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  1. Mr Kaspian, after killing off his Captain, HOPS, and an Engineer, was promoted out of the Tuesday Academy
  2. Welcome back, Sage
  3. Welcome STSF's newest (old timer) Ensign, and first of the New Year, Jylliene. Graduated on 20120207, after dealing with WinME on the Avenger's main computers, and the Sea Tiger's Revenge.
  4. Bad writing will destroy anything, be it a novel, movie, or TV franchise. That's probably why JMS was such a JWN when it came to Babylon 5.
  5. "Dude, when's that catering wagon come by again?"
  6. Welcome STSF's newest Ensign, and first of the New Year, Meddycakes. Graduated on 20120103, after not getting blown up.
  7. Its broken, Mr Silver
  8. And Mr Silver takes this round
  9. I can't wait to see the number of Heckle & Jeckle comments ::smirks behind her mug of green tea::
  10. This daytime fantasy is brought to you by the molecule Caffeine and the act of Sleep Deprivation.
  11. Welcome STSF's newest Ensign- PlymouthAvenger, who graduated from the T'mir and Jami show on Tuesday, 30 August 2011
  12. It made landfall as a Cat 1, VR. Once it was north of Sandy Hook, it became a "tropical storm"
  13. Welcome STSF's newest Ensign- Kerris Kea, graduated the Tuesday Academy with T'Mir and Jami Farrington
  14. So...is there a winner yet?
  15. Especially if their from Blattaria Blattidae. ::hides her smirk behind her mug of tea::