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  1. Talking to your microwave does not make you a hard-core trekkie. "Engaging" your car does not make you a hard-core trekkie. Having a folder for every sim you are in makes you a hard-core trekkie. Devoting that sheer amount of time and, well, space, makes me pretty jealous of some fans, seeing as I haven't attended a sim for over a month. Been getting home after 11.
  2. Wow.... I think we have finally found the hard-core trekkie we've been looking for.
  3. ...when you have a folder on both your internet browser and mail entitled Star Trek
  4. Yeah, I understand that Trek was really supposed to be a social commentary in metaphor but, just like in Galaxy Quest, you just have to question the reasonability of some of the technology on the Enterprise. I just think that in the episode where the bridge crew views the away teams actions through Geordi's visor the technology is kind of lame, there must have been a camera the size of a communicator invented by the 24th century. Just like the amount of time the holodecks go wrong. I would work on the holodeck software after about the third time. When you get down to it, its just plot devices, but I can't help but wish that some of the technology was more thought it out, seeing as Trek is one of the only sci-fi's that actually explains its technology.
  5. Well, I just wish we had better computers in TOS so the computers in ENT would be justified. Anyway, Apple is to stylish for Borg technology, and for the phones in bluetooth in Star Trek. Though I'm pretty sure you make your communicator play music if you want it to. Still, since iPhone 3G seems to surpass the technology of TNG-DS9-VOY PADDS in that it can act as a remote for something else and has a touch screen which is not just a permanent format like the LCAR system, but actually changes. Seeing as any Mac screen looks more futuristic than anything from Star Trek even after we had reached the computer era, they could have done with a good talking to. Star Trek: "We have this idea for a button that clips unto your uniform and when you press it you ask for a person who also has a communicator and you can talk to them. It also makes a cool chirpy noise." I can definitely see a good computer company improving that idea. Why is there no way to transmit video through a communicator in all of TNG?
  6. I still think that if Gene Roddenberry would have had a chat with inventors like the soon-to-be apple company instead of scientists and people who who only knew what there is already to know, (and I don't mean that scientists only know what there is already to know) , then ST:TOS might have been the first TV series to feature major soon-to-be technologies, such as an iPadd Pro and the iTricorder 3G... Therefore, any new ST series that would occur post-VOY would have to have technology that was so complex that you couldn't see even see it, and any pre-VOY would be dull in comparison, which even Rick Berman knew, seeing as ENT had some technology way beyond TOS even if its still behind the current day technology. I also have a feeling that a recreated TOS film might round off the franchise and thus end it nicely, but that won't happen. You're right. I haven't seen much of ENT and I find it hard to watch. Most of my complaints against it are from the pilot. Coming from TNG as my favorite and first ST series, when I turned on ENT for the first time, it did not feel like Star Trek. TOS-TNG-DS9-VOY, if you turn on any episode of those from any timeframe and watch it for a moment, it will feel like ST. Because of that, even though I know ENT is better than a lot of stuff on TV and that being different isn't bad, I can't really enjoy an episode of ENT. Sorry. :)
  7. I get that, I could never throw a book away. I wish that more Star Trek related people would write the books, though even when I was reading a Shatner book with Data I still felt that he didn't know the character enough. On the other hand, in I, Q by Lancie, I think he captured Picard perfectly.
  8. I saw a cadet graduate after 5 sims but its usually at least ten, I think.
  9. You see, I would be very interested in a post-TNG.DS9.VOY series but I think the reason that ENT and the new movie were made instead of a more futuristic series because the technology after VOY is going to be ridiculously advanced that anyone who attempts it is probably going to end up looking pretty silly. My suggestion to the Star Trek creative staff, if they haven't yet, is to go over and have a talk with Steve Jobs and the rest of the Apple team and get some ideas.
  10. The problem with Star Trek is that every character should have died ten times had it not been for those amazing yet predictable circumstances in which someone is magically thrown to a random but safe area or a disease which is cured at the last moment or a space-time blip occurring right when the Enterprise blows... and those flaws are the ones I catch in the books but miss in the series just because I'm so captivated by the characters. This is really the miracle of the Star Trek franchise, though it is one of the most flawed of TV series, it is great at producing characters that will catch the public interest. One of the best examples of this is Data, who I personally felt the most for, (by the way, that moment after Data is dumped and he just picks up Spot and begins to pet him always kills me, I hear this is known as an ah-ha moment in therapy :) ), and because of the characters and the technobable we forgive them for the horrid continuity and cop outs. An other reason why the TV version of TNG doesn't bother me as much was because of Tasha, and because they killed her they kept me scared for the crews life for the rest of the show. :)
  11. I love Star Trek but I couldn't get past the books. My favorite series is TNG and when I tried reading one of the books I ended giving up at the third or fourth chapter because what made the characters come alive were the actors and that Data isn't Data if its only words on a page. Data is only Data if its Brent Spiner playing Data. The only book I actually enjoyed was I, Q because it was just a narration, but when I needed to return it to the library and I was only half a way through I couldn't bother to renew it. That's not a good sign. Also, a problem I'm having with the books is contradictions. I might try some again soon, I'll monitor this topic to find any recommendations.
  12. Me, too. I was so excited about ENT because I thought it would show all the prime directive and first contact stuff being written, and the klingon friction, which ENT kept hinting at but never actually did. But now that ENT has been done you can't do that series anymore and the only way to go is forward, which is why I think that Star Trek is really losing its timing now, with the new movie.
  13. Meaning that the proposed Star Trek series would have to be either pre or during TNG-DS9-VOY timeline, though I think what Star Trek needs is a series a good couple of centuries ahead of VOY because of ENT and the new movie which is going to over-explore the pre-TDV centuries.
  14. I just came back from WALL-E, and according to disney/pixar, we can still save the world. So we can dump Captain V'Roy and worship Walt Disney. By the way, I recommend WALL-E for Star Trek fans since the second half is copied word for word from Star Trek.
  15. Yup, I just copy mine at the start of the sim and hope to remember to paste it. :P