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  1. Reluctant Concessions A joint log from Khre'Riov t'Vatrix, Enarrain N'Dak, & Enarrain t'Temarr In the Enarrain’s chambers, L’haiy t’Vatrix lifted her sword down from its place behind her desk, turning in time to see the door close behind t’Temarr and N’Dak. “Everyone take a seat, fhaen,” she ordered, motioning them toward the chairs. Glancing at her desk, she was distracted by a sense of wrongness. Something was missing. When the realization hit, she rounded on N’Dak. “Where are they?!” she asked, clearly agitated. Destorie lifted a brow cautiously. He had made particular effort to avoid changing anything in her chambers. “Hmm?” “The holopictures?! The ios I kept there on the corner of my desk?” Her eyes searched the room to see if they had been moved elsewhere. He exhaled and made his way to the desk. “I put them in the drawer,” he said. “I was worried with the combat, they might get thrown.” She sighed in relief. “May I have them fhaen, I need,” her voice catching for a moment, “I need to see them. Particularly now.” Nodding, Destorie pulled open the drawer and after a few moments, produced the holopictures. “Ie, of course,” he said handing them to her before retreating to the a chair opposite of Laehval. She nodded her thanks to him, reached over and took them from him, and walked across the room over towards the large viewport where she could look at them by herself. As she stood looking at them, she very lightly brushed her fingers across their faces and then held them tight to her. “As I swore when I was sent rhae this mission, if any harm were to come to either of them, especially at the hands of whom we suspected and now have confirmed… to the end of my days, I claim the blood rite of vengeance against the cowards behind this. I will see to it that they pay, by my hand, in this life and forever into the next. Each and every one of them.” Jaw still smarting from t’Vatrix’s kick to her jaw, Laehval sat down sullenly. She’d likely have a wicked bruise later, but now she was too proud to show concern for it. Seeing t’Vatrix’s reaction to the holo of her family, she threw Destorie a look as if to say ‘see what I mean’. She believed that the Khre’Riov was clearly overwhelmed with grief and was a danger to herself. It had been months since he had seen either of the two women in the chamber with him now, and he had not fully been prepared for the emotions he felt, both in their reunion and the circumstances that had brought it about. He felt Laehval’s glance but remained neutral. t’Vatrix was clearly upset, but then, he knew she had more than ample reason and he could not fault her for that. Unable to turn back towards either of them just yet, afraid to lose her composure, L’haiy stood and let her thoughts linger on the images for another few minutes in silence. Finally, she walked over to the replicator device, ordered up a pair of items and tossed one of the ice packs over to Laehval for her chin. The other she kept for her own. Laehval caught the pack with a nod of thanks, but held it in her lap rather than using it immediately. Instead, she looked to N’Dak. “I believe au should start. How is it au came to be in command of the Talon? What have au been doing while we were away?” Glancing towards her with his infamously cold expression, he considered possible responses before deciding on a more neutral tone, out of respect for t’Vatrix and the long years of service he had shared with Laehval as well. “Rather simple,” his tone cool, but lacked an edge. “I had come to warn au that au were walking into a trap; but by the time I had arrived hrrau the Talon… au were gone.” “As I had previously been given command of the Talon, the crew au left informed me they were to meet io of the Khre’Riov’s contacts, rhae an undisclosed location. When we arrived, there was na word from au. I assumed command, rhae their suggestion, until au fate could be determined.” He stopped, looking to t’Vatrix and then Laehval. “Does that satisfy au?” Laehval ignored the question. “And since au have assumed command? How has the ship fared? Casualties? Damage?” t’Vatrix moved over behind the desk, setting her holos where she could see both the last image she had taken of her bondmate and son sleeping that last morning, and the other a family portrait of she and Var’lon, both smiling and holding the giggling child by the ocean. Sitting back in the chair to listen to N’Dak’s explanation, she held the icepack up to her own chin, hoping to take some of the swelling out of it as well. “We have time for a status report later,” he said, firmly. “But I am curious about how au ended up in aur current state and why au missed the rendezvous? There were scattered reports of sightings of au, but nothing firm enough to believe. We have been trying to track au, as best we could.” Laehval frowned at his delay, but didn’t force the issue. “We first went to the orbital command station, uncertain of who was in command, and were forced to flee. We took refuge at my family’s vacation home to gather intel, contact allies, and formulate a plan. Unfortunately, we were discovered there and taken prisoner. Galae sympathizers helped us to escape and took us to a secret conclave of other Galae command officers and troops, preparing for an attack on the city.” That still did not explain everything, but he decided not to push too hard for now. “I see,” he thoughtfully stroked at a non-existent beard. “I wish I would have arrived sooner to warn au, but I came as soon as I learned of the trap au were walking into.” “How is it, that au learned of their intentions?” t’Vatrix finally asked. “And why would you feel the need to come assist us? Would na the situation with au family ties, put you in a better stead than you had been in?” “Ie, as au clearly recall,” he said, taking a deep breath. “My father was once a member of the Tal’Shiar. He had participated in some of their earlier plans and had given him their support, rhae the Senate and some monetary contributions. However, as he learned more of their intentions and the involvement of the Othan…” He paused looking away for a moment, clearly uncomfortable about the role his family had helped play in the events that had unfolded over the past months. “He began withholding his support,” he continued. “But learned what he could of their plans in secret. A source tipped him to the plot against the Talon. I was off-world at the time -- I had been given a rather unglamorous assignment, but a small command, rhae a border outpost. He contacted me covertly to tell me of their plans and to tell me he and my mother were going into hiding. He wanted me to rescue Issaha.” “I promised him I would. But even if Issaha had na been rhae the Talon, I would have returned. My honor demanded it.” L’haiy inclined her head at him, understanding the reference, and somewhat surprised he had followed through on the oath he had made to her but a year ago. She had more which she wanted to ask of him, but struggled to find the words. Had his father known of the plotting to put Var’lon in a bad light? To send her off world, even though she had retired? Had he known why Var’lon had been accused of the assassination attempt? The attack upon her child and home? Of the biological weapons? How much had he been involved? She stared at the holopicture, wanting to continue, and found she was unable to just yet. Oblivious to the Khre’Riov’s internal struggle, Laehval pushed on. “And what are your intentions now that we have returned? Escape to be with your family? Will au attempt to retain control of the Talon?” She finally raised the ice pack to her jaw, finding the throbbing pain to be too intense to ignore. “Na,” firm in his resolve. “Of course the Talon belongs to the Khre’Riov, and I will serve in whatever way I am asked; but I will not run away and hide in the face of what the Tal’Shiar and the Othan have done to the Empire ... to this ship.” He decided not to add to himself to that, but the beneath the cold exterior, he felt a sudden fire. t’Vatrix finally spoke. “I will accept return of the Talon back to my command, but it will be understood by the crew that this ship will have a certain mission to undertake, na matter that some may call it suicide. I intend to take this fight all the way back to the Othan homeworld and beyond. I will see that they will never, ever, have the resources to even think of trying something like this again. For that matter, I’d be just as happy to eliminate the lot of them, and have a fresh colonization begin of their world. If the crew has a problem with it, we can see that they are assigned to another command.” She wanted blood, no less than that. And there would be plenty for the taking by her reckoning. Laehval looked sharply at t’Vatrix. “Na io would disagree with your decision to eliminate the Othan, Rekkhai. However, we still have an obligation to ch’Rihan to aid our allies and help free the world from their control. I do hope that au intend to see that through before au give in to your need for vengeance.” L’haiy slammed her icepack down angrily on the desk. “MY OBLIGATION!? To ch’Rihan? I swore to serve, and I have. I did my duty and more for decades! And when I finally, finally decide to take my accumulated leave that I had accrued, well over 5 years worth of time unused, and finally decided to retire and raise our child, I was told that I was ‘obligated’ to go on this veruulish mission of the Fvillah’s. And if I didn’t, they’d ruin Var’lon and myself, throw us into prison and give our son to medical for experimentation under the excuse of ‘nanogenes!” She watched their expressions, knowing that she had never told anyone the lengths to which others had gone to force her to go on this mission. “They wanted to separate my bondmate and myself to distract him, they sullied his good name. I’ve given ch’Rihan all I have had, twice now and more. I owe it nothing else. I have nothing else, they’ve taken everything from me. Obligated au say? I say to Ayrienne with that!!” Laehval’s brows drew together as she frowned, falling silent for a moment in the wake of the Khre’Riov’s tirade. When she finally spoke, her voice was the calm to t’Vatrix’s storm. “Ie, and they do na deserve your jol for their treachery, but this is na only about au. It is na just about your feelings, your family, or finding the peace au deserve. It is about all of us. We were betrayed. Our families have been put in danger, have been harmed, captured, or slain. All of us. This crew, this loyal crew that has followed au faithfully for so long, deserves their vengeance as well. Au may feel that au have na obligation to ch’Rihan, but, as a Galae officer, au are still sworn to protect her people -- the innocents that still need our help. We need to finish what we have started. Our plan, our mission, can na be compromised by io person’s thirst for revenge.” L’haiy opened her mouth, prepared to continue her angry diatribe, but was interrupted. Destorie cleared his throat, taking a risk. “If I might?” He did not wait for a response. “I will not presume to tell the Khre’Riov how she should feel in this moment. I cannot imagine how au are holding it together, but there is some merit to what Laehval has said. Many of the crew do na even know what has become of their families and if the information I was given just before we transported au back to the Talon is true… many of them may never see their families again.” “What information would that be?” Narrowing her eyes a bit at him, L’haiy tried tried to get her anger under control. Looking away, Destorie’s voice turned suddenly grave. “I received a message that some of the sites that many of the Galae sympathizers had been located to -- including families of the Talon crew -- have been hit by the biological attacks.” Laehval sucked in a breath. “The Daise’Maenak has been working on a counteragent for the biological weapon that struck the capital. We should have the proper equipment on the Talon to synthesize it in greater quantities.” She looked to the Khre’Riov, hoping the news would make her understand why they could not yet leave. t’Vatrix stared down at her desk for what seemed an eternity, considering their options. “Vriha menkha,” she said finally. “I’ll do what I can to help free our world,” turning to look at Laehval, “but I will na have my methods questioned, na matter how personal au think it may become.” She pulled the wicked looking blade from its sheath and lay it before her on the desk. “There are a few names that are destined to become intimate with this blade, and I will na tolerate interference.” Her eyes burned with hatred for those that had wronged her. Oh, yes, they would pay. Laehval glanced from the blade to the Khre’Riov’s glaring gaze and nodded slowly. “Ssuaj-ha.” “I will go inform the Daise’Maenak of this news.” Laehval rose from her chair. t’Vatrix was far too emotional to have the conversation that the two of them needed to have, so she thought it best to remove herself for a short time. “We also need to debrief the entire command crew. They deserve to know what action we will next take so that all departments are prepared.” Destorie tipped his chin thoughtfully at the suggestion. “Ie,” he said, “t’Vatrix and I still have much we must discuss.” “Ie, I have a few things that I need to ask you, as well, and require any information au may have regarding certain... events...,” t’Vatrix slowly added. She trailed off, unable to continue. While Laehval did not like the thought of leaving them alone to discuss things without her (or about her), she had little choice in the matter. “Au will need to order the dheno to stand down so that I can collect everyone.” She fixed Destorie in a flat stare, irritated that she had to make even that small acknowledgement of his authority. “Ie,” he said running his hand over his t’liss. “N’Dak to Khaelir. The new arrivals may be trusted. D’heno can stand down, but escort them until they have changed uniforms. We do na wish for anyio to confuse them for intruders, ie?” “I would na mind a fresh uniform as well, but that can be taken care of after we have had our discussion, Destorie,” L’haiy said with a heavy sigh as she looked at herself. “Then again, I’m half expecting I’ll look like this more often than na in our near future.” “I will see to that as well, Rekkhai.” Laehval nodded her farewell and turned toward N’Dak. “Enarrain.” It hurt to say it, but she respected the rank, even if she was irritated with the man. With a final nod to him, she took her leave. Destorie nodded to Laehval, but it was something that t’Vatrix had said that had his attention -- he had never recalled her using his first name.
  2. RES Talon Mission Briefing 51509.10 - Season 20 The crew has been hiding out (once again) at the vacation home of Temarr, having kidnapped Laehval's mother to gain access to the Tal Shiar's network in search of t'Vatrix. While there, a ship arrives unexpectedly, and three people cautiously approach. As they break free of the treeline and top the rise a few meters from the house, the crew recognizes Koga and the Enarrain with a mysterious stranger.
  3. RES Talon Mission Briefing 51505.21 - Season 20 Following their capture, the crew of the Talon has been imprisoned in the old cells below the Pril'in Government Center. With a bit of luck, they took advantage of the deteriorating walls and managed to tunnel to freedom. Lerak has just deactivated all of the forcefields to the cell entrances, setting both the crew and every other prisoner free. Now, all the crew has to do is escape through the maze of rooms and corridors of the sprawling multi-level center without being caught or killed by the Tal Shiar, all with the added burden of aiding their fellow prisoners, some of whom are seriously injured.
  4. It was hardly the family reunion that Laehval had expected. Of course, she had not expected one at all. So perhaps it was more accurate to say that it was not the family reunion that she would have wished for, if she were prone to such silly things as wishes and hopes and dreams. She did not dwell in a fantasy world of her own making. Laehval was a Rihan woman of facts and figures, of duty and logic. She was known for her temper that mirrored the destructive flames of the sacred Fire Element that she held most dear. She was known for her passion and ingenuity for all things engineering. But she was not known for her sentimentality. Love, consideration, and emotional vulnerability were not her strong suits. If anything, they were the bane of her existence and a reminder of the weak, insecure woman that she'd once been. She'd driven a dagger through that woman's stomach to obliterate her completely, but the experience did not kill her. Rather, it made her stronger than she'd ever been. She had risen like a phoenix from the ashes of her wretched life and had not squandered the second chance at life that the Elements had bestowed upon her. That strength had sustained her as she'd led the Talon through necessary danger, as she'd sought to make her crew whole once again, and as she'd striven to craft herself into something better than she'd once been. She'd put the past behind her, done her best to forget the mother that despised her and the apathetic father that hadn't the fortitude to break free of his wife's tragic nature. Laehval was far from perfect, and still had not mastered the violent emotions that were prone to spill over in times of strife, but she'd become a constant, infallible anchor for those that needed her support. And yet, with the murmur of a single name, her pillar of strength threatened to crumble. "He said his name is Trilus. He is your father?" Laehval's heart soared in the same instant that her stomach sank. "Yes. Can you tell me if he is well? Does he have injuries? Does he need medical attention?" The man nodded and paced to the other side of the cell to speak with the captives in the cell beside him. From her vantage, Laehval couldn't see into her father's cell. She inched as close as she dared to the buzzing forcefield that held her prisoner, but her father was several cells away and unreachable. Impatiently, she waited for the man to return with news, doing all she could to keep her temper in check. Screaming would do nothing for her here and would only draw the kind of attention she wished to avoid. Better to remain silent in hopes that the guards wouldn't show any interest. Her mother had been the catalyst for her imprisonment. Au'rial t'Temarr had given her life and little else. Laehval owed her mother nothing. She had not been surprised when her mother eagerly turned her over to the Tal Shiar as a traitor to their people. But having her father imprisoned? Laehval had not even dreamed such a thing could happen! Her father was a well respected magistrate of their small mountain village. So how did he come to be imprisoned within the Tal Shiar cells? It had to be her mother's doing. "He is gravely injured, but alive. They interrogated and tortured him severely. He is fading in and out of consciousness, but he knows that you are here. " "Are you certain it is him? If he is awake, ask him when I made him happiest." Another wait began as the man moved back to relay the message. She hoped it wouldn't become garbled in the telling. When he returned, he looked uncertain, rubbing at the back of his neck with one hand. "Ah, I'm not sure if they told me this right, but he said 'I have always been proud of you, but I cherish most the memory of the time you reprogrammed your mother's replicator to only accept commands spoken in a robotic voice.'" Laehval slid down the back wall of her cell as the air left her and the sinking feeling settled in the pit of her stomach. She pressed her fingers against her forehead. "Did I say something wrong?" She shook her head. "No, he is my father. There can be no doubt. Tell him that he will not be captive for much longer. Tell him to stay strong. Tell him that I will see him soon and we will be leaving this forsaken place soon." The man blinked at her. "Are you telling him that to make him feel better? Or because you believe it to be true?" Laehval lifted her steely gaze. "Both. Please... tell him." As he slipped off again to the other side of his cell, Laehval glanced to cell next to hers and her fellow crew trapped within. She wasn't sure if any of them had discovered a way to escape Tal Shiar custody, but she did not doubt their ingenuity. Her crew was nothing if not determined. She only hoped that what she told her father hadn't been a lie. "Elements protect him," she murmured under her breath. Laehval wasn't prone to losing herself to hopes and dreams, but she couldn't help but fantasize about the day that she could repay her mother for the misery that she'd caused. If her father died of his injuries, Laehval's retribution would be swift and absolute. And nothing, save death itself, would keep her from plunging a dagger straight into the heart of Au'rial t'Temarr.
  5. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 051504.09 - Season 20 - The Away Team has just returned from a recon mission at a nearby village with little news and unwelcome guests. Tal Shiar agents tracked their progress and have now put them under siege in the vacation home of House Temarr. As a firefight would lead to certain death, t'Mahren has concocted a scheme that might save the lives of the Talon's command crew. Posing as a loyal agent of the Tal Shiar, she has 'captured' the crew and will hand them over for interrogation. With a bit of luck, there might be a chance for them to escape Tal Shiar custody before it is decided that they have outlived their usefulness. KhreRiovtRex -> BEGIN SIM KhreRiovtRex -> BEGIN SIM KhreRiovtRex -> BEGIN SIM M_K_tKsa -> ::just watching Koga and t'Aehjae's interaction...keeping her thoughts about them to herself:: tAehjae -> :: remaining quiet in their "hold:: Koga S'Bien -> ::rubs chin:: Lerak trPexil -> :: He had started to hum something quietly, an ancient tune centuries old of tales of deception and cunning. An anti-Klingon song.:: tAehjae -> :: blood smeared on her clothing and still a small amount oozing from her mouth , her jaw swollen:: Laehval tTemarr -> ACTION> A small group of Tal Shiar agents had broken off from the main and made their way downstairs to find the Talon crew. One of them unbolted the cold storage room and yanked the door open, weapons trained. KhreRiovtRex -> TS1> Well, well, well.......now what do we have fahd? tAehjae -> :: looks up at the open door from her spot on the floor:: KhreRiovtRex -> TS2> It looks like someone has already tenderized the meat in this cold locker. tAehjae -> :: glares once again wiping the blood from her jaw::: M_K_tKsa -> ::tucks an stray piece of hair back into her bun, tries to make it look like she's mildly preturbed by this whole event instead of quaking with fear in her heart:: Laehval tTemarr -> Au'rial t'Temarr> ::Pushes her way into the cold storage room, protesting loudly.:: First they invade my home and help themselves to my food, drink, and clothes. Now they are contaminating my cold storage?! KhreRiovtRex -> TS1> :: Laughs looking down at them:: I wonder why she just did na yy'a the lot of them, and be done? tAehjae -> :: so much wants to make a leap at the TS but remains still:: KhreRiovtRex -> TS1> ::shoved aside:: What !? KhreRiovtRex -> TS2> :: rolls eyes behind her back at TS1:: KhreRiovtRex -> TS1> ::looks at the prisoners:: Now au are in for it.... M_K_tKsa -> ::raises both brows at the protesting woman:; Laehval tTemarr -> Au'rial t'Temarr> I demand compensation! ::Hands on her hips, she looks over the Talon crew, slight sneer pulling at her lips. Catching sight of Laehval, she turned green with fury.:: AU! HOW DARE AU COME HERE! KhreRiovtRex -> TS2> :: motions to his partner to back off, for some reason this screeching woman was a trusted informant Koga S'Bien -> :stands by in contemplation:: KhreRiovtRex -> TS1> :: looks at the woman that 'screecher is screeching at:: M_K_tKsa -> (m)Somebody should slap *her*. ::muttering under her breath, wondering if she could instigate that like she instigated the Koga/t'A fight:: tAehjae -> :: looks between the woman and the TS Officers, keeping her mouth shut for a change:: Laehval tTemarr -> ::Though wincing at the voice, Laehval rose calmly.:: Jolan tru, ri'nanov. ::She waved a hand at the others.:: Everyone, meet my ri'nanov, Au'rial t'Temarr. Lerak trPexil -> :: looked at that...that woman with contempt, mutters :: I'll do it Laehval tTemarr -> Our hostess. ::She smiled broadly.:: M_K_tKsa -> ::blink...blink blink, does a double take at Laehval:: Seriously? Koga S'Bien -> Hmm. KhreRiovtRex -> TS1 and TS2 together to each other> :: Her ri'nanov? Laehval tTemarr -> Au'rial t'Temarr> ::Shrieking, she pointed a finger at the group.:: I want them y'ya! Hnah! tAehjae -> :: raises a brow at tTemarr:: KhreRiovtRex -> TS1> Llhei, pardon, but that is na our call to make, that decision is solely that of our superior, and at the siuren, he is upstairs with the others, dealing with their target Laehval tTemarr -> Au'rial t'Temarr> ::Turns to the two Tal Shiar agents.:: Give me your weapon! I will do it myself! M_K_tKsa -> ::visibly wincing at the shrieking woman:: Some really should slap some sense into her. She's getting hysterical. ::actually concerned about this:: KhreRiovtRex -> TS2> Stand down Llhei. Au may be working with our superior, however we 'do na' take orders from au Lerak trPexil -> :: Moving closer to block anything from getting to Laehval, futile as it may be.:: Laehval tTemarr -> Au'rial t'Temarr> ::Seething. She threw Laehval such a look of hatred that it was a wonder that Laeh didn't burst into flames then and there.:: They are traitors. All of them! From that ship. They do na deserve to live. tAehjae -> :: draws her knees to her chest, then rests her aching chin on them wishing she would stop screaming:: M_K_tKsa -> ::glancing at the two Tal Shiar agents, wondering if she could push them against the other woman as a distraction or a means of escape, looking rather sympathetic to them:: Fvadt. Has she always been like this? KhreRiovtRex -> TS2> The rest of au....sit back down. Ie...au:: pointing his eiyakk at trPexil:: There are plenty to interrogate here. If he does not comply, i doubt they would miss a few of these? KhreRiovtRex -> TS1> Na....we were only to show her to them, na to yy'a them. They will be processed shortly. :: turns looking again at S'Bein:: KhreRiovtRex -> TS1> :: leans over to TS2> Isn't that? KhreRiovtRex -> TS2> I had heard he was serving with the Talon at some point, how come he doesn't look like he's been hammered in the face? Laehval tTemarr -> ::She put a hand on Pexil's shoulder, though her eyes remained on her mother.:: tr'Pexil, do as they say. This is na the time for foolish heroics. KhreRiovtRex -> TS1> Well, if it is Koga S'Bein, it would make sense. Lerak trPexil -> :: stands down:: KhreRiovtRex -> TS1> :: turns to Koga:: Au....what is au name? Koga S'Bien -> Me? I am who you think you are - Koga S'Bien. I can't really deny that. Laehval tTemarr -> ::She deliberately took a drink from her mother's favorite vintage and smiled.:: KhreRiovtRex -> TS2> ::turns to the elder tTemarr:: So these are indeed the ones au had told us about? Au can confirm they are of the Talon crew? All of them? tAehjae -> :: eyes dart to TS1 when he says Kogas name, then just as quickly looks to her knees:: KhreRiovtRex -> (lol Laeh) tAehjae -> we're yy'a ::softly:: M_K_tKsa -> ::picks at a pill on her tunic, trying to look bored:: Laehval tTemarr -> Au'rial t'Temarr> ::She hissed in anger, tearing her eyes away from Laehval to look at the others and then the agents.:: Ie, they are. Every Elements-cursed io of them. I have all of their files. Daise'Maenak t'Ksa. Daise'Dheno t'Aehjae. Daise'Engineer tr'Pexil. And S'Bien, au know. Lerak trPexil -> ::hes never recognized :: Lerak trPexil -> Nice to know my work speaks for itself. KhreRiovtRex -> TS2> What of this io? ::pointing to Laehval:: She said au were her ri'nanov? KhreRiovtRex -> TS1> Ie, Llhei must indeed be loyal to the cause, if she would turn in her own daughter... KhreRiovtRex -> TS2> ::looks at his ISD:: Ie, this would make her the fugitive first officer of the Talon. M_K_tKsa -> I'm na sure I'm all that impressed by being recognized by that banshee. ::jerks her head in the elder t'Temarr's direction:: tAehjae -> :: looks up as her name is called out:: Laehval tTemarr -> Au'rial t'Temarr> ::She spat.:: Daise'Erei'Riov Laehval t'Temarr, a black stain upon the very name t'Temarr. And na daughter of mine. Koga S'Bien -> ::so cold.. so that's where she got it from:: tAehjae -> :: goes to move to her knees as she speaks:: Aus daughter is io of the best AU should ... KhreRiovtRex -> TS2> They will want her for 'special' questioning as well. We should move her to a separate locker if io is available? tAehjae -> be proud Laehval tTemarr -> ::Laehval held up the bottle in toast.:: For once, we are in complete agreement. I am na daughter of yours. KhreRiovtRex -> TS1> :: pistolwhips tAehjae, knocking her back to her knees: I can yy'a au right now if au wish.... M_K_tKsa -> Well this has been a pleasant family reunion ::amused at Laehval's behavior and hoping to share her same spirit:: tAehjae -> :: lands back on her side from the force, her mouth starts bleeding all over again:: Laehval tTemarr -> Au'rial t'Temarr> Au should interrogate them all! With extreme force. KhreRiovtRex -> TS1> ::turns on tKsa:: I'll be happy enough to give au the same if au do not shut up... tAehjae -> :: sits back up sliding back until her back is supported against a wine crate and wipes the blood from her mouth:: KhreRiovtRex -> TS3> :: comes down the stairs:: What is all this noise and fuss? Au should have had them trussed up and loading them onto the transports by now M_K_tKsa -> Don't worry, I will give au na trouble. As most can tell au, and au're colleague t'Prin can verify, I'm just all talk. ::bats her eyes innocently, picking pills off her tunic from where she sits:: Lerak trPexil -> How predictable the Tal Shiar have become, puppets of some external influence. Pity. KhreRiovtRex -> TS2> Ie, tell the others we will start moving them up. ::turns to the prisoners:: ::points at t'Aehjae Koga and tKsa:: Au three....come with us now... Koga S'Bien -> Okay. ::heads over there:: Laehval tTemarr -> ::Laehval took another drink, offering her mother a rare smile as the woman looked her way yet again.:: tAehjae -> :: slowly gets up off the floor and moves as told, looking to Ksa and tTemarr:: KhreRiovtRex -> TS2> Move it, or I'll vaporize au on the spot and just na worry about au Laehval tTemarr -> Au'rial t'Temarr> ::Pushed over the edge, she shrieked in anger and jerked a dagger from one of the Tal Shiar agents, charging at Laehval with deadly intent.:: M_K_tKsa -> ::getting up slowly, dusting off her hands;: Ready when au are. Koga S'Bien -> All right. Where are we headed? tAehjae -> :: steps in front of the charging woman grabbing her hand with the dagger:: Koga S'Bien -> ::looks back at the lunging Temarr:: KhreRiovtRex -> TS1> Hey!! tAehjae -> NA au can na yy'a her!!! KhreRiovtRex -> TS1 and TS2 round on tAehjae, pulling her away from the elder tTemarr and trying to force both of them to drop the blade:: KhreRiovtRex -> TWO MINUTE WARNING Laehval tTemarr -> Au'rial t'Temarr> ::Grappling with t'Aehjae, all the while cursing the Talon, her crew, and especially Laehval.:: tAehjae -> :: when she's grabbed she pulls on the blade pulling it towards herself to pluck it from the elder::: M_K_tKsa -> (m)Like I said, someone should have slapped her to make her gain sense. ::staying out of the way of the maylee:: KhreRiovtRex -> TS3> :: having had enough of this, fires his ieyakk into the ceiling of the storeroom: ENOUGH...... Lerak trPexil -> :: moves closer and awaits an opening :: Lerak trPexil -> :: moves closer and awaits an opening :: Laehval tTemarr -> Au'rial t'Temarr> ::She let the agents pull her way, though was still seething and livid. She turned at the third agent, snapping.:: AU don't have to yell! M_K_tKsa -> ::delicately waves the dust from her face of the newly disintegrated ceiling:: tAehjae -> :: falls backwards as the shot is fired with the blade in her hand:: KhreRiovtRex -> TS3> I'll shoot all of au..:: boots are heard running down the stairs as reinforcements arrive Koga S'Bien -> ::like one of the s'Oap o'Peras his mother watched on the holo-viewer:: Laehval tTemarr -> Au'rial t'Temarr> ::And especially angry about the damage to her house.:: KhreRiovtRex -> TS1> Drop it, or yy'a? :: standing over tAehjae:: tAehjae -> :: lays on the floor opens her hand releasing the blade:: Laehval tTemarr -> ::Laehval hefted the bottle in her hand, wondering how much damage it would do to her mother's skull.:: tAehjae -> ::looking up to TS1 :: I could na allow her to yy'a Laeh. KhreRiovtRex -> Major tr'Danov> :: enters the cold room door:: What is going on here? Can au na move a few prisoners to the ships. Do it....and do it hna. I only need 1 or 2 of them to find out what I need, we can dispose of the rest shortly. Do it...do it now Lerak trPexil -> :: thinks he left the seat up :: Laehval tTemarr -> t'Aehjae, give them the blade. It is na worth dying for. KhreRiovtRex -> ::looks at Au'rial tTemarr:: What has au so upset Llhei? I'm sorry that these....traitors have broken into au home, but we will remove them at once tAehjae -> :: does na move until the blade is plucked from her hand:: M_K_tKsa -> ::is watching all of this with interest, looking for a way to twist it around in order for them escape:: KhreRiovtRex -> Major trDanov> Move them now, or move their corpses, I do na care. Just keep this io.....:: points to Laehval:: and that io:: points to Koga:: Alive for the time being Koga S'Bien -> ::Doesn't he feel special?:: KhreRiovtRex -> I expect the transports to be ready to leave in a few siruen:: stomps back upstairs to continue his interrogation there.... KhreRiovtRex -> PAUSE SIM KhreRiovtRex -> PAUSE SIM KhreRiovtRex -> PAUSE SIM
  6. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 051504.23 - Season 20 - Tal Shiar agents have captured the Talon's command crew at the vacation home of House Temarr. To keep them from being executed, t'Mahren is posing as a loyal member of the Tal Shiar under the false pretense that she has subdued the crew for the purposes of interrogation. Thus far, none of the crew have been injured by Tal Shiar hands. They are now being moved to transport ships, presumably to be taken back to one of the Tal Shiar's many secret facilities. (No sim on 04/16)
  7. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 051504.02 - Season 20 - After witnessing an increase in Tal Shiar activity around the village where t'Aehjae, t'Ksa, and tr'Pexil were exploring, those aiding in recon support have given the recall code to bring the crew back to the safety of their forest cabin refuge. The Away Team has taken extra precaution in piloting the RAC back to their hideout, hoping to throw anyone following them off the trail. Thus far, it seems they have been successful in escaping without notice. As we begin, the Away Team has just arrived back at House Temarr's vacation home in preparation to debrief on what they've learned. KhreRiovtRex -> BEGIN SIM KhreRiovtRex -> BEGIN SIM KhreRiovtRex -> BEGIN SIM KhreRiovtRex -> :: pacing back and forth, very much feeling trapped in this house like some sort of caged animal, when she wanted to be out doing something.:: Laehval tTemarr -> ::Laehval opened the front door to greet the team as they landed, waiting for everyone to come inside for a debrief.:: KhreRiovtRex -> :: Preferably.....making those responsible for this, and for what they may have done to her family, and ...all of their families:: Lerak trPexil -> :: Goes inside :: M_K_tKsa -> ::dusts herself off, muttering something about wanting to y'ya t'A as she follows tr'Pexil inside:: KhreRiovtRex -> ::looks up and across the room at Laeh opening the door:: Koga S'Bien -> ::looks at readings:: Lerak trPexil -> Sorry about that cross traffic thing, but au wanted a non-direct path back.. :: sits :: KhreRiovtRex -> ::glanced over at t'Mahren, then back to the others:: Laehval tTemarr -> Better you take the round-about way than lead sometime back. Still, there is no guarantee either way. From our sensors, the village is now swarming with Tal Shiar agents. M_K_tKsa -> Fvadt. ::exhales:: We're going to have get moving somewhere else soon then. KhreRiovtRex -> Why is that Morgana? Koga S'Bien -> ::rubs chin in contemplation:: It's not good to stay in one place for too long. Laehval tTemarr -> ::She secured the door behind them and strode into the living area, hands behind her back.:: Did any of au see or hear any sign of the Galae rebellion? Lerak trPexil -> I did na, but this was only one place. EvietMahren -> Especially when some of our number haven't the slightest understanding of the word covert. ::cutting her eyes at Pexil:: M_K_tKsa -> Because if the Tal Shiar is swarming, that means that t'A's run in with those kids is a bigger than she led us to believe. Koga S'Bien -> ::nods:: M_K_tKsa -> ::shakes her head;: The closest I came to spying anything resembling a Galae presence was a man who was in the government...seemed to be military. Or at least that's what I gathered from his shoes....he had very distinctive shoes. KhreRiovtRex -> ACTION: Suddenly, a loud klaxon begins to sound Lerak trPexil -> Perimeter alarm? :: looks up :: EvietMahren -> ::mutters a curse in Standard:: EvietMahren -> ::nods:: M_K_tKsa -> Well, this party is apparently over. Laehval tTemarr -> ::Laehval jerked at the alarm and slapped the exterior visuals onto the main viewer.:: That was the alert from the mouth of the canyon. tAehjae -> ::nods: EvietMahren -> ::pulling up her ISD:: Five minutes. Six, if we're lucky. KhreRiovtRex -> ACTION: The proximity alarms indicate a number of ships approaching both from the pass, and long distance indicating more on the way from town. Lerak trPexil -> :: Gets up :: Time to go. RAC is on standby. EvietMahren -> ::looks to Laeh and t'Rexan, eyes steely:: Do you trust me? EvietMahren -> ::glares at Pexil:: No time. KhreRiovtRex -> ACTION: BEFORE ANYONE CAN RUN OUTSIDE, A LOUD METALLIC CLACKING SOUND IS HEARD, AS SECURITY BARS SLAM SHUT, LOCKING THE DOORS AND WINDOWS TO KEEP THEM SAFELY CLOSED INSIDE EvietMahren -> ::looking back to the CO and XO:: M_K_tKsa -> ::snags her bag with her belongings, then looks up:: What the--. ::scowls:: Oh Elements. KhreRiovtRex -> It would seem we have no other choice. but perhaps you better quickly explain, just what this trust was... Koga S'Bien -> Ooh. ::looks around:: Laehval tTemarr -> Fvadt! ::She ran to the panel at the door and activated the screen, tapping rapidly to no avail.:: I had disabled all of the emergency lockdown procedures! KhreRiovtRex -> Fvadt... we should have spread out. KhreRiovtRex -> ::turns to Laeh:: Isn't' that only triggered from inside here tAehjae -> Great. :: utters a few curses to herself::: EvietMahren -> I need every in the storage room, in the basement. M_K_tKsa -> So we can na get out and they're coming to get us. This is....perfect. Laehval tTemarr -> Ie... who activated it? ::She turned and looked at the others, knowing it couldn't have been any of them. Her eyes fixed on Evie.:: Cold storage? There is na way out through there. What do au have in mind? Laehval tTemarr -> Our weapons are limited. M_K_tKsa -> ::glances as the chrono:: We don't have much time here. EvietMahren -> They think I'm still one of them. tAehjae -> Lets give her a chance. EvietMahren -> ::looking to Laeh, waiting for the lightbulb moment, if she catches on, or needs more explanation:: KhreRiovtRex -> I've been down this road before:: turns to look at Laeh:: It didn't' turn out well for me that time KhreRiovtRex -> and I presume, that this will have pretty much the same outcome KhreRiovtRex -> Very well. If it must be, it must be. KhreRiovtRex -> Everyone...do what she says, downstairs. Koga S'Bien -> ::Nods:: Right. Lerak trPexil -> :: Heads with the group :: tAehjae -> :: opens the door to the stairway:: Laehval tTemarr -> ::She fingered the dagger at her belt, thinking on the past. Her head swung to the console.:: I can activate the external defense system, but they will likely be able to disable it remotely. It will give us a few more minutes to plan. KhreRiovtRex -> If she's locking us up, they are not going to believe her if we have weapons...everything in a pile over here as well KhreRiovtRex -> if you have something small that you 'might have slipped past her' then keep that on you tAehjae -> :: sighs tossing her weapon on the pile but keeps her dagger in her boot:: EvietMahren -> ::nods to Laeh:: M_K_tKsa -> ::hides whatever she had weapon-wise down in the basement before she enters the cold storage facility:: Huhboy. EvietMahren -> ::looks to t'A:: EvietMahren -> ::shakes her head:: Lerak trPexil -> :: Puts a couple of items on the pile :: EvietMahren -> ::holds out hand for the dagger:: EvietMahren -> You're security. If you think that I wouldn't search you completely, you're quite mistaken. tAehjae -> :: looks to her and sighs:: Very well. ::hands over the dagger:: M_K_tKsa -> ....the maenak on the other hand ::shrugs:: EvietMahren -> ::takes the dagger, nodding:: EvietMahren -> ::hand waves to Morgana:: This is not the weapon you're looking for? ::wry grin:: Koga S'Bien -> ::checks his weapon:: Laehval tTemarr -> ::As Laehval only had her dagger and disruptor, neither of which she could easily hide. She discarded them both with the others before venturing to the security panel in the basement to ensure the auto-response system was active. As it had not yet been disabled, she left it as is and walked into the cold storage death chamber with the others.:: M_K_tKsa -> My weapon is in here ::taps her temple:: And you know how well most of that worked out for t'Prin. EvietMahren -> Perhaps the scariest weapon of all. M_K_tKsa -> :;winces:: We're going to be so.....cold. ::does na like this io bit:: KhreRiovtRex -> :: hands her weapons over to t'Mahren:: I'll assume, that for this to look like you have control, you'll have separated us at one point. Lock them in, you can bind me one of the chairs upstairs, presumably to question me separately from them? Besides, I should draw their interest enough that they may be distracted enough not to just kill them EvietMahren -> ::glaring at t'Rexan:: KhreRiovtRex -> It's what I would have done.... EvietMahren -> ::lips thinning, recognizing that, as Varlon's mate, she does have a point:: M_K_tKsa -> Au know, in that case, we could slap each other to make it look like we've been questioned. EvietMahren -> ::looks to Morgana:: I'd gladly assist. EvietMahren -> ::jerks her head to indicate the stairs, looking to t'Rexan:: Study. Upstairs. I'll be there presently. Laehval tTemarr -> ::She turned to Lerak.:: I need au to slap me. Lerak trPexil -> :: blinks :: What? EvietMahren -> ::moving over to the replicator, pulling up a program she'd hoped not to use:: KhreRiovtRex -> Do not take too long, this has to look right, and you clearly would have heard them coming and be ready to meet them, na surprised by their arrival. Lerak trPexil -> Are au serious? EvietMahren -> ::over her shoulder:: Take care of the abuse once you get downstairs. EvietMahren -> We don't have time to discuss this in committee. M_K_tKsa -> ::facepalms:: Laehval tTemarr -> Slap me. In the face. As hard as au can. Au know au want to. Think of every time I've struck au or questioned your ability as an engineer. Lerak trPexil -> But I.. :: Without pausing, he slaps her as hard as he can, thinking of her offing herself and standing him up :: M_K_tKsa -> tr'Pexil, I didn't know au had it in au. KhreRiovtRex -> ACTION:; POW!!!! Koga S'Bien -> Wow. Nor did I. Laehval tTemarr -> ::Her head snapped to one side and she righted herself, eyes watering. She touched the blood at her lip and smiled.:: Very nice. Now my turn. Lerak trPexil -> I have years t'Ksa. :: he brushes his hair back :: Lerak trPexil -> What? KhreRiovtRex -> ACTION:: Ships can be heard coming in for a landing nearby Laehval tTemarr -> ::She punched him in the jaw.:: EvietMahren -> ::pulls out her disruptor:: tAehjae -> :: thinking this is her fault since she was the io that had the encounter with the kids:: Koga S'Bien -> What was that? EvietMahren -> Beautiful. Now get downstairs. Lerak trPexil -> :: Not expecting reciprocation, he falls back onto the floor :: EvietMahren -> ::clenching teeth:: Now. Koga S'Bien -> ::Heads downstairs:: M_K_tKsa -> ::tucks her head into a bun like creation so it does not seem so obvious that she's actually cut off her hair:: Lerak trPexil -> :: Picks himself up :: EvietMahren -> ::seeing everyone is down and closed in, closes the door and powers the lock:: M_K_tKsa -> If I'd know that this would have turned into a cage fight, I would have placed wagers. EvietMahren -> ::muttering a few choice words, shaking her head as she rushes upstairs, grabbing her replicated item on the way:: KhreRiovtRex -> :: in the study, glancing out the window at the ships that are approaching, evidently someone was very serious and that their position most decidedly had been given away:: Lerak trPexil -> :: Nurses his bruise :: EvietMahren -> ::entering the study, gesturing to the chair:: EvietMahren -> You're going to have to sit. Laehval tTemarr -> ::Helps Lerak to his feet and takes hold of his chin, turning it so she could see her handiwork.:: A few more and we could have au looking like io of Koga's opponents. KhreRiovtRex -> Walks over :: I will, I've also been through this many times. Remember my position, they usualy save the physical abuse, for those higher up...and there aren't many fortunately for me:: EvietMahren -> ::pulling out a hypospray:: Koga S'Bien -> ::Raises brow, follows the others:: M_K_tKsa -> ::finishes tucking in her hair, dusts off her hand:: t'Aehjae, au might wish to acquire some battle scars of au's own, considering au are dheno. EvietMahren -> Yes, I am aware of standard procedure for higher ranking detainees. Lerak trPexil -> :: The pain was a little more than he expected, a tear running down his cheek :: Ie Lerak trPexil -> Just like old times Laehval? Lerak trPexil -> :: Looks Laehval over :: KhreRiovtRex -> :: looks her in the eye::: If this end poorly for me, try to get them out. If you get out, if you are able to talk to Var'lon, tell him I'm sorry I failed him. tAehjae -> :: steps up to Ksa:: If au will? EvietMahren -> I will do what I can. KhreRiovtRex -> I'm taking you at your word, and trusting you. M_K_tKsa -> If I will what? Laehval tTemarr -> ACTION> Another klaxon sounded as the Tal Shiar arrived at the house and began disabling the security systems and lockdown procedures. EvietMahren -> You know where my allegiances lie. KhreRiovtRex -> Then do it. Time is up EvietMahren -> Now, please... EvietMahren -> ::nods:: ::hits her with the hypo:: Lerak trPexil -> :: Looks up again :: There here... tAehjae -> Hit me Rekkhai Laehval tTemarr -> ::She smiled at him and brushed away his tear.:: Ie, like old times. ::Giving him a soft slap on his cheek.:: Buck up, Daise'Engineer. Au just might live through this. M_K_tKsa -> Na. I'm a maenak. We do na "hit". ::motions to Koga:: He's au's most likely candidate. ::sits primly on a box:: KhreRiovtRex -> :: feels it instantly hit her, and her head drops uncontrolled, but she is na totally out. ::Curses to self:: Fvaht.....na this.... EvietMahren -> ::then binds her to the chair:: EvietMahren -> ::sitting, waiting:: EvietMahren -> ::walks over and pours herself a drink:: Lerak trPexil -> I should reinforce my place after this. tAehjae -> :: steps over to Koga:: Hit me now Create a good amount of damage KhreRiovtRex -> ACTION:: The security systems locking the doors and windows release and several heavily armed Tal Shiar kick in the door and stream into the room... EvietMahren -> ::one leg on the desk, one foot on the floor as she regards her:: Lerak trPexil -> :: Really did put some frustration into his hit of Laehval :: Koga S'Bien -> Uhh... okay... ::doesn't want to punch t'A in the gob but no time to argue and lands a hard right hook to her face, but not hard enough to break her neck or cause permanent injury:: Laehval tTemarr -> High pitched voice from outside> Na io told au to break down the door! Replacements are expensive! I am na made of money! EvietMahren -> ::rolling her eyes at the voice she's hearing:: KhreRiovtRex -> (omg Koga...you're a professional fighter...a slap would have been sufficient!) EvietMahren -> ::muttering something about uncivilized idiots:: M_K_tKsa -> ::folds her arms, na sure if she should be amused or ashamed by the manipulation she pulled to watch t'Aehjae and Koga's fight:: tAehjae -> :: head snapps back and a trickle of blood comes from the corner of her mouth as she hits the floor:: Koga S'Bien -> (Old habits die hard) Koga S'Bien -> Sorry... maybe I shouldn't have hit so hard. Laehval tTemarr -> ::Laehval took a seat on a crate of protein and snagged one of the bottles of chilled vintage from the shelf.:: While we're in here, might as well enjoy something good... ::She unsealed the bottle and took a swig, offering it to Lerak.:: Careful, it is strong. M_K_tKsa -> Really Koga, was *that* necessary? ;:raises a brow:: tAehjae -> :: remains on the floor for a moment before she stirs:: Koga S'Bien -> Sorry, sorry.... Lerak trPexil -> :: Takes it :: I have a line of spirits myself... Lerak trPexil -> I think au know the inspiration. KhreRiovtRex -> ACTION:: Troops spread out, ieyyaks leading, heading into each room to secure it Lerak trPexil -> :: drinks and winces :: KhreRiovtRex -> and find Evie in the study, with a prisoner EvietMahren -> ::arches her brow as the Keystone cops enter:: tAehjae -> :: sits up slowly and looks to Koga with a very slight nod:: tAehjae -> :: remains on the floor leaning against a crate:: KhreRiovtRex -> :: another figure starts up the stairs, dressed in a mostly black, well tailored uniform and enters behind the others and stands looking at t'Mahren:: KhreRiovtRex -> Au have io siuren, to explain..... M_K_tKsa -> Well, isn't this cozy? ::wiggles in her seat to get comfortable:: Shall we sing campfire ditties while we wait? Or act like we're scared, confused and angry? EvietMahren -> ::arches a dangerous brow:: Lerak trPexil -> I can sing...but na io wants to hear that. EvietMahren -> I could ask you the same question. Hasn't anyone ever taught you to knock? EvietMahren -> ::her disruptor still trained on t'Rexan:: Laehval tTemarr -> Au'rial t'Temarr> ::Shoulders her way in between the Tal Shiar officers, waving a hand to shoo them out of the way.:: I told au they were here! I TOLD au they were the ios that set off the internal sensors! Where is she? ::She caught sight of t'Rex and her sucked in a gasp.:: Her! The clone! Kill her! tAehjae -> :: reaches up touching her jaw that is swelling nicely and changing color:: tAehjae -> Ow ::softly:: KhreRiovtRex -> Au had best watch au tone, and perhaps identify auself. I command this province and I have na had the pleasure of meeting au EvietMahren -> ::still not looking impressed:: Koga S'Bien -> I didn't mean to hit au so hard... sometimes one doesn't know his own strength. ::contemplatively:: EvietMahren -> Eviess t'Mahren. And au...? Laehval tTemarr -> ::Takes her bottle back from Lerak and has another swig, then grins.:: Au, sing? Please save it for the torture chamber. KhreRiovtRex -> ::hears an annoying voice in her head, but unable to do much else than mumble :: veruul woman Lerak trPexil -> I had time on my hands to brush up... it was my mother's insistence. Lerak trPexil -> Helpful to listen to components that emit hums. KhreRiovtRex -> (3 hours later, all the guards have joined them, are holding hands and having a drink with Pexil) M_K_tKsa -> ::muttering to herself;: When will I learn to keep my mouth shut? Lerak trPexil -> (Do I need to write a Rihan song now Lerak trPexil -> ?) tAehjae -> :: takes her hand and rubs the blood from her face smearing it and wiping her hand on her uniform:: KhreRiovtRex -> Daise Enarrain tr'Gralik. I have heard of au. Now...au prisoner here...I presume... :turns to look at the screeching tTemarr woman screaming about clones:: KhreRiovtRex -> I presume this is.....the Khre'Riov that we've been looking for... Lerak trPexil -> It's na like I wrote a song for t'Temarr. EvietMahren -> ::glaring at the t'Temarr woman, wondering how the @#$% she could be related to Laehval:: Lerak trPexil -> :: Thinks of that poetry.. :: Hmm EvietMahren -> I thought she might lead us to her beloved. KhreRiovtRex -> (omg yes pexil...) EvietMahren -> One way or another. Koga S'Bien -> hmm KhreRiovtRex -> (OMG..yes...start reading them poetry Pex) M_K_tKsa -> ::facepalms, again:: KhreRiovtRex -> PAUSE SIM KhreRiovtRex -> PAUSE SIM KhreRiovtRex -> PAUSE SIM
  8. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 051504.09 - Season 20 - The Away Team has just returned from a recon mission at a nearby village with little news and unwelcome guests. Tal Shiar agents tracked their progress and have now put them under siege in the vacation home of House Temarr. As a firefight would lead to certain death, t'Mahren has concocted a scheme that might save the lives of the Talon's command crew. Posing as a loyal agent of the Tal Shiar, she has 'captured' the crew and will hand them over for interrogation. With a bit of luck, there might be a chance for them to escape Tal Shiar custody before it is decided that they have outlived their usefulness.
  9. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 051504.02 - Season 20 - After witnessing an increase in Tal Shiar activity around the village where t'Aehjae, t'Ksa, and tr'Pexil were exploring, those aiding in recon support have given the recall code to bring the crew back to the safety of their forest cabin refuge. The Away Team has taken extra precaution in piloting the RAC back to their hideout, hoping to throw anyone following them off the trail. Thus far, it seems they have been successful in escaping without notice. As we begin, the Away Team has just arrived back at House Temarr's vacation home in preparation to debrief on what they've learned.
  10. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 051503.26 - Season 20 - In disguise, t'Aehjae, t'Ksa, and tr'Pexil explore the nearest village in hopes of finding Galae allies they desperately need in the fight against the Othan fleet and the Tal Shiar. t'Ksa's and tr'Pexil's trained eyes have spotted a male near the government center that looks vaguely military, but neither have approached him. While remaining with the shuttle to offer flight support to the others should they need it, t'Aehjae has been discovered by a pair of nosy children, one of which has fled to tell the nearest Tal Shiar officer of the hidden Galae RAC. The others of the Talon's command crew have remained behind within the (relative) safety of t'Temarr's family vacation home and are ever watchful for hints of Tal Shiar activity in the area. Laehval tTemarr -> BEGIN SIM Laehval tTemarr -> BEGIN SIM Laehval tTemarr -> BEGIN SIM M_K_tKsa -> @::at the government center, watching and trying to learn:: Koga S'Bien -> ::brings up all the maps and things that Laehval and t'Rexan might need from the vacation home:: Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Feels he's not safe, but he has felt that way since he landed. At the edge of the government center... :: KhreRiovtRex -> %Kid 1> :: moves towards the ship:: I thought I told au to move off. Au are trespassing in 'my' salvage M_K_tKsa -> @::munches on a handful of nuts as she watches the military-like pace of the man walking across the center, wondering which branch he's in:: Laehval tTemarr -> ACTION> Koga's holomaps show some activity in known Tal Shiar buildings. It doesn't look like much, but there appeared to be at least one or two vessels leaving, heading for the village where the AT was investigating. tAehjae -> %::: looks back to the kid:: na I am sorry I found it first. tAehjae -> %Wanna see if she runs? tAehjae -> %:: thinks I hope the others heard my message:: KhreRiovtRex -> % Kid 1> Rhae my father's lands. he will be here shortly....tr'Jren has went to fetch him...... KhreRiovtRex -> % :: kid (looks to be about 12 ish) waves the stick at her..you best go before he gets here. He might shoot you. Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Listens for keywords as he moves about the crowd. Much talk about the weather, the local issues.. :: tAehjae -> % :: can risk being caught steps up to the kid lifts him off his feet na worried about a stick and places him so hes hanging on a branch in a tree:: Sorry I can na allow aus father to see me. Laehval tTemarr -> @ ACTION> The "Galae" man that tr'Pexil originally spotted in the marketplace stopped in the plaza outside the government center near a cluster of other rihans. By their clothing, any of them could have been villagers, but the way they carried themselves was definitely familiar. They were in a tight group, speaking quietly with one another, throwing casual glances about now and again. KhreRiovtRex -> % Kid 1> Hey!! Put me down!! I mean it...I order au to get me down this instance M_K_tKsa -> @::picks up her belongings and heads towards the main town hall building to see if there's any notices or alerts:: tAehjae -> %:: turns and hurries back to the RAC and closes the door:: tAehjae -> %+Ksa+ tAehjae to tKsa. Rekkhai I am needing to move the RAC I have been found KhreRiovtRex -> @ Security officer> :: walking around the Government center spots t'Ksa and walks over towards her:: Papers.... tAehjae -> %:: starts up the RAC and readies it to be moved to a different location:: Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Stops by a fountain, places his hand in the water. Cool. While he liked the structure, the sound from the crashing water made hearing the murmurs of others difficult :: M_K_tKsa -> ::pinches her elbow in to mute the comm, looking around as if she's wondering what that noise was as pulls out the papers for t'Paine, tight smile as she produces them:: KhreRiovtRex -> @SO> ::takes the papers and looks at them, then looks at her....then back to the papers:: Another refuge from the Capitol.......who many are they planning to dump here? KhreRiovtRex -> @SO> Have you found accommodations yet? :: looks at the papers again:: Hospital support...I suppose they can use au at the medical center. They will put you up there if you can earn your keep. Move along Laehval tTemarr -> ACTION> Another satellite scan updates on Koga's map, showing another two vessels leaving the Tal Shiar HQ, also headed toward the village where the AT was currently investigating. M_K_tKsa -> @Had that many of us, ie? ::taking the papers back:: And I was on my way there shortly. Laehval tTemarr -> @ ACTION> The small group at the government center breaks off and scatters in different directions, each headed for a different part of the village. The original man heads for the business district. KhreRiovtRex -> ::MEANWHILE....Back at the tTemarr complex....... KhreRiovtRex -> :: returns to the main room looking for tMahren and the others:: Any word yet from the others? I hope they've been able to find out anything we can use to contact others n our situation or find a way to get back to the Talon Koga S'Bien -> Seems busy there. ::Enhances the images:: Wonder where they are going... tAehjae -> %:: lifts off moving the RAC to a new location in the direction to remove it from the Kid's father land. :: KhreRiovtRex -> :: looks at the overlay that Koga has put on the map image:: Hmmm, coincidence, or have our people be noticed? tAehjae -> % ::lands on the adjacent farm this time turning on the cloaking device to hide the RAC:: M_K_tKsa -> @::taking a few moments to find a quiet private space before responding to t'Aehjae's comm:: +t'Aehjae+ I hope that the next time that au attempt to contact me au have a better cover or timing or.....good sense na to mention the fvadt RAC in the middle of a comm without knowing whether or na it is safe for me to talk. I could y'ya au for almost getting me y'ya'd! Koga S'Bien -> Probably more than a coincidence, I'd say. I really hope nobody did anything they shouldn't have... M_K_tKsa -> @+t'Aehjae+ Or use my given name. Laehval tTemarr -> ::Laehval was busy at the monitor that showed the sensors around the cabin, still wondering how t'Mahren's contacts got past their security. And worried about it. She turned when t'Rex entered.:: t'Aehjae made contact briefly about the RAC being discovered by children. She should have handled the situation by now. tAehjae -> % +tKsa+ My apologies rekkhai KhreRiovtRex -> Perhaps we should pull them out now, before it's too late tAehjae -> % +tKsa+ A Tal Shiar son found the RAC location I have moved it to an adjacent farm and turned on the cloak. The child had sent for his Father to come back. Koga S'Bien -> Could do. The RAC isn't that far away. KhreRiovtRex -> ::turns looking for tMahren:: Koga S'Bien -> ::Sips a glass of tea:: M_K_tKsa -> +t'Aehjae+ Fvadt. Well, do the best au can. And be more careful! This isn't a game. tAehjae -> %+tKsa+ Ie rekkhai KhreRiovtRex -> Laehval, perhaps we should see if t'Mahren's contacts can take us to the rest of thier group, to perhaps join some others from Galae or even some of our families Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Moves from the fountain to another group of people huddled around the glow of a small viewscreen. Either a sporting event or... :: tAehjae -> %::closes the com and sets the RAC down in amongst a bunch of trees on the adjoining farm:: tAehjae -> %::this time cloak in place.:: EvietMahren -> ::enters the room, looking about and hearing the alerts from the monitors:: M_K_tKsa -> @::scrubs her face with her hands, then tries to relax and heads off towards the medical center, hoping that the cover story of "nurse" for t'Paine will hold up:: tAehjae -> %+Koga+ tAehjae to Koga. KhreRiovtRex -> Evie, menkha, I'm glad au are here. Koga and Laeh are monitoring some activity that headed into that village our AT is gathering information EvietMahren -> ::mutters a few curses in a very different language:: Koga S'Bien -> Hmm. +t'A+ Ie? Go ahead? EvietMahren -> ::pulls up her small ISD and tries to garner some resources to assist the AT:: tAehjae -> %+Koga+ I have moved the RAC to an adjoining farm, One of the kids fathers' was a Tal shiar and he had sent the 2nd kid to fetch him. I now have the cloak active. Can au send a silent message to the others of my location? EvietMahren -> ::muttering something about amateurs and cursing the fact that she had other work to do, other than getting out into the field and playing tour guide:: Koga S'Bien -> +t'A+ Is this channel secure? tAehjae -> %+Koga+ Ie Rekkhai KhreRiovtRex -> ::hears tA and shakes head:: She needs to hold off on those transmissions. if we can hear her, it's a good guess if someone suspects someone has come into town, that they'd be monitoring the frequencies Koga S'Bien -> +t'A+ Okay, I'll send the message. Koga S'Bien -> Indeed. M_K_tKsa -> @::stops to read a random messaging board, frowning at the results:: Laehval tTemarr -> ::She joined the others at the holomap and leaned over.:: What sort of activity? Are those ships heading for the village? ::Watching the signals grow closer.:: KhreRiovtRex -> I'm not liking this..I think we need to pull them out, and try that Galae training location instead. tMahren, Laehval, thoughts? Koga S'Bien -> It looks like it, rekkhai. EvietMahren -> I think it's well past time that the field trip was over. KhreRiovtRex -> tA did mention that she had been found by someone affiliated with the Tal Shiar EvietMahren -> Provided, of course, they can get back without getting themselves killed. Koga S'Bien -> Or caught. EvietMahren -> ::lips pursed as she reads reports from assets in place:: Laehval tTemarr -> I would agree. If the Tal Shiar is heading for that area, it probably is not happenstance. KhreRiovtRex -> Koga....send the recall code. Hopefully if they've been found out.......they won't be followed back here EvietMahren -> ::looks to Koga:: Same difference. Koga S'Bien -> Ie.. sending recall code now. ::sends the code to the AT over a secure channel:: KhreRiovtRex -> ::looks at Evie:: Ie, that's true... M_K_tKsa -> @::feeling her comm vibrate this time, thanks the Elements it was a silent signal as she pulls it out and reads it:: Oh Elements. ::tucks it back into her cloak and then works on her own extraction plan back to the now moved RAC:: EvietMahren -> Perhaps they should use the alternate rendezvous point before returning back to the compound? tAehjae -> %:: gets the recall code:: I hope Koga got them the message of my location. KhreRiovtRex -> I agree Evie, please send the appropriate code so that they do so. EvietMahren -> ::nods:: EvietMahren -> ::sends additional signal, notating a secondary rendezvous point must be used:: Laehval tTemarr -> @ ACTION> The entire Away Team receives the signal to retreat -- danger imminent -- gather at the alternative rendezvous point. tAehjae -> %:: gets the message and powers up the RAC to move to the secondary location as ordered.:: EvietMahren -> ::getting data feed from assets in place, finally getting information about Galae holdouts in specific areas:: Koga S'Bien -> ::Monitors the teams' and the Tal'Shiar's progress:: KhreRiovtRex -> PAUSE SIM KhreRiovtRex -> PAUSE SIM KhreRiovtRex -> PAUSE SIM
  11. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 051503.26 - Season 20 - In disguise, t'Aehjae, t'Ksa, and tr'Pexil explore the nearest village in hopes of finding Galae allies they desperately need in the fight against the Othan fleet and the Tal Shiar. t'Ksa's and tr'Pexil's trained eyes have spotted a male near the government center that looks vaguely military, but neither have approached him. While remaining with the shuttle to offer flight support to the others should they need it, t'Aehjae has been discovered by a pair of nosy children, one of which has fled to tell the nearest Tal Shiar officer of the hidden Galae RAC. The others of the Talon's command crew have remained behind within the (relative) safety of t'Temarr's family vacation home and are ever watchful for hints of Tal Shiar activity in the area.
  12. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 051503.19 - Season 20 - Now in disguise, members of the Talon command crew are currently exploring the nearest village in hopes of finding some hint of Galae rebels that might be in the area. Unfortunately, one of their number has unknowingly given away the location of the team. Not only did tr'Pexil draw on credits from his own personal account and provide his thumb print for the transaction, he also let himself be holographed -- and all because a pretty face caught his attention. While the Tal Shiar might not take immediate action over the sign of a lone Galae crewmember, they most assuredly have taken notice. KhreRiovtRex -> BEGIN SIM KhreRiovtRex -> BEGIN SIM KhreRiovtRex -> BEGIN SIM tAehjae -> @:: in the RAC hoping the other 2 are watching their backs and being careful, while checking whats going on around her and the shuttle: Koga S'Bien -> :: at the base watching the operation:: KhreRiovtRex -> @ ACTION:: A pair children are playing in the woods near where the RAC has landed and can be heard playing tag in the woods..... KhreRiovtRex -> @ Kid 1> I Can hit that branch of fruit before you can! tAehjae -> @:: hears something outside and looks at the viewer to see what's moving around outside.:: KhreRiovtRex -> @ Kid 2> You have na skill, that's why my father says I'll be the one chosen from this region to enlist with the Tal Shiar Youth training tAehjae -> @ ::watches as the children play:: Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Enters the market to listen for local broadcasts, though who controls them is up for debate :: tAehjae -> @:: hoping they do na get close enough to see the RAC covered with branches to hide it:: Koga S'Bien -> ::Monitors the teams' energy signatures:: Laehval tTemarr -> ::Pushing off the table holding the holomaps, she gestured to Koga.:: Au know how to manipulate these, ie? Pull up the data from the news feeds and overlay the areas of conflict. Koga S'Bien -> Ie will do.. Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Not hearing anything yet, just the prices of various foodstuffs :: Koga S'Bien -> ::heads to a console and queues up the data from all of the news feeds he can access, overlaying the conflict areas over the map:: Here we go.. KhreRiovtRex -> @ Kid 1> No, I will be selected because I am better than you...watch this...::tosses rock at branch and bunch of fruit fall tAehjae -> @:: watching the children carefully:: 'do na get to close' KhreRiovtRex -> @ Kid 2> Not bad, but watch this..... ::tosses another rock:: KhreRiovtRex -> @ ::Rock..hits tree and bounces off:: Laehval tTemarr -> @ Market shoppers> ::Chatty and going about their usual business. They didn't seem to pay much attention to the local news feeds.:: KhreRiovtRex -> @ Kid 1> I told you you were no good, watch this, I can knock two down at once: goes to throw and just as he releases Kid 2 pokes him in the rib:: M_k_tKsa -> $::somewhere near the government center:: Laehval tTemarr -> (( Pexil, heads or tails. )) KhreRiovtRex -> @ Kid 1> Hey! :: rock goes astray and suddenly, there is a very loud metallic 'Clunk" tAehjae -> @:: chuckles to herself watching the one poke the other:: KhreRiovtRex -> @ Kid 2> What was that? tAehjae -> @:curses:: ###### Lerak trPexil -> (tails) Laehval tTemarr -> ::Laehval watched the map transform and frowned.:: Ie, now focus in on the village the away team now currently occupies. KhreRiovtRex -> @ Kid 1> I don't know.........::picks up another rock and heaves it in that direction:: Clang!! KhreRiovtRex -> @ Kid 2> What do you think that could be? tAehjae -> @ This isn't meank ::gets up from her chair and moves to exit the craft on the side opposite the kids:: KhreRiovtRex -> @ Kid 1> We should alert someone....but let's check this out first. Perhaps someone left something important out here M_k_tKsa -> $::starts a casual stroll, watching and listening:: tAehjae -> @::rethinks and sends a dangerous creature sound over the speakers outside:: tAehjae -> @::hoping to scare them off:: KhreRiovtRex -> @ Kid 2> Maybe...but maybe we should just go get your father? Laehval tTemarr -> @ ACTION> While in the market, Pexil notes two men in deep, close discussion. There was nothing about them that screamed 'Galae', but having been a crewmember of the Talon for some time, he saw little signs in their posture that gave them away. After a whispered conversation, one breaks away and heads out of the market, moving toward the government center. Koga S'Bien -> ::highlighting important data onto the holomap:: OKay, here we go. ::highlights data from the village area:: tAehjae -> @+tAehjae to tTemarr+ I have 2 children playing here and hit the RAC with a rock. I am going to alert the team and move the RAC when they leave. KhreRiovtRex -> @ Kid 1> Oh don't be a coward. They'll never let a coward into the Tal Shiar.... Laehval tTemarr -> +t'Aehjae+ Acknowledged. Do whatever au can to na give your position away. Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Watches him go and notes the likely destination :: KhreRiovtRex -> @ Kid 2> I'm no coward..... tAehjae -> @ +Pexil+ ::signals Pexil to contact her:: M_k_tKsa -> $::glances at her personal comm device like the locals:: Laehval tTemarr -> ::Spins the map about to get a better look.:: Can au pull live imaging feeds from areas further out? I'd like to know if there is activity elsewhere. KhreRiovtRex -> @ Kids> ::hesitantly approach where the clunk came from:: Something is there, that outline in the trees, it's not right Koga S'Bien -> Yes, of course. I'll widen the search field. ::does so:: KhreRiovtRex -> @ Kid 1> ::picks up another rock and heaves it hitting the ship again. See, there is something there.... tAehjae -> @:again sends out a sound of a dangerous creature to scare the kids away:: KhreRiovtRex -> @ Kid 2> I've never heard of an animal that went clunk? What is that....::they continue to approach tAehjae -> @+Pexil+ ::again signals Pexil to contact her:: tAehjae -> @: starts thinking :: I have to scare them off Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Gets his comm out of his pocket ::+tA+ Ie tAehjae -> @+Pexil+ I have two children playing and hitting the RAC with rocks.. I have attempted scaring with creature noises but it did na work. KhreRiovtRex -> @ Kids> :: Look, it's a ship. tAehjae -> @+Pexil+ they have found the RAC. taking action. tAehjae -> @ ::hates doing it but has to do something:: Lerak trPexil -> @ +tA+ Woods? Who? KhreRiovtRex -> @ Kid 2> it's a Galae ship, see the markings tAehjae -> @:: exits the RAC on the other side away from the kids:: Jolan tru tAehjae -> @Nice day for a walk in the woods don't au agree? KhreRiovtRex -> @ Kid 1> I wonder why it is here? We should check it out.. tAehjae -> @ What are au checking out? ::to the kids:: Koga S'Bien -> ::pulls live image feeding:: Koga S'Bien -> ::Zooms in a feed on the team:: There we go. KhreRiovtRex -> @ Kid 1> KhreRiovtRex -> @ Kid 1> This is my family's farm. Why is this ship here? tAehjae -> @ A ship? ::looks shocked:: Are au sure? it looks like scrap to me Koga S'Bien -> ::clarifies the images:: KhreRiovtRex -> @ Kid 2> if it's scrap, then it belongs to your family. We should have au dad investigate. KhreRiovtRex -> @ Kid 1> And who are au? One of the farm servants from those clothes. Why are you here? Au are trespassing on our lands, and now, trying to steal our scrap ship! tAehjae -> @ Why investigate an old piece of junk. Who is aus father anyway?? M_K_tKsa -> $::watching a man who, while his dress says he's a civilian, his shoes do not...it's a specific style of shoe, which sets off both a sense of intrigue with t'Ksa and alarm:: Laehval tTemarr -> S'Bien, do what au can to keep an ear on any alerts for the area. I doubt the Tal Shiar would be so obvious, but best to keep watch anyhow. tAehjae -> @ na .. na trying to steal anything. I am a new servant from another farm and I was just looking around. Koga S'Bien -> I'll do my best rekkhai. tAehjae -> @I am still learning the boundaries. KhreRiovtRex -> @ Kid 1> My 'father' is the Tal Shiar security leader for this region. He will be quite angry that we have trespassers. KhreRiovtRex -> @ Kid 2> I will go get your father :: still looking for a good way out of this:: turns and starts running back tAehjae -> @I do na mean to trespass. I am still learning my boundaries. Forgive me? tAehjae -> @Na please do na go I wish to learn more of this area KhreRiovtRex -> @ Kid 1> :: looks back at his friend running back:: Hey....get back here! :: kid not coming back tAehjae -> @ I did na mean to scare him. KhreRiovtRex -> @ Kid 1> ::turns back to tAejhae....:: He will not be chosen, I will. Now, you had best head back into town:: points east:: Before my father comes. He's been busy arresting many people lately, if he finds you trespassing here and trying to steal his ship, you will be thrown into prison for sure... tAehjae -> @ Hann'yyo I will. Au said Au would be chosen? KhreRiovtRex -> @ kID 1> Ie, to attend Tal Shiar training...... EvietMahren -> ::at the house, preparing for the eventuality of going out herself, as she suspects the idea of subtlety will be lost on some:: tAehjae -> @Au will do well. Jolan tru :: starts walking back the way she came then steps behind the RAC ducking back into it quickly:: M_K_tKsa -> $::thinking it's best to steer clear of the man, she watches from afar on a bench:: KhreRiovtRex -> @ Kid 1> Normally it might have been a few years, but with the betrayal of Galae, I don't know the whole story, but they are all enemies of the Empire.. tAehjae -> @ :: leaving the child to himself: KhreRiovtRex -> @ Kid 1> Au should leave now, my father wil be arriving shortly... KhreRiovtRex -> @ Kid 1> :: starts to head to his new ship to check it out:: Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Gets away from the market, something was wrong and there was no news to be had here :: tAehjae -> @+Pexil+ we have trouble KhreRiovtRex -> @ Kid 1> ::picks up a stick and points it at tAejhae:: Move along now.....this is on our property so it is the property of my father and the Empire... KhreRiovtRex -> PAUSE SIM KhreRiovtRex -> PAUSE SIM KhreRiovtRex -> PAUSE SIM
  13. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 051503.12 - Season 20 - Now in disguise, members of the Talon command crew are en route to the first destination they will be scouting. Still trapped within the political schemings of the Tal Shiar and Othan factions, their objective is to find information about other Galae rebels in the area and contact them, if possible. Other, more recognizable crew members, have remained behind at House Temarr's remote vacation estate to provide them with regional support to aid their reconnaissance. KhreRiovtRex -> BEGIN SIM KhreRiovtRex -> BEGIN SIM KhreRiovtRex -> BEGIN SIM M_K_tKsa -> ::returning to the main room dressed, well, as a civilian and with her new haircut, hardly looks like Maenak Evil at all:: M_K_tKsa -> ::taking a seat at the console:: We're on approach, ie? Koga S'Bien -> ::helps monitor the away teams:: KhreRiovtRex -> ACTION: Those assigned to the mission have been told that they are heading down to the nearest populated city, to try to get a feel for what is going on. KhreRiovtRex -> If an opportunity were to present itself to acquire certain influential uniforms, it too, was one of the objectives..... Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Finally getting a chance pilot a shuttle himself :: We are on approach, Ie. Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Looks at t'Ksa for a moment :: M_K_tKsa -> @At least we're na all dressed alike. Like some tourists. Some family group tourists. M_K_tKsa -> @Well..........? KhreRiovtRex -> :: turns to look at Laeh:: I suppose I should also find something....less....than this? ::looking down at her uniform:: Lerak trPexil -> @ Au look good t'Ksa. Consider keeping the look when this is all over. :: shrugs :: Koga S'Bien -> That would be nice. ::monitors the team's whereabouts and activities from a console:: M_K_tKsa -> @What cover name did they give au? ::obvious change of topic:: Lerak trPexil -> @ Jalen tr'Latal. KhreRiovtRex -> Koga, can au bring those maps we were looking at earlier and spread them on the table fhaen? Lerak trPexil -> @ We are taking a leisurely approach with the rest of the traffic lanes. Laehval tTemarr -> ::Laehval moved to the house's main monitor and made a few quick modifications, using the nearest satellite feed to track the away team from overhead. The resolution left something to be desired, but they could still see an indistinct blob of color zooming over the landscape.:: Koga S'Bien -> ::nods:: Ie, definitely rekkhai. Lerak trPexil -> @ Yours? We are not bonded are we? :: laughs :: Koga S'Bien -> ::gets up and rummages around for the maps, then spreads them out onto the table as requested:: M_K_tKsa -> @Wyndoe t'Paine. M_K_tKsa -> @Elements NO! Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Feels a little hurt :: Lerak trPexil -> @ I'm setting her down. :: looks out the windshield :: M_K_tKsa -> @I'll give t'A a bit longer to sleep. Perhaps leave her a note? We shouldn't all be traveling together anyway, ie? KhreRiovtRex -> Ok, if they're going to handle that village, we need to think about a more populated area, or an area where we would expect to find some of our own in hiding. We do know of a few secure location...once Koga gets the maps, we can draw out our plan Lerak trPexil -> @ Probably not, but how should we travel? KhreRiovtRex -> Hann'yyo Koga. Koga S'Bien -> ::finds the remaining map(s):: There we go. No problem. ::nods:: Lerak trPexil -> @ Touchdown in 60 seconds :: Buildings get closer and they pass some of the taller ones as they approach :: M_K_tKsa -> On our own. However, I would say we need to return to the RAC in an hour to report back with any information we've gathered and then make game plan for further exploration, if necessary. Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Sees the hangar ahead, a horizontal slot carved midway in a tall building :: KhreRiovtRex -> I know Laeh is familiar with this region, what about au? ::looks at Koga:: Surely au toured in the area when au competed? Lerak trPexil -> @ Ten seconds... M_K_tKsa -> Under no circumstances are we to reveal we are Galae. Understood? Stick to the cover story they gave us. Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Passes the threshold of the bay, sets the shuttle down, an automated system moves the shuttle LL Koga S'Bien -> ::Studied the map:: Ie.. I fought there 2 or 3 times in my career. Lerak trPexil -> @ Sure Wyndoe KhreRiovtRex -> I wonder, if we shaved your head, if au would be as noticeable? Lerak trPexil -> @ Alright, everyone out, secure anything au don't want found readily. Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Gets out of the pilot's seat, heads to the rear ramp :: Koga S'Bien -> Possibly. Though I imagine my height and build may still make me stand out a bit. M_K_tKsa -> @::sighs softly, thinking this is going to long mission:: Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Gets out and breathes in the air :: Laehval tTemarr -> ::She moved to the map table and planted her hands on the edge, looking over the region. Tapping the corner of the thin, flexible material, she put her hand in the middle and drew up a holographic version of the terrain. Swiping away the landscape, she focused on the town, turning it to have a look at the buildings clustered there.:: Lerak trPexil -> @ :: One of the deckhands comes over to register the shuttle :: KhreRiovtRex -> Hnn, perhaps so. Then again, au may be what we need for subduing some of the others and take their uniforms M_K_tKsa -> @::following, smoothing her hair, whimpering at the loss of her braid:: Menkha luck on au's business dealings tr'Latal. Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Offered his ID, a first test of how good the forgery may be :: Koga S'Bien -> ::thinks:: Yes, perhaps. Lerak trPexil -> @ DeckHand> Very good. Enjoy your stay. Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Checked his pockets to make sure he did not leave anything behind, waited for the others :: KhreRiovtRex -> Perhaps another way.......if we were to find someone to barter information for.....someone au might trust. Au family has ties here Laeh? Anyone you could suggest? M_K_tKsa -> @::hoping the others can act...and can act casual enough, passes through the inspection point without much notice:: KhreRiovtRex -> @ Town guard>:: watching the couple leaving the ship, and noting the sour face she makes at her male companion:: Ie, they are bonded for sure, na happiness left in that union M_K_tKsa -> @::gives tr'Latal a slight nod to indicate that she's heading north, hoping he'll understand the nonverbal cue:: Lerak trPexil -> @ :: turns to Wyndoe, nods :: Jolan tru. Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Heads south :: M_K_tKsa -> @::shakes her head:: Oh elements. ::starts to head north:: Laehval tTemarr -> Mmm, I would na trust any of those that have ties with my family, but I could suggest a source of information or two that might talk if given a reason to. ::She frowned and glanced to t'Rex.:: However, I doubt we'd have enough gold-pressed latinum to satisfy them. KhreRiovtRex -> Koga, can au pass that bottle over this way.... Lerak trPexil -> @ :: He checked his chronograph, already setting itself to the new timezone. He walked down the series of stairs rather than taking a lift. :: Koga S'Bien -> Ie of course... ::passes the bottle over:: KhreRiovtRex -> I'm sure Koga could give them a reason....or two ::reaching over to tap his fist:: Laehval tTemarr -> (( Lerak - t'Ksa, either of you have a p'Aypal account au could use for bribes? )) Lerak trPexil -> @ :: He still, after all these years, did not quite understand t'Ksa. They were cordial, but nothing went beyond that :: Koga S'Bien -> ::ponders... a possibility:: Lerak trPexil -> (I like to think my looks get me what I need... wait.. oh elements!) KhreRiovtRex -> ((bit coin!)) KhreRiovtRex -> (Pexil.....after all these years.....NONE of us understand tKsa) Lerak trPexil -> @ :: After some walking he arrived at the ground floor. He proceeded to head out the doors and south :: Laehval tTemarr -> ::Looks over Koga, one brow arched.:: He has na let himself to too soft, at least. Perhaps that is an option, but I would suggest we unleash him after the team has removed themselves to another area. KhreRiovtRex -> (Io siuren, sweet as a laga, next....jabbing au with a sharp needle) Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Continues to walk and looks out ahead :: Lerak trPexil -> (I've only see the jabbing part.. I swear something was prodding my back as we flew down, probably a bad seat) Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Walking still, but wondering if public transport would be better :: M_K_tKsa -> ::pauses at top of the boarding corridor, confused about the older holo-video playing advertising the coming attractions at a local theater:: What in the........? ::stares:: Is this what the civilians in this part consider entertainment? Animated....bipedal bears? KhreRiovtRex -> ((Pandarians!! Ie, they must be in league with the Othan!...silly people) Koga S'Bien -> ::nods in agreeance:: Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Passes by a flower shop, and decides to give a look as to not appear too determined :: KhreRiovtRex -> ::pours a glass for the three of them:: KhreRiovtRex -> A quick toast, I should have done this while the others were here...... M_K_tKsa -> (q)Must be something the water in these parts. ::sighs, continues on in search of either the medical center or government center...or community center if she can get so lucky:: Laehval tTemarr -> @ Shop girl> ::Catching sight of Pexil checking out her display, she stepped out and hailed him.:: Rekkhai, I see au have fine taste in floral arrangements. Is there something that has caught your eye? Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Enter the shoppe and is assaulted by the fragrant smells of the flora... sneezes :: Lerak trPexil -> @ Something has caught my nose. Excuse me. KhreRiovtRex -> May the Elements guide us on our quest to set things right.....and if they see fit to be against us.....I'll see au both in Vorta Vor Koga S'Bien -> (You sneeze on it, you buy it!) Laehval tTemarr -> @ Shop girl> ::Giggles.:: Oh, that happens. They smell sweet, ie? These are as fresh as you will find in this area. Koga S'Bien -> ::toasts in agreement:: May fortune favour the bold. Lerak trPexil -> @ There's a flower of a berry plant I hope au have. The berries make various sweets, but the flowers are fragrant too. Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Smells :: Lerak trPexil -> @ Something to bring back to someone... Something to cheer them up, after all of the changes on ch'Rihan as of late. Laehval tTemarr -> @ Shop girl> Ah! I know just what au are looking for. ::Ushers him over to one of the displays.:: These flower beautifully and their berries are edible and na at all poisonous. To most people. Lerak trPexil -> @ :: looks :: That's it.. if you prepare them right you can eliminate that threat too. How much for a bunch? Laehval tTemarr -> ::Lifts her glass to t'Rex's toast, seriously wondering if they'd all be headed that way soon.:: Lerak trPexil -> @ :: He studies the flower a bit :: Koga S'Bien -> ::sips his drink:: M_K_tKsa -> ::finding a bench in a near deserted square near what she thinks, or hopes, to be the local judicial center, t'Ksa/t'Paine Rihan-watch....or na considering how little she sees of pedestrians:: Koga S'Bien -> ::wondering the same, but it's been a good run:: KhreRiovtRex -> ::looks at Koga::: Really? sipping? KhreRiovtRex -> ::downs the drink:: Koga S'Bien -> Sorry... maybe I have gone soft. ::Downs the rest of the drink:: Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Hopes the shop girl can lead him to a place to eat while catching up on the local news scene :: Laehval tTemarr -> @ Shop girl> Only two bars of latinum for this bunch (or 7,537,234 bitcoin). Lerak trPexil -> @ Two bars? Him. What is that in credits? KhreRiovtRex -> Alright, once they find out what they can we need to spread to this next province. I know there was a small Galae remote training site here. We might find some more of our ranks that still hold with us. It may be the best chance we have Laehval tTemarr -> @ Shop girl> Ah, let me do the conversion. ::She checked her ISD and then offered it to Lerak. It was a reasonable sum, for someone with money to blow.:: Lerak trPexil -> @ If au accept credits I'll take it... :: looks :: That's fine. Lerak trPexil -> @ Oh, where can one go when they want to sit, eat and catch up on the local news? I've been out of the news cycle. KhreRiovtRex -> Koga, if we had to drop au into that terrain, would au be able to traverse it and reach some of our operatives that we last knew were there? Laehval tTemarr -> @ Shop girl> Excellent. Let me wrap it up for you. ::Beaming at Lerak, she took the plant and wrapped it so it wouldn't leak before handing it to him.:: Ah, well, au should probably try the market. That's usually the best place to catch up on news... Koga S'Bien -> ::Looks at the map again:: I should be able to, ie. I have visited the area a few times both in my fighting days and during Retor training. KhreRiovtRex -> (pex, you are all out of "get out of peril" cards if I remember......._ M_K_tKsa -> @(q) Lack of traffic here. ::glancing at her chrono, deciding to hang out through the mid-day break to see if anything happens:: Lerak trPexil -> @ Sounds splendid. Laehval tTemarr -> @ Shop girl> ::Makes the transaction on the ISD and offers it to Lerak.:: Just press your thumb print to complete the transaction and transfer the credits. A receipt will be sent to au electronically. To your home. Laehval tTemarr -> @ Shop girl> And indicate whether au would like to sign up for our special advertisment service, too. KhreRiovtRex -> Flower> :: smelling really good:: Lerak trPexil -> @ Ie of course. :: Presses his thumb, yet another ID test :: Laehval tTemarr -> @ Shop girl> We have some great specials. Au do live nearby, ie? Laehval tTemarr -> @ Shop girl> Would au like these to be delivered? Lerak trPexil -> @ If they put au in the advertisements that would surely be good for business. :: turns green when he realized what he said :: Koga S'Bien -> (lol, oh Pex. Such a ladies man ) Laehval tTemarr -> @ Shop girl> ::Giggles and blushes.:: Au honor me, sir. Would au... ::Blushes deeper.:: Laehval tTemarr -> @ Shop girl> Would au mind if I take a holo with au? This was my very first sale, all on my own! Lerak trPexil -> @ At the transit station I can place them in stasis. Er, why sure. Laehval tTemarr -> @ Shop girl> ::Pulls out holo-camera and flips it on to take a selfie with Pexil.:: Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Smiles more than he should :: Laehval tTemarr -> @ Shop girl> ::Snuggles up close with Lerak, pressing her cheek to his, and holds the camera up to catch them both. They looked very cute together. Snap!:: Oooh! That's a good one! Laehval tTemarr -> @ Shop girl> I promise to put it on display so everyone can see! Lerak trPexil -> @ :: nods :: Very well. Lerak trPexil -> @ I best get to the market.. Laehval tTemarr -> @ Shop girl> Bye! ::Giggles again and goes to print out the holo and hang it up.:: Lerak trPexil -> @ :: waves :: I did not catch your name. M_K_tKsa -> @::trying to blend in the best she can, noticing a bit more traffic but na as much as she' would expect on a day like today:: KhreRiovtRex -> Ok, so it's decided. Once we hear back from the other team, we'll try to insert Koga into this location. Laehval tTemarr -> ACTION> Somewhere, on a Tal Shiar station, Pexil's unaltered thumbprint and credit transaction just pinged a search program looking for rogue Galae crew members. Koga S'Bien -> ::Nods:: Very well. Hopefully the team is laying low and staying out of trouble. KhreRiovtRex -> PAUSE SIM KhreRiovtRex -> PAUSE SIM KhreRiovtRex -> PAUSE SIM
  14. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 051503.19 - Season 20 - Now in disguise, members of the Talon command crew are currently exporing the nearest village in hopes of finding some hint of Galae rebels that might be in the area. Unfortunately, one of their number has unknowingly given away the location of the team. Not only did tr'Pexil draw on credits from his own personal account and provide his thumb print for the transaction, he also let himself be holographed -- and all because a pretty face caught his attention. While the Tal Shiar might not take immediate action over the sign of a lone Galae crewmember, they most assuredly have taken notice.
  15. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 051503.05 - Season 20 - After conferring with their new allies and a discussion over who might be suited to what region, it has been decided that members of Talon will begin reconnaissance in areas where they will not be recognized. It is their hope that they might locate and identify other pockets of Galae members that rebel against those intent on destroying them. Lerak and Koga have assembled clothing that can be used to disguise the crew so they will not be identified as Galae. Crew members will work in teams to double their chances of success, with other more recognizable members remaining behind to provide them with recon support. KhreRiovtRex -> Begin Sim KhreRiovtRex -> Begin Sim KhreRiovtRex -> Begin Sim tAehjae -> :: walks over to the clothing and picks out a few things that should fit her:: KhreRiovtRex -> ::wonders where t'Mahren and her guest have wandered off too:: Lerak trPexil -> :: Pexil gathered up the last of the clothes :: M_K_tKsa -> ::looking at what Lerak and Koga picked out, wondering if they are colorblind:: Koga S'Bien -> ::awkward shrug:: Koga S'Bien -> ::just set down the last of his clothes himself:: KhreRiovtRex -> ::checks around the corner:: Lerak trPexil -> :: digs through what he brought :: KhreRiovtRex -> ::sees t'Mahren and walks back over to her:: M_K_tKsa -> Au didn't happen to investigate the servants quarters, did you? KhreRiovtRex -> Au seem preoccupied with au thoughts after talking with tr'Argelian. Anything au wish to talk about? tAehjae -> :: finally finds something suitable Koga S'Bien -> Ie ::looks at Pexil:: That we did. The clothes we found from there are in that pile on the counter. Laehval tTemarr -> ::Laehval inhaled deeply through her nose, picking up a garment or two before throwing them back into the pile. Some of it was her old clothing from another time and another life.:: Koga S'Bien -> ::gestures to a counter by the viewer:: Koga S'Bien -> Quite the eclectic selection, I must say. EvietMahren -> No, nothing at the moment. ::not sounding quite herself, an almost alien accent creeping into her syllables:: Lerak trPexil -> :: picking out something for himself :: tAehjae -> :: moves over to Leah:: Is everything alright Rekkhai? Koga S'Bien -> ::sits down on a chair:: KhreRiovtRex -> ::looks at her with a questioning eye, but does na push the issue:: Lerak trPexil -> :: still feels a bit uneasy. :: KhreRiovtRex -> What of au guests? How well do au know them? How well can we trust them with our lives? Laehval tTemarr -> ::She shook her head at t'Aehjae.:: It is odd returning here. I never thought I would return. It seems as though I am looking at relics of someone else's life. EvietMahren -> We have... worked together before, and they come highly recommended by someone I would trust with my... life. tAehjae -> If au need to talk.... I know I would na be aus first choice but I am here if au need to. :: steps away to find a place to change:: Lerak trPexil -> :: sat down and studied Laehval for a moment while she spoke to t'A :: M_K_tKsa -> ::going through the ones on the counter, looking for something a bit more simple and not so vaction-y for herself::: KhreRiovtRex -> Very well.....but as I said......if au need to talk...... KhreRiovtRex -> We should join the others and finalize our plans Lerak trPexil -> :: he looked at Laehval as she spoke to t'A :: Laehval tTemarr -> ::She nodded to t'Aehjae and watched her leave, then glanced to the others as they selected their disguises.:: There are hats and outerwear for those that would like it. Lerak trPexil -> :: wanted to say something to Law, but thought this a bad time :: M_K_tKsa -> ::taking her newly wardrobe:: I think I can make do with this. tAehjae -> :: finished changing her clothes returns to the main living area:: KhreRiovtRex -> ::walked back to the other room to give her a moment:: Koga S'Bien -> ::looks at t'A:: Not bad. tAehjae -> Hannyyo KhreRiovtRex -> ::sees the attempts to appear as civilians:: KhreRiovtRex -> Oh Elements........ Koga S'Bien -> ::pours himself a glass of tea:: tAehjae -> Something wrong Rekkhai? :;looks over to tRexan Laehval tTemarr -> ::Moving to one of the first level storage rooms, she went digging and came out with a pile of hats and cloaks and capes.:: Koga S'Bien -> I guess 'not bad' is a subjective term. KhreRiovtRex -> I can tell au have all been on the ship too long, au all look....so ...unnatural. Relax....don't stand so rigid in those robes tAehjae -> I will try ::tries to relax her shoulders:: Like this? M_K_tKsa -> Oooh...can I have that one? ::points to a rust colored cape:: Koga S'Bien -> ::hands t'Ksa the cape:: Here you are. M_K_tKsa -> Hann'yyo ::taking the item:: tAehjae -> Maybe a cloak will help. M_K_tKsa -> ::scowls:: I can act "casual" if I want. KhreRiovtRex -> Very well......sitting here is na going to help. KhreRiovtRex -> We need to find out information KhreRiovtRex -> We need to make reliable contacts that we can trust Laehval tTemarr -> ::Taking a floppy hat, she threw it into Lerak's lap.:: Put that on. tAehjae -> :: picks out a cloak and puts it on then takes a seat in a chair:: KhreRiovtRex -> Laeh, what do au think? Send them off in teams of two or three, or just have them as a small group working together in a general area? Laehval tTemarr -> A small group would be safer. They could drift about in ones and twos if necessary, but better everyone stays in the same general area. Or, if one might be recognized in a certain location, even better if they remained behind with the ship in case of trouble. M_K_tKsa -> Nice hat :;sniggers:: KhreRiovtRex -> t'Mahren, perhaps au friends could advise the best locations and help get them into place? KhreRiovtRex -> We will keep Koga here with myself and Laeh. We are a bit too recognizable right now, perhaps we could be of use in a more rural province, but for now, we will network with you all from here EvietMahren -> ::nods:: Of course. Lerak trPexil -> :: wonders who he will be grouped with as he put a together an outfit :: KhreRiovtRex -> Laeh, if au and tMahren could arrange the groups.... Lerak trPexil -> :: loops up and nods :: KhreRiovtRex -> PAUSE SIM KhreRiovtRex -> PAUSE SIM KhreRiovtRex -> PAUSE SIM