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  1. I never go, putting a bunch of Sith Lords in a room just brews trouble.
  2. I'm a Sith Lord.
  3. Yes, I did. That's what I get for...uhh...well you know. ::shudders:: Anyways, onto my real post. Which is mostly in response to Kansas. Flexing different sim canon and timeline can be a bit tricky, considering that my main character has been represented on 6 different sims, ranging from an actual player character, an NPC, or just some relation through logs or such. To be honest, I dont even know his true age anymore, considering I never knew what the date was on Reaent when I joined the sim, and I've had to alter it for both Excalibur and Agincourt.
  4. Oh, I wasn't refering that you were, but it's the only way I see that would make all the sims on STSF canon with each other. The majority of these sims outdate STSF itself, with a number moving from SFOL, or other places I never visited. Manticore ran it's 500th mission this week, and I know that both the Hood and the Reaent have clicked past a decade on the speedometer. With all the years of existance, I'm curious just how all the different sims individual universes differ from eachother.
  5. I think it's a lovely little complex subject. I kind of like the status quo for once however. It kinda seems that all of the ships, at least in the same time line run off the same basic cannon universe. It leaves room for sims to come together and do joint plots (Like the Arcadia-Talon one a while back) but also allows each sim to do what it wants without fear of being 'non-canon'. I know that both the Excalibur, and Agincourt run a "tri-canon" timeline which basically has the two sims running the same canon timeline. From that, one would expect that if something major happens in Excalibur, it's likely to be reflected in some fashion on the 'Court, which takes place 14 years later. My personal belief is that while cross-sim continuity is a good thing, it should also be left flexible. Major plot events on one sim (such as Earth being blown up, the wormhole closing, or Dumbass getting promoted) could have serious plot consequences on another. Having all the ships in STSF adopt a single cannon timeline would only squelch the creative juices of the GM's behind the games, and would bring plot development to a standstill, as anything major that would affect other sims would have to be approved by a majority, if not all sims. Another hiccup is location. Some sims are based in a specific area of space, such as Aegis or the Excalibur. Or in different time periods, such as the Hood and Agincourt. It's hardly fair for the rest of the fleet to adopt what Excalibur has developed for canon in the Gamma quadrant, or the Agincourt to have something forced into their timeline by another sim based in the past. All in all, I like the sims here to be as close in continuity to the others as they can, but I'm not going to complain if two sims timelines don't mesh up because things that have happened on the individual ships over the years.
  6. This should be helpful for the academy.
  7. You win.
  8. For anyone who didn't know...
  9. Brett Favre announces his retirement after a 17 year career in the NFL. Brett Farve Retires
  10. Read a book, seen a movie, listened to a album that provoked more then "Meh" in your soul? Discuss it here.
  11. I wasn't suggesting it so I could look you goon.
  12. Current Book: Star Trek TNG: Crossover by Michael Jan Friedman. A pretty decent story about Spock, McCoy, Scotty, the Romulans and Picard sitting in his quarters. I'm only half way through though, so I guess a full review will have to wait. This was all a masked bump for this thread.
  13. Just wear it really short.
  14. Thanks to Jami for the clarification. As for other movies and books, I dunno if anyone has see The Mist, which was recently out in theaters, but you should go see it, or better yet go buy the book Skeleton Crew (Stephen King's first released collection of short stories) and read it there. The movie was pretty good, and a fair translation of the book, they didn't have to leave much out as the story itself is only around a hundred pages so. All I'll say though is that the book's ending is much better then the movie. The ending of the movie really just removed the suspense and wonder over the whole plot. All in all, Skeleton Crew is also a good collection of short stories, if that's your cup of tea.
  15. The real life is overrated. That's why games like the Sims and Second Life do so well. I'm married to a hot doctor and I party all day and night in hollywood. So what if I'm a sim. Sim's have feelings too.
  16. I've never had cable, so I'm not privy to those emotions. All I get is what the major networks syndicate. Which is usually Robocop 2 on the My Network station here in Minnesota at least once a month. But at least they run SG-1 and Atlantis late nights on Saturday.
  17. I think I agree with Will on this one. I first tried reading through the Fellowship when I was in middle school (Around 12 or so) but found the style and the story too damn confusing. After seeing the movies however it was much easier, having a pretty good understanding of what was going on, along with a little more maturity and patience. Don't get me wrong, I find the stories in the Silmarillion to be interesting, but reading through them to gain the knowledge is almost painful. I appreciated Tolkiens style in telling a story like LoTR, but for compressed history of Middle Earth it just doesn't work. Although the explanation about the dwarves creation, and why they don't get along with Elfs was good. If anyone has happened to read the Unfinished Tales, and could get me a brief review would be much appreciated as well, since it's the next book in my queue list, but if it's anything like the Silmarillion I'll just move on to something else.
  18. Spam is stuff posing as ham. I can't see how people eat it. I'm even from it's homestate, where the rural county fairs have spam cooking contests....
  19. I actually enjoyed the H3 campaign, although that may have just been for the shiney graphics. That, and Jayne, Wash, and Starbuck are a couple of the random voices of the Marines. Try to listen for Wash and Jayne in The Ark, and The Covenant levels, where its easiest to find them. Some of their random responses to the Chief's actions are a little tribute to Firefly, including a few shiney references. As for my new book....could some one tell me when the Silmarillion gets interesting, cause I'm about to put it down for good.
  20. Pirating wireless internet signal isn't as fun or as productive as it used to be.
  21. For any of you Halo fans out there ::points at JoN's:: I'd sugest going out and buying the four Halo books in the series. Fall of Reach (the prequel to the first Halo), The Flood (The novelization of the game), First Strike (The events between Halo 1 and 2), and Ghosts of Onyx (Side events between Halo 2, leading up to Halo 3). They're pretty well writen military novels, at least from my view point. For any fan of Halo in general, they provide backstories for characters, what happened to the other Spartans, and even how Johnson survived his little run in with the Flood. If your a cheap person, like myself you can pick up the first three books for little cost, I believe all three cost me under 25$ and that was three years ago. Anyways, go buy them, read them, and replay all the Halo games. (as they caused me to do)
  22. Oh, well if I'm still in charge then it's Mr. Smith.
  23. Sorry to all those I kept held up on this thread. I've recently had some net and computer problems, but should have it all squared away by next week.
  24. You know what the really scary thing is? I was just paging through the members a week ago or so and happened on you. Creepy.