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  1. And the winner is... Will Marx! For use of the word "space herpe".
  2. ::looks up:: Uh...yeah. Well, happy late b-day!
  3. For the last couple days I've had that "What would Brian Boitano do?" song from the South Park Movie stuck in my head. Actually, that's not true. It's the lines "What would Brian Boitano do if he were here today? He'd make a plan and he'd follow through, that's what Brian Boitano would do!" Because that's all I can remember. IT WONT STOP.
  4. So, I really wanted a awesome picture for this, so of course I google searched "Mega Ultra Robot Explosion". This was somehow on the first page. Give them both lines. (extra credit if you can somehow make it related to "mega ultra robot explosion")
  5. I want to know how I managed to just sleep from 5 pm to 5 am. My sleep cycle is so f'ed.
  6. Yes, AC is a marvel, but it's been a bane of mine the past few days. My little window box one I use for my room has had the condenser freeze up these last few days, because it's been so hot and humid. Believe me, you'll love dry heat after you spend a day here. Also, the upstairs neighbors AC has been tripping the ciruit breaker every freaking time I try to use the microwave. I think I'm gonna Grandma's Boy it and put everything in the oven.
  7. Tonight at 6... Controversy over the recent decision to allow a team of young Alpacas join this years pee wee football league. Joe's got your weather at 10 after the hour, and more on the elusive animal painting bandit.
  8. He's...he's right. Where has my youth gone!?
  9. Thanks man. Haha, I love that comic :)
  10. Hey Seiben, is it cool if I use your old "LOOOOOOOOOL" sig from VG Cats?
  11. While it's true that in the movie states that most of the security force were formed armed service members, it immediately follows up by stating that they are a private security force, hired by a company. I think it's safe to say that private security companies here in reality also hire heavily from former armed services members. We're boarding on opening a can of worms here, so I'll simply state my point that I don't believe James Cameron is trying to "disparage" the men and women in uniform, who do a very dangerous and courageous job of protecting our freedoms. If the movie said this was the U.S. Government and Military doing this, you could maybe have this debate. Since it's a private company, with it's own private military, I don't see how it applies. I believe the moral of the story, was one of unchecked corporate greed, and a cautionary tale of mankind's "disconnection" with the world around him. The forests of Pandora are lush, beautiful and have a serene feeling to them. Scenes at the human compound are stark grays, and full of harsh sounds. Yes, the majority of the humans in the movie are portrayed as "bad guys", but lets try to look at that within the context of the movie's universe. It's a story about a group of people that try to forcibly relocate a group of indigenous people over an ore they put value in. It's never stated this unobtainium, or whatever is something vitally important to the human race. It isn't a cure for cancer, it isn't an end all energy source. It's simply about money. Regardless, I liked the movie. Sure the story is rather...basic, and you can pretty much figure out what's going to happen a third of the way in, but I still enjoyed watching it play out.
  12. I prefer Brownies.
  13. Okay, I got it. Whilst boldly going where no man has gone before, Captain Kirk falls in love when the Enterprise encounters an apparent duplicate of Kirk. Which is in fact not what it seems, as well as a horde of little things which tries to ingest everything and isolates the landing party, picks off the security guards, drains the dilithium crystals, depletes the shields to 5%, and hijacks the Enterprise. But their opponent turns out to be just a kid, and vulnerable to a good talking to, and so, Bones develops a vaccine, which means everything turns out okay, and everyone forgets it ever happened. Then finally, Spock says something witty, and they leave at warp factor whatever. The end. Good enough for TV, right?
  14. I'm sticking with Windows XP till the cut the support.
  15. Next movie should be a remake of Spock's Brain.
  16. I personally like Voyager, it's probably my second favorite series after TNG, but there are a few things I can nitpick. One being the never ending line of shuttle craft, which is part of my second gripe. After some point in season two, the theme of "we're 60,000 light years away from the Federation, with no supplies" disappeared. Common themes in Season One was the constant reminder that they were running on reserves. Replicator rations, power conservation and what not. Watching from Season One, I felt like the need to procure supplies and resources should have been an important theme throughout the series. The idea of "If we don't find some dilithium, we're dead in the water". However, at some point, that peril just disappeared, and if someone didn't mention 60,000 light years at some point during the episode, you could have easily forgot they were in the Delta Quadrant to begin with. Other then that, I thought it was a pretty decent series all around.
  17. lol, thats great. While Trek is probably one of the more "agnostic" Sci Fi series out there (I believe Roddenberry himself was an agnostic), as it didn't have it's own religion for the series, and didn't really delve too deep into religious nuances it still meshed what it had together well. It's good to see that some religious groups can have fun with it and do something interesting with it's members interests.
  18. Call it chance, call it fate, but I stumbled across this thread a couple days ago, just as I finished downloading the first season of DS9, with the rest of them in the queue. Considering that it's my least watched series of Trek, I've decided to give it the honor of a full sit through (partially due to this thread), rather then skip to the Dominion War, which is really what I downloaded it for in the first place. I'm only a few episodes into season one, and I wont pass judgement until I'm a couple seasons in and the characters have a chance to set in, and the first season is hardly a good example of an entire seven year run. (TNG "The Naked Now" anyone?). So for now, I think I'll just add little quips and thoughts as they enter my mind as I begin my journey. First, Kiera's magically changing hairstyle from the pilot to the next episode. Second, O'Brien (Whom I've always held a special place of liking as Star Trek's everyman) continues to shine. "Fix the replicator chief...my console is offline chief...eh...should have transfered to a cargo drone. No people. No complaints." Totally believable as a man who can hate his job every bit as much as he loves it. Third, Odo and Quark's interactions. Pure gold. Any scenes with them interacting seem to make the episode worth watching, even if nothing else worthwhile happens. Thorns in each others sides, who cant seem to function without one another. I'll see how the series progresses. Right now Terry Farrell is pushing the "I'm an alien, I'm not like humans" too hard. Jake, Nog and Bashir are just plain annoying. Here's to hoping they manage to fit into their characters more comfortably down the road. If worse comes to worse, I can always look forward to Worf.
  19. My revenge shall be swift and horrific.
  20. Is Galaxies still online? I always wanted to try it, but crappy computer/no money/cold feet isn't a good combo. I regret getting into WOW so late, because I pass up all the good stuff just to get my character to 80 and geared properly now. Anyone played the STO Betta? Interested in that one. It's honestly between that and the new KOTOR MMO for my next money funnel.
  21. The idea of killing a no name character for the sake of showing a dire situation is good and all, but TOS over did it to the point of ridiculousness, when there was a redshirt, you expected them to die. There was a comic, or youtube vid or something I saw a while back that made me lol on the situation. Kirk: "Alright, myself, Bones, Spock and ensign Ricky are heading down to the planet. I wont lie. Things look dire. There's a good chance one of us wont make it back." Ricky: "[email protected]!*" In the end, Kirk was the one that died, which was what made it so lulzy, but still. Anyway, I think you get my point. I think BSG did a much better job of this. While they never killed off any title characters (Besides Starbuck, but that doesn't really count) the characters that did die over the series were people we saw in most of the episodes. They had speaking lines. When they were gone, you noticed it, unlike poor redshirt #31.
  22. I always love finding the actors and actresses of characters you know and love in different projects, especially different genres. Just shakes things up. Case in point, I recently got Mass Effect 2 for the Xbox360 only to find that Michael Hogan (BSG's Colonel Tigh) voiced the CSEC (That's Citadel Security, not the acronym we're all used to) Captain. Good voice acting, though it really had me picturing Tigh as a worn out beat cop. Also, Tricia Helfer (The infamous Number Six) as my ships A.I. She's hard to spot because uses a dull emotionless tone of a true artificial life, but you can tell if you listen close enough. That being said, I spent the entire game expecting her to take over my ship and kill all the organics on board. Oh, Michael Dorn provides additional voices as well. He's not a major character, but I believe some of the voice work for the Krogan's in the game, which made me laugh cause every time I ran into one I'd go "That Krogan is Mr Worf!". Oh, also Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck) and Callum Keith Rennie (Leoben/Number 2) are in the new season of 24. So BSG fans rejoice! There's plenty of work to see the actors in even though the series is done. Anyways, thats about all I've got along this line. I'm out.
  23. If you play farmville on facebook...your animals are now running everywhere on your farm, and it'll take forever to find, reset and properly rotate them. Have a nice day.
  24. Oh man, I listen to such a wide variety of music I can't even list it. Right now I'm on a real Disturbed, Static-X and Rammstein binge.
  25. Good god I played that game on my old Macintosh when I was about 8 years old. I miss that game :D ::Luke Skywalker voice after Vader reveals himself:: That's impossible!!!