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  1. Oh my bob, I didn't check this forum until just now, so here is a belated thank you. Thanks bunches! ^__^ ::gives everyone a few rounds of hugs that are weeks late::
  2. Sorry for the mess up with posting with my wrong account. It's really hitting an all time low for me.
  3. To Kira, sleeping was a marvelous thing. The idea of going unconscious once a day, and being completely enveloped in the sub-conscious fascinated her. Normally she could fall asleep with no problem, due to that knowledge, but right now, she couldn’t. She’d heard rumors in passing about what had happened on the planet from other crewmembers, as she made her way to the holodeck and back to work with a larger scaled map for stellar cartography then the model they had in their room. Ze’Rea had been on missions like this many times, on the Tigress and on the Arcadia, but Kira still got worried whenever something bad happened. She padded out into the main room of their quarters, and moved to the replicator. “Warm milk, please,” she asked it, before taking the cup and walking over to the couch. She sipped it, glancing around the darkened room. In the time she had been there, she still preferred being alone to meeting other children on the ship. Most of the time she spent reading or drawing or visiting the holodeck. She knew Ze’Rea got anxious because Kira spent so much time alone, but she said nothing of it to her. Kira also spent time with her studies. She was studying mathematic, stellar cartography, early history of humanoid races, literature, grammar and writing, that sort of thing. She enjoyed studying most everything, but especially enjoyed studying stellar cartography and history. It was fascinating to her, and with that interest, she spent much of her free time looking at scenarios of things that had happened in different races histories, in the holodeck. That day she had gone over, again, the story of Kahless, which interested her greatly. Now however, she was tired, but restless. She sipped the milk again, before turning and going over to their computer terminal. Normally whenever she couldn’t sleep, she went over a piece of a diplomatic meeting on pre-cardassian bajor, until she was relaxed enough to fall asleep. Now, however, when she turned the terminal on, she saw there was a message from her sister, Mundaha. She opened it, and sat back, curled up on the chair, sipping the milk. Dear Ze’Rea, I know I haven’t been keeping in touch, the work at school here is very involving, not to mention exams are coming up, but I decided to find some time to write you. How is Kira? I know you’ve told me how she wants to spend so much time alone. It is rather strange… she used to be so social until… mum and dad died. She never seemed to really get over it, though I doubt any of us really will. How are her studies going though? I know she always loved studying history. Is she still interested? I came across an interesting text when I was going through the historical database of the Andorians. I thought she might want to take a look at it, so if she does, I’ll send a copy over. How are you? How is the post? I know you’ve told me quite a bit about what’s going on. Is that Bajoran problem still bothering you? Don’t worry too much about it. Just remember what we used to talk about when you were younger, and try to just ignore her. At least you aren’t in the same department with her. In one of my classes right now, I am lab partner with this absolutely horrid Bajoran woman. She just goes on and on about the horrors of the cardassian race. It makes me just want to dump the stuff we are testing down her throat to shut her up. Everything holding together on that ship? The stuff about that dream and testing was quite intriguing. I wonder if part of the reason they couldn’t figure you out was because of your reptilian physiology. I bet they figured that out already. A first year medical student could, and I am in my third year. You’d think I would have a better idea about it. Oh well. Oh, I met this absolutely wonderful woman. We’re really getting along, and we’re going on our third date tonight. Hopefully it won’t turn out like my last 5 girlfriends did. I really hope it won’t. Met anyone you like? Oh of course you won’t answer, you never did like discussing that. No harm in asking I guess. Well, I do have to go now. I’ve got my nose to the grindstone and its rumored the tests will be twice as hard this year. Prophets… well, I love you, say hi to Kira for me. Love, Mundaha Kira closed the message and turned the terminal off with a sigh. She really shouldn’t have read that, and the stuff about her reaction to her parents death was something she really shouldn’t have read. She finished the milk, trying not to cry as she disposed of the cup. There was a reason she and Ze’Rea never talked about their parents. She went back to bed with a sigh. Closed her eyes, and waited for sleep.
  4. Woohoo! Happy Birthday Dac!
  5. The dinner with Aliana, Leilani, and the Doctor had pretty much gone smooth. Le Morte had kept his normal cool nature during their friendly banters. This had not changed his opinion of the doctor or her caustic attitude as far as he was concerned... well they were to work together, and he would do so unless she pushed the situation too far. Aliana had enjoyed the dinner. She always loved pasta and after 3 nights of waffle mix and canned soup, it was great, both in the food, and the company. "Aliana, would you care to take a stroll outside, a good stretch of the legs...and not in a heavy rad suit might feel good right about now,” Le Morte asked quietly as the dinner party was breaking. Aliana grinned as he asked. "I'd love too. Leg stretching is good." Nodding as he eased her chair from behind her... and grabbing his case... he quietly said, "Ladies first," as he ushered towards the door... it had been a long past few weeks... even for him it had been long. The normal long days he usually spent involved in his work had begun to catch up. Aliana walked to the door. She had also had a long couple weeks, lengthened by her keeping to the colony, something she loathed. Of course, none of the archeological digging had begun yet, but soon... Depositing his case casually at the table next to the lab exit... as they stepped outside… “Aliana do you really enjoy the company of this doctor, or is just me that is starting to really loathe her?” Aliana looked up with a raised eyebrow at his inquiry. "I enjoy the company of her as I would any other acquaintance. Why do you loathe her?" she asked with a bemused expression. Casually folding his arms behind him as they walked along..."I just do not appreciate her manners and overzealous attitude. Besides her self-made god like opinion of herself, her entire attitude towards us even being here and doing this joint venture reeks of her disdain towards us. I have my opinion she does actually hold herself and her colleagues in much more esteem than she does any of the station personnel.” Aliana chewed one of her fingernails as they walked. "I suppose that could be the case. It also seems, to me that is from what she told me, that this really has been her life’s work, and then we came in and started going over it for resin. I suppose that would make anyone... snappish." Smiling as he looked at her as they walked..."You know they cannot be that tasty" as he pointed to Aliana as she chewed a fingernail. “I completely understand she has been working on this project for ten years. Hardly a life times work... being that as it may, she and her team were responsible for the leak in the first place, that indicates a disregard for safety procedures in the beginning. Again a bit overzealous...or they would have done as we did ...deep careful scans... No. She is hiding something.” Aliana looked over at him, a little exasperated along with still bemused. "Hiding something? Why in Trill's hot springs would she be hiding something?" "Think about it and consider what has occurred,” they rounded the corner of the main building..."She was even refusing any help from the start, and then only under extreme pressure did she capitulate. No... even after some of their teams died she took the stance that it is/was her site, and refused to cooperate... again until Drankum actually had to implement a state of emergency to get her to comply.” "Ok. Lets consider, that instead of her hiding something, she is just dangerously obsessive over this whole thing, and doesn't want anyone other then her team in the site?" “That might be the obvious ...however over the past few centuries I have come to realize humans do mask frequently their personal agendas with subterfuge to cover things they do not desire to have uncovered. At any rate I have recorded much data from the structure and hopefully it will reveal a lot of good scientific data as it pertains to whom built this edifice, and why they left things as they are.” "Well, going for the option where the Doctor does not have a hidden agenda, yay. I am really hoping I can get some of the archeological data they gather in the dig. It would be amazing to study..." Aliana said, grinning dreamily. "You may go for what ever option that pleases you my dear" ,Le Morte grinned that grin..."Just do not be surprised if you meet resistance in the open sharing department of information exchange. On another subject...and please forgive my hearing once again, you seemed a bit upset as you discussed something with Leilani as I was entering the lab...something about...your grand parent I believe?” "Don't worry. I won't be too surprised," she said. She grimaced as he brought up the subject of her Grandmere. "My lovely, Grandmere attempted to engage me... again." She made a face. "She is such the traditionalist." "I see...so your people arrange ...the bonding then... Hmmm, an interesting concept....not my idea of a good one mind you.” "Nor mine," she said with a sigh. "Its a traditional Betazoid thing. Trills are not as into it. I have to say though, it is a pain." "I see then, part of you is ok with tradition...however the other part, your symbiont is not then...or am I mistaken?" “It’s ok I guess... but I am not really into it. I have been betrothed 2 times. Thankfully the last, the one my Grandmere just attempted to do, was called off." "I see... then perhaps…” he stopped mid sentence. “I understand ...then it is appropriate then that we may see each other or as I think the term "date" each other ,that is of course if you would like too,” Le Morte turned and looked Aliana in the eyes with a small smile. Aliana looked over with a grin. "Wow. 'Dating'. An interesting prospect, and not an unwelcome one," she said with a chuckle. "I apologize,” he had obviously not spoken the correct term...all the customs and references he had been attempting to get right. "I did not mean to make a joke.” Aliana looked over with a smile. "I didn't think you were. I've just... not dated in a really long time." Looking a bit puzzled for a moment...but only a moment as the realization dawned on him. “I see then what I said was correct then?" he asked almost pleadingly. Aliana grinned. "Indeed it was so." Pausing a moment he looked up at the stars overhead… and almost absentmindedly slipped an arm around Alianas waist... gently..."So do you find me suitable to date then?" Aliana looked at him with another grin. "Indeed I do."
  6. Aliana sat down in her quarters, her freshly died, purple hair still damp from the treatment she gave it. She sighed, glancing at her computer terminal to see it telling her she had a new letter, from home. She sat down, flipping her choppy hair out of her eyes to access it. She saw her mother pop up as she opened the message. Hello darling, its me. So much has happened since you last came to visit us. Ilea had her first birthday a few days ago. Shes grown at a such a fast rate, you'd think she's Ktarian instead of Vulcan. I heard you came back to Betazed to visit Nilla a few weeks ago for a conference. I hope it was as interesting as I thought it would be. On another note, your Grandmere came to visit a little while ago. Complaining about the things going on on Trill, how she doesn't understand how they can keep so calm, the usual. She did have one unusual thing to talk about. She wants you to get betrothed again. Stop spluttering,the letter went as Aliana started spluttering, aghast at the whole idea. I told her it was completely out of the question, but she insisted. Turns out, she wants you too, because she already agreed you'd marry someone else. I've contacted their parents and explained, but I'd think its best you did too. I know your grandmother can be tiresome, but she really does mean well... anyways, they've agreed to call it off, but they still want to meet you. I know you have plans in a few months to come back for another seminar, maybe you could meet them then. They are a rather well respected family, but I would understand if you didn't want to. I doubt your grandmere would though so I'd advise you do it before she tracks you down. I would imagine that would not go over well. Oh, congratulations on your promotion and awards. I love you. See you in a few months. Bye. Aliana sat there, and leaned back with a groan. "Why is my family so psychotic..." She opened a reply to her mother. Yes I'll come meet them. I really hope you can restrain Grandmere when I arrive. I'm so happy Ilea's doing well. Send a picture if you can. See you soon. She sent it and got up rubbing her head as she walked over to her bed. She sat down on it, before flopping back. "Great parents... psychotic relatives. The price I must pay. Bloody hell." She jumped back up, going over to her replicator. "Scotch. Just a glass of scotch," she said, imagining her and tequila would not go well together right then. She grabbed it, gulping down half, before sitting back down. Her Grandmere was a formidable woman, but engaging her to someone she didn't know... again. Even the archological find of a lifetime couldn't make her happy after that message. Thinking of the city, she was hoping she might be able to assist the civilians with the recovery. It was amazing to discover an ancient city under a colony. Last time she was around when that happened was over 100 years ago, in a totally different body. Memories could only compair to the real thing. She finished the scotch with a contented sigh. No matter her psychopathic grandmere was threatening to marry her off, she was far enough away.
  7. Have you heard their making a movie based on, 'Asteroids', the arcade game.
  8. Cool. But why is it so phenomenal? ~Ali
  9. I can find some really good japanese cuisine at a few indie joints up here, but sadly, most other food (excusing most europian food, and asian) is rather lacking, and very americanized. At least I can find suitable sushi here. ^^
  10. Ok, here are my 2 cents... So long as it is made clear in any other language settings you can choose, that all the simulations are done in english, I personally think that having a time table or something in different languages would be fine, but I do agree with Damian, that there really aren't any GMs here fluent in greek (if there are, my apologies) and no one would really be able to take a look at the quality, and to make sure that the whole thing is compatible with STSFs site. Also, with a greek time table, it would more or less be expected by some or many to have some in other languages too, like French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, ect, and I really don't know if many of the people fluent in other languages here have that much time to contribute to something like that. Its a great idea, but in the grand scheme, it might not work so well... Ok, 2 cent givings from me... off.
  11. DeForest Kelley does indeed rock out. He'll be around in peoples memories for quite a while.
  12. I just found a totally new way to trip on your own toes... ow...
  13. I just found out a new way to get a headache.... accidentally scraping a rock down a blackboard. You may be asking how I accidently did it.... so am I. :(
  14. Oh yay. The pms are basically just annoying, and I like STSF to much to leave because of them, so it's nice knowing I won't have to deal with it for at least a week or two.
  15. Hey Will, anyone won yet?