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  1. Thanx
  2. Well, today's my birthday. Nothing but good news... First time EVER! Anyways, I guess I should announce that I have been posted to the U.S.S. Excaliber. Big surprise? Didn't think so. ::starts singing Happy B-day to self::
  3. Yes, they are sort-of long, especially the personal ones.
  4. Willingham/Fred "Hope we win, we've got beer to give!"
  5. I have two cats, old. But are fun to play with. They look cute A9, made a good choice there.
  6. Ah, politics has got a hold of good old Paramount, eh? It's a good idea, but no. Disclamer: No offense is aimed at Paramount Corp. or Viacom.
  7. I would like to have "Reaching out into the future." As mine please.
  8. Still, It's kind of a hassle.
  9. Well, you have a good idea. But what about us poor souls who don't have UPN? (I'm speaking for the people, not myself, though I don't have UPN.) We rely on the descriptions so we can see what's going on. Plus, we won't remember the description anywho when it comes out in syndication.
  10. Grom didn't lose interest. He's just lost in the boards, that's all
  11. I dunno, it could have been 4. It's been a while. My regraduation took a bit longer.
  12. unfortunately, I did it in that time the first time ::hides himself::
  13. It reminds me of ChatSpace, evil and graphic.
  14. Rule #4 of acquiring information: If you cannot find it on the resource Internet pages, start looking on message boards.
  15. Here's an Idea, watch two series a day and when you're done with that, then do the movie marathon. Easier to digest.