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Travis Kroells

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  1. Sheesh, I think the longest I've gone is around 6-7 hours on a Saturday D&D fest. That much damaged my brain. I'm still half convinced my friends little brother is actually a halfling.
  2. "If you only knew the power of the Darkside..."
  3. For all you WoW fans, and for Blu I pulled out this specifically for Tauren players :D And heres a little Zombie WoW music video just for fun. Its hilarious. {YouTube link removed - Ask Travis for it off the Boards}
  4. Hi

    Hi my names Travis and I'm a cadet.
  5. Hi

    lol, if I've learned one lesson, as fun as Wireless internet is to steal from unwitty people who dont encrypt, it is also very unreliable :D
  6. I dont think I've ever got such and epic reply to one of my three word posts. I'm touched.
  7. I prefer Chinese.
  8. "Someone should have told me these things have parking brakes."
  9. With my lack of cable I just decided Im too far into the season to watch it now, Im just going to pick Atlantis and BSG up on the DVD rack.
  10. I'll eat your brains and gain your knowledge.
  11. Theres a Battlestar Galactica movie out?
  12. See this is why I plan to live in Minnesota, or at least above the Mason-Dixon line my whole life. If I ever move south, I'll never be able to go back north again :)
  13. I hear you man. A number of years back I went to Florida on vacation for the first week or so of January. It averaged around 65-70, which was Eden compared to the 10 degrees I left behind in Minnesota. And yet I was considered insane by the locals walking around in heavy sweatshirts and jackets. Sheesh, it was hard enough to readjust to the cold after being gone for a week, I have to doubt anyone from the south could even handle a northern winter :)
  14. One day, the entire world will bend to this tree
  15. I might.
  16. A little bit, we also had a few flurries about a week ago or so, but I dont consider it snow until you have to shovel yourself out of the driveway.
  17. So in other words we've got a year or two left to wait anyway right?
  18. I did a mock up of a WWII army officer, something akin to Bruce Willis' get up in Hart's War. My moms boyfriend had a nice old army coat, and I got a few things from the army surplus store a few towns over. I doubt it was very histroically acurate, or very orignal or shocking, but at least it was something, and warm too considering your lucky to get a Halloween over fifty degrees here.
  19. Its an acryonm for stuff posing as ham. I just dont get it. Spam is giant here in Minnesota (where it originated, I know...Im sorry.) once a year theres this Spam festival where people show off their Spam recipies. Its sad, they cook with the stuff like its real food. Then again, we here in South Canada do do some strange things. Im pretty sure its culture confusion or something like that. WHEN IS IT GOING TO SNOW!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?11//1!?!?/1
  20. Four wrecked vehicles, two hospital trips, three mistrials and numerous smooshed cats, dogs, racoons and other things and I'm still cruisin around. Without cruise control of all things...
  21. You know, I have an odd feeling that he's gonna pull it off well and all these jokes will be long forgotten. Or he'll just be over the top hilarious, but not true to character at all. Either way works for me really :P
  22. Yeah, I've been watching that on the news Porter. Really sad stuff about all the land marks burning down, and all the people that have had to be evacuated. I heard this is a all time record draught for Cali too. But all the buildings lost is still better then anyone dieing. We've been having weird weather here in MN too. We had something like the third driest summer, and now that fall and harvest time is here, we're having one of the wettest. Everythings all backwards. Thoughts go out to all those affected, on STSF and not.
  23. The Book Monster obviously! Duh.
  24. "Is it true, that there's a place in a man's head, that if you shoot it with a phaser it will explode?!" Heh, I love Simon Pegg in Shaun and Hot Fuzz but I am a little wary about him being able to act Trek....Scotty on top of it. Oh well.
  25. See, this is why I like this guy.