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  1. (Recorded at romulan base…uplinked to the shuttle tyderium and then transmitted to the reaent) Begin Recording… I found myself on the bridge wondering about the weird dreams I had about a ship named the U.S.S. Manticore and something about hacking into classified files. I come to the conclusion that having to much free time to my self has caused my imagination to get the better of me again. When I had begun my shift I had learned that Sivuk had to take a leave for the curent shift for some reason. That left me in charge of the science department once again. A little while after that ensign spg our newest science department member contacted me wondering where I was. I ordered him to the bridge so that we could begin maping the surface of the planet we were about to arive at. After a little confusion about where the station was located an away team was put together to investigate the base. The away team consisted of myself, ensign Vanroy, and Lt. Shamor. We arived at the shuttle bay where Vanroy had pleasure in making the shuttle tyderium make a Boop-Beep noise with his key rings. Not much else happened untill we landed on the surface and went inside to check the place out. For a moment I thought I saw a planet hanging on the wall but I quickly dismissed it because that would be imposible. Latter on me and ensign Vanroy looked for the power generator to bring this place online while Lt. Shamor was investigating something else. Vanroy and I found the generator and he headed to the upper level to try to turn the thing on after some thought he hit a boton that turned on a single emergency light that soon died off of old age. Continue to search the main level of the generator room while Vanroy atempts to get the generator running. With him working as the enginer down here im sure we will be here for a very very long time. …End Recording
  2. So what kind of special are we talkin about?
  3. Personal log Star date 0212.18 Begin Recording… After getting the incident about the academy off my chest I continue my search for the truth about the Manticore. I’m running out of ideas as to how to get through the encryption codes. I’ve had little luck and by now the rest of the crew must think me crazy. I don’t think I’ve left my quarters since we got here. Oh well sometimes certain things are more important than a simple shore leave… Its been five hours since I last updated this log but I’m writing down what appears to be the most important log entry of my short career with star fleet. I’ve done it. I’ve finally gotten into the Manticore files. And I have to say what I found shocked me. I didn’t expect it to be so…how can I say this… real. I mean the stuff I found in that file is some real cloak and dagger stuff. I had no idea that the federation had such ships in service. It worries me how deep this goes. I’ve dug myself a hole I may not be able to get out. Ether way I’ve covered my tracks as good as I can but I wouldn’t be surprised if some one from security finds me out. I’ve downloaded all the info I could find into a data cube and I have hidden it some where on the ship. I will not say where in this log due to the fact that some one can easily stumble upon it. I hope that in learning the Manticore’s secrets I wont be punished. If something cloak and dagger happens because of this I don’t know what I’ll do… …End Recording
  4. Personal log star date 0212.17 Begin Recording… I have currently been using all my spare time while at the station trying to dig up the mystery around the Manticore. All attempts so far have proven useless. I have been able to produce nothing more than a few sightings in several systems. Sitting in my quarters rummaging through all these files makes me wonder why Starfleet would have such a dirty secret. But then again we all have secrets in some form or an other? But my secrets come at a price too high worth keeping any more… It was my last year at the academy I had once again barely managed to pass the year before. Due to the fact that I didn’t want to be here in the first place and that schooling in any form was always difficult for me was finally taking affect. I was burning out fast, out partying all night getting papers in at the last minute. You’d have no idea on how many all nighters I pulled. If it wasn’t for the support of my friend Andrew O’Connor I wouldn’t know if I’d be where I was today. Some one else had helped me along to, her name was Kayla. She had shown up in my life during the second semester. We were exact opposites of each other so naturally we fell or each other. I would have to say that she was the best influence on my life she was the one to turn me around just a bit. My partying decreased and my grades increased if just a little. But me and O’Connor were pranksters at heart and we had come up with the ultimate one. We were planning on “borrowing” one of the shuttle craft and flying it over all the dormitories to wake up and scare the hell out of every body. We needed a little encouragement so we had been downing a bottle of romulan ale all night long. Me, Kayla, and O’Connor finally got to the shuttle and took off. But what all of us failed to notice was that one of the impulse manifolds had been severely damaged and was to be used as a repair lesson for several engineers. It would be the last flight I ever took with those two again… We had been flying around for some time when we saw the dormitories In a drunken stupor I tried to lower the shuttle. That’s when the **** hit the fan or so they say. The shuttle began to drop towards the surface with unbelievable speed. We had know idea on what to do. We were to afraid and too drunk to do anything. At the last moment Kayla hit the site to site transporter. I landed on the ground with the thud. I woke up in a hospital 23 hours later with a severe concussion. I had asked where the others were. The doctors had told me that Kayla and O’Connor never rematerialized with me. They were dead. Dead because of me. Because of my stupid prank, because of that romulan ale, because we were all too drunk to notice the engine problem. I was to be expelled for sure but my once again my dad stepped in saving my ass when I didn’t want to be saved. I deserved what ever punishment I would have received, hey I probably deserved even more… but that day when Kayla and Andrew O’Connor died in a way so did I.
  5. Personal log star date 0212.14 Begin Recording… I chose to divulge this bit of information from my “formal” log due to the fact that it is not yet truly worth mentioning. I was looking over Ensign Garnoopy’s biography and his life before Starfleet when I learned that he has a friend with the same name off Garnoopy serving on the U.S.S. Manticore. When I pulled up the files on the Manticore I discovered that the ship was primarily used as a tug boat. I decided that if I couldn’t get through his tough Klingon shell I’d try to become friends with him through Ensign Garnoopy of the Manticore. But the thing that confuses me the most is that when I tried to pull up his files they were all deemed classified. I tried several other crew members and even the ships CO Commodore Atragon. Even any other info on the ship was classified. The fact that the federation would go to such lengths to cover the tracks of a simple tug boat disturbs me. I have a feeling there is much more to this tug boat then meets the eye… …End Recording
  6. Personal log StarDate 0212.13 Begin Recording... We are curently docked with a starbase reciving repares and supplies for our next mission. I was in my quarters geting o'connors leash ready so that we could spend some well deserved shore leave on the station. I had goten on a TL heading twards docking port one our destination. Ensign Garnoopy our assistant security officer was on the TL with me so I decided to have a chat with him to get to know him better. Soon into the converstation o'connor became angry and begin to hiss at him. Soon afterwards we got off and headed to the station I asked him where he was going and he replied that he was heading to one of the bars. I myself was heading to pick up some furniture for my very empty room so we parted ways and I headed for the nearest shop. It wasnt long before I was in the store having so salesman try to rope me into buying out the hole store. However I think he was happy enough when I bought the couch and chair I was looking for in the first place. After doing that little bit of required shoping I set out in search of some fine cusine. I stoped at a Vulcan resturant and sat down waiting for a waiter. (no pun intended) As soon as he got there he asked me what I would like and I said "get me whatever you think is logical" If it were any other race he probally would have gotten pissed at me but since Vulcans cant really be "pissed off" I think I got off lucky. After a little thought on where our next mission would take us my food arived. At first I thought it was the salad apitizer and then I remembered that Vulcans are vegitarians. I ate it payed for the bill and was one my way. I always wonder how Sivuk can resist the urge to just splurge and have a nice steak or somthing like that. After a little walking me and o'connor found our CMO debbie mathews so I decided to see how things were going for her so I sat down and we had a nice talk about furniture and some other stuff. However I could feel fatige seting in so I gave my good byes to debbie and headed back twards the ship. Aftter a few minutes of walking I was back on the Reaent and a short TL ride and I found myself back in my quarters where I started. I made o'connor his supper and I layed down to get some sleep...It was not long after however that I heard some one pounding on my door wondering if I was asleep. I slowly and angerly druged to the door knowing only one person would decide to annoy me like this on his and my own free time. ...End Recording
  7. Personal log Stardate 0212.11 Begin Recording... We are curently on route to a nearby starbase unfortunetly I can not recall the name. We have just stoped by the Fredom Station so that I can pick up the pet I requsted from the captain and the commander. He is a rather heavy set cat resembling Garfield a cartoon charicter from the 21st century. I have decided to name him O'Connor after a good friend of mine from the academy. I brought him to my quarters to make him lunch and get him used to my quarters. However before I could even get his litter box in place he had jumped off the table, on to the replicator, and had hit the button for my preselected meal...Lasanga. As you can belive he made quite a mess. After eating the hole thing he went to sleep in a box shaped bed that came with him. I learned my first lesson with him, I moved the table and all the other things away from the replicator and just in case he did get to it I set the preselected food to cat meal deluxe. How ever in doing that I had put a bookshelf to close to the door and he jumped up and seting off the motion dectors the door opened and he ran out. Now I dont know what it looks like to you but I got many wierd looks from other crew members because I was running down the halls chasing a cat yelling "O'Connor O'Connor"! Luckly I managed to catch him before he entered a Turbolift heading for the bridge. After geting back to my quarters I set the doors to open only to human bio signs. I swear that cat is realy lazy because as soon as we got back he went to sleep again! So I finaly found the time to write this log before I start my next duty shift. I only hope he dosent interfear with my dutys to this ship... ...End Recording
  8. Assistant Science Officers log Stardate 0212.05 -^- Begin Recording -^- I was in the transporter room when it began. The captain of the Mji ship had just beamed over. I had recived orders to conduct scan in a less the obvious manner. It wasnt long before I had completed the scans and headed to sick bay to begin work on the cure. I had entered the sick bay thinking that I would have to work on the treatment due to the fact that Sivuk had gone to the conference with all the other senor officers. What I hadnt noticed was that Doctor Studley the ships Doctor had been in the sick bay as well. After a little discusion on what we should adapt the virus we got to work. It wasnt long before ensign Cruz our newest crew member had entered sick bay to have his physical to be fit for duty. As Doctor Studley told him to wait until Debbie had gotten back I Had found a suitible medicine and had finished adapting it the to the Mji physiology. Now it was time for a test, I retrived the blood sample of the Mji from the frezzer. It had been taken when a large amount of the Mji were on board when their ship crashed into the Freedom Station. I injected the medicine and took a look at what happened under the microscope. It was amazing not only did the medicine mask the symptoms it also atacked the virus itself. We took several more tests and after aproval from Dr. Studley I transfered the information to Sivuk who was on the bridge. After thanking Studley for his help I also headed to the bridge. After a minute we transfered the data to the Mji ship and headed back to the Freedom Station for one last time... Although this is not part of my log I am puting in an offical requst to Captain Fred and Commander Ridire to pick up a pet while I am at the Freedom Station...If they aprove I will be picking up a cat that resemble Garfield a comic book caracter from the 21st century... -^- End Recording -^-
  9. Vanroy....just you wait....
  10. ::has dark stealth uniform on:: Computer begin log.... If you are hearing this then you are hopefully either Ensign Van Roy or Ensign Garnoopy...During the Thanksgiving party in the Reaent's officers lounge I intend on finding Debbie's seceret stash of lollipops and secretly dispersing them around the crew...with most of the crew on shore leave security should be minimal and if Ensign Garnoopy decides to work with me it will be all the easier...::hears footsteps outside:: Computer pause log...::footsteps fade away:: Resume log... I will shurly be dishonorably discharged if I am caught...as to the mission brief...while every one is at the party I will head to sick bay and scan for the lollipops...once I find them I will head to transporter room 1 and transport 1 lollipop to evey persons quarters making it look as if debbie gave them a thanksgiving day present...if I am lucky this will go off with out a hitch and every one will have those sweet tasty lollipops.. Computer end log and put a encription code so that only Ensigns Van Roy and Garnoopy can read it...Operation Turkey Day Raid is a go...
  11. Yea I hate AT&T too.....And you should talk to Fred about the chair.....I think there are labor union laws about that....:laugh:
  12. Ensign Travis Kroells's personal log Star Date 0211.14 ==^Begin Transmission^== What can I say the people on this ship are insane. I had been writing my duty log from my last shift when some idot decided to switch my soup with a bowl of blood worms! I was rather beside my self after that imature prank so I was heading back to my room to have some real supper. I was just about to my quarters when Sivuk called me to the bridge for assistance. I didn't really want to because of my arm but orders are orders...I entered the bridge to find it completly empty of life except for Sivuk and Fred. Not long after I entered the bridge Fred left leaving me and Sivuk alone on the bridge. As I headed to tac I swore Sivuk had one of those "the bridge is empty lets have a party" looks but I quickly dismissed it because I had never met a Vulcan who was known to party. Soon after I had taken over tac position the Poy ship scheduled to pick up the ambassador entered the system. Unfortunetly our comunications had been "damaged" during the battle with the Mji and it also seemed the Poy didn't know how to speak Vulcan so comunications were very very difficult. I had also been scaning the Mji ships using a wide variety of probes and I learned that they were on a direct course to their homeworld leaving us with about three hours to settle a rapidly growing conflict. Not long after a very angry looking Klingon to over tac for me. He must be in security but I didn't know his name so I'll have to talk to him when ever I get free time. So I headed of to helm but not for long. I must have been there for only a minute befor ensign Van Roy entered the bridge and took helm from me. I had not known why every one was gone for so on my next off duty I'll have to read the ship logs. By then Captain Fred had returned as well so me and Sivuk had taken up the science stations yet again. Soon after that me and Sivuk had to help with somthing on the medicine for the Mji. I have a feeling that the next few hours untill the Mji ship reaches it's home will be filled with many different stressors I also hope that the newly promoted cmo can give me a full bill of health while I'm working in sick bay. The very fragile peace between the Mji and the Poy stands on very very thin ice. And the actions that we take to solve the problem may help or competly shater the peace. I can only pray that the choices that we make are the right ones... ==^End Transmission^==
  13. Ensign Travis Kroells log star date: 0211.7 --^ BEGIN TRANSMITION^-- After returning to my quarters to get some much needed rest I was rudly awakened by a Mji atack on the Fredom Station and the Reaent. Assuming I would be needed on the bridge I contacted Sivuk asking if I was needed. A little while later Captain Fred replied to my query and ordered me to the bridge. (It appeared that Sivuk wasn't there at the time) Once on the bridge I found Sivuk and he told me to monitor short range sensors. He made it sound realy important that I scan for anything involving the Ferengi. It didn't make much sense to me but I began the scans none the less. Soon later one of the Mji ships showed an energy bulid up and fired a highly charged torpedo at the Reaent. Highly charged indeed because it sent me and the rest of the science staff flying from our stations onto the floor. Once I returned to what was left of my station Sivuk asked me what confiuration the torpedo was made of and I replyed to him that It appeared to be a romulian plasma torpedo. With the sheilds weakened form the first shot I knew that the next one would cause alot more damage and so it did. The shot made the entire ship rock and once again sent the science station into chaos. Before I relised it I was on the floor bleeding on "Fred's" carpet. I once again returned to my station and soon after the Reaent destroyed one of the ships causing the last one to flee the area. After the battle I was ordered to sick bay where for the first time I met the CMO Debbie Matthews. While she repared my wound I decided to hum "Home on the Range" one of my favorite songs from my childhood. After wards she gave me a lolipop and also gave me 48 hours of medical leave. I returned to my quarters planning on grabing my EMH program and working on it in the holodeck but I soon remebered that you can't use the holodeck while on medical leave. So I headed to the mess hall to get some chicken noodle soup. After that I sat down and began writing this log. Well I guess I better start eating or else my soup will get cold. Yum....crunchy....tastes like....BLOODWORMS!?!? --^ END TRANSMITION ^--
  14. ^-- Begin Transmision --^ Today started off rather lazily continuing my scans on the mji ships. After awhile my body reminded me how long it had been since I last slept. It was not long before sivuk dismissed me from the bridge where I proceeded to go to my quarters. After having some coffee I began looking over the EMH program I had been poking at for sometime. But for some reason ens garnoopy decided to insult my goal of completing my EMH. After that rude moment I turned off the lights and went to sleep. I swore I could hear alarms in the back ground but I must be worring over nothing... ^-- End Transmision --^
  15. Well I took it as an insult.