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  1. Okay, I may have to make this into it's own topic: Hats. Covers. Headdress. Chapeau. Caps. Tams. Berretts (sp). Helmets. Others? What would you picture the characters wearing in the shows and movies? And what about 'stinkin' badges?' Like wings, or infantry? (Random thoughts.... MUST STOP! Buffer overload....)
  2. .... or you could order a Root Beer float, easy!
  3. Just make sure your kids grow up listening to you rocking out and having a blast with your wife doing it. Mine did, and they love listening to music with me that I can understand.....but they are kids. After a while, they want to change the music,.... At least we get along for a couple of minutes at a time.
  4. ::In the mess hall:: Abe, where did you put the "Really, really, special good" Root Beer? John, you've got to get a job on this ship where you can get to work harder. Drinking and hanging out in the mess hall ain't going to cut it here. Maybe so, Abe. Maybe she'll notice me then.... What do you suggest? I'll talk to the XO, and see what he says. ::gets up and puts his plate in the recycler. Comes back to table where John is sitting, still lost in thought:: Some women, you just have to let them go, and if they never come back, you never really had a chance. Fire up that warp core and move on, John. There's someone out there for you. Thanks, Abe. ::Downs his root beer, and follows Abe out the doors for the destinations fate will bring::
  5. "Worf, come kill this Tribble. It's leaking!"
  6. Here's my theory as to why we're seeing all of these repeats and re-do's of Science Fiction: Gary Seven, Isis, and Roberta are retiring, and he finds nothing good on TV. ...okay, so I just finished reading TOS #84: Assignment: Eternity and felt like saying something other than "Oh, how cute you look in your costumes" whilest I answer the door in my 'Spock' shirt, no ears.....
  7. It was sunset on Pacifica as Abe sat in a rocking chair on the porch of the rural airport's office, people and plane watching. He drank from a bottle of his seemingly never ending supply of root beer, which uncharacteristically he was supplying to John's friend and family, Dennis Lau, for free. A small plane floated down from the sky, flaps down, engine wind-milling at idle, its tires chirping as it touched down once, gently bounced once before it started to slow down as it approached the middle of the runway, and turned off to taxi back on the small taxiway to a tie down on the grass where others were parked for the night. The shore leave was coming to it's end, and a wonderful week it was. The engineering department had only to serve stand-by watches, and since the native people of Pacifica, the Selkies, were part of the Federation, they supported whatever was needed for the Challenger. It meant that Abe didn't get any calls, and he was happy for that and the relaxation he'd gotten. They were an interesting people, with a life cycle that started out on land breathing air, a period of time when they were amphibious and decidedly attractive to humanoids, and then as maturity and responsibility grew to the point of them taking the responsibilities of leadership of their groups, strictly aquatic. John's friend Dennis was a well traveled soul who, with his wife and kids, had settled on Pacifica a few years ago. Abe had been staying along with John at their home, since he didn't really care for the whole tourist thing going on at the resorts. Been there, done that, as the saying goes. It was one of those homes with pictures of people all over the place. Some were just of a person or two, some with airplanes in them, some with lots of people. John and Dennis were in some of them together, and some singularly. Besides, what could be better than a staying at a home on an airport, waking up to the sounds of airplanes coming and going? After all, he was an engineer, and engines sang a song that reached deep into his soul. Dennis ran the airport's operations, which wasn't very much. Mostly giving tourist para-sailing rides down at the resorts, parachute jumping lessons, aerial tours and aerobatic flying lessons, airplane rentals, heck, he even pumped fuel when needed. In one of the two small hangers, John's airplane sat where they had reassembled it. John had insisted on helping with some of Dennis's duties, in part to be able to spend more time with him and his family. Abe felt like he was back on his old family freighter, such was the welcome Dennis had extended to him as John's senior office and friend. There was something special about the friendship Dennis and John had. The stories he heard them recall while they were working together about their barnstorming days together were those of triumph, both in love and life, and some tragedy. Last night, Dennis and John had been looking at a photo album, laughing at many of them, and telling stories of their jumps. There had been those with formation groups requiring great skills, some with prize winning results at competitions. There were stories of those they had fun with their practical jokes, the girls they had dallied with, couples they never expected to last that did, and ones they expected to last that didn't. John had talked some about H.G. Reed, hoping she'd have contacted him by now. Abe and Dennis lent an understanding ear, and friendly support to him since they could tell he was smitten with her. It was his time to mature, and come to understand that while some women love to be chased, courted, romanced, serenaded, or otherwise join in the falling in love scenario, some weren't ready to do that when the man was. When the time was right, Abe and Dennis told him, you'll know it, and it was a complete unknown as to when it would be or how he would know it. It was one of those times when Abe could tell he should hang back and let Dennis and John have their time together. John's plane was crated back up for transport and storage aboard the Challenger, and Abe had enjoyed working on it with them. They had flown it a few times during the week, and John had flown some tourists, as well as some Challenger crew who had ventured out to the airport too. Abe and John were scheduled to return in half an hour, and it was good-by time for them. They were standing over by a small monument off to the side of the airport. John put a picture on the base ledge of the monument and leaned it up against it, underneath a plaque. Then, he opened one bottle of Root Beer, and set it down next to it. The picture was the last one in the album they had been looking at last night, and neither of them were in it. It was of a twin engined airplane, and about 25 people with helmets and jump suits were standing in front of it, obviously ready to take off for a group jump. It wasn't a modern shuttle craft at all. The airplane looked like it had seen it's better days, the paint wasn't perfect, the tires didn't retract or have any speed fairings on them, the back door was missing altogether. Seemed like these daredevils and parachute fanatics abhorred modern conveniences. They both opened bottles for them selfs, and silently toasted the picture, then took a long drink. With his toe, John tipped over the bottle on the ground, and then both John and Dennis slowly poured the rest of their drinks out into the same puddle. He could see them turn to each other, and both hugged each other tightly, with great sorrow and deep feeling, tears flowing from both of them unabashedly. A few moments later, they looked out toward the sunset just as the sun dipped below the horizon, wiped their eyes, and turned toward Abe. Dennis picked up the bottle, and the picture, and they began to walk back to Abe on the porch. Abe could see on the back of the picture in its plastic page protector from the photo album, was a newspaper article with the heading, "26 people Crash" he could make out. He didn't need to read the rest to know what had happened. "All ready to go, Abe?" asked Dennis as John picked up both tote-bags from the office where they had put them earlier that day when they had gotten there to prepare the airplane. Abe turned to a box on the ground and picked it up. "This is for you and your family. Drink it in good health, and keep the shinny side up on those planes of yours." Dennis nodded, took it, and turned to leave, "You can come back anytime, Abe. I like Greeks traders like you bearing gifts like this!" Dennis left to go take his case of root beer back to his home. John chuckled at the classic good bye wishes Abe had bestowed upon Dennis. "I'm going to put these bags down with the airplane crates. Meet you at the transport site in a minute, Abe." Abe walked out after John. "I'll be right there." Abe hadn't really seen the monument before, and he walked over to it. Even after a week of being there, it was small, and had gone unnoticed. He couldn't make out the plaque clearly from where he'd seen them in their silent memorial service of sorts, and was wondering what was written on it. He got there, and left a moment later after reading it. On it was: High Flight Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings; Sunward I've climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth Of sun-split clouds – And done a hundred things You have not dreaded of – wheeled and soared and swung High in the sunlit silence. Hov'ring there, I've chased the shouting wind along, and flung My eager craft through footless halls of air. Up, up the long, delirious, burning blue Ive' topped the windswept heights with easy grace Where never lark, or even eagle flew. And, while with silent, lifting mind I've trod The high untrespassed sanctity of space, Put out my hand, and touched the face of God John Gillespie Magee, Jr. September 3, 1941
  8. "Hold on there, cowboy" Abe stopped John by force of a cold Root Beer bottle from his ever-present supply from following H.G. Reed out of the bridge as her shift ended. John was trying to catch the turbolift doors as Reed left when her shift ended, as did his. "What? But," taking the root beer from Abe as he was holding it against his stomach. "Eh, eh, let's not chase a filly that's spooked," as he took another Root Beer out and a bottle opener, opening his and handing John the opener. "Let's go to the mess hall and talk this out, son" "Do I have a choice?" John opened his bottle. "Ah, no. None what so ever. I just can't stand having young colts like you get kicked in the... head" and they exited the bridge together.
  9. Teagan - What you might want to ask yourself is "How would I have reacted in Captain Kirk's place, especially when he was a junior officer?" I think making up a character to fulfill this imaginative bend we all have makes it more interesting than trying to fulfill a role already established, documented, cannonized, rationalized, analyzed,.... you get my picture. I loved having Scotty visit us. Just wish he liked my root beer better.....didn't mix well with Scotch. Who did him? I think A9 did. Only because I think A9 has probably done everything imaginable within allowable limits here. That, and NDak would have found a way to have us all killed. Bottom line: Have some fun! Be creative! I remember my cadet days, and bringing a fennel cake used for phaser practice because of the way the powdered sugar caused a significant reaction.....
  10. My favorite from this list is: 18. WWW has never stood for World Wide Wrestling. Check the list out below, and post your favorite! To think I partied at college with my girlfriend (now wife) and we'd put on WWW when Hulk Hogan, The Animal, and Andre the Giant were at their best! (Sorry Abe, I pulled the URL, as we don't allow links being posted here. Feel free to tell people where to find the lint or copy and paste it here, if it isn't too inappropriate. Thanks.)
  11. Houdini, Chris Angel, David Copperfield: Top this! Bet you can't cut your own head off! Eat your heart out!
  12. Thank you for your information on embedding pictures in message postings. How do you do it for placing a rank insignia in your signature? There is no such Attachment box in that application.
  13. Joint Log: Lt. Abe Kas & Ens. John McGee ::In crew lounge, both are attired in flight gear, sitting back with a couple of sandwiches and root beers, with exhausted looks on their faces:: Abe puts down his root beer as if the almost empty mug was too heavy to hold, “John, we have got to get some rest. I couldn’t keep Workbee 3 steady enough out there while we were welding ..ah..oh I’m too tired to remember that ship’s name!” John swallows and grins. “Cepheus. Constellation class. Four nacelles. A real slug to maneuver and maneuver around, too. I know what you mean, Abe. Bringing you those patch panels over to you and holding them in place was fun at the beginning, but..” Taking a sip of his root beer and clunking it down, he continues. “After all these hours of doing it, I’ve had enough funnin’ for a while.” Since John had been assigned to the Fighter Group, he’d been helping out in Engineering when his duties permitted. He explained this as wanting to know about how the ships he flies work beyond what’s needed to control them. Nothing new, as John was often found spending his free time working on his antique airplane kept in storage. Abe’s curiosity led him to join John infrequently, but enough that the two were becoming friendly and somewhat informal with each other. “Well, at least we’ve completed all of the main jobs we had to do on the Cep’ so she can make it on her own now. Thanks for pitching in, John.” Silently, the two tired officers looked out the ports where they could see the Cepheus. Still looking battle worn, she was at least space worthy. With a sigh of resignation from Abe, John stands up. “I know what you mean Abe. Nice new ship, even though it handles like an old tub, shouldn’t be looking like that so soon. I’m going to bed, and so should you.” “Yep, you’re right.” Abe gets up too, and as they both take their trays back to the kitchen, Abe continues quietly to John, “Say, did you see Reed’s uniform lately?” “I know! She’s got some fine landing gear there! How come she’s wearing them?” Abe smiled and grinned. “I’ve got a request to see what’s wrong with the laundry machines that just seem to keep sending her them that way. It just may take me a while to assign it to someone!” As they exit the mess hall, John says “Don’t rush it, man!”
  14. Admiral, please explain to us how to post snapshots for pictures instead of using links.
  15. ::shushes those around the Sage of STSF as he begins to tell his stories:: Enlighten us, for we are your minnion.