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  1. Oh, and also the Star Wars the Old Republic MMORPG ftw.
  2. Nod to Will on the Ace Combat series, best 20 bucks I ever spent on a video game, I've been trying to rationalize getting Ace 5 when games like Fallout 3, Left 4 Dead 2, Halo: ODST and Forza 3 are coming out. And I too am waiting for Mass Effect 2 Kansas, I'm building up my perfect level 60 Shepard to pass by the months. As for Starcraft Strategy, I usually have patrolling Corsairs and a few stationary Carriers floating beyond the range of my cannons. Zerg Guardians are always my biggest problem, as I rarely see players trying to slowly push up with Siege Tanks. I'll let the enemy throw everything they've got and then swarm them with Carriers. If I'm playing Terran (which i usually do just to mess around) I'll send in sacrificial marines to distract the enemy while i sneak in ghosts and nuke everything to oblivion. I never drop less then 3 at a time, and if your playing a map like Big Game Hunters expect 5 to 7 from me :P And if it's Zerg (Which I cant play to save my life) It's a combination of Mutalisks, Guardians and Hydras. And Lurkers all over the map just to aggravate people. I'm mostly a defensive/tactical player in RTS. If you're a good rusher you'll probably get me. :D
  3. Protoss Photon Cannon wall ftw.
  4. Having not seen any of SG-U yet, I'm going to take a guess that they're the same/similar to the Ancient Stones we've seen on SG-1. They were first seen in the Season 8 Episode, "Citizen Joe" Where some random guy somehow finds one of the stones and has visions of O'Neil's adventures ever since SG-1 originally discovered the Quantum Mirror. Turns out that Joe's stone was dug up in Egypt, bought and sold until he picked it up at a garage sale, while O'Neil's was found with the Quantum Mirror...or something. (I'm working of personal gate knowledge here, which is fading over the years :P) Anyways, the stones link two people telepathically allowing them to see visions of each others lives. Joe's life was basically ruined trying to prove what he was seeing was real, while O'Neil never said anything, because he claimed the visions of a dull barber were "relaxing". (Which was the only part of that episode I liked, since it was so O'Neil :P) The stones were later used by Daniel and Vala to inhabit the bodies of two Ori citizens in the Season 9 three part premiere I like to dub "Lets revive the series with evil ancients, oh snap!" SG-1 should have ended with O'Neil's now fish filled lake. But now I'm going off topic. Anyways, I have no idea if this helps at all, but this is the only thing that came to my head in regards to Ancient Stones. If these are the stones Precip mentioned, I'd be interested to see how they managed to use them for "normal" communications.
  5. Find me a scene in all of Trek lore that tops Picard and Crusher's ready room scene in "The Naked Now" :P
  6. Where have I been?
  7. I might be completely hallucinating this memory, but I swear I heard it mentioned on one of the series that Empire existed before First Contact, that from waring nations rose a single global empire, and that acquiring the Vulcan ship only allowed them to spring into space. Now, as I'm recalling I also remember someone making a mention of Mirror Shakespeare being very similar to his regular counterpart...or something.
  8. As we're getting into the subject of parallel universes and realities, I wanted to touch base with a theory, as a sci-fi enthusiast. I've seen talk of the difficulty of creating an alternate reality every time someone time travels. While the energy to "create" a universe would be mind boggling, and difficult to understand (given that energy can't be created or destroyed, is the universe simply spreading out and "thinning" or is it litteraly creating something out of nothing?) keep in mind that there is a difference between a "universe" and a "reality". Another universe, of plane of existence (or dimension, or...you get the point) is completely separate from our own universe. In these different universes, things could be completely unlike our own universe, in regards to the laws of physics and such. Species 8472's Fluidic Space, and the Q Continuum, and that micro universe that the crew of DS9 discovered on that episode I cant name (i was going to mention something here, but it got to large...so go to the bottom) can be counted as different universes, hence a Mulitverse. A different reality would play like the episode Parallels that Jorahl mentioned. A duplicate "what if" of our own reality, but a seperate entity. The energy required to create this reality would be a non-issue if you take in consideration that while seperate, the past up until the realities diverged would be the same, including the creation of the universe. An omnipotent"make it so", the big bang, a giant sneeze...whatever floats your boat. My big question would be, given the idea of a parallel reality for every possible outcome to an event...would it be considered a parallel reality or another universe if creation itself went differently and altered the entire development of the universe? From the parenthesis: I actually don't know about the DS9 episode, as that was a universe within our universe. Or, with a multiverse are things layered and tiered, so that our universe is "above" the micro universe? It would make sense that the universes are somehow connected, as the Borg and Species 8472 were able to switch back and forth, along with Q. I don't know if any of this is right, as we understand the universe, but it's the thinking I've developed from the headaches of trying to understanding Trek science.
  9. Following the explanation of time travel that Fred threw out pretty much eliminates the need for a temporal prime directive. In our (the cannon) universe, Romulus' star would explode, destroy the planets and Spock and the Narada would dissapear into the black hole, and things would continue as we always knew them. Well, figuratively speaking. I like the quantum mechanics explanation for time travel, simply because traveling back in time, would change the time line. The previous way of handling things would have looked like that halloween episode of the Simpsons where Homer has to keep traveling back in time with the toaster, cause he sneezed on the dinosaur and removed donuts from existance. The point is, that any action in the past would irreparably change the future, such as the season 8 finale of SG-1. Even though they technically fixed the time line, subtle changes remained, such as fish in O'Neil's famously fish less lake. I never really liked that way of handling things, because Starfleet in the 29th century would have to be able to monitor all of space and time, otherwise anyone at any point in time could jump back and mess things up, then we have another Storm Front season premiere. With a parallel universe, we can enjoy our old cannon (well, until 2387) and this new universe of awesomeness. Oh, and since I haven't put my two cents in on the new movie I will now. Penny number one: Movie rocked, if you accept it as a re imagined, parallel universe that cannon cant touch. Penny number two: Vulcan's should not make out with their students/girlfriends on the transporter pad. Un-Vulcan like no matter the universe. :)
  10. Haha, this reminded me of blowing up those annoying shuttles in Starfleet Command 3. The shuttle instantly vaporizes and the phaser shot would streak off into the black.
  11. 2.50 GHz Intel Core 2 Quad 640 GB SATA HD 6 GB DDR2 RAM Nvidia GeForce 9600 512 mb video card Which was a major upgrade from my fried system :o 1.20 GHz Intel Celeron D 40 + 80 GB HD's 256 MB old crusty RAM and a 32 MB onboard intel graphics controller. Needless to say I'm in heaven. Though, I'd wished I'd waited a few months, with this recession I would've been able to afford the new i7 processors and mobo's.
  12. "Screw the prime directive-- it's time for a full-on Kirk-out!"
  13. Superior Sod and Turf Farm.
  14. You know you're bored when you listen to the same song 5 times in a row on Youtube because Utorrent is taking your bandwidth and you cant load another video. For anyone i intrested it's "Odno I To Zhe" by Rammstein and Tatu. Just search End of Evangelion for the most epic AMV ever.
  15. Wait. Port is left?!
  16. Here's an epic win: I get into work at 3, planning to start my shift. My fellow closer was surprised to see me, thinking that someone else had to work tonight. We're about to call said guy (who also thought he was working) to let him know, but he pulled in right as we were about to call. Inspiration struck. I quickly scribbled my name off the schedule, and rezipped my jacket to hide my uniform. Now I'm here, posting.
  17. My new computer is up and running... Considering I've been running the same unupgraded system I had since I joined STSF... I dunno what the frak to do with all this speed. Muahaha.
  18. I think the real question is where is he/she/it getting the blanket.
  19. So, pick either how you think the world would end, or the doomsday scenario you'd like to play out. Besides, we all know how I want it to end.
  20. I CAN'T wait for this election to be over!
  21. I call dibs on 2,000 post spot.
  22. I was watching something on TV about Gamma Ray Bursts a few months ago. From what I remember, they're super powerful, and happen super far away. The real worry is that one would happen in a galaxy near to us, or even in the Milky Way.
  23. This reminds me of my last DVD rack I bought, which had a massive warning label warning me that it was not a ladder and/or climbing device.
  24. That made no sense Will, but the mental image was enough for me :rolleyes:
  25. The Minneapolis Riot Police know how to show concert goers to a good time.