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  1. Apparently the Minnesota DMV wont let you have a custom license plate saying "afk brb"
  2. ...any movie or TV show you've seen with a Trek actor in it, you remark "Oh [insert character name here] is in this!"
  3. ...you view your car as an early version of the shuttlecraft.
  4. ...you argue the semantics of the terms Trekkie and Trekker.
  5. ...you get together with a bunch of strangers in a chatroom and roleplay being a Starfleet Officer.
  6. *

    I thought I'd redo this, and see how the last seven months have changed me. Fav Non-Star Trek Show: Stargate Atlantis, BSG, 24 Fav Non-Trek Movie: Serenity, Jurassic Park Fav book: anything by: Brave New World Fav Actor: Robert Downey Jr. (Ironman made me a fan :P) Fav Actress: Jessica Alba Fav Musician: Still Static-X Fav Food: Pizza Fav Ice Cream Flavor: Strawberry Fav Hero: Captain Morgan and his magic rum Fav Politician, Journalist, Or activist: George Bush Fav Quote: "Can I haz Recon!?" Fav Occupation: Sleeping Fav Car: Mazda RX-7 Fav Vacation Spot: Atlanta Fav Academic Subject: Social Studies Fav Quirky Interest: Zombies, and Conspiracy Theories Person you most want to meet: No one, I'm sure they wouldn't live up to my expectations.
  7. LoAmi brings up a good point here. While I'm sure it would be ultimately doable if someone took the time and effort, creating sets for away teams, spots on the ship and other places would sure take some work. It would be hard to have a large crew like Excalibur, and other ships like it. With some ships now having 35-40+ members its easy enough to get lost in the chatroom, imagine having 30 people running around trying to do stuff on a ship. I think it would work best as a small sim, with all the major positions CO, XO, Helm, Ops, Tac and the departments with like an assistant for each department head. You'd also have to have a fairly strict plot. I know some sims allow plots to change or have sidequests by players actions and such, but in SL you'd have to keep everyone on the set and on plot. You know, now that I think of it...it would be easier to do a machinima Star Trek thing in SL then an actual sim. Oh well, if anyone gets around to actually doing something like this I'd hop on.
  8. And plus, some of us dont even have a computer that can play second life (I know, ridicule me now). But it is an interesting idea. I have no clue what you can all do in SL, but I'd imagine that if you could get it to work, a STSF sim based there would be pretty freaking awesome.
  9. Like you stated above, I'm sure a large part of it was for the family's relief. You'd be suprised how long things like this stick with a family and affect them. I had an uncle who was murdered before I was born (so 20+ years ago) which was never solved, and its still a source of some sorrow around my family whenever the topic is brought up. So I know finding out what happened and why, would bring some closure, even after two decades. Look at it from the family of the pardoned man. Could you imagine having to tell your kids some day that their grandpa or great-grandpa was executed for killing a twelve year old girl? Not exactly a glorious page in the family's history. Sure, at the same time your stripping the victims family of the knowledge of who killed her, but I think it's important that the truth be told, whether it's a year, ten years or even a century after something like this has past. But things rarely come out shiney for both sides in a murder case. But that's that humans are. Maybe we'll learn some day.
  10. ::points to Excalibur::
  11. Well...there's over six billion people on this planet. Call me cold hearted but I think Earth has enough humans to spare for a while.
  12. This further proves my point that people should have to take a test, or get a license or something to be allowed to breed.
  13. The girl who played Padme is Natalie Portman, and one of the better actresses from the prequels, at least in my opinion. I liked the majority of the acting in the prequels, but some of the writing was weak, at least compared to the originals. But I digress. This topic is quickly turning into that scene from The Simpsons where Lenny and Carl are arguing which sucked more, Episode I or II. Someone needs to put us back on topic. I'm a Trekkie. If I were a Trekker I'd be in a mountain range. Or something.
  14. I've been pushing this topic in that direction since the third post.
  15. Wouldn't it actually mean looking at nothing but the coconut bra and grass skirt?
  16. Ring, Lulu and Chubbs are back. Well...it's been nice knowing you guys.
  17. "That's right. I'm doing it. In public."
  18. I'm not going to bet money on this, but from what I remember there's no mention of a Federation in the 31st Century. We know humans still exist (more or less), but I don't ever believe there was a direct mention of Starfleet, or the Federation existing. I dont think it would be a strech to say that it does though, we know that the Federation and Starfleet existed at least until the 26th Century, during the battle of Procyon V. That far into the future is extremely hard to picture though. With the inherrant complications of time travel, and the apparent policy to teach how, to highschool students (How many horny teenagers created Grandfather Paradoxes you think?) the future really could be anything. I'm not sure, but I think it was mentioned that Braxton (Voyager's man from the future) was from some arm of the Federation, but don't quote me on that.
  19. I always thought it would be cool to do a future trek show, set after 2600 at least. A sort of The Next Next Generation. Given a large time break between the series, you could do whatever you really wanted with the galaxy. Technology could advanced to the point where the Federation could be exploring the delta and gamma quadrants too. Or...they could just use timetravel to fix all of Trek's cannon flubs.
  20. ::rather glad he's on the Rommie's side::
  21. From what i remember of TNG (I was about 5 when the series ended) The Riker/Troi/Worf triangle was one of my favorites. ::2 cents::
  22. Chewbacca looks happy.
  23. As an Xbox 360 player of GTA IV, I had just had to laugh when I saw the "warm coffee" achievement.
  24. I suppose Daniel will have to show up, though I don't know if he ever recovered his sanity after Garnoopy's phase cloak tests.
  25. The Sith operate under a system of strongest rules. It's an apprentices duty to kill their master when they know they are more powerful then the master. Failure to do so would breed weakness.