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Travis Kroells

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  1. "I'm supposed to be the man of steel!!! Why do I need Viagra!?!?"
  2. It's so cold out that I got a freakin nose bleed!
  3. Go see Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters. But make sure your not sober. Otherwise it wont make sense.
  4. I loved an unclean woman... But in all silliness expect to see Travis and Mogg back on Camelot when the plot allows it.
  5. As big of a Sci-Fi geek as I am, I don't usually read the Extended Universe Star Trek/Wars books (Mainly because there's like a hundred million for both series). However, I do recomend all the TNG Q books I've ever read. These include the three book series "The Q Continum" Which include Q-Strike, Q-Zone and one other I cant remember the name to. Also, I, Q a book cowriten by John De Lance and some other guy that doesn't matter is very good as well. Its a short piece, you can probably finish it in a sitting or two but good none the less. I also have one other hard covered Q related book that is set during TNG's aired run, but I cant remember the name of the plot, as I haven't gotten around to reading it.
  6. I'm debating going in my Jedi Robes.
  7. Everyone always wondered what made A9 the patient, thoughtful man he is today.
  8. Roscoe, you need to stop calling me after you've been drinking...
  9. Alas, the ad says it all.
  10. In order... Human, Ferengi, Human, Human, Betazed, Human, Human&Ferengi (the same two characters as NPCs on the Excal), and Human.
  11. In regards to that... And yes, that is my car.
  12. I dont know how to reply to that.
  13. Will Marx already won. Valiant effort though.
  14. You know what would be weirder? If she was wearing invisible armor too.
  15. Will Marx, for saying exactly what I thought when I saw this picture.
  16. Zephrah, Shallara Navor Hevoda, Cooper Terance O'Neil, SirCharles and william... I don't know any of you, but I haven't made a topic in forever and a tuesday...and its your birthday. I killed two birds with one stone. And people said I wasn't efficient.
  17. Holy crap it's HD!
  18. Am I the only one who thinks see through body armor and airplanes is a bad idea?
  19. Does the old file in the cake still work in the 23rd century?
  20. I know. My brain still hurts from learning that the book is real, and is infact a children's book... I suppose its no different from the captain underpants books I had when I was a kid. Now those were good wholesome books.
  21. His eyes just follow you...wherever you go...
  22. Oops, I thought Zombie Butts from Uranus would fly, guess not. Sorry. Anyway, without further delay...
  23. Huh, guess I should have paid more attention, I was wondering why no one was posting :P {PICTURE REMOVED and you know why. Try something different}
  24. Space doesn't make sense. If it did we wouldn't have Chewbacca, 7 of 9, and the last two seasons of Stargate SG-1. Heck, real space doesn't even make sense. Speaking of which, what happened to the International Space Station? Are we still messing around with that thing?