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  1. Hehe, kicking off a new year always leads to tales that cant be told unless I'm on my death bed. Heres to more insanity in Oh-Eight!
  2. Uhh... What?
  3. I really shouldn't just to stick to principles, but eh...who does that anymore? "I think it's apparent that some children will be left behind."
  4. I hate to have to do it but... DUMBASS! Come on down! Your the next contestant on the price is right!
  5. Advocatus diaboli, Please.
  6. Yeah. It'd probably make more sense then the PC campaign we have now. Like I said, just celebrate it all!
  7. He's right.
  8. Going along the theme of workers f'ing up...
  9. Eh, it's just the way of things. It's also why Easter is celebrated as a National holiday and such. Seperation of Church and State is nice and all, but it's impossible to deny that the majority of our Holidays and Laws come from a Christian viewpoint. This is fine in theory, considering that most of our major crimes (murder, theft, rape, etc.) are basic moral conducts that anyone can observe without cause for cultural offense. But when we're declaring a national Holiday for Christmas, but not for Chanukah Kwanza or other religious and cultural celebrations that occur around the same time. The only way you can be truely equal is to either celebrate them all or none, seeing as how anything else would be political inncorrectness if we're going to view things as black and white as we do now a days. I mean, come on, there are court houses in the US that have decorations of the Ten Commandments or the Nativity on their grounds. Its not exactly a neutral government we live under.
  10. This picture doesn't even need a caption.
  11. It's 42 for anyone who was curious.
  12. I just ILLEGALLY downloaded Closer (the trance remix) of Nine Inch Nail's song. It's pretty good. You should all illegally download things.
  13. I hate holiday shoppers...
  14. Not everyone has a Kittyhawk experience.
  15. *

    Same difference.
  16. *

    Daylight Savings Time has to do with the government, so I dont think I need to cast my opinion.
  17. Happy Birthday, oh fearless leader.
  18. And you honestly think you're the biggest of my problems!?
  19. And in regards to the chatroom, I was still logged in when I left my computer... Oops.
  20. Gods, I cant stand this whole pre christmas, christmas BS. I mean, I think I remember a time when I was a kid, when there was actually a tiny, just the tiniest of breaks between thanksgiving and christmas marketing campaigns. Those lovely couple weeks where everything was normal, no giant trees or tiny elfs and such. Maybe I'm just halucinating. Maybe next year you'll be able to get your holiday '08 prepared in January.
  21. My old Mal Avatar broke... :D
  22. It's a time paradox...Obviously... I hope...
  23. "...And a pending lawsuit between the Taiwanesse Governement and Mapquest is sure to follow. Back to you Tom."
  24. Hmm, looks like there's nothing useful for me to add...but welcome anyway! Oh, on one small note, for the month of December, the USS Hood, one of the Advanced sims here is running an open academy. Basically there will be an acad instead of the normal sim, but cadets and guests are allowed to play, and the plot line continues from week to week. This is a very good chance for people who haven't yet graduated to see and in participate in a sim that lasts longer then an hour. The first sim happened last night, and all went well. I think we have a decent balance of new people, and older players to help everyone along. On top of that, the Hood open sims also count towards the required minimum of three attended academies before graduation, so who knows, you might just graduate from the sim you go on to play full time :D Anyways, I just thought I'd give anyone who hadn't read the announcement a heads up, kudos to the Hood GM's and whoever thought this up, I wish we've had something like this when I was in the academy.
  25. Well at least we know they can cast someone too look decent enough like Spock, although he is one of my smallest concerns :D