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  1. At this point in history, I believe it's safe to say that the bible should be taken as a mixture of truth and folk tale. For the record, I'm an agnostic, but I don't go out trying to disprove everything in the bible. Yes, its entirely possible to say that some of the "supernatural" events depicted in the bible could have been interpretations of measurable phenomenon on earth. Imagine yourself as primitive human. A meteor shower rains down on your city, causing massive death and destruction. Would it not be plausible that these people would witness this event and claim that their God was vengeful, and rained fire down on them as a means of retribution? Imagine the God you could have been if you whipped out your bic in the city square to light your cigarette.


    On the other side of the coin, there isn't much reason to disbelieve. Do I believe Jesus Christ is the son/part of/something of God, sent to forgive all our sins? No. Do I believe that a man named Jesus, who lived in the time period depicted in the bible, had some real measurable effect on the world? Probably. I mean, everything has to be based in some sort of truth. Probably. Meh.


    Trying to keep this topic on topic, what do you all believe the potential fallout for the discovery of alien life would do to the various religious establishments around the world? I mean, even bacteria in a meteorite is bound to raise a few faith questioning...questions.