towards was a Niven Ring instead of a Dyson Sphere, so her pod’s solar batteries were maintaining a charge. Her speed, however, wasn’t much faster than Voyager 6’s before it disappeared from NASA’s long range tracking- a blister 25 km/s. Making some calculations on the small terminal in front of her, and assuming a constant rate of speed, she frowned at the results. “25 years at this rate. And with only 3 solar days of consumables. Not going to last the week, let alone 25 years.” Touching the scarf looped around her neck and shoulders, a momento from a home that won’t exist for at least a hundred and 40 years, she began powering down what she could. A loud THUWMP a few days later woke Mala. Looking out the frosted over viewport, she saw the primary of the system eclipsed by a ship not much larger than the Edmund’s bridge module...and the cable that was reeling her in like a freshwater tuna on P3X-442. Can’t run, can’t fight. Let’s just hope they’re friendly, she thought as the cable brought her into a small landing bay, rotating caution lights flashing through the dimly light bay. The winch lowered her to the sealed hatch, letting the pod rest on its back. Wiping away the frost on the transparencies, she looked around. “Looks like they’re the cast in that holodrama I saw at Starbase Sierra before Daniels…” Opening the hatch to the pod, she stood, lowering the scarf wrapped around her head. “She doesn’t look like an invader from Zim, what that chap Bertie Georges wrote about in that one scientific romance.” “Are you sure it wasn’t the slave race from The Chronic Argonauts?”
  4. Delphic Expanse 2260.xxx As the last Sphere Builder ship detonated, the RRW Mahery† and USS Yorktown began pulling away from the Sphere. Charges placed at the key junctures that 0718 directed them to detonated, collapsing the sphere and thermobaric barrier the Sphere Builders were attempting to reconstruct around the Expanse. “That’s not right,” Daniels muttered from his console, watching the shockwave from the sphere’s implosion race towards the two ships. “Something’s preventing us from going to temporal warp.” “Emergency power to shields! Helm, get her bow into the wave!” Malaelys Valreos, the ship’s captain hit a soft stud on her command chair. “All hands, brace for impact.” The Ha’nom-class warbird shuddered as the plasma wave struck the science vessel under her starboard wing. The impact sheared the wing right off, warp plasma erupting as the lights went dim. “Daniels, what the name of the Elements is going on?” “Unknown, Admiral,” the temporal agent replied. “Something blocked our ability to engage both the temporal drive and the Borg temporal beacon Mr. Drake had installed on your ship during the Devidian inci...Ngggggh!” “Daniels!” Mala shouted as the temporal agent was hit by a wave of shifting temporal energy. “I’m fine. We need to get out of here. The Sphere Builders aren’t going to appreciate what we accomplished today.” “We better hurry, there’re several cruisers closing on our position. They match Sphere Builder profiles. Weapons and shields are offline,” tactical and helmsman Tovan Khev announced, an edge of panic in his voice. Veril, the ship’s Reman engineer looked over from her station. “Singularity containment is becoming unstable. Shock damage from the loss of our starboard wing.” This was accompanied by a rather pleasant voice announcing singularity breach in thirty seconds Mala hit the comm stud on her chair again. “All hands- abandon ship. Man your evacuation shuttles and escape pods. Shuttle and runabout crews to retrieve pods.” She looked at Tovan. “If I don’t survive, you’re to request asylum from Admiral Garrett and the Federation, and resettlement on one of the Vulcan colony worlds. Starfleet’s Temporal Prime Directive is in force with us, they can’t know a lot about what the future holds.” “Captain?” Tovan, Veril, and Satra*, the ship’s science officer all asked simultaneously. “This ship cannot fall into the hands of the Sphere Builders or the Federation of this timeline. Her last duty will be to allow our escape. As for asylum, do you really think we could prosper in this century’s Empire? They’re even more secretive and warlike than when Romulus was destroyed. You, and our crew, would be imprisoned, interrogated, and tortured by the Tal Shiar to change the future. Daniels, will that…Where did he go?” “He stepped into the lift. I’m guessing to evacuate with the rest of the crew.” “To your man your escape pods. And if I don’t see you, Ambassador Spock’s customary saying is appropriate- Live long, and prosper.” As her senior staff, crew that was with her since the days after the Tal Shiar and Elachi attacks on Virinat, evacuated, Mala moved over to the helm console, and began guidance into the autopilot. Unlike LCDR George Kirk, the last captain of the USS Kelvin, the autopilot and auto-nav features of the ship hadn’t yet been knocked offline. “Autopilot enabled; maximum thrust enabled. WARNING: Collision Course.” Feeling the momentary lag of the ship’s inertial dampening, Mala watched the center Sphere Builders’ cruiser closing, before running for the escape pod cluster off the bridge. Two jets of flame, and her pod rocketed away from her doomed ship, brilliantly lit up in the night; her accolades and awards glowing on her bow. She watched as the bow of her ship plowed through the shields of the Sphere Builder cruiser, heartbeats before containment on the singularity failed. With a burst of plasma and gamma rays, the Mahery gave her life, destroyed by her own power core and taking the three ships that meant to do her and her crew harm. The Yorktown returned, to investigate the sudden gamma ray burst, and began retrieving the Romulan crew from the future. Mala looked around in her one man pod, trying to see why her subspace beacon was malfunctioning. With a flash, the Yorktown, her crew and her hope for immediate rescue warped out of the Delphic Expanse. _________________________________________________ † RRW- Romulan Republic Warbird- The identification prefix of ships of the post-Romulan diaspora,in opposition to Empress Sela’s Tal Shiar-dominated Romulan Empire. The Republic is aligned with both the Federation and Klingon Empire, and provides a home for both Romulans and Remans fleeing the more oppressive Empire. Along with the Federation and Klingon Empire, the Republic is a playable faction in Star Trek Online ‡ http://sto.gamepedia.com/Ha%27nom_Guardian_Warbird#/media/File%3ARom_Ship_Ha'nom.jpg * Tovan, Veril, and Satra are the initial bridge officers the PC gets following the first few missions along the Romulan faction track in STO -- Audraya Wesley, CAPT, Starfleet Commanding Officer USS Comanche Creek, NCC-214
  5. And, although not mentioned in the update, but assumed, the Cumberland-class customs frigate:
  6. Captain’s Log, SD 2363.200 We’re currently exploring the backend of nowhere, and the ship’s been rocked by several series of turbulent waves emanating from the solar system ahead of us. Ens Nye has theorized that these waves could be mythical Tesla waves. Is he right? I’m a ship’s commander, not a scientist. Regardless of the source of the turbulence that’s hit the Creek, we’re still heading in. Stellar cartography has reported that the system is much like Sol’s- 9 planets; abundant planetoids, asteroids, and the usual cosmic debris all orbiting a G-class yellow star. The Astronomics lab, though, has reported that the system’s primary has dips in luminosity from more than just the normal orbital bodies. Both Lieutenants Tyson and Perdue have theorized that there could be either a Dyson swarm or ringworld orbiting in the habitable zone. Frankly, I think both of them are nuts, and have been reading too much Niven and Clarke. Crewman Browne has reported from the astrogation station that we’re 5 hours from system boundary. Hopefully both the source of the waves and dimming of the primary are from the same source...and they’re not hostile. TBS: 5 hours. We’ll be nearing the source at the beginning of sim
  7. New Topeka Orbital Office Annex- Additional office space in geosynch orbit over Starfleet's New Topeka Border Patrol Headquarters building, and home port for the USS Carlo Jonzi. Primarily houses Border Patrol's G2 and G3 section, and Headquarters and Headquarters Company for Border Patrol's attached Marine Division. The botanical dome provides those not interested in beaming down to New Topeka on shore leave the advantage of natural surroundings as well as natural carbon scrubbers for the station.
  8. And, finally, the SS Hard Six
  9. Internal Release Authorized by BuShips Internal dissemination only/NOFORN Starfleet has authorized the expansion of the Border Patrol Force, headquartered at New Topeka Colony. Additional assets assigned to CINC-BPF include 3 Little Big Horn-class thru-deck cruisers, 6 Antietam-class utility cruisers, 3 Stargazer-class exploration cruisers, 9 additional Kelvin-class (refit) heavy destroyers, 12 Brandywine Creek-class torpedo frigates, 2 additional Soyuz-class reconnaissance frigates, and a despatch ship. These vessels are to disseminated at the discretion of CINC-BPF and staff. Message Ends Little Big Horn-class Through Deck Cruiser Antietam-class utility cruiser Stargazer-class exploration cruiser Brandywine Creek-class torpedo frigate Despatch ship USS Carlo Jonzi
  10. Mission Brief: TBS was One Week, and Comanche Creek is still lurking at Sigma 97...597 with the late Colonial Battlestar Tethys. Airwing staff have been directed to acquire several of the smaller craft from the battlestar and bring them aboard the Creek.
  11. Mission Brief: TBS was 24 hours. After some much needed showers, paperwork and rest, our intrepid crew is going to resume their explorations aboard the Tethys. Documents, books, etc. have been removed, inventoried, and placed in stasis aboard Comanche Creek for further analysis and preservation
  12. Audraya stepped into her and TIfa’s quarters, and peeled out of her undersuit, leaving it on the floor for after her shower. She’d always disliked extended EV missions, the confines of the suit weighing down on her shoulders, the sound of her own breathing amplified in her ears. Ever since the Battle of Vulcan, darkness compounded her problems. Irrational they may be, but they were her terrors- they brought back the memories of being trapped in the Entente’s emergency bridge after the attack by Nero. No lights, no air, no gravity, no heat; vacuum just on the other side of the bulkhead. No hope of survival… Audraya shook her head, trying to get those morose thoughts out out of her mind. Steam billowed billowed out of the bathroom as she entered, and slipped into the stream of hot water. Sure, Shalin was going to yell at her for water wastage, but she didn’t care. The hot water pounded her back, washing the perspiration and tension out of her. It was probably the second best tension relief she could have. Wrapped in a robe, she left the bathroom and moved towards her office. “Message for Admiral Coyote. Post refit shakedown at Sigma 759 proving grounds has been suspended. We’ve run into an abandoned ship that drifted into the exercise area. Quantum scans indicate the vessel is around two hundred thousand years old. Yes, Crash, I said 2 hundred thousand years old. “WIth negative lifesigns and heavy carbon scoring on the hull, we slowed the ship’s tumble and docked. Investigations are ongoing, however we discovered remains onboard the vessel- human, or human-derivative; synthroids and pure mechanoids. It’s speculated that the synthroids are both infiltration and command unit, with the mechanoids their centurions. Doctor T’Aral’s autopsy and analysis reports are appended. “The vessel itself doesn’t comply with standard ship design. The bridge is buried deep within the armored hull. There are no visible FTL drives; however Commander Shalin’s team is currently conducting deep analysis of the vessel’s engineering section. Weapons systems seem to be comprised of solid and explosive shot railgun rounds and conventional and nuclear tipped missiles. We’re currently have teams looking over the small craft bays. That report will be appended upon completion. “Commander Shalin has got power and life support operational by tying in three fighter power plants into their power grid. Doctor T’Aral and her staff are currently monitoring personnel for unidentified microbial infection. Appended is Commander Kvar’s report and translation matrix of their language, as are all sensor logs of the ship. “I just have one question, Admiral- Can we keep her?”
  13. Captain's Yacht 3 view (Info pending) Interior layout (Rendered in Daz3D)
  14. MISSION BRIEF: TBS was 4 hours; investigation and search and recovery/destroy operations continue apace in the Tethys.
  15. MISSION BRIEF: TBS was 45 Minutes, and Creek's valiant crew have discovered three very different sets of remains inside the tomb that is the Tethys- humans, synthroids, and chrome plated mechanoids. Marines and Security are currently running search and destroy missions throughout the Tethys.