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  1. Yeah. It isn't that good. :rolleyes:
  2. "No Larry, skimming the water is NOT a good idea!"
  3. I couple of times in the past...I've actually dug through the countless pages of posts here to dig out funny things people have said here. As a matter of fact...
  4. Will wins. Aliana takes second for saying what everyone was thinking.
  5. Need I say more?
  6. I like the idea of a Human olympics. Given the variety of species in the Federation, I'm not even sure a pan-federation games could be doable. How would it be fair for a human to wrestle a vulcan, or the hundred other examples? I would picture a human olypics in the 24th century to be represented by human worlds like Earth and Alpha Centauri, rather then nation states.
  7. I actually used the site to watch the ISS fly over head on Wednesday night. I had planned to take a picture to prove it but...alas. ::Gives Sorehl a cookie, or whatever is logical::
  8. I did, but I got a ridiculously high amount and figured it couldn't be right. I know at the very least it's worth 12 bucks for it's silver content.
  9. If there are any coin experts in the crowd, I was wondering if this 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar I picked up is worth anything.
  10. "Are you sure this is an olympic sport?"
  11. This is a job for Captain Planet.
  12. It's been a fast six years. Here's to a full dozen.
  13. I would imagine that we would reach a better target audience at a convention or event that focuses on roleplaying, or roleplaying games.
  14. I hate to rain on your parade, but I doubt it. I haven't heard of STSF doing anything for conventions in the past, though I might be mistaken. Though I'm sure you'd get some kudos for recruiting a few new cadets. B)
  15. Exactly. I can understand where Jumper is comming from, asking a GM that already devotes alot of personal time to this site already, to do even more. But...I think it's well worth it. The log competition inspired alot of us to put out our best for everyone to see, and I still think that some of the logs in the competition were the best ones I've seen on this site. Epic backstories, diverse joint logs, and even experiments with different writing styles. The competition is a good excuse to get out and write something (though we all should anyways B)). That, and it's a good way to promote the sims, and I think its a really great idea that we've let slip by for two years now. If there aren't any GM's that are able or willing to run the competition, we should look for regular members that are up to the challenge.
  16. We should make it an annual thing.
  17. One of my favorite Q and Data moments. Not that I get around to reading too many trek books, but I found I, Q and The Q Continum Series pretty good.
  18. Anyone who's played GTA IV online knows this is what happens when you mix a grenade and an Infernus.
  19. Good Gods Laarell. Well, it's at least an accomplishment :) I wish I still knew where my old Star Trek: The Magizine are. They covered DS9 and VOY when they were still running, and had sections for different aliens and ships in each issue. They were my Memory Alpha before Memory Alpha.
  20. If only to hold me over until the second half of BSG airs.
  21. Don't worry. The majority of people are mouth breathers anyway, and it's easier to be insensitive. It really annoys me when people feel sad about stupid people getting themselves killed, like that kid in Georgia who got decapitated on a roller coaster for trying to get his hat. It's the ultimate hipocracy. People want to feel bad for people who are little more then wastes of resources...vesus the thousands of children that will starve to death. Today.
  22. This is the begining of the end.