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  1. Cptn Swain -> MISSION BRIEF: Leave continues aboard Camelot. Cptn Swain -> Questions before we get started? Ryan Mesner -> Was there any sort of tbs? Cptn Swain -> Per Rue's log, we'll say what a couple hours? KhreRiovtRex -> (ie. We're coming to take her away, with the little men with the little white coats) Rue Wydown -> Enough time for you all to get into trouble.....or not. Cptn Swain -> BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain -> BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain -> ::Frowning and making his way back from the command level towards the Grail, having had his meeting with the Admiral delayed.:: Fae -> :: Settled in at a corner of the Grail :: Rue Wydown -> ::in the Grail, chowing down some nachos:: T'Prehl -> ::doing something of a relaxing nature.. in Vulcan standards, drinking a glass of altair water in the Grail, perusing the food menu:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> ::chewing a bite of nachos, contemplative:: Rue Wydown -> ::thinking the Major being this quiet is *never* a good sign, leans back in her chair:: So what should I do with my mandatory leave? And *don't* say go get Clay sorted. That's dead horse. Ryan Mesner -> Travis>::counting money back in the Grail's office, Excalibur always did line his pockets nicely:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> Never have known when to let something go. Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> ::smirks:: I can make glue. Cptn Swain -> ::He rounded the corner and entered the Grail:: Maryse Dubois -> ::Quietly sitting at a table in the Grail, sipping on a tea. It was as if she never left.:: Taryn Castell -> "Well if you didn't want balls tossed at your face, then you shouldn't have asked for audience participation!" Taryn yelled at the juggler, having just chucked her balls at his head. She stalked back into the Grail and plopped down at the bar. Rue Wydown -> Your seriously damaging my calm with that talk. ::glancing around the room:: Maybe I should find someone else to hang around. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::laying on her back on the sofa in Mal's quarters, tucking her hands behind her head as he finishes showering and shaving:: Taryn Castell -> I need a drink! ::She smacked the bar with her hand.:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> ::glances around the room:: Aw, c'mon... Y'know y'love me. ::grins:: Charlotte Matsumura -> I can't believe you talked me into this. Cptn Swain -> ::Spotting his XO, who he owed a drink too anyway, he headed that way:: KhreRiovtRex -> Yeoman Sally> ::helping pack up Wydown's belongings that were stored on the station to send them along with the rest of her items from the ship when she leaves:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Mal Alexander> ::leaning out of the bathroom, a bit of shaving foam still on his cheek:: Ryan Mesner -> Travis> ::pokes his head out of the door:: Who's making a ruckus!? Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> ::looking to Taryn:: Looks like we might get a bit of excitement. Rue Wydown -> She is! ::pointing to Taryn with a goofy grin on her face:: KhreRiovtRex -> Yeoman Sally> ::grins knowing she knew before most people, but it was good, as it gave her time to bake some scones to pack into her travel bags::: Charlotte Matsumura -> Alexander> ::smirking across the room at her:: You know as well as I do that *you* don't do *anything* you don't want to. Charlotte Matsumura -> ...and if anyone finds out before we tell them, there's going to be seven levels of Hades. Rue Wydown -> ::decides to use her PADD as a coaster, the offending personnel request covered up by her ale glass:: Cptn Swain -> ::He didn't recognize the Marine hanging out with Wydown, but he approached anyway.:: KhreRiovtRex -> Yeoman Sally> Woman needs some decent food to eat on the trip and not just that replicated crap. Then again, she needed something to take away the bitter taste of that tea she used to serve.....has no idea how the woman chokes that stuff down:: Ryan Mesner -> ::Is somewhere, doing something. Presumably troublesome:: T'Prehl -> ::quietly eating her food, going over some of her notes on a PADD:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Alexander> ::ducks back around the corner, wiping at his face with the corner of a towel:: Then we'll just have to be very, very careful. Rue Wydown -> ((And hoping that Swain will bail you out this time?)) Rue Wydown -> Whotcha Captain. ::pats the stool next to her:: Taryn Castell -> I need a drink! ::She said to Travis.:: Something black. Like my mood. Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> ::arching a brow at the new arrival:: Taryn Castell -> Stupid juggler. Cptn Swain -> ::Smiles and takes a seat:: Rue. Rue Wydown -> So, your meeting with the Admiral.....? ::taking a long sip of her drink:: Ryan Mesner -> Travis>::raises a brow, making his way to Taryn:: You'll have to remind me how juggling has anything to do with a...what is it...lunar festival? Cptn Swain -> Postponed. Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> ::rather than comment, stuffs more nachos in his mouth:: Cptn Swain -> ::Frowns:: He had a scheduling conflict apparently. Cptn Swain -> So, I will be meeting him tomorrow morning at 0900. Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> ::...and more:: Rue Wydown -> ::bats Jamie's hand away from her side of the plate, he's not having her share:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Alexander> ::crossing to the bed, picking up a shirt and pulling it on over his head as he makes his way into the living area:: KhreRiovtRex -> ::realizes the woman really don't have many things to pack, and doesn't want the crystal items to break, so uses more bubble wrap. Finally giving in to the temptation, pops a few bubbles. Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> ::crinkles his nose at Rue, grabs an olive:: Taryn Castell -> Seriously? Juggling represents the orbit of the moons. Occasionally, one will fall out of orbit and crash to the floor, where it breaks open and candy spills out for the children. This one cracked the man upside the head and the kids swarmed him, breaking all of his balls. I kinda started it. Rue Wydown -> ::picks up the PADD, and hands it over:: Perhaps he's having a staffing issue he's trying to deal with. ::debates handing the thing over or explaining first:: Cptn Swain -> ::Lifts a brow and takes the PADD:: Taryn Castell -> I like candy. Charlotte Matsumura -> And how do you propose to do that? Cptn Swain -> ::He looked it over for a moment, then put it down.:: This is a joke, right? KhreRiovtRex -> Yeoman Sally> :: decides to keep popping....on a left over piece of course:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Alexander> ::seating himself on the edge of the sofa, brushing a stray lock of hair from Lottie's forehead:: I thought I'd already *proposed*... Charlotte Matsumura -> ::rolls her eyes:: Rue Wydown -> Does the wording of that memo look like a joke to you? ::without looking manages to bats Kent's hand again as they stray across the line:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Signed, sealed, and delivered, actually. But that doesn't change the fact that... ::sighs:: Mum and Da still don't even know... Ryan Mesner -> Travis> Gamma Quadrant religions are strange...::starts mixing something up:: Rue Wydown -> There's no assignment on that memo. Just a demand that I return to SFHQ immediately. ::toothy grin:: Just can't wait to go to war over my job....again. Charlotte Matsumura -> Alexander> ::looking down at her, sweeping a finger across her cheek:: A situation we *can* correct. Charlotte Matsumura -> If I weren't so much of a bloody coward. Cptn Swain -> ::He put the PADD down:: I am not even sure what to say. KhreRiovtRex -> Memo> :: sitting ominously on her PADD waiting for Rue to re-read it and question it:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> ::still munching nachos, his hand creeps closer to a jalapeno:: Rue Wydown -> How about "good luck" ::offers up her ale glass:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> ::watching the conversation like a tennis match:: Rue Wydown -> You touch my side of the nachos again Kent I'm going to stab you with my fork. Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> ::stops chewing:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> ::swallows hard:: Cptn Swain -> ::Sighs:: I was just starting to get used to you, too. Taryn Castell -> I didn't make it up, but I can appreciate any religion that involves sweets. ::Waiting for her drink.:: Cptn Swain -> ::Frowns:: God only knows who that salty Russian will stick me with, now that I've got his dander up. Charlotte Matsumura -> Alexander> Not having second thoughts? ::brow furrows:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::shakes her head:: Not in the slightest -- not about you, at any rate. Ryan Mesner -> Travis>::shrugs, handing her the black drink:: Can't argue with sweets I suppose. Taryn Castell -> ::Eyes the drink.:: Is this going to dye my teeth black? KhreRiovtRex -> Yeoman Sally> :: finishes with the bubble wrap and tosses it in the recycle bin, then hefts the bags and heads out to add them to the lot that is being shipped out with the Commander:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> ::orders another pint to wash down the nachos... and, while he's at it, orders his own plate:: Rue Wydown -> Well, they should have made the quarantine known. Don't shoot the message, I say. Cptn Swain -> ::Nods:; Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> ::though it was more fun stealing Rue's... at least it was, till she threatened with the fork:: Cptn Swain -> Well, I guess there Cptn Swain -> s no sense in me protesting it then? Rue Wydown -> You think it'd do any good? Charlotte Matsumura -> Alexander> I hate to say it, love, but it *is* a bit late for that. Charlotte Matsumura -> Alexander> ::wry grin twitching at the corner of his lips:: Cptn Swain -> ::Running a hand through his hair, he shook his head:: No, not likely. Rue Wydown -> ::takes Kent's fresh ale when he turned his head to check out the plate of steaming nachos heading his way:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::matching his expression:: I know. Cptn Swain -> If they particularly cared for my opinion, they would have no doubt ran this by me first. Ryan Mesner -> Travis> Uh...no? Cptn Swain -> ::He sighed again:: I need a drink. Rue, what are you having? Charlotte Matsumura -> Alexander> ::leans down, kisses her:: ::draws back after a long moment, her stomach growling:: Hmm. Maybe we'd better do something about that? Taryn Castell -> ::She squints at him.:: That doesn't sound very convincing. You don't know, do you? Rue Wydown -> I'm having the Major' Charlotte Matsumura -> ::chuckles:: Probably a good idea. ::pushes back at him, sitting up and swinging her feet to the floor:: Rue Wydown -> Major's beer. Although another one would be good when he figures out I've taken his. Ryan Mesner -> Travis> Well, you said make a black drink and...I made a black drink. Rue Wydown -> Oh, aye, Captain Swain...Major Kent. Clark, Captain Swain. ::takes a sip of Kent's beer:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> ::scowls as he sees Rue drinking his pint:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> Party foul. Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> ::looks to Swain, extending a hand, face brightening:: Pleasure to meet ya, Cap..tain. Rue Wydown -> You ate my side of the nachos. ::innocent grin:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> A bite... or two. Not enough to justify a whole *pint*! Cptn Swain -> ::Smirks, despite himself:: Major. A pleasure to meet you. And Asher will do fine. Taryn Castell -> That you did. ::She stared at the drink and then shrugged, taking a long swig of it. When she came up for air, she was gasping.:: HOLY CANDY-FILLED MOONS! What is this stuff! Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> ::signals for another pint:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> Asher it is, then. Rue Wydown -> ::looking down the bar, almost horrified to see Taryn's black mouth:: Oh my gawd. Cptn Swain -> ::Looks over at the bartender:: Make that two more, one for me and one the Commander here. But put it on my tab. KhreRiovtRex -> Yeoman Sally> :: drops the bags off and heads back towards where the Commander is to let her know:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Alexander> ::lacing his fingers through hers as they exit his quarters and head for the promenade:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> Two fisted approach, hm? ::looking at Rue with a smirk:: Rue Wydown -> This has been a two fisted memo. ::setting the ale down on the PADD:: Cptn Swain -> If you're going to be leaving, might as well go out with a bang, eh? Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> ::raises his glass:: Here, here. Rue Wydown -> Or with the image of black mouths. What the heck...::points at Castell:: KhreRiovtRex -> Yeoman Sally> :: enters the bar and see's the Commander in the back with a few others, and heads that way:: Cptn Swain -> Besides, on our last mis... ::looks over:: Oh dear... Taryn Castell -> It turned my mouth black, didn't it! ::Doesn't seem to really mind, though, because she was taking another drink. Her eyes popped out of her head.:: Seriously! WHAT IS THIS?! Rue Wydown -> The ale isn't turning my teeth orange, is it? ::smiling big teeth at Kent for him to check:: Cptn Swain -> ::Takes the ale the bartender slips over and takes a drink:: Ryan Mesner -> Travis> Trade secret. ::grins:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> No, t'isn't. But we can arrange that. Cptn Swain -> ::Normally he drank wine, but this wasn't a normal occasion, and at the moment, numbing the throbbing headache he felt coming on with some good old fashioned alcohol sounded like a good idea.:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> ::smirks:: Did it to Clay one year, Hallow's Eve. KhreRiovtRex -> Yeoman Sally> ::steps up to the table:: Captain, Commander, Major....:: nods to the others, then turns back to Wydown:: Cptn Swain -> ::Smiles over his ale as Sally comes over:: Yeoman. Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> 'allo, Sally. ::nods to the yeoman:: Taryn Castell -> It's like if you took chocolate dipped in Saurian Brandy and then spread it on a Dabo girl, collected her sweat, distilled it with peppermint, and then added Vulcan tears. ::Staring at the drink in horror and amazement.:: Taryn Castell -> I love it. Rue Wydown -> Whotcha Sally. ::grins:: KhreRiovtRex -> Yeoman Sally> Commander, I have packed your things from your place here on the station and from storage and have had them added along to your other baggage for your trip. KhreRiovtRex -> Yeoman Sally> And I packed some decent food for you to snack on along the way. ::leans over and whispers:: And I tossed in a batch of those special Rum filled ones you liked last holiday, I wouldn’t eat too many of those at once:: Rue Wydown -> Thank ye luv. ::grins as she hops up off her stool and gives her a bear hug:: Cptn Swain -> When do you leave? Charlotte Matsumura -> ::by the time they make the promenade, she's simply got her arm hooked in his:: KhreRiovtRex -> Yeoman Sally> Ooohh!! Nachos!! ::reaches over and grabs a really cheesy loaded triangle of crispy, crunchy corn tortilla goodness and pops it in her mouth:: Ryan Mesner -> Travis> The Vulcan tears are the hardest to get. Charlotte Matsumura -> Alexander> ::he allows Lottie to enter first, hand on the small of her back as they move into the Grail:: KhreRiovtRex -> Yeoman Sally> Mm.....you know....These are pretty goood! Rue Wydown -> I just got the news so I haven't been able to find a berth out of here yet. Probably sometime in the next few hours or days. The summons was pretty......err....direct. ::frowns, taking a sip of her ale:: KhreRiovtRex -> ::eating as she's hugged:: Gonna miss ya Commander Cptn Swain -> ::Smirks:: Maybe you and Eddy can share a ride home? Taryn Castell -> Yea, I haven't the slightest idea what makes a Vulcan cry, but I'd spend all night making an attempt if it would get me more of this stuff. KhreRiovtRex -> Yeoman Sally> Oh, I saw the manifest as I had to check for baggage room. Her flight is totally filled up, he'll have to take another flight Rue Wydown -> Hell no. ::eyes him:: KhreRiovtRex -> but I know there's another tomorrow Cptn Swain -> ::Snorts;; Charlotte Matsumura -> ::spotting Rue and the captain and Jamie:: Cptn Swain -> Talk about a pain in the arse. ::Takes a swig of the ale:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Oh, frell... ::mutters:: Rue Wydown -> Sally, those are my nachos. Why don't you try some of the Major's. He's are fresh. Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> ::cutting Rue a glare:: Y'know what they say about karma... KhreRiovtRex -> Yeoman Sally> Take care Commander. I'll leave you to say your goodbyes. :reaches over and grabs another pepper from her plate:: Na, these are fine...besides, he looks hungry. He might just bite my hand if I reach on in there...... Cptn Swain -> Now now. You can always order more. Cptn Swain -> Might as well put this whole thing on my tab. Rue Wydown -> Karma all ready has me in a choke hold. I don't think a few nachos are going to make a difference. KhreRiovtRex -> Yeoman Sally> ::saunters off with Rue's last pepper:: Cptn Swain -> I doubt I'll have any reason to celebrate any time soon. Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> ::grins at Sally:: Knew I liked her. Cptn Swain -> ::Rue:: Speaking of which, have you seen Tandaris. I was hoping he'd be here. I wanted to check in on him. Ryan Mesner -> Travis> ::Smirks:: The first one was on the house, on account of what a nice guy I am. Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> ::glancing up just in time for Mal and Lottie to enter:: Oi! Been lookin' for you! ::turning to greet the new arrivals:: Rue Wydown -> No, haven't seen him. You don't suppose Castell has some sort of disease, do you? Taryn Castell -> Oh, you are evil. Pure evil. ::She couldn't help it, though. The black drink was AMAZING. Once you went black, you never went back. She drained it and slammed the mug down on the counter.:: I'll pay for the second. Cptn Swain -> ::Smirks:: Nah. Charlotte Matsumura -> Alexander> ::glances to the two plates of nachos, and the empty pint glasses:: I see you're well ahead of us. KhreRiovtRex -> Yeoman Sally> ::passing by Taryn, did a double take as she saw their mouths::: KhreRiovtRex -> Yeoman Sally> I don't even want to know....keep walking Sally.....keep walking.... Cptn Swain -> ::Sees Matsumura enter, arms locked with Alexander:: Lieutenant. Have a seat. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::seating herself on the stool one over from Jamie, leaving Mal to sit beside his old school mate:: Rue Wydown -> We're celebrating. ::everything in her tone says otherwise:: Grab a plate and an ale and join us. Cptn Swain -> Bar tab's on me tonight. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::nods to the captain:: Taryn Castell -> HEY! ::Overhearing Swain with her hawk-like drunken girl hearing.:: Black drinks for everyone! Charlotte Matsumura -> Alexander> ::stealing one of Jamie's nachos:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> Now look here... Just 'cos you got promoted don't mean... Cptn Swain -> ::Sighs and takes another drink as he here's Taryn:: Oh boy. Charlotte Matsumura -> Alexander> ::arching a brow at Kent:: Rue Wydown -> ::takes one of Jamie's nachos:: Cptn Swain -> ::Takes one of Kent's nachos:: Cptn Swain -> Captain's prerogative. Charlotte Matsumura -> Alexander> ::smirks at Rue and Swain:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> No respect. Rue Wydown -> :crunches on her stolen nachos:: KhreRiovtRex -> Yeoman Sally> :: chewing Rue's pepper:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> ::flopping back down onto his stool, pouting into his glass:: KhreRiovtRex -> Yeoman Sally> :: oo...ohh..:: waves hand:: Ryan Mesner -> Travis>::making up drinks:: I'm rich, I'm rich, I'm rich. KhreRiovtRex -> Yeoman Sally> Hot!! Charlotte Matsumura -> And what, pray tell, are we celebrating? ::now with her own pint in front of her:: KhreRiovtRex -> Yeoman Sally> HOt...Hott!...::turns and rushes back to the table, grabbing the nearest beer, which was in front of the Major:: Cptn Swain -> ::Takes another ale from the bartender:: Oh, I am going to enjoy that 0900 meeting with the Admiral. KhreRiovtRex -> Yeoman Sally> ::loks up at him:: Oh...sorry love....Just a really hot pepper....wanna try it? Holds up half a pepper to him Cptn Swain -> ::Looks at Alexander:: You think the Russian would mind if I showed up a little hung over? How do you think he feels about mimosas? Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> ::scowling at Sally as she guzzles his pint:: Rue Wydown -> I've been recalled to SFHQ. ::toothy grin:: Happy Birthday to me. ::a bit bitterly:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> Maybe I don' like her so much. Charlotte Matsumura -> Alexander> Russian? Mimosa? Cptn Swain -> ::Smirks:: KhreRiovtRex -> Yeoman Sally> Isn’t' that little girly drink for grandmas? Charlotte Matsumura -> Alexander> ::raising his brows:: You might try something with the Russian Standard vodka. Charlotte Matsumura -> Alexander> I hear Platinum is his favorite. Cptn Swain -> 0900 might be a little early for Screwdrivers. Charlotte Matsumura -> Alexander> ::clears his throat, burying a grin in his pint:: KhreRiovtRex -> Yeoman Sally> Sorry about that Major, let me go get you another :: already knowing it's on Swain's bill anyway, so no big deal:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> Ach, that depends on if you ever went to bed the night before. KhreRiovtRex -> Yeoman Sally> :: grabs up a fresh one from the bar for him and brings it over:: Don't worry....I'll bring you a nice batch of scones tomorrow morning to make up for it Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> ::chuckles, shaking his head at Sally before gratefully taking another pint:: Taryn Castell -> Does this drink have a name? ::Working on her second one.:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> Deliver them personally? ::boyish grin:: Cptn Swain -> Y'gotta point. ::Takes a long drink from his pint:: Rue Wydown -> ::elbows Kent:: She's too young for you. Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> Did I *say* anything untoward? KhreRiovtRex -> Yeoman Sally> :: pauses a moment, worried that maybe this one had been married to Wydown as well, maybe she shouldn’t' make the same mistake twice:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> ::feigning innocence:: Rue Wydown -> No, but I *know* you. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::sitting back, enjoying the show, as she usually does with this lot:: Cptn Swain -> ::Looks over at them with a grin.:: Taryn Castell -> If not, I'd like to submit the name Black Hole of Fuzzy Consciousness. Taryn Castell -> Or Squid Juice. Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> ::rueful smile:: Bit different these days. Taryn Castell -> Or Punch a Vulcan in the Face. Ryan Mesner -> Travis> Good idea. Rue Wydown -> ((oh I like Squid Juice)) Ryan Mesner -> Travis> That's the secret ingredient, actually. Cptn Swain -> (( LOL Squid Juice )) KhreRiovtRex -> Yeoman Sally> :: winks to Kent:: What time to you wake up? I'll make sure to bring them over fresh and hot and serve them to you in bed if you like. You just saved my life from that ungodly pepper Wydown gave me Ryan Mesner -> Travis> Or at least...the blackening...blackener...? Yeah. Blackener. Rue Wydown -> I *gave* you? You stole it from me. Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> ::chuckles:: I'll have to take a rain check, I'm afraid. My transport is leaving tonight. Cptn Swain -> lol PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain -> lol PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain -> lol PAUSE SIM T'Prehl -> ::Paused:: KhreRiovtRex -> Gave, stole...it's all relative Fae -> :: paused :: Cptn Swain -> Heh. Alrighty. Cptn Swain -> Everyone give Rue a big hug goodbye. T'Prehl -> Happy trails, Commander! Rue Wydown -> Thanks folks :) Cptn Swain -> So, we'll pick up next week having moved ahead a day or so. Ryan Mesner -> We are pretty swank aren't we. Cptn Swain -> More than enough time for you all to get into misadventures. Cptn Swain -> And to have drained the Captain's account. Rue Wydown -> Muhahah Rue Wydown -> Third time I got a drink off the CO's tab Cptn Swain -> Heh. Cptn Swain -> I think this is going to be a new tradition and competition. Cptn Swain -> To see how can get a drink off swain's tab in the most creative fashion. Charlotte Matsumura -> A bit easier this time. =D Cptn Swain -> at least there was no Klingon karaoke Cptn Swain -> at least on screen KhreRiovtRex -> I was going to say, you didn’t' have to hear it! KhreRiovtRex -> Every night is sing along with Wydown night if you get her started! KhreRiovtRex -> Singing in the Rain.... Rue Wydown -> ROFL Charlotte Matsumura -> Can't help that Rue has a soundtrack. Charlotte Matsumura -> =D Cptn Swain -> Heh. Rue Wydown -> Okay folks. Some of you have another sim to concentrate on. Cptn Swain -> Alrighty, nothing more form me. Cptn Swain -> Yup. So, with our further adieu, if you would be so kind one last time. Rue Wydown -> Dismissed :) Taryn Castell -> ::Throws her arms around Rue and squeezes:: Cptn Swain -> ::Hugs Rue:: T'Prehl -> Goodnight folks! ::subdued hug:: Rue Wydown -> ::squeezed like toothpaste:: Taryn Castell -> Pbbbbbbblease, Rue. Fae -> Night! Charlotte Matsumura -> ::laughs:: Cptn Swain -> Night! Ryan Mesner -> Night everyone Taryn Castell -> Night all. Good luck folks!
  2. “No, no, no, no and in case you didn’t hear me the first time…no.” “That’s no’ how it goes,” Major Kent shot Rue a withering look. “I don’t care. The answer is still no.” Rue grinned impishly at Kent until he stomped off to use the refresher. Wydown had spent an hour trying to derail Kent’s attempt to persuade her to return to Earth and get her ex-husband ‘sorted’ only to have the discussion topic turn up like a bad penny three hours later. Sometimes on some topics, the man was obstinate, mulish even. But his current attempt was going above and beyond the definition of stubborn. He was touched in the head – had to be. Perhaps he’d taken one too many hits playing rugby or the Corps. It had to explain why he was so persistently demanding Rue’s return. It made her think - What was she going to have to do to hammer in the idea that Clayton was no longer her problem? Grateful for badgering break, Rue swung around and picked up her PADD. Ordering another round of ale for the two of them with a side of nachos for her to share (*if* he promised to knock it off), she settled in to catch up on her official XO duties. Shift reports – Boring. New personnel requisitions – Routine. Shoreleave jail statics – Below normal. Darn. Medical Report - Same ol' same ol'. Guard Report – Mundane. Below decks gossip chain – Interesting. Message spam - ha, I delete thee! Correspondence from HQ…hello? “What the—“ Rue peeled off the feathered headdress from the Promenade carnival off her forehead as she read the official summary memorandum addressed to her with her full legal name. That was never a good sign – using someone’s full name. As if removing the feathers could remove the seriousness of her situation. By the time she’d finished combing the missive for the fourth time, looking for hidden meanings or political agendas, she just barely looked up in time to see Major Kent taking his bar seat again. "Well, it looks like you might just get your wish," Rue spoke softly, uncharacteristically sober in attitude as she passed her PADD over to Kent to read the problematic summons. “Whot got in your craw?” Kent smirked at her serious attitude. She could not think of the words to explain further and just shook her head. The Major tried to hand the PADD back to her, thinking she was playing around, but something in her expression (or had she lost all color?) made him change his mind. Rue watched his brows knit together in concentration, his eyes skimming the text not once but twice. After reading it, Jamie summed up Rue’s feelings in one simple exclamation: "Bloody 'ell, love. What'd ya do now?!"
  3. Cptn Swain -> MISSION BRIEF: The Excalibur has returned to Camelot and has been docked for several hours. The crew has been, for the time being, released to their own devices while Swain awaits an appointment with the Admiral. Cptn Swain -> Questions? Ryan Mesner -> How drunk and disorderly can we be? Cptn Swain -> As drunk as you want, just remember, we don't bail anyone out. Rue Wydown -> ::holding the bail money purse strings:: Cptn Swain -> Alrighty then... Cptn Swain -> BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain -> BEGIN SIM Fae -> :: Changes into something civy, skirts even, but keeps badge under a fold of the blouse. Heads out onto Broadway... :: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::in Mal's office, seated opposite him, on the other side of his desk, feet propped up, brow furrowed as she reviews a PADD on her lap:: T'Prehl -> ::in her quarters, fixing up her outward appearance:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Mal Alexander> ::seated at his desk, feet propped in the opposite direction, sipping coffee from a mug, reading a PADD over the rim:: Ryan Mesner -> ::roaming the promenade, with a good buzz already:: Ryan Mesner -> Travis>::The Grail was open, providing intoxication services:: Maryse Dubois -> ::Checking out the new goods in the markets.:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::shakes her head, picking up the PADD and lightly tossing it onto the desk:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Alexander> ::looks up, raises brows:: Charlotte Matsumura -> It's fine. Charlotte Matsumura -> Alexander> It's being forwarded to the director, love. Are you sure...? Cptn Swain -> ::In the Grain, at a side table, drinking tea:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::cuts him a glare:: It's *fine*. You've been over it with a fine-toothed comb; Anna's been over it. *I've* been over it four times in the past hour. T'Prehl -> ::ventures out of her quarters and heads for Camelot:: Charlotte Matsumura -> If there are any mistakes or shortcomings at this point, the director will just have to deal with it. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::swinging her feet down and downing the last of her now-cold tea:: Rue Wydown -> Oh for the love of all things.....::makes a face as she looks over the PADD as she finally walks the airlock to the station:: Ryan Mesner -> Travis>::Makes his way over to Swain:: Another? ::gestures to the Tea:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Alexander> So if you're finished... what are you going to do? Cptn Swain -> ::Looks at his mostly empty cup:: Yes. Please. Charlotte Matsumura -> I... am going to take a nice long, hot bath, making sure I scrub off every last trace of extraterrestrial goo. Ryan Mesner -> ::Spots Maryse, makes his way over to her:: Charlotte Matsumura -> And then I'm going to have some maki, a pint, and, hopefully, some quiet time with a very, very close friend. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::glares at the PADD in his had:: If he can be bothered. T'Prehl -> ::enters the Station and looks for some Vulcan herbs and things she's run out of:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::nods at the PADD, then turns on her heel, heading out of his office:: Ryan Mesner -> Travis>::nods, motioning a waitress over:: You know, I have a couple holosuites open, if you need to relieve some stress. ::glances around:: I heard your last mission got a little dicey. Charlotte Matsumura -> Alexander> ::blinks, head tilted to the side as he watches her depart:: Cptn Swain -> ACTION> As it so happens, it happens to be the time of the Lunar Reverie Celebration for one of the local cultures and Promenade is alive with the buzzing of street performers and shops. Cptn Swain -> ::Shakes his head:: Just tea is fine. Maryse Dubois -> ::Looking over some of the new trinkets from the a vendor stand. Doesn't see Ryan approaching.:: Taryn Castell -> ::On the promenade, trying to get the fire eater to show her how he eats fire.:: Ryan Mesner -> ::sneaks up behind her, placing his hands on her shoulders:: Well well, haven't seen you much lately. Ryan Mesner -> Travis>::the waitress delivers the Tea, and Travis takes the liberty of sitting across from Swain:: So, how's the ship treating you? Cptn Swain -> ::Travis:: I've never been one to spend much time in the holosuites anyway. T'Prehl -> ::regards the performers and entertainers with passing interest as she continues her shopping needs:: Cptn Swain -> ::Travis:: Oh, I don't know. I still haven't really gotten used to her, you know? Charlotte Matsumura -> Alexander> ::powers down the PADD, signing out of his console, and double-timing out the door, following her:: Cptn Swain -> I'd been on my last ship over ten years. Cptn Swain -> I knew her. Cptn Swain -> This ship? I don't know yet. Maryse Dubois -> ::Turns, a little startled. She grins when she realizes it's Ryan.:: Hey. Could say the same to you. You haven't made any trips to sickbay lately. Ryan Mesner -> Travis> Attachment is a funny thing like that. Excalibur is a fine ship from what I know, I think she'll treat you well. Cptn Swain -> Assuming I remain assigned to her long, you mean? Cptn Swain -> ::Grins a bit, despite himself and takes a drink of tea:: Rue Wydown -> ::weaves her way through the celebratory chaos on the promenade, trying to keep a smile on her face:: Ryan Mesner -> ::grins:: Yes, well I've been busy. Reports and what not, but, I'm here now. Taryn Castell -> ::Is a little dejected when he tells her that she'll only singe her eyebrows. Grumbling, she moves on, eyeing the jugglers.:: Ryan Mesner -> Travis> Well, the fact that you pay your tabs puts you a cut above the last Captain. Cptn Swain -> ::Snorts:: I guess there is that. Charlotte Matsumura -> MAJ James Kent> ::sitting at the bar in The Grail, nursing a pint:: Cptn Swain -> I've never been a man who liked to owe bartenders anything. Maryse Dubois -> Hmm...that you are. ::Looked at the surroundings.:: Have you checked out the festivities? Charlotte Matsumura -> MAJ Kent> ::glancing up into the mirror over the bar every so often, obviously-but-not-obviously looking for someone:: Rue Wydown -> :;by the time she ends up in the bar, she has some sort of native headdress plastered to her head like a headband, and some glitter paint dusting her cheeks:: Oooooh, luverly. ::deep breath:: Cptn Swain -> ::Looks over as Wydown wanders in with some sort of headdress on and guffaws:: Charlotte Matsumura -> MAJ Kent> ::rolls eyes as if to say "finally!":: Ryan Mesner -> Travis> ::grins:: We have connections wide and deep. ::notices Rue's entry:: Besides, your crew might mutiny if I cut off their supplies. Ryan Mesner -> ::glances around:: Yes. Interesting, if a little primitive. Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> Oi! Wydown! ::waving the Excal XO over:: Maryse Dubois -> What's wrong with that? It looks fun. Rue Wydown -> ::blinks, thinking it's the glitter in her eyes as she weaves over:: What the--. ::glances around:: T'Prehl -> ::buying what she needs and continues walking around the station promenade:: Taryn Castell -> ::Balls in one hand and a giant hot pink blob of spun sugar in the other, she walked into the Grail with a grin on her face.:: Ryan Mesner -> I suppose. We could strip down, paint our bodies, and dance to the moon with the beat of a drum. ::grins:: Ryan Mesner -> Travis>::grins at Taryn's entry:: Captain. ::nods curtly, leaving Swain to his tea, making his way to Taryn:: Rue Wydown -> Oooooooh body paint. Lovely. ::noticing one of her crew as she sits down at the bar next to Kent, clearly cheered up:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> You're lookin' rather... colorful. ::lopsided grin:: Maryse Dubois -> ::Smirks.:: You would think of that. Taryn Castell -> ::Beams at Travis.:: Hello, handsome. How about a drink to go with my sugar? Ryan Mesner -> I'm just trying to broaden my horizons. ::still grinning:: Rue Wydown -> ::looking up at the feathers:: Well, just trying to bright the place up. ::waves to Travis:: Oi! ::toothy grin, hoping to get his attention and a beer, maybe even finagle it on the Captain's tab..........again:: Rue Wydown -> Whot are you doing here, Major? Sight seeing in the Gamma Quadrant? Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> Looks like y'been playin good will ambassador to the...the... avian-things we allied with a few months ago... Ryan Mesner -> Travis>::smirks:: You read my mind. ::leads her over to the bar, before going behind it, preparing drinks for them:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> Eh, takin' the scenic route after a bit of an errand. Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> ::sips his pint:: I, ah, came with a request. Ryan Mesner -> Travis>::gestures towards Rue, making sure someone took care of her:: Rue Wydown -> ::raises both brows:: Do I need to have a drink before I hear what this request is? Maryse Dubois -> Well how about we just stick to what we know, and go get a drink? Taryn Castell -> ::Puts her balls on the bar and takes a seat, letting sugar dissolve on her tongue.:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> I'll give ya the benefit. ::nods, gesturing to the drink Travis is preparing with another nod:: Cptn Swain -> ::Drinking his tea quietly, watching as his crew mingles. He was happy for them, happy that they'd made it home safe.:: Rue Wydown -> ::bobbing her head so that the bells in her headgear jingles merrily, humming an infernally catchy song as she waits for her drink:: Ryan Mesner -> Travis>::Everyone gets their drinks:: So Taryn, how have things been? Busy much? Ryan Mesner -> Works for me. The Grail? Maryse Dubois -> ::nods.:: Of course. Taryn Castell -> Yes, plenty of sick and dying to take care of and all that. There's always something in medical to do. How's the booze business? Rue Wydown -> ::takes a mighty fine sip of her ale:: Soooo...the request? You want feathers and some body paint too? You like my plumage so much you want your own? I can point you in the right direction. Second stall to the right. Straight on until you see 'em. Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> ::draining the last of his pint and signaling Travis for another:: Ryan Mesner -> ::Makes his way to The Grail with Maryse:: Ryan Mesner -> Travis> Well, I'll be in business as long as there are people in the galaxy, though it's hardly my most profitable venture. T'Prehl -> ::eventually, the Vulcan also makes her way to the Grail:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> Please -- *please* -- for the love of *God* -- get yer @#$% back to Earth and get yer other half sorted. He's drivin' us...*batty*. Rue Wydown -> ::spurts out the ale out of her mouth because she was trying not to laugh, then can't contain it any more:: Seriously? Taryn Castell -> And have you found that special girl yet to settle down with? ::Bats her eyelashes as she twirls another bit of sugar on her tongue.:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> ::regards her:: Bloody seriously. When have you known *me* to beg? Maryse Dubois -> ::Walks into the Grail with Ryan.:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> I ask you.... is *this* the face of a sane man? ::pointing at his face, brows raised in inquiry:: Rue Wydown -> ::takes one look at him and bursts out laughing then starts coughs a little, choking on the ale that went down the wrong pipe as she's laughing too hard:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> Laugh all y'want... Jules and me, we've been hopping off planet as much as we can. Think the Gunny's 'bout ready to string him up. Rue Wydown -> ::between laughs:: Why didn't you just send him to his grams and let her sort 'em out. Ryan Mesner -> Travis> I've tried the settled and respectable thing too many times. Wanderlust suits me better. Though for you...I might be able to settle down for a few days. ::grins:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> We tried... He's still nursing the shiner, and she's given up this round. Rue Wydown -> Two Marine officers.....or rather three is it now.....afraid of a civilian with a trust fund. ::lays her head on the bar laughing:: Ryan Mesner -> ::Props up at the bar next to Maryse, motioning for a drink:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> More 'fraid of Gran, but... ::nods:: Yeah. Taryn Castell -> ::She gave him a wink and leaned closer.:: Oh, but wouldn't those few days be fun? And tiring? ::Gazing at him over the rim of her glass, her eyes danced.:: Cptn Swain -> ::Looks down to his chrono and frowns:: Cptn Swain -> ::Slides a credit chip over the table and heads out:: Rue Wydown -> ::still giggling:: No seriously. You did *not* come all the way over here to tell me this. Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> ::looks at her, deadly serious:: Ryan Mesner -> Travis> I'd have to agree. ::grins:: How long do you have leave? Charlotte Matsumura -> Kent> I wasn't just in the neighborhood. Cptn Swain -> PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain -> PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain -> PAUSE SIM T'Prehl -> ::Paused:: Cptn Swain -> Alrighty... Cptn Swain -> We want to pick up there next week, or have some time between sims? Cptn Swain -> I am good with either Rue Wydown -> ::holding the polling board:: Ryan Mesner -> Either’s fine for me too. Rue Wydown -> I'm having fun watching Ryan juggling two characters talking to women on the sim. Cptn Swain -> LOL Cptn Swain -> Same, same. Taryn Castell -> ::wink:: Cptn Swain -> Alrighty then. We'll leave it open and if you want to log and move ahead, thats cool. If not we'll pick up there next week. Cptn Swain -> Any questions? Cptn Swain -> Alrighty then. Rue if you don't have anything for them, would you be so kind? Rue Wydown -> Dismissed!
  4. Sorry folks - no sim this week. We'll try again next week. Commander Rue Wydown USS Excalibur
  5. Cptn Swain -> MISSION BRIEF: It has been a little over two weeks since the Excalibur left orbit of Domaria V. We're roughly half the way home to Camelot. Cptn Swain -> BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain -> BEGIN SIM Fae -> :: At Hops. Making sure the ship is doing its thing. :: Cptn Swain -> ::In his quarters, curled up on his couch with a book and a cup of tea:: Rue Wydown -> ::on the bridge, swilling some coffee, looking over the reports from the mission:: Maryse Dubois -> ::In sickbay, checking on the last of her patients.:: Ryan Mesner -> ::Enjoying some of his candy stash in his quarters:: Fae -> :: Checking out the state of the ion storm. :: Cptn Swain -> ::He put the book down and glanced to the clock on the wall:: Rue Wydown -> ::looking up from her PADD:: Ms Waters, might we expect any turbulence from the ion storm? Taryn Castell -> ::Ryan's door chimes ring.:: Cptn Swain -> ::It was nearly time for shift change and he wondered if anyone would notice if he brought the book with him to the bridge -- perks of being Captain:: Fae -> I haven't been told we're in a big hurry. I'm steering fairly well clear of it. I might want to do a few subtle course changes and run shields in a bit as we pass closest to the center. Maryse Dubois -> ((She could sense the candy.)) Fae -> Playing it safe. Ryan Mesner -> Chome ihn! ::mouthful of candy:: Taryn Castell -> ::Stalks into Ryan's quarters.:: I heard you had candy! Ryan Mesner -> ::clutches the bowl to his chest:: Who told you that! Rue Wydown -> Sure, but I'd keep a weathered eye out on the sensors and send the info to Science, I'm sure they'd love to crunch those numbers. Fae -> I'll review the sensor package, but last I knew the storm sensor package is still running. Cptn Swain -> ::Sighing he pushed the blanket off and sat up.:: Fae -> :: Starts poking at the sensor programming :: Fae -> :: Sees where some sensor allocations during the recent mission conflicted with the ion storm package, and works to restore the storm data gathering :: Taryn Castell -> It is going around. So... ::Eyes narrow.:: I see, for once, the rumors are true. ::Moving forward, ever so slowly, as if not to spook the candy bowl.:: Rue Wydown -> Our friend below decks hasn't decided to go for a space walk on his own, has he? Fae -> Yah. Someone messed with the sensor packages, scanning for tachyons. Wonder who would have done that? Cptn Swain -> Svejk> ::Still in his quarters, having resigned himself to pouting:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::raises head from the desktop, props her chin in her palm, eyes on the LCARS terminal screen:: Fae -> Not to my knowledge. Fae -> :: Looks up the location of Svejk's comm badge :: Fae -> He seems to be where he ought to be. Ryan Mesner -> ::pulls the bowl further back:: These are real. 100%, no replicated bits. Ryan Mesner -> What do you have to trade? Cptn Swain -> ::Standing he headed towards the lavatory and turned on the sink. He splashed cold water on his face before toweling off and sighing. He needed to shave.:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::the progress bar for her encryption status for her terminal hasn't budged in fifteen minutes:: Rue Wydown -> Finally, he's actually following an order. Fae -> :: Pulls up the old sensor programs set up by science the during previous close passes near the storm :: Fae -> Is that really a first? I've been trying really hard to ignore that guy. Taryn Castell -> Your next annual physical exam. Gone. ::Dusts her hands and holds them up.:: Cptn Swain -> ::Frowning at the reflection in the mirror, he threw the towel in the fresher and headed back into his room. At this rate, he'd have a full beard by the time they got back to Camelot. Stopping at the couch, he picked up his book (yes, an actual book... oh but what is he reading?) and headed for the door:: Cptn Swain -> (( Crew decision time -- what is Swain reading? )) Fae -> :: Restores the newest of the ion storm packages :: Fae -> (( Journal of Stellar Cartography )) Ryan Mesner -> ::Tosses her a couple caramel candies:: That's a start. Fae -> (( Nah. Not a book... )) Rue Wydown -> ::strolls over to the recycler and dumps off her mug:: Rue Wydown -> ((Care and Feeding of Tribbles)) Charlotte Matsumura -> (( Zen and the Art of Tribble Maintenance )) Cptn Swain -> (( LOL )) Ryan Mesner -> ((101 ways to cook a tribble)) Taryn Castell -> ::Catches and pops one into her mouth, grinning.:: Mmmmmmmm.... the good stuff. How about a free cartridge to cure your next hangover? No one will ever know. Rue Wydown -> ((When Tribbles Attack)) Cptn Swain -> (( LOL -- Those are all good. )) Fae -> (( Scent of a Klingon )) Charlotte Matsumura -> (( No, that's his holovid for later. )) Cptn Swain -> (( LOL )) Taryn Castell -> (( Hair Care for Men - Volume IV: The Pony Tail )) Cptn Swain -> ::He tucked his copy of "Zen and the Art of Tribble Maintenance" under his arm and headed for the lift. It was, despite itself, a very good read and he'd been lucky enough to find one of a copy of the original binded print at a small shop on Camelot before they'd left. The long journey home had left him plenty of time to read so why not take advantage?:: Rue Wydown -> (q)With all these at our finger tips, all we have on the viewscreen is a starscape. ::pulls a face, then heads back to her seat:: Ryan Mesner -> ::He tossed her another one. Grinning, he pulled out a large piece of toffee:: This is Betazed Toffee. Best in the galaxy. You can do better then hangover cures. Cptn Swain -> ::He entered the lift and opened his book:: Bridge. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::mutters:: Can't even multi-task with this... Charlotte Matsumura -> ::glaring at her terminal:: Fae -> :: makes a very minor course adjustment to avoid a slightly heavier tendril of the ion storm :: Taryn Castell -> ::She caught the third and pocketed it, edging closer. She stared at the toffee and licked her lips.:: I... uh... I'll stop telling people about that... um... interesting... rash that you had a while back. Cptn Swain -> ::The lift dropped him off on the bridge, but he was, by then, into the book and hadn't noticed that lift was sitting on the bridge, wide open:: Rue Wydown -> Any signs of the Klingons lately? We're not bringing back yet another shadow are we? Ryan Mesner -> That was because some nameless idiot didn't wipe down the equipment in the gym. ::he scowled, shaking his finger at her:: Fae -> None. How would you prioritize sensor allocation? Ion Storm or Invisible BoP? Cptn Swain -> (( Uhuh )) Rue Wydown -> Ion storm. Fae -> Good nuff. Fae -> I'll do what I can with unused capacity. Charlotte Matsumura -> ((I've been playing too much WoW... I saw BoP and thought "binds on pickup". ::blinks:: )) Fae -> :: Starts a deeper looking at the sensor programming, glad for an excuse to think about something for a while. :: Cptn Swain -> (( LOL )) Cptn Swain -> ::Still in the open lift on the bridge, reading:: Taryn Castell -> Still. It's something. ::Edges closer.:: Mmm... well... I'll do the next three boring reports of your choice... Fae -> :: Starts freeing up a little bit of sensor and compute capability looking for the hypothetical BoP. Figures that a BoP flying at warp speed would disrupt the ions in the ion storm. Looks for disturbances in the Ion Storm data :: Ryan Mesner -> Oh, you can't tell me you don't have something stashed. ::grins:: Fae -> :: Figures the BoP captain has the same problem as she does. Slightly smaller ship. Would want to be further out. Klingons. Willing to take risks. Not very much further out. :: Rue Wydown -> ::chews in her thumbnail a bit:: Need to run some simulations with tactical too while we're in transition. I think we're a bit overdue. Fae -> :: Where would he be going? Not Camelot. The wormhole? Any known Kingon bases? :: Cptn Swain -> ::He suddenly realized he was on the bridge and wondered how long he'd been standing there, but didn't seem that anyone noticed him, so, he acted naturally and strolled out of the lift towards the center stacks:: Fae -> :: blinks, and comes up from her thoughts :: Fae -> You want me to schedule something with security, Commander? Rue Wydown -> Yes, please. ::nods:: Cptn Swain -> ::He tucked the book back under his arms, and smiled:: I see you have everything under control the, Commander? Fae -> :: Looks up the various types of periodic drills that might be done, and decides a half shift time block ought to work :: Taryn Castell -> ::Sighs.:: Fine. Hypothetically speaking, if I had a bottle of illegal booze in a hiding spot that may or may not exist, I might be persuaded to part with a glass or two. Fae -> :: Sends a note down to security suggesting Rue wants a drill, and requesting a convenient time :: Rue Wydown -> I don't know what you mean about "under control" but things are quiet for now. Cptn Swain -> ::Smiles:: Good. 22:53:39 Fae -> Captain? If you were aboard a Klingon bird of prey, and you were heading home, where would you be going? Cptn Swain -> ::Quirks a brow:: Well doesn't that depend on where 'home' is? Fae -> Yah. That's the question. I'm figuring we have a great big ion storm, and I'm wondering where to look for disturbances in the storm where a BoP flew through. Fae -> Any WAGs? Ryan Mesner -> You drive a hard bargain, but I think a more fair price would be for us to take a hypothetical stroll down to that hypothetical bottle and we can finish both off together. Ryan Mesner -> Hypothetically. Fae -> Wormhole is my first guess. Cptn Swain -> Well the Klingons are based out of Camelot too. Fae -> OK. We can look for any ships that might have gone missing for a while, after we get back. Taryn Castell -> Since it hypothetically isn't full, then I suppose we might do that if you were to hypothetically bring that bowl of candy. Because I deserve more than four pieces. Cptn Swain -> I mean, my assumption was and is that they were curious why we where there. They might have headed on to whatever their next mission was. Rue Wydown -> ::just shakes her head:: Fae -> Yah. Reasonable assumption. Commander Wydown just asked me to look for BoPs with my spare sensor allocation, though, and I'm looking for specific places to look. Cptn Swain -> ::Glances to Wydown:: I don't know about you, but I am hoping our next mission involves something quiet. Rue Wydown -> No, I asked you if we'd heard anything. Not to look for them specifically. Taryn Castell -> (( And soothing, like tribbles. )) Fae -> Would it be impolite of me to say 'Ha!' Rue Wydown -> And the priority was the ion storm. Rue Wydown -> I need more coffee. ::standing up:: Fae -> Yep. But I figured if all the sensors were reading information on the storm, might as well look for disturbances in the storm. Ryan Mesner -> I suppose, we can work some sort of a price. ::he packed up the candy, making his way to her:: Shall we? Fae -> Just looking to do something a wee little bit clever. Cptn Swain -> ::Wydown:: I'll be in my office till shift change. Let me know if anything 'exciting' happens, eh? Charlotte Matsumura -> ::glances to the time, decides this is going to have to work on its own so she can work in her training time:: Cptn Swain -> PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain -> PAUSE SIM Fae -> :: paused :: Taryn Castell -> ::grabs a handful of candy and trucks it:: Cptn Swain -> Alrighty. Cptn Swain -> A little slow tonight I know, but you know what they say.. Cptn Swain -> Anyway, we'll truck back to Camelot between now and next week and will have arrived when pick back up. Cptn Swain -> Questions, comments? Rue Wydown -> I take it by the sounds of crickets there are none. Cptn Swain -> Alrighty then. Cptn Swain -> Rue anything from you? Rue Wydown -> Nothing from me. Rue Wydown -> Have a good night folks. Cptn Swain -> Then if you'd be so kind. Rue Wydown -> Dismissed! Fae -> Night! Cptn Swain -> Night all. Charlotte Matsumura -> Night, folks!
  6. Cptn Swain -> MISSION BRIEF: The Excalibur is preparing to blow up the Augustine, then deploy buoys, then get the heck home. Questions? Cptn Swain -> Alrighty then. Cptn Swain -> BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain -> BEGIN SIM Fae -> :: calling up an LCARS display with a large red button. :: Rue Wydown -> ::almost wishes she had popcorn as she hunkers down in front of a viewscreen to watch the action in medical:: Cptn Swain -> ::Standing from his chair he made his way towards the front of the bridge:: Fae -> :: Laying in a few evasive courses, just cause she like to have them available. :: Cptn Swain -> Are we clear of the blast radius? Fae -> I figured 10 times the normally clear distance would be sufficient. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::in the chief's office, watching the Augustine on the screen:: Fae -> Mind if I do a test of the shields? Maryse Dubois -> ::Watching the viewscreen in sickbay.:: Cptn Swain -> ::Nod:: Go ahead. Fae -> :: Looks back to see if there is a Tac officer who wants to do the honors :: Fae -> :: If not, brings them up herself :: Cptn Swain -> On my mark, detonate the charges. Taryn Castell -> ::Standing in sickbay, she watched the viewscreen anxiously, waiting for the fireworks.:: Blow it up, already! Ryan Mesner -> ::leaning back in his chair, almost wishing he could drag Svejk into his office just to see the look on his face:: Cptn Swain -> Mark. Fae -> :: Puts a finger just over the Great Red Spot :: Fae -> :: Pushes the button :: Fae -> :: Gets ready to go evasive :: Rue Wydown -> Hey, the best part is the suspense. Fae -> :: Makes sure the deflector is active as well :: Cptn Swain -> ACTION> The charges on the Augustine detonate in a series of rippling explosions. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM-BOOM-BOOM. Rippling from the front of the ship towards the warp nacelles before culminating in a final BOOOOOOM. Cptn Swain -> ::Lowly:: Ashes to ashes... Fae -> Dust to dust. Ryan Mesner -> ::grins:: That was fun. Fae -> :: Scans to see if all this energy created any Godzilla like giant energy absorbing creatures :: Cptn Swain -> ACTION> No signs of life in the wreckage. As the explosion goes off, sensors detect what appears to be a Klingon Bird of Prey exiting the system. Fae -> BoP! Rue Wydown -> Well, nothing like flying debris to cap off a long scary mission, yes? Fae -> :: Focuses sensors on the exiting BoP :: Fae -> Should we wave goodbye? Cptn Swain -> ::Frowns and heads back to his seat:: Ryan Mesner -> ::glances down at this tactical feed, looking to Charlotte:: Klingons just left. They must be satisfied. Cptn Swain -> How are the quarantine markers coming? Fae -> I'm waiting on your messages. Have five ready to be programmed. Charlotte Matsumura -> I'd hope so. Charlotte Matsumura -> I know they're more fond of big bada-booms than I am. ::shrugs:: Cptn Swain -> ::Nods:: +Wydown+ Swain to Wydown. Rue Wydown -> +Swain+ This is Wydown. Yes, Captain? Fae -> :: Making sure there are no large enough pieces of Augustine apt to re-enter the planet's atmosphere or crash into a quarantine buoy. :: Maryse Dubois -> So glad that's over with. Fae -> :: makes a few minor modifications to her buoy placement plans :: Cptn Swain -> +Wydown+ Rue, we're almost ready to deploy the quarantine markers. Two questions, any thought on what the damned things should say? And two, have we closed down shop sufficiently for science? Fae -> :: Starts listening for Rue :: Cptn Swain -> ::Takes his seat in the center seat:: Taryn Castell -> ::She let out a breath.:: Now to deal with the aftermath. ::Glances at their patients.:: Rue Wydown -> +Swain+ There's usually a standard message for quarantine to use in the Federation database. Second, I'll check with Science to make sure they've closed down shop. I'm sure HQ will want their data. Maryse Dubois -> ::Nods.:: That will take some time. Cptn Swain -> +Wydown+ I didn't know if you thought we should be more or less descript with the message, given the circumstances. Let me know on science. Swain out. Cptn Swain -> ::Fae:: Prep a standard bio-hazard quarantine message and begin deploying. Fae -> The standard programs vary more or less by how stupid you'd have to be to violate? I'll go with pretty darn stupid as a priority, but should I get specific on what we learned? Ryan Mesner -> (back) Fae -> Somebody back on Camelot thought it was a big secret. Cptn Swain -> ::Shakes his head:: No, don't go into any specifics. Cptn Swain -> I doubt that this place sees many visitors anyway. We're pretty far off any trade routes. Fae -> Good enough. :: Loads a very strongly worded standard template package. :: Cptn Swain -> +Security+ Swain to Security. Ryan Mesner -> +Swain+ Mesner. Fae -> :: Checks the debris field of the Augustine against the buoy placements one more time. Downloads a few sensor and evasive programs into the buoys :: Cptn Swain -> +Mesner+ Good work on the Demo. I'll expect an after action report. Anything you guys feel we need to do to close down shop before we head out? The Quarantine should be setup soon enough. T'Prehl -> ::working in the lab:: Fae -> :: Loads three buoys into 3 tubes, and sets up a sequential launch pattern. :: Fae -> :: Runs final diagnostics on the buoys :: Fae -> :: Preps a course for Camelot, accounting for latest estimate of the storm effects :: Taryn Castell -> ::She flipped the viewer off and scooped up her data padd.:: Well, these supplies aren't going to inventory themselves. ::Pauses.:: Actually, they do, but I like to double check. Ryan Mesner -> +Swain+ Well, I would say to level the facility with a spread of quantum torpedoes, but someone might protest to that. We're satisfied down here. Fae -> :: Remembers an old saying about nuking them from orbit... :: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::mutters something about the blasted things probably absorb it, and we'd have Mothra on our hands...:: Fae -> Buoys ready for launch, Captain. Cptn Swain -> +Mesner+ ::Chuckles:: Very well. Look forward to your report, Swain out. Cptn Swain -> ::Fae:: Launch. T'Prehl -> ::moves up to the bridge, to monitor the buoy launch:: Fae -> :: Hits the launch sequence :: Rue Wydown -> ::heading down to Science to see where they are with the samples from the mission:: Fae -> :: Requests post deploy diagnostic sequence and sets up to record responses and alarm on anomaly. :: Fae -> Looks like a good deploy. Ryan Mesner -> ::turns to Charlotte:: Time to play a game called pick your poison. Fae -> Incoming message, sir. We are in a quarantine zone. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::lopsided grin:: Let me guess -- one of them involves doing the AAR? Cptn Swain -> ::Nods:: Very good. begin plotting our course back to Camelot. Fae -> Plotted. I sort of anticipated. Maryse Dubois -> ::Smirks as she goes to check on the patients.:: Fae -> Some orders, you sort of look forward to? Ryan Mesner -> Yes, or, you can scoot on up to tactical, and assist in buoy deploying operations. Cptn Swain -> ::Nods:: I suppose you're right. Fae -> :: Takes down shields :: Charlotte Matsumura -> Rochambeau? Charlotte Matsumura -> ::arching a brow:: Fae -> :: Checks warp drive status :: T'Prehl -> ::Tapping away at her console:: Fae -> :: Holding her finger over a button again... :: Ryan Mesner -> I felt too awful having to decide for you. Rue Wydown -> ::entering the lab:: Oh it's so quiet with Eddie here. ::pouts:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::chuckles:: Six of one, half a dozen of the other. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::drains the last of her drink, putting it in the recycler:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Since I managed the big boom, perhaps I should write the report? Ryan Mesner -> ::grins:: Works for me. Been awhile since I graced the bridge with my presence anyway. Cptn Swain -> Eddie> ::Sulking in his room:: Fae -> :: Through sheer force of will, is managing not to prod the captain :: Taryn Castell -> ::Making notations on the inventory, she wandered over to Maryse.:: Think you'll be waking them up soon? They are nearly healed and shouldn't be in that much pain any more. Charlotte Matsumura -> Give my love to the old man. ::smirks, heading back out to one of the work stations:: Rue Wydown -> So, we need to package up what we have both sample and data wise and prepare something for the sciences guys back home. You all think you can handle that? Cptn Swain -> ::Fae:: I'd like to make sure that the quarantine is setup and secure before we leave. Ryan Mesner -> ::chuckles to himself, before finishing off the last of his coffee, making his way out of his office and security:: Cptn Swain -> You can begin easing us out of orbit though. Fae -> Aye. :: re-plots a slow exit of orbit and clear of the ecliptic :: Fae -> :: Engages at low impulse :: Fae -> :: Calls for final diagnostics from the buoys :: Ryan Mesner -> ::hops in a turbolift:: Bridge:: 22:48:11 Fae -> Good diagnostics and good communications from all three buoys. All three holding station. Maryse Dubois -> Yeah. I've already stopped using sedatives. I'll let them wake on their own now. Cptn Swain -> ::Stands and heads down from the perch:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::at the terminal, logs in and keys her encryption code:: Rue Wydown -> Excellente, muchas gracies. ::grins, mangling her foreign language skills, then heads towards the lab door:: Fae -> :: Glances up on hearing footsteps again :: Fae -> They say it's good to head out. I've heard it's also good to head back. Ryan Mesner -> ::arrives on the bridge, surveying the denizens before making a leisurely stroll to Tactical:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::encodes a message, and sets for transmission in small packets, to be sent with any comms traffic to the station:: Fae -> :: Glances back briefly at Ryan and the captain. :: Cptn Swain -> ::Glances over as Ryan walks on:: Oh good, you're just in time. Ryan Mesner -> ::confident grin:: Of course I am. Cptn Swain -> ::Messner:: Make sure the quarantine is in place and then we can head out. You have the bridge. I'm going to head down and get some sleep. Fae -> :: Slowly shifts from a clear the ecliptic course to the line towards Camelot. :: Cptn Swain -> ::Smiles, then heads for the TL:: Fae -> You missed the Earth Shattering Kaboom, though. Ryan Mesner -> I'll try not to change any of your settings. ::hops in the big chair:: Ryan Mesner -> Fae, to Risa! Best possible speed! Fae -> Risa. :: taps on neutral positions on LCARS as if obeying the order :: Taryn Castell -> Very good. ::She stared down at one of the burn patients, tipping her head to watch them sleep.:: I wonder what really happened over there... Rue Wydown -> ::humming as she enters the lift:: Bridge, please. Cptn Swain -> ::Gives him a dubious look before heading into the TL:: Ryan Mesner -> Y'know, the least you could do is make the viewer go to warp. Ryan Mesner -> Let me live the fantasy a bit. Charlotte Matsumura -> (( Turn on the warp field screen saver? )) Fae -> I'd like to take the whole ship to warp. It's going to be a long ride back on quarter impulse. Maryse Dubois -> We can only guess at this point. Cptn Swain -> ::Smirks at the duo while waiting for the TL to arrive:: Ryan Mesner -> Well, ping the buoys with the standard test frequencies, and then we can get the hell out of here. Fae -> :: Sighs. Repeats the final diagnostic sequence again. :: Ryan Mesner -> ::glancing at controls on the armrest:: Vibrate function? Ryan Mesner -> ::a loud humming fills the bridge:: Fae -> Mister Mesner. We are in a quarantine zone. The buoys are telling us to leave. Diagnostics are passing, however. Again. Still. Fae -> :: Not sure if she is pretending to be impatient or not :: Ryan Mesner -> Good enough for me. Take us out of the system, then set a course for Camelot, Warp 6. Rue Wydown -> ::surprised to find that there are not celebratory parties going on once the turbolift doors open out for the bridge:: Ryan Mesner -> And...do it flashy, incase the Klingons are still looking from afar. Fae -> Camelot. Warp 6. Fae -> :: Engages, quickly, before whomever is entering the bridge states an opinion. :: Cptn Swain -> ::Smiles slight as the doors open:: Oh, Rue. Fae -> :: Works her way up to warp 6 kind of slowly, letting the engines warm as they go. :: Rue Wydown -> Oh Asher. Fae -> :: Wonders if she should cue the violins :: Cptn Swain -> ::Smirks:: I'll be in my quarters if you need me... Cptn Swain -> AND Cptn Swain -> PAUSE Cptn Swain -> SIM Fae -> :: paused :: T'Prehl -> ::Paused:: Cptn Swain -> Heh. Cptn Swain -> Alrighty. So as a reminder, we won't be simming next week. Cptn Swain -> We'll come back next week about, eh, let's say half-way home. It's like a three or four week jaunt back to Camelot. Cptn Swain -> Questions? Rue Wydown -> Who will be here next week by the way guys? Ryan Mesner -> How many pregnancy cases will Medical see by the time we reach Camelot? Charlotte Matsumura -> Not I. Rue Wydown -> It's Labor Day weekend here in the States. Fae -> I'll likely swing by briefly. Ryan Mesner -> I'll probably be here, but I must bounce, Night everyone! T'Prehl -> Is it? Rue Wydown -> Do I have to have *that* talk with you Ryan? Cptn Swain -> LOL Cptn Swain -> I will be around next weekend, and if we have enough people we'll run off-plot. Taryn Castell -> We've sterilized him already. T'Prehl -> Labour Day not the first Monday of September anymore? Rue Wydown -> Yes, it is. It's next weekend. T'Prehl -> Ahh Rue Wydown -> That's what we're talking about, next weekend. Cptn Swain -> Heh. T'Prehl -> I see. Heh/ Taryn Castell -> Night all. Rue Wydown -> All right guys, dismissed. :) T'Prehl -> Goodnight! Charlotte Matsumura -> Night, dahlin! Cptn Swain -> Have a good week!
  7. Cptn Swain -> MISSION BRIEF: Excalibur remains in orbit of Domaria V where Security has been tasked with the demo of the Augustine. Some minor house cleaning remains, including laying down quarantine buoys. And what is poor Tandaris to do? Cptn Swain -> Questions? Cptn Swain -> Alright there being no questions, we'll go ahead and get started. Our SGV is out sick tonight. It's been, we'll say 5-6 hours since we met last week. Cptn Swain -> BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain -> BEGIN SIM Fae -> :: At Hops, looking for BOPS :: Ryan Mesner -> ::in his office:: Cptn Swain -> ::On the bridge:: Maryse Dubois -> ::In sickbay, checking over the patients.:: Tandaris Admiran -> ::sulking in engineering:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::in the transporter room, reviewing the plans for beaming over the det packages:: 39 Rue Wydown -> ::contemplating recommending a 48 hour psych hold on Edward/Eddie whenever the ship eventually returns:: Taryn Castell -> ::Finally coming down off her sugar high and crashing hard in medical. She sat at her desk, chin propped in her hand, barely able to keep her eyes open as she stared at her data padd.:: Ryan Mesner -> ::relaxing, having just sent Swain the final plans for the demo:: Maryse Dubois -> ::Leans in toward Taryn and grins.:: Finally coming down huh? Cptn Swain -> ::Glances to Fae:: Work with engineering to begin prepping the quarantine bouys, but don't program any of the language in just yet. Rue Wydown -> ::tucks her PADD under her arm as she exits the lift and heads down the corridor:: Cptn Swain -> ::Looks over at his PADD as it beeps, notes its from Mesner -- just who he was about to go see:: Taryn Castell -> ::Jerks:: Huh? Wha...? Uh... no, I was just... resting my eyes. Fine. Really. ::Drifts off.:: Cptn Swain -> ::Stands:: I'll be in security if you need me. Fae -> :: Nods to the Captain :: Cptn Swain -> ::Tucks the PADD under his arm and heads towards a lift:: Fae -> +Tandaris+ Engineering? Do you have a few quarantine buoys you could prep up? Rue Wydown -> ::humming some obscure tune from an old children's program where labatory creatures attempted world domination each and every night:: Maryse Dubois -> ::Smirks.:: Uh huh, right... You've been eating a lot of sweets lately. ::Goes to a replicator and comes back with a cup, handing it to Taryn.:: Here. It's juice. Cptn Swain -> +TL+ Security. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::marking the areas of the remaining hulk of the Augustine, where she wants the det packages transported:: Rue Wydown -> ::taking a step inside the lobby of the main medical department:: Tandaris Admiran -> :: heavy sigh:: + Fae+ I do. How many do we need? Taryn Castell -> ::Blinks.:: Juice?! The horror! ::Drinks it anyway, not finding it as satisfying, but at least it was sweet.:: Maryse Dubois -> ::Hearing the doors open.:: And you better do it fast. We have company. Ryan Mesner -> ::takes a sip of his coffee, signing off on other paperwork:: Fae -> +Tandaris+ Standard distribution is two. Three if we're extra paranoid. Don't know about you, but I'm feeling medium paranoid about now. Cptn Swain -> ::Like all lift rides, they work at the speed of the plot, so it was a short ride and Swain exited heading for the lift:: Rue Wydown -> Whotcha. ::leans against the nurse's station:: Maryse Dubois -> ::Walks over to the station.:: Commander, friendly visit or business? Taryn Castell -> ::Seeing Rue, she stood up so fast that her head started to spin and she had to sit down again. Finishes her juice like a good little girl.:: Cptn Swain -> ::Rounding the corner he entered the lobby area of Main Security, nodding past the ensign drinking coffee at the front desk who seemed a little surprised to see the Captain, unannounced.:: Tandaris Admiran -> + Fae+ So, 2 and a half? Rue Wydown -> Business. ::pulling out her PADD:: Just a quick check on where we are with our away team mishaps. How are they doing? When will they be released? Do I need to find permenant substitutions for them or will they survive to fight another day. That sorta thing. What can ye tell me? Cptn Swain -> ::Hits the button to Messner's office door:: Fae -> +Tandaris+ Plus or minus a half. Just get them physically ready and loaded in a magazine. I'll handle programming when the Captain gives me the guidance... which he hasn't yet. Maryse Dubois -> They are actually recovering pretty well. A couple are still in ICU, but very hopeful. And those two will be released soon, but not ready for work yet. Ryan Mesner -> Come in. ::he glanced up from his padd:: Maryse Dubois -> ::Pointing to two crewmen laying in biobeds:: Tandaris Admiran -> + Fae+ Will do. :: without any trace of enthusiasm:: Cptn Swain -> ::Enters:: Good afternoon. Rue Wydown -> Are they ever going to be released for duty? ::Looks over at them dubiously:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::with that done, and the transport officer prepped, she then moves to verify the timing and programming on the detonators:: Fae -> +Tandaris+ Such enthusiasm! Much appreciated anyway. Thanks. Out. Maryse Dubois -> Yes, eventually. Once physically healed they will need psych evals. But I don't forsee any complications. Rue Wydown -> And what do you think, Dr Castell? Ryan Mesner -> Captain. ::he blinked, slightly surprised. He stood to meet him:: I just sent up the plan. Figured you'd be in your ready room. Fae -> :: Checks the orbital patterns of the local system. How to place the buoys so no one is apt to get close in without getting a good long clear line of sight on them? :: Tandaris Admiran -> :: begins prepping the beacons:: Taryn Castell -> ::Almost nodding again, she jerked at Rue's question.:: Ah, the same as Doctor Dubois. The physical body is nearly healed, but we haven't woken them up to assess the mental. Taryn Castell -> They've been in a lot of pain. Cptn Swain -> ::Smiles:: I wanted to come down and get the briefing myself. I haven't got to spend as much time getting to know this crew as I would like. Cptn Swain -> So, from what I've read so far, you're going to beam charges over to select locations, yes? Rue Wydown -> So either they'll have a full release, or they won't 'cause of psych exams 'cause they haven't been woken up yet. ::glances at the two of them:: Don't sugar coat it for me, mates, which is it? Maryse Dubois -> They may never be the same...We simply just don't know. Don't write them off yet, but don't expect them to be on duty in the near future. Ryan Mesner -> Yes. ::he put up a diagram of the Augustine on the large wall panel behind his desk:: A series of explosions here, here and here will trigger a feedback loop in the EPS grid. Cptn Swain -> ::Nods:: Any potential dangers to the Excalibur? Ryan Mesner -> More explosions, ::points:: will force this feedback all the way to engineering, where it will eventually destabilize matter/anti-matter containment, and big explosion. Ryan Mesner -> ::shakes his head:: Not as long as we keep a safe distance. Cptn Swain -> ::Smirks at the 'Big Explosion':: Taryn Castell -> There shouldn't be any complications with getting them back on their feet physically, but who knows what their mental state will be. ::Trying to rephrase, but her sugar-crashed brain was making it difficult to... y'know... think.:: Cptn Swain -> I assume 'big explosion' is a technical term down here? Rue Wydown -> A trip to the company shrink it is then. ::making a note in the PADD:: Any other info that you all want to update me with. Maryse Dubois -> Lab results we took from each of them have come up negative. So they are clean. Ryan Mesner -> It should be enough to ruin Svejk's day, sir. Ryan Mesner -> ::slight grin:: Cptn Swain -> ::Smiles:: Well then, sounds like you all have everything under control. Rue Wydown -> Security was having some issues with our friend Mr Svejk. Anything medical come out of that? Cptn Swain -> You can begin deploying the charges as soon as you're ready. Inform us as soon as you're good to go. Maryse Dubois -> I'm staying clear of Mr. Svejk... Charlotte Matsumura -> ::satisfied with the programming and the layout, taps her commbadge:: +Mesner+ Matsumura to Mesner. Cptn Swain -> ::Stands:: We'll I'll leave you to it. Ryan Mesner -> I'm probably good to go. +Charlotte+ Good news. I'm standing in front of the Captain. Tandaris Admiran -> :: prepares five buoys, for contingencies:: Rue Wydown -> I understand you want to steer clear of him, but I need to know if he presents any sort of medical threat to the crew. ::raises a brow:: Charlotte Matsumura -> +Mesner+ ::thinking, "I'll try to contain my excitement...":: ::aloud she says...:: Well, I'm prepped here, Chief. Ready whenever we have the word. Taryn Castell -> We've been monitoring him from his room and haven't seen any sort of abnormal spike in his bioreadings. They seem to think he was having some sort of fit, but it could have only been a ploy to get out of his room. Maryse Dubois -> ::nods at what Taryn said.:: I haven't seen anything to suggest he's a threat yet. Cptn Swain -> ::Heads out of Messner's office, leaving him to do his job:: Ryan Mesner -> +Charlotte+ The word we have. Happy planting. Charlotte Matsumura -> +Mesner+ Excellent. I'll get things rolling. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::lopsided grin:: +Mesner+ See you in a few minutes. Matsumura out. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::moves over to the control console, overseeing the beam out:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Transporter officer> ::activates transporter, and deposits the det packs where they belong aboard the Augustine:: Rue Wydown -> That's good to know. ::smirks:: And I have no doubt it was a ploy, but we do have to check it out for sincerity. Ryan Mesner -> ::returns to his chair and coffee:: Fae -> :: Sees the transporters go active briefly, and sort of guesses what is going on from the pattern of placement. :: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::on her PADD, checks the location beacons attached to the det packs:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::notes that they are in the appropriate places, awaiting the signal... with timers for backup:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::nods her thanks to the transport officer, then heads out of the TR, making her way back to security:: Cptn Swain -> ::Heads to the lift:: Taryn Castell -> Well, we have been monitoring. I offered to go down there, but they didn't seem to think it is necessary. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::stepping into the lift, the doors close, and re-open a few seconds later on the appropriate deck:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::entering main security, waves to the ensign on watch with her fingers, heading directly to Mesner's office:: Cptn Swain -> ::Enters onto he bridge:: Rue Wydown -> Introducing you would be introducing a whole new level of Crazy into Eddie's world. ::grins:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::crosses to the replicator:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::turns, revealing a bag of popcorn:: Rue Wydown -> Don't give me too many ideas. ::evil grin:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::grins:: Thought you might want to watch the light show. Taryn Castell -> Ugh, I'd have to sugar up before attempting anything so risky. Cptn Swain -> ::Fae:: We should be ready to begin demo of the Augustine shortly. Make sure everyone knows. Tandaris Admiran -> + Fae+ Buoys are prepped. I did five, in case there are any misfires or you decide you want more. Cptn Swain -> ::Part of him felt like he should make some sort of announcement or something. Part of him just wanted it to be over. In some fashion this was, for him, a funeral.:: Fae -> +Tandaris + Sounds like mild overkill, but, hey, better than under kill. Thanks again. Cptn Swain -> ::But he knew there would be plenty of time for that later.:: Rue Wydown -> Okay, so he's under control. Anything else? Fae -> :: Confirms the buoys are ready to program and launch :: Charlotte Matsumura -> (( Sorry... Lottie just barged in. ;) )) Ryan Mesner -> It should be thoroughly epic. ::grins:: Ryan Mesner -> Unless they beam the explosives into the wrong area. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::nods to the screen in his office:: Can you patch us in? Maryse Dubois -> Not that I can think of. Ryan Mesner -> Then we'll just have a smoking ship. Fae -> +PA+ All hands. USS Augustine is prepped for destruction. Speak now or forever hold your peace. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::shakes her head, stealing a few kernels:: I've already verified placement. Taryn Castell -> ::Opens her mouth, closes it, opens again, closes it, and then shakes her head.:: Not from me, Commander. I think that's everything. Taryn Castell -> ::Hears the comm.:: Oh! Can we watch?! Charlotte Matsumura -> ::leaning against the desk, kinda half-seated on the front edge:: Fae -> :: Does one more scan of Augustine looking for more or less normal life signs :: Taryn Castell -> ::Rushes to the largest wall viewer and sets it to the ship's external view of the Augustine.:: Fae -> Captain, I have quarantine buoys ready to program as well. No sign of BoPs. No other changes. Maryse Dubois -> ::Walks over to the viewer as well.:: Cptn Swain -> ::nods:: Ryan Mesner -> Of course. ::switches to the main viewer:: This thing gets more then water polo. Rue Wydown -> ::follows along, always loved a good fire works show:: Fae -> (( Yep. Bad stuff here. Stay away. )) Charlotte Matsumura -> That's good. Water polo is dreadfully dull. Cptn Swain -> +Mesner+ Are we ready to go? Charlotte Matsumura -> I much prefer the real thing with horses and muscular men. ::wry grin:: Ryan Mesner -> I perfer something more...physical. ::smirks:: Taryn Castell -> (( Except when they show the underwater shots. )) Charlotte Matsumura -> ::rolls her eyes:: Ryan Mesner -> +Swain+ Charges are beamed over and armed, all you have to do is hit the big red button. Fae -> :: Compares the sizes of the charge with blast effects at various ranges :: Cptn Swain -> +Mesner+ Understood. Cptn Swain -> ::Fae:: Move us to a safe distance. Rue Wydown -> I hope they do this right. If they don't it's going to make a heck of a mess. Fae -> Aye. :: Carefully checks her charts, and plots a course to 50 times a safe distance:: Cptn Swain -> ::Considers:: And send a note in the general area we're about to do it too. I'd rather not blow the Klingons up, too. Fae -> :: Engages impulse at minimum power levels :: Cptn Swain -> ...and... Ryan Mesner -> ::glances to Charlotte:: Y'know, I've never blown up a ship with a cold warp core before. I suppose one more notch in the belt. Fae -> +Guard Frequencies+ Demolition alert. USS Augustine is about to be destroyed. Anyone in the area should avoid Augustine. Taryn Castell -> (( blow it up, already! )) Fae -> +Guard+ Repeats in Klingon and assorted other languages. Cptn Swain -> ...PAUSE SIM.... Cptn Swain -> ...PAUSE SIM.... Taryn Castell -> Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Maryse Dubois -> ::paused:: Fae -> What? I wanted "Push the button, Max." Fae -> :: paused :: Taryn Castell -> Where's the BOOM? Rue Wydown -> ::snickers:: Fae -> Earth shattering kaboom? Cptn Swain -> I am saving the fireworks for My pre-Birthday party sim. Cptn Swain -> :P Taryn Castell -> Don't expect any gifts. Rue Wydown -> Don't you know, you always go to commercial break right now. Taryn Castell -> After that stunt. Fae -> In order to honor the first laser blast on mars, we ought to have an earth shattering kaboom! Taryn Castell -> You're getting a flaming bag of poo. Cptn Swain -> lol Cptn Swain -> Alright, any questions? Cptn Swain -> One last thing from me, what do everyone's plans look like for Labor Day? Rue Wydown -> I'm sorry, I won't be here Charlotte Matsumura -> I'll be in Atlanta with 60,000+ of my closest friends. Cptn Swain -> Which con? Fae -> No plans here. Charlotte Matsumura -> DragonCon Charlotte Matsumura -> As always. Cptn Swain -> Sounds fun :) Ryan Mesner -> I will be being paid to disc golf. Cptn Swain -> Alright, we'll just take a vacation that week then. Cptn Swain -> So, no sim Sunday 9/2 Cptn Swain -> Alrighty, nothing more from me. Anything from you Rue? Charlotte Matsumura -> Being paid? Nice work if you can get it. =) Rue Wydown -> Okay folks, I need to head out for the night. Cptn Swain -> Alrighty. Cptn Swain -> Have a good week and see you all next time.
  8. Cptn Swain -> MISSION BRIEF: The Excalibur remains in orbit of Domaria V. Security has begun planning a demo solution on the Augustine, while science continues their research into the creatures. Meanwhile, Tandaris has begun to analyze the logs brought back from the Dominion base. Cptn Swain -> Questions? Charlotte Matsumura -> ::sitting on hands:: Cptn Swain -> Hmm? Cptn Swain -> Alrighty, let get going then. Cptn Swain -> BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain -> BEGIN SIM Fae -> :: At Hops, primarily keeping an eye out for cloaked BoPs. :: T'Prehl -> ::at her console, analyzing things:: T'Prehl -> ::decides to head down to the lab and complete her research there:: T'Prehl -> ::hands over the science console to one of her lackeys and heads to the lift:: Cptn Swain -> ::In his ready room, looking at the window to Augustine:: Tandaris Admiran -> :: reading a log with intense interest:: Huh. Edward Svejk -> ::Stops and glances at his replicator:: Ah... no, no. Ah... Edward Svejk -> ::Paces for a moment before bee lining to the replicator:: Cptn Swain -> ::Sighing, he tapped his commbadge:: +Mesner+ Swain to Mesner... Tandaris Admiran -> :: stands up:: Ryan Mesner -> ::Ryan was in his washroom, trimming his beard, and performing the other steps needed to keep him from looking like a disheveled bum. He was already late for Charlotte, but this could wait no longer:: Tandaris Admiran -> :: sits down again:: Ryan Mesner -> ::taps the badge sitting on the counter:: +Swain+ Mesner here. Rue Wydown -> ::flittering around goopy messes of samples:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::in main security, waiting for Mesner, as she has to 'call-in':: T'Prehl -> ::arriving at the science lab, and logs in:: Ryan Mesner -> ::takes a moment to make a few flexes in the mirror while he waits for Swain:: Cptn Swain -> +Mesner+ I'd like for the preliminary report on the demo solution by 1600. I'd like to move this along as reasonably fast as possible. Tandaris Admiran -> But if ... no. Yet.... Cptn Swain -> to be in by* Charlotte Matsumura -> ::having already prepped her explosive plan, and requisitioned the appropriate supplies:: Edward Svejk -> ::Arranges his slimy meal and 'utensils' at his desk and violently tears into the poorly replicated tripe:: Cptn Swain -> ::He moved away from the window and the Augustine and towards his desk.:: Ryan Mesner -> @+Swain+ Understood. I have a few "rough sketches" done, but to be honest, Matsumura is the demolitions whiz. We'll have something on your desk by 1600. Taryn Castell -> ::Checking on the status of her patients, who were just about healed. After updating their files, she tucked her padd in her pocket and bopped out of medical, heading for the lift.:: Cptn Swain -> +Mesner+ Good. Cptn Swain -> +Mesner+ Swain out. Edward Svejk -> ::Stops, rises from his desk, paces, and nervously approaches his door:: Tandaris Admiran -> :: sighs, gets up, and goes to the ready room door:: T'Prehl -> ::takes a sample of the creature's blood and puts it under a microscope:: Ryan Mesner -> ::browsing over his plethora of colognes with furrowed brow:: +Charlotte+ Mesner to Matsumura. Edward Svejk -> Ahem! Ah... ::glances around the security personnel arrayed outside:: is... did she leave already? Wydown? Ah, could you... you see, he took my... well... could you extend my gratitude?! ::ducks back into his quarters before he can be questioned:: Tandaris Admiran -> ::takes a deep breath, then hits the chime:: Charlotte Matsumura -> +Mesner+ Matsumura here. Go ahead, Chief. Cptn Swain -> ::Looks to the door:: Enter. Tandaris Admiran -> :: walks into the room, visibly excited--and agitated:: Edward Svejk -> ::Goes to replicator again, ordering a scalding hot tea:: Aaaaah... Rue Wydown -> ((I think Eddy is losing his mind)) Ryan Mesner -> +Charlotte+ Where are you? I'm running late, and if I step foot in security soon, someone is getting shot. ::debates:: Come to my quarters, we can draw up the plans here. Edward Svejk -> ::Carefully sits at his desk before taking several deep breaths and pouring the beverage on his left hand and screaming:: Cptn Swain -> ::He didn't know what to expected, these days, from his Chief Engineer:: Cptn Swain -> What can I do for you, Commander? Charlotte Matsumura -> +Mesner+ ::chuckles:: And if I don't get out of here soon, someone is getting shot. I'll be there as soon as possible. Rue Wydown -> ::putting up her samples, locking the case:: T'Prehl, I need a bit of a break. Back in two ticks? Tandaris Admiran -> I've found something. T'Prehl -> Very well... Edward Svejk -> ::gets up, pushing over his chair, and runs to the door, stopping to check if his hand looked bad enough:: T'Prehl -> ::nods at acknowledgement to Rue:: Ryan Mesner -> ::smirks:: +Charlotte+ Doors open. Mesner out. Edward Svejk -> ::as the doors open:: Tha-that creature's digestive... oh why am I bothering?! It hurts! It hurts! Rue Wydown -> Do you need anything? Charlotte Matsumura -> ::stands, loads the plans onto a PADD:: Cptn Swain -> ::Lifts a brow:: What did you find? Edward Svejk -> ::as they push him back inside his quarters:: Oh come ON! Call someone! This is inhuman! T'Prehl -> I do not, thank you Taryn Castell -> ::Bops into the mess hall, entirely too perky, but she'd gotten into the caffeinated jelly beans and they were working their magic.:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::makes a log entry, noting the change of watch, then heads out of main security:: Tandaris Admiran -> Genetic engineering wasn't all the Dominion was up to down there. They have an entire medical technology wing. Rue Wydown -> ::wipes her hands off on her uniform, while they are all ready steril, she just *felt* better by doing it and heads down the corridor:: Cptn Swain -> ::Leans back onto his desk:: Not all that surprising, considering. LTJG King> ::outside of Svejk's quarters:: Pipe down, Eddie. You're under orders to stay put. Now either ya stay put, or I'm gonna have to drag out the heavier artillery. And you ain't gonna like that. Ryan Mesner -> ::humming some familiar toon as he picks out a uniform:: LTJG King> ::folding her arms across her chest, feet shoulder width apart, regarding Svejk with pursed lips and a scowl:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::stepping out of the lift, and headed for the chief's quarters:: Cptn Swain -> ::Admiran:: I assume though you found something else in the logs? Edward Svejk -> I... you don't understand! Please, just... ::fakes a grimace and groan of pain:: please tell the Captain what's become of me... Tandaris Admiran -> One item in particular caught my eye. They were studying Scorpiad stasis technology. They had several pods retrieved from wreckage. LTJG King> The captain already knows what became of you. ::arching a brow:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::pressing the chime to Mesner's quarters:: Cptn Swain -> ::Gives him 'the look':: Tandaris Admiran -> One of them, according to the logs, is occupied ... by a Scorpiad lifesign. Edward Svejk -> Th-those creatures! I have to waaaaarn him! ::falls to his knees:: LTJG King> ::not looking impressed:: Ryan Mesner -> Ahhh...::glance down at his half assembled uniform:: Come in! T'Prehl -> ::taps at her console, and jots down some ntoes on her PADD:: Edward Svejk -> ::Fully collapses on the floor of his room, attempting to stay very still:: LTJG King> We've already got a pretty good idea what the frell is down there. So you can stop the melodramatic bull. Ens Robinson>::glances to King:: What do you think he's on? Charlotte Matsumura -> ::the doors part and Lottie enters:: Cptn Swain -> A Scorpiad lifesign? LTJG King> I'm not sure, but if he were a dog back home, we'd've shot him already. Cptn Swain -> Can we confirm that its still there? Cptn Swain -> (( If he starts frothing at the mouth ... )) Ryan Mesner -> ::pokes his head out of his bedroom door to Charlotte:: Hey, hi, hi. Uh...You should stay there for a moment. Or take a look at my sketches on the coffee table. Ryan Mesner -> But don't come over here. Ryan Mesner -> No. Charlotte Matsumura -> (( Like Old Yeller... without the sympathy tears )) Rue Wydown -> ::enters the messhall and orders a caffeinated beverage:: Cptn Swain -> (( LOL )) Taryn Castell -> (( Put something in his mouth so he doesn't bite off his tongue. )) Charlotte Matsumura -> ::notes his bare shoulders, clears her throat, turning her back, and going over to the coffee table, careful to keep her attention forward:: Charlotte Matsumura -> I...brought my demolition plans. I thought you might want to take a look. Taryn Castell -> ::Spots the Commander. Smiles and waves.:: Hello, Commander. I thought you were hidden away in Science. ::Sipping on something blue.:: Tandaris Admiran -> Yes. The automated logs are functioning. The pod is stable. Cptn Swain -> Damn. Cptn Swain -> That's the find of the year. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::picking up the PADD from the coffee table and powering it up to look at the file:: Rue Wydown -> Whotcha Doctor. ::sipping her drink:: Don't tell, but I escaped the loony bin. Tandaris Admiran -> You're telling me. Ryan Mesner -> ::the rustle of clothing could be heard:: Good. It does say demolitions expert on your file. Which Garrison struck out and edited to savant. Edward Svejk -> ::sneezes:: Auugh... ::lifts himself off of the floor:: Yes, yes just as I suspected, the creature's digestive fluids contain a mild hallucinogen! Please alert... uh... Ryan Mesner -> ::walks out, buttoning up his uniform:: He seemed a good judge of character, so don't make me a bad judge of judge of character. LTJG King> ::looking to Robinson, arching a brow:: Cptn Swain -> ::Frowns:: I don't know what we can do about that though. LTJG King> ::silently asking a question with the arched brow:: Taryn Castell -> Congratulations. ::Beams.:: I'll give you a ten minute head start before getting out the dart gun to inject you with sedatives and haul you back. How did you get out of the straight jacket? Dislocated shoulder? Yea, I know that trick. Rue Wydown -> Jedi Mind Trick. ::sips again:: Works every time. Ens Robinson> ::frowns:: And exactly when, Mr. Svejk, did you become exposed to their digestive fluids? Tandaris Admiran -> :: starts:: We have to go get it. Cptn Swain -> ::Lifts a brow:: I don't see how or why. In case you've forgotten, somehow, there's creatures down there that like to sunbathe in phaser fire. Cptn Swain -> Not only that, but I'll let you be the one to tell Mesner he has to put people on the line for a Scorpiad stasis pod. LTJG King> Maybe he pulled a Tommy Lee Jones and made one of them eat him. Which would make sense, since I've been led to believe the doc here ain't worth a pile of sh... ::clears her throat:: Edward Svejk -> ::Looks shocked:: Why... the sample I had brought to me! Rue Wydown -> How's our patients doing? ::crossing her arms all casual like, playing with her cup:: T'Prehl -> Hmm. ::reviewing the creatures' DNA structure:: LTJG King> Look, Eddie: You either go quietly back into your quarters, or I'm going to stun you, and you'll have plenty of time to sleep off the effects. Tandaris Admiran -> This wing is in much better shape, which suggests it isn't heavily infested. And I know exactly where it is. We can be in and out in an hour. The creatures won't even know we're there. Taryn Castell -> They are still sedated, but just about healed. Their burns have mostly been regenerated. We should be pulling them from under in a few hours. I'm not sure what psychological trauma they might have to handle, but that's not my department. They can go be crazy somewhere else. Cptn Swain -> ::He put his hands over his mouth and considered for a very long moment:: Ens Robinson> Mesner did say that we could do whatever we wanted, as long as we didn't kill him. Charlotte Matsumura -> (( What do you mean 'we', paleface? )) Ens Robinson> or damage him...permanently. LTJG King> ::pulling out her phaser and adjusting the stun setting:: Won't even leave a mark. Cptn Swain -> +Wydown+ Swain to Wydown.. Rue Wydown -> You think there might be additional psychological trauma? :pauses:: Wellllll more than one could obtain from serving on this ship? T'Prehl -> ::searches for similar DNA structures to compare it with:: Rue Wydown -> +Swain+ Aye, Captain. This is Wydown, go ahead. Edward Svejk -> ::grumbles and limps back to his desk, turning his back on the two:: Ryan Mesner -> ::looking over Charlottes diagrams, while she looks over his. After a few seconds, he decided that hers had a lot less large question marks and explosions drawn on them:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::amused by his drawings, noting the mushroom cloud animation on the final screen:: Cptn Swain -> +Wydown+ What would you say if I told you Admiran had found a working stasis pod in a secondary wing of the base on the planet that contains a Scorpiad? LTJG King> ::satisfied, returns to her post:: Ens Robinson>::glances to King, whispering:: Look, lets just lock the door from the outside, and tell medical to monitor his vitals through the internal sensors. You know if you shoot him, Mesner will make us fill out all the paperwork. Taryn Castell -> ::Cocks her head like a puppy, listening to Swain's comm.:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::raises brows:: Well, does it pass muster? ::wry grin:: Rue Wydown -> +Swain+ It depends. Is this is a secure channel? Or are you on the bridge for all to hear? Cptn Swain -> +Wydown+ Secure. I am in my Ready Room with Tandaris. LTJG King> ::holsters her phaser:: ::disappointed:: Ryan Mesner -> Absolutely, if only because you're has actual math on it. Like, with numbers. LTJG King> +Medical+ King to Medical. Charlotte Matsumura -> That is the generally accepted format, yes. Edward Svejk -> ::Grimly eats the tripe:: Edward Svejk -> ::Remembers something and begins walking towards the door:: Rue Wydown -> +Swain+ So, found a stasis pod....annnnnnd? ::waiting for the punch line:: Taryn Castell -> ::Delighted to get a comm of her own, though a bit peeved that she'd forgotten to reroute emergency communications to some other sucker.:: +King+ Medical here, go ahead. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::grins:: Basically, the smaller explosions would set off a chain of events, making the most of the environment, and leaving little debris in its wake. Tandaris Admiran -> :: interjects:: It's been functioning for over 2 centuries LTJG King> +Taryn+ Could you please monitor lifesigns for our... guest? He's claiming some issues, but I ain't so sure. Rue Wydown -> ::waves regretfully at Castell, figuring she'd better head back up to the bridge to find out what trouble Swain was up to:: Ryan Mesner -> Good. I want this ship pulverized. I watch Edward to see the Augustine out the window one moment, and space dust the next. LTJG King> +Taryn+ He's acting more melodramatic than a bad space opera. Ens Robinson>+Taryn+ ::jumps on the line:: Yeah! Scan him for drugs! Cptn Swain -> +Wydown+ It has a live Scorpiad in it ... and its been there for over 200 years. Edward Svejk -> ::Presses ear against his door but cannot make out anything:: LTJG King> ::waves off Robinson, smirking:: Ens Robinson>+Taryn+ He claims he's hallucinating of the creatures digestive acids or something. Charlotte Matsumura -> I'm rather partial to that image, too. Rue Wydown -> +Swain+ And? Cptn Swain -> +Wydown+ You think we should just leave it in stasis? T'Prehl -> ::not surprisingly, finds nothing of real comparison. Shrugs and continues on with her research:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Though I think I'd prefer if Edward were *aboard* at detonation, but, as the man says, we can't always get what we want. Rue Wydown -> +Swain+ Well, it's been there for 200 years, why would we poke a stick at it now? I'm not going willing to break quarantine *again* to monkey with a stasis unit that may or may not be viable. Ryan Mesner -> Ain't that the truth. ::he smirked slyly at her for a moment:: So. I'm thinking, we take your plan, and just like...double the explosives. Taryn Castell -> +King+ Well, that certainly is possible. He has been exposed to the samples we brought up from the planet and we do not fully know their effects. Do I need to come examine him? Is he acting delusional or crazed? Has he developed a mysterious rash? Ryan Mesner -> ::he stood, making his way to the replicator:: Coffee, black. ::turned to Charlotte:: Anything? Charlotte Matsumura -> ::shakes her head:: None for me, thanks. I'll have tea after we finish here. Taryn Castell -> +King+ Because one of those was going around a while back. Cptn Swain -> +Wydown+I tend to agree, however if there's a way to bring it back up without breaking quarantine? Cptn Swain -> ::Looks at Admiran:: LTJG King> +Taryn+ I think that would require contact with someone in the crew... and I seriously doubt anyone would be interested in him in *that* way. Rue Wydown -> +Swain+ Exactly how do you think you could pull *that* rabbit out of your hat? ::raises a brow as she enters the lift:: Edward Svejk -> ::Rubs his slightly scalded arm and stands at the replicator for quite some time:: Cptn Swain -> +Wydown+ I was going to let Admiran try to solve that. Ens Robinson> I've got a slip of latinum says he's doing for attention. LTJG King> +Taryn+ I'd just say watch and wait. If his signs go into arrest, then plan on acting. Tandaris Admiran -> We can get past the dampening field... Tandaris Admiran -> But it'll cost us the Augustine. LTJG King> ::glancing to Robinson:: ::shakes her head:: ::mouths "No takers":: Cptn Swain -> ::Looks at Admiran:: We're going to blow it up anyway. Taryn Castell -> +King+ So noted. We'll be sure to monitor him remotely, unless you think he needs to be sedated. Is he a danger to himself or others? Has he tried to stab you with any sharp objects? Tandaris Admiran -> :: smiles:: That will work nicely. Rue Wydown -> +Swain+ So if he does some how accomplish this task, you really want to expose the crew to an unknown entity? Tandaris Admiran -> please. :: both of them:: I can do this. I need to do this. That team on the Augustine ... some people died because of me. The crew of the Augustine is probably dead. We can't let those deaths be for nothing. LTJG King> +Taryn+ No sharp pointies, thankfully. If he continues, I may just have ta sedate him myself... Cptn Swain -> ::Swain continued holding hand over his face, biting his lip. He was a terrible poker player, because he so obviously showed when he was unsure of his course of action.:: Cptn Swain -> +Wydown+ I'll take that to mean you don't. Ryan Mesner -> ::sips his coffee, observing Matsumura:: Rue Wydown -> +Swain+ Well, duh. ::blinks:: You do? Charlotte Matsumura -> ::purses her lips, pulling up her plans, making a few changes:: Cptn Swain -> +Wydown+ No, I do. I wanted your opinion to confirm. Rue Wydown -> +Swain+ Why do you think I made the away team go down in EVA suits in the first place? Taryn Castell -> +King+ If you need to, that is certainly understandable. Keep me informed of any odd behavior. I'll bop back down to medical and gather some scans. Incidentally, you'll be scanned as well, so I'll let you know if sensors turn up anything interesting. Someone's appendix might be waiting to explode as we speak. Random scans are always a good idea. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::takes Mesner's suggestion under advisement and then hands him the PADD:: Better? ::wry grin:: Tandaris Admiran -> :: thoroughly confused:: LTJG King> +Taryn+ Yeah, well, if he decides to cut my heart out with a spoon, you'll be the first to know. Cptn Swain -> ::He looked at Tandaris:: I am sorry Commander, but as ... phenomenal ... as it is. I can't risk any more lives going down there. Even for this. Taryn Castell -> ::Secretly hopes for emergency surgeries.:: Cptn Swain -> ...and... Ryan Mesner -> ::looks it over, nodding:: Swain wants a preliminary report on his desk by 1600, so that gives us some time to refine, or just waste. Ryan Mesner -> I vote for the second one. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::chuckles:: Certainly has my vote as well. Until we're no longer stuck on high center, there's really not much *to* do. Tandaris Admiran -> :: nods:: ok. Fine. I'll do it. I'll go by myself. Cptn Swain -> PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain -> PAUSE SIM Rue Wydown -> Edward, how long were you planning on staring at that replicator? Edward Svejk -> I fell asleep gazing at it Rue Wydown -> I know those sparking lights are hypnotic Cptn Swain -> Good work all. Cptn Swain -> Once again I remain amazed and impressed by the restraint of our Security team. Charlotte Matsumura -> Try us again next week and see what happens. Cptn Swain -> Questions? Ryan Mesner -> I'm building up good will that I can burn down at a later date. Cptn Swain -> If there be na questions, TBS will be 5-6 hrs or long enough for fireworks on Augustine to be ready to go. Cptn Swain -> Nothing more from me, anything from you Rue? Rue Wydown -> Nothing from me. Ryan Mesner -> Alright, if there's nothing out I'll be off. Ryan Mesner -> else* Cptn Swain -> If you'd be so kind to dismiss them then? Rue Wydown -> Crew dismissed! Ryan Mesner -> Night all! T'Prehl -> Night ! Charlotte Matsumura -> Night, folks.
  9. Cptn Swain -> MISSION BRIEF: The Excalibur senior officers continue to meet in the observation lounge where they're starting to put the pieces they have together. Cptn Swain -> BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain -> BEGIN SIM Rue Wydown -> ::leaning back in her chair, folding her arms across her chest:: Fae -> :: Quietly listening :: Svejk> ::Wisely holding his tongue, for the moment:: Ryan Mesner -> ::coffee producing rapid thumb twiddling at the table:: Tandaris Admiran -> The Augustine. Cptn Swain -> ::Looks to Admiran:: Maryse Dubois -> ::Sitting quietly in her chair.:: Taryn Castell -> ::Dunks a marshmallow in her cocoa with one fingernail. Die, die, die.:: Ryan Mesner -> ::looks to Tandy, assuming there was more to that statement:: Tandaris Admiran -> We should send a proper skeleton crew aboard, secure it. If there is a cloaked bird of prey interested in this base, an abandoned starship would be easy picking Cptn Swain -> ::Lifts a brow:: Rue Wydown -> Except, aren't there still those things over there? Tandaris Admiran -> Maybe. That's why I said "secure it". Taryn Castell -> And wasn't that why the previous away team exploded some plasma conduits? Cptn Swain -> ::Frowns:: I am not sure, at this point, I am willing to send another crew over their. Charlotte Matsumura -> A likely conclusion, based on recent events. The best bet would be to complete the destruction of the ship and enforce the existing quarantine. Cptn Swain -> there* Ryan Mesner -> Yeah, blow the ship up. Cptn Swain -> But if we do that, we lose any chance of finding out what happened over there. Ryan Mesner -> Keeps the Klingons from finding it out as well. Tandaris Admiran -> :: nods at Charlotte:: That's also a viable option, though it risks destroying any vital evidence as-yet uncovered on the ship. Cptn Swain -> What about unmanned recon? Charlotte Matsumura -> What else is there to know? Charlotte Matsumura -> We recognize that the Augustine likely made contact with the lifeforms on the surface, possibly bringing back samples. Charlotte Matsumura -> Those samples either spawned more, or were whole lifeforms themselves. Taryn Castell -> Or infected the crew of the Augustine. Svejk> ::Shifting uncomfortably in his seat, as if he wanted to say something.:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::nods:: Taryn Castell -> ::Dunk, dunk, dunk, sip.:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Either way, quarantine was broken in some form or fashion, and the crew of the Augustine paid the price. Charlotte Matsumura -> I don't understand exactly what else we hope to glean. Anything else would seem to be borrowing trouble we have no hope of containing. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::cutting a glare to Svejk:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Unless, of course, there's more information our current mission specialist would like to share with the class. Ryan Mesner -> ::eyes Svejk:: Svejk> ::Does his best to appear innocent:: Rue Wydown -> ::cuts a glance towards Svejk:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Save the act for the professionals. You fail miserably. Cptn Swain -> ::Glances to Svejk, and clears his throat:: Now, Doctor, would be a good time to tell us if there's anything you were told before coming. Maryse Dubois -> ::Smirks as all the heat pours onto Svejk.:: Svejk> ::Almost sticks his tongue out at Charlotte, before straightening in his seat and leaning back:: I am afraid I've told you already everything I'd been briefed on. The Augustine requested additional assistance with their findings and I was sent to offer such assistance. Charlotte Matsumura -> But there's a few things you weren't briefed on that you already knew...or suspected. ::arching brow:: Svejk> Call it intuition. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::skeptical:: Ryan Mesner -> I'm losing my patience with him. ::scowling:: Svejk> Besides, Captain, I don't think your mandate here included blowing up Starfleet property without authorization. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::looks to Mesner:: Just now? Mine are quite evaporated already. Cptn Swain -> ::Arches a brow:: I think we're well past what my "mandate" here included. Ryan Mesner -> I think perhaps a tour of the Augustine, or the Dominion Base would help put things into perspective for you. Cptn Swain -> ::Casts a glance at the security duo, before turning to Rue:: Taryn Castell -> ::Drums fingernails on her mug.:: Cptn Swain -> What do you think Commander? Rue Wydown -> Now *you* play the Starfleet card? ::glares at Svejk:: Charlotte Matsumura -> I'm guessing that whatever that is down there is well known to certain organizations within Starfleet. If the captain finds it necessary to blow up Starfleet property without authorization to maintain the quarantine, I'm willing to bet he'd not encounter too much trouble from home. Rue Wydown -> Depends on which topic you're asking me about. On certain things, you don't want to hear my opinion. Cptn Swain -> ::Smirks, every so slightly:: Svejk> ::Squirms a bit in his seat:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::keeps her glare of Svejk, watching him squirm:: Svejk> Captain, I'd at least ask that you try and get a better idea of what’s going on, on the planet, so that future teams... Cptn Swain -> ::Lifts a brow:: Future teams? Ryan Mesner -> ::shakes his head:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::also arches a brow:: Cptn Swain -> ::Looks to his crew:: I did hear that right? Rue Wydown -> Ah, excuse me. There's a quarantine on that planet. Something we weren't told. There aren't supposed to be any teams down there. Ryan Mesner -> ::looks to Swain:: Please, just five minutes down there. Charlotte Matsumura -> Or two minutes in my dojo simulation. ::smirks at Mesner:: Svejk> ::Looks at Wydown then to DuBois and Castell:: You're all doctors. Imagine the possibilities for medicine that could be had with their mutagenic properties... Fae -> :: wonders if she should bid on him too... :: Charlotte Matsumura -> At what cost? We've already lost the entire crew of a Starfleet vessel. Svejk -> ::Then to the security duo:: Or the protective bio armor that we could synthesize... Charlotte Matsumura -> Pandora's Box was a lesson, Mr. Svejk. Sometimes we should heed those lessons. Taryn Castell -> ::Slight scowl, though she holds her tongue, thinking of the injured down in sickbay. Plasma burns were not pretty. Ensign White might never have eyebrows again.:: Ryan Mesner -> ::glares Svejk down:: You willing to be on the "next team" that goes down there? Svejk> ::Pauses:: How many people do you think died making warp drive a reality? Cptn Swain -> ::Clears his throat:: That's quite enough. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::narrows her eyes at the skanky little scientist... thinking he's quite bold when not faced with a chittering insect trying to herd him onto the dinner table:: Rue Wydown -> I follow the Hippocratic Oath. Not the Hypothetical Oath. ::mutters then under her breath:: or the hypocritical Ryan Mesner -> Captain, this...guy. ::gestures to Svejk:: Whatever he does or doesn't know, he doesn't care about the human impact. Cptn Swain -> Thankfully, Mister Svejk, you're not in charge of this mission. Ryan Mesner -> Waste of our time. ::mutters:: Cptn Swain -> I am going to attempt to contact Camelot one more time. See If I can get anything at all out of them. While I agree with Charlotte, I'd rather have orders to blow the damned ship up than not. Cptn Swain -> In the meantime, I want you to begin working on a demo solution for the Augustine. Svejk> ::Starts to protest:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::grins, knowing demo is her specialty:: Cptn Swain -> Commander, I'd also like for your team to continue to analyze the samples we have and ready a full report. I'd rather the people who died on the Augustine have died in vain. Perhaps there's something we can get out of this... something that will ... ::he paused, trailing off, before shaking his head:: Rue Wydown -> No problem, mate. I don't mind poking and prodding things. Svejk> ::Frowns:: And what about me, Captain? Ryan Mesner -> ::airlock,airlock,airlock:: Cptn Swain -> ::Looking up, coldly:: You can confine yourself to quarters until we return to Camelot. Unless Commander Wydown wants you aboard? Cptn Swain -> ::Tandaris:: Commander, I understand you have some expertise in translating Dominion data logs? Svejk> ::Acts hurt:: Rue Wydown -> Considering his dislike for the actual work we're doing. And the fact that we are, well, military and follow orders....I guess I'd have to think about that. Cptn Swain -> ::Wydown:: Its your decision. Tandaris Admiran -> That's putting it mildly. Cptn Swain -> ::Admiran:: Then I'd like you to try and work on the logs you all brought up from the surface, see if we can find out what exactly the Dominion were doing here and when and why they stopped. Cptn Swain -> ::he cleared his throat:: Well, unless anyone has anything they'd like to add before I dismiss you? Rue Wydown -> ::shakes her head a little to indicate "no":: Cptn Swain -> Alright. We all have work to do. Cptn Swain -> :::Wydown:: Though, if you could wait a moment... Rue Wydown -> Aye, sir. ::nods:: Cptn Swain -> ::Messner:: And if you two would escort our 'guest' to his quarters and post a guard... Fae -> :: stands and quietly starts back to the bridge :: Svejk> ::Lifts a brow, but was just smart enough to keep his mouth shut:: Ryan Mesner -> ::stands turning to Charlotte:: Come on, we have "work" to do. ::giddy grin:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::stands, wry grin across her own features:: Tandaris Admiran -> :: leaves the conference room:: Svejk> ::Glumly trots towards the door, waiting for his keepers:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::a step behind Svejk, as he seems to be in quite the hurry to get to his quarters:: Maryse Dubois -> ::Dismisses herself from the table and room.:: Rue Wydown -> ::leaning back in her chair, watching the others file out:: Taryn Castell -> ::Rises, taking her cocoa with her. Heads for the lift after the security goons.:: Ryan Mesner -> ::enters the TL, holding it for Charlotte:: Charlotte Matsumura -> (( Hey! I am not a goon! )) Svejk> ::Enters the lift:: Charlotte Matsumura -> (( Goonie, maybe, but not goon... )) Cptn Swain -> ::When the doors closed, he took a very deep breath:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::bringing up the rear:: Cptn Swain -> I wanted to apologize. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::nodding to Ryan as she enters the lift, and then the lift doors close:: Tandaris Admiran -> :: takes the engineering station on the bridge:: Rue Wydown -> Apologize for what, sir? ::raises a brow:: Svejk> ::Looks between the two, the Goon and the Goonette and wondered if perhaps Starfleet should commission a study on the long term effects of exposure to phaser fire.:: Ryan Mesner -> ::wondering how they got stuck with Svejk:: Cptn Swain -> For being an idiot. ::Sighs:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::jaw set, looking at Svejk with a less than hospitable expression:: Cptn Swain -> You were entirely correct to question my judgment about the away team, and I let my pride, curiosity and emotions cloud my judgment. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::almost hopes he tries something:: Taryn Castell -> ::Waiting in that uncomfortable lift silence, thinking that they should have some soothing music or something.:: Svejk> ::Waits till the lift starts:: You never did give me a response, Matsumura was it? Maryse Dubois -> ::Leaning against the lift wall with the others.:: Ryan Mesner -> ::diverts his attention to Taryn's rear, too many witnesses to murder Svejk:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Lieutenant will do nicely, Mr. Svejk. And I don't see any need in giving you an answer to much of anything. Maryse Dubois -> ::Elbows Ryan gently.:: Svejk> ::Smirks:: Well, I for one, am glad that neither you nor your captain were the ones making decisions when humans were developing warp drive. We'd still be chugging along at warp 1. Taryn Castell -> ::Sips her cocoa and then glances behind her to Svejk.:: Rue Wydown -> Oh, I thought you were apologizing for saddling me with Mr Sunshine. ::smirking:: Cptn Swain -> ::Sheepishly:: Well, that too. Tandaris Admiran -> Ok, cracking Dominion encryption. :: brings up his utilities:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::really, really would *love* to wipe the smirk off his face:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::her expression remains unchanged, however:: Cptn Swain -> ::Shakes his head:: It's people like him that give the rest of us a bad rep. Ryan Mesner -> ::glances over to Maryse:: Maryse Dubois -> ::Smirks.:: Svejk> ::Mildly annoyed that didn't get a response:: If you ask me, 140 lives would be a small price to pay for armor that could prevent a million deaths in combat, or cure billions from disease and sickness, but what do I know? Rue Wydown -> How in the universe he managed to maintain a commission is beyond me. The man isn't Starfleet material. Tandaris Admiran -> :: cracking is the easy part--the hard part is sifting through the logs to find relevant information:: Cptn Swain -> ::Nods:: One of the many questions I have for Command when we get back, I assure you. Ryan Mesner -> ::grins for a moment, before hearing Svejk. He frowned looking over to him:: You don't know anything. Ryan Mesner -> You, an ethical scientist, or whatever the hell it is you are. Taryn Castell -> ::Steps out as the lift comes to a halt and bops down the corridor toward medical.:: Ryan Mesner -> What do you even do? Have you even once been put in a situation where anything could affect you? Svejk> ::Lifts a brow:: Oh, tell me, Rambo, what you know about the finer points of ethics? How many people have you killed? Maryse Dubois -> ::Follows after Taryn. Once the doors close, she sighs in relief.:: That was a fun ride... Ryan Mesner -> More then enough. Then again, while I was out there "Ramboing it up" I suppose you were debating the ethics of the Dominion War. Maryse Dubois -> Although, we did just leave them in there with no witnesses. Svejk> ::Indignant:: Oh. You silly, silly boy. I make decisions all the time that affect hundreds of people. Rue Wydown -> I'm serious, Swain. He doesn't understand what it is that we...and I mean "we" as in Starfleet in general...do. He's joined the military, but refuses to follow a chain of command or even obey general orders like "sit' "stay", etc. It's like being in a room with a puppy. Taryn Castell -> I just tend to ignore cotton heads like that. They like to argue just to hear the sound of their own voice, but never actually *do* anything. Rue Wydown -> A misbehaving puppy who thinks nothing of people and more of our discovery. Ryan Mesner -> ::Now that Taryn and Maryse were gone:: Stop the lift. Cptn Swain -> ::Nods:: I get the feeling there's a lot more to him than we know. Svejk> ::Rather pleased with himself:: Ryan Mesner -> You're a mockery, wearing that uniform. Cptn Swain -> I don't like anything about him. Maryse Dubois -> ::nods.:: All talk. Svejk> ::Rolls his eyes:: Rue Wydown -> "Like" has nothing to do with it. I don't have to like someone to work with them. But I do have to know they respect the job. He doesn't. Ryan Mesner -> ::slams Svejk up against the wall. He proceeded to take his pips and badge:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::steps back, giving Ryan room to work:: Ryan Mesner -> ::glances to Charlotte:: Take us to his quarters. Four men on the door. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::nods:: Svejk> ::grins:: Tandaris Admiran -> :: begins constructing search algorithms:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::tapping commands into the pod, it begins the descent again, headed for the appropriate deck:: Ryan Mesner -> ::his eyes returned to Sevjk, the look of death in them:: I swear to god Eddy, you do anything besides sit quietly in your quarters, I'll take you down to the surface myself, and watch you get your samples. Cptn Swain -> ::Nods again:: I agree. And that's why I am apologizing, and why I hope you will note your objection in the official log. For a minute there, I wasn't much better than him and it almost got our entire senior staff killed. Taryn Castell -> ::Breezes in to medical and stops by their patients to check on their healing.:: The burns are coming along nicely. Charlotte Matsumura -> +Security+ Matsumura to Security. Please ensure four guards are prepared to meet us at our current *guest's* quarters. Tandaris Admiran -> ::as he's entering the terms on one screen, the logs scroll by on another, and one catches his eye:: Svejk> ::Placidly:: Yes, sir. Charlotte Matsumura -> Watch Officer> +Matsumura+ Understood, Lieutenant. They're on their way. ::signaling to the duty team, then watching as they head out the doors:: Rue Wydown -> Uh huh. Although somehow I think you'd learn from your mistake. Tandaris Admiran -> :: stops, reverses:: Oh my. Now, that IS an interesting title. I wonder what you say. Cptn Swain -> Well, let's hope. I am only human. Ryan Mesner -> ::The TL door opened, he pulled Svejk out by his collar, pushing him down the corridor towards his quarters:: Cptn Swain -> PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain -> PAUSE SIM Rue Wydown -> :;paused:: Fae -> :: paused :: Cptn Swain -> Cool cool Cptn Swain -> I am a little disappointed you didn't deck him. Cptn Swain -> Would have served him right for missing tonight. Rue Wydown -> There's still time Cptn Swain -> True. Cptn Swain -> Alrighty, any questions? Rue Wydown -> Nothing from me :) Fae -> Why didn't he get decked? Cptn Swain -> ::looks at the security duo:: Ryan Mesner -> I'm a lover, not a fighter. Charlotte Matsumura -> Chief Mesner exercised an admirable amount of restraint? Cptn Swain -> LOL Cptn Swain -> I was impressed! Taryn Castell -> Shocking! Cptn Swain -> Alrighty, nothing else from me. TBS will be unspecified, so feel free to log as you wish. Cptn Swain -> If you have nothing else, if you'd be so kind Rue? Rue Wydown -> Dismissed Folks! Charlotte Matsumura -> Night, folks! Taryn Castell -> Night everyone. Ryan Mesner -> Night everyone Rue Wydown -> Night guys
  10. Cptn Swain -> MISSION BRIEFF: The Excalibur continues to attempt to unravel the mysterious disappearance of the crew of the USS Augustine in orbit of Domaria V. Science, along with Commander Wydown and Dr. Edward Svejk continue to investigate samples of alien creatures found both on the surface and aboard the Augustine itself; Medical is tending to the wounds of three injured crewmemebrs from a second away team to the Augustine, that we now know to have been injured in an attempt to kill two living versions of the creatures aboard the Augustine that had tapped directly into the EPS grid for nourishment. Security has begun the process of sifting through the mission logs of the Augustine, which are in various states of degradation. Operations continues to keep an eye out for possible visitors of the Klingon type. And Commander Admiran is having second and third thoughts about his fitness for duty. Cptn Swain -> Additional: Swain has called for a senior staff meeting (that's all of you) to discuss the situation and where they are with progress on the various directives. Cptn Swain -> BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain -> BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain -> ::In the conference room, waiting for everyone else, drinking a cup of herbal tea and looking out the window towards the Augustine, and the planet beyond.:: Ryan Mesner -> ::in his office, drinking a strong coffee as he prepared his padd for the senior staff meeting:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::flopping back into the chair at the watch desk, rubbing her eyes blearily after far, far too little sleep:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::...and thinking she needs to mainline espresso today:: Edward Svejk -> ::Rising from his seat and leaving under the pretense of finding a bathroom, to attend a meeting he was sure he wasn't invited to:: Tandaris Admiran -> :: in a TL, which he has programmed to circle so he doesn't arrive first:: Taryn Castell -> ::Taryn walked into the conference room to find that she'd arrived first. She stopped short, brows lifting, and looked around.:: Everyone else procrastinating? Ryan Mesner -> ::walks out of the office to the replicator to refill his mug, glancing over to Charlotte:: One day I'll find a way to delegate these meetings to you. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::snorts:: This is why they pay you the big bucks... sir. ::wry grin:: Cptn Swain -> ::Looking up from his tea, he smiled, slightly:: I like to assume they're busy working. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::punctuates it with a yawn:: Taryn Castell -> ::Uneasy being alone with Captain Ponytail and his unreadable expression.:: Rue Wydown -> ::wondering if it was wise to have left the staple gun on her desk as she heads into the conference room, PADD under her arm:: Cptn Swain -> How are the three from the away team? Rue Wydown -> Whotcha ::mutters softly, taking a seat at the table:: Ryan Mesner -> Hmm...::he considered, taking a drink:: Careful Matsumura, I could make you my assistant presentator. Make you run the slide show. Charlotte Matsumura -> Considering I wrote it... Charlotte Matsumura -> ::chuckles:: Cptn Swain -> ::Nods to Wydown, who he hadn't had a chance to speak to since their exchange on the bridge:: Maryse Dubois -> ::Entering the Conference room, already seeing that Taryn had beat her there. She takes a seat.:: Taryn Castell -> ::Since he was drinking, she assumed she could as well. She paused by the replicator to make herself a mug of cocoa -- extra marshmallows.:: Oh, they are doing well. Recovering nicely. We still have them under because of their burns, but they are healing well. Charlotte Matsumura -> Just remember to read the talking points, not off the slide. Charlotte Matsumura -> If everyone else is as bloody tired as we are, you'd have them asleep in ten seconds. Edward Svejk -> ::Enters Conference room and hastily seats himself as far from Rue as possible:: Ryan Mesner -> Well that settles it then. ::he grinned, handing her the padd:: Congratulations assistant presentator. Cptn Swain -> ::Nods:: Good. Tandaris Admiran -> :: finally steps out of the TL:: Ryan Mesner -> This will do wonders on your service record. Cptn Swain -> ::Glowers when he sees Svejk enter.:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::mutters:: One of these days, I'll learn to keep my mouth shut... Ryan Mesner -> ::sips, glancing at his chrono:: ...And we're already late. Ryan Mesner -> ::herds her towards the door:: Rue Wydown -> ::fiddles with her PADD, twirling it on the PADD by the corner on the table top:: Cptn Swain -> ::He contemplated on kicking him out of the meeting, but perhaps the doctor could be of some use. He was, after all, supposed to be working with the crew of the Augustine on ... whatever their mission had been.:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::gets swatted on the wrong spot with his PADD:: Oi! Wotch it! Tandaris Admiran -> :: enters the room:: Rue Wydown -> ::makes a staple gun motion at Edward, toothy evil grin:: Edward Svejk -> ::seeing Rue, coughs, but something catches and it turns into a short coughing fit:: Cptn Swain -> ::He was marginally mollified that Wydown seemed to have the rather eccentric doctor under her relative control, though. And in addition to the apology he owed her, added a drink to the list.:: Taryn Castell -> ::Plops down in a seat next to Maryse and leans back, indulging in her hot chocolate.:: Ryan Mesner -> ::boyishly grins as he leads her to the TL, that extra potent brew finally starting to take hold:: Edward Svejk -> ::pounds his chest and emits a last feeble cough:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::wishing she'd ordered a double:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::herded into the lift, smooth her hair back into her braid:: Tandaris Admiran -> :: takes a seat next to Svejk, wondering at the look Rue had just sent him:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::which was kinda sloppy because OMGsobloodytiredIdon'tcare:: Ryan Mesner -> Bridge. ::he spat out just a little faster then usual:: Cptn Swain -> ::Glances to Admiran, thinking he looks a little more put together than he did a few hours ago.:: Cptn Swain -> ::Clears his throat:: Well as soon as Mister Mesner gets here, we'll get started. Ryan Mesner -> ::swaying back and forth as the lift went:: Fae -> :: Settled in, waiting for private Ryan :: Rue Wydown -> ((as the lift comes to a grinding halt because of Tandy's pre-programmed lift alteration...)) Charlotte Matsumura -> ::leaning against the back of the lift pod, arms folded across her chest, eyes closed:: Rue Wydown -> ((Fae & T'Prehl - we're assembling for a senior staff meeting)) Ryan Mesner -> ::drinking with one hand, reading the padd with the other:: Fae -> :: Settled in at the potential staff meeting, waiting for private Ryan :: T'Prehl -> ::in the meeting room, settling into her seat:: Ryan Mesner -> Y'know. ::sips:: We don't exactly have a lot here. Taryn Castell -> ::Would be tired, but she'd eaten so much sugar that she was still bouncy/perky/funfunfun. She drummed her fingers on the table as they waited, nails rapping out a catchy rhythm.:: Rue Wydown -> ::looking up:: Is that the Master's theme from Doctor Who? Charlotte Matsumura -> (( ::flips a Tooney:: )) Cptn Swain -> The what? Charlotte Matsumura -> ::doesn't move, humming her response:: Edward Svejk -> ::looks over at Taryn with an expression of confused annoyance, then giving Rue the same, before finally nodding at Swain's comment:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Not as such. Charlotte Matsumura -> But we haven't had much time to pour through the data... and we've had little to no assistance from headquarters, when we've requested copies of Augustine's orders. Cptn Swain -> ::20th Century Earth Pop-culture certainly not his strong point:: Rue Wydown -> The Master. ::raises brows:: Scary time-whimey traveling freak show who liked to take over Earth every so many hundreds of years on popular holo-video? That show is like hundreds of years old now. Ryan Mesner -> Hmm...::the TL popped open on the bridge:: remind me that when its time to make excuses. 34:28 Edward Svejk -> I know a better one! ::begins rapping his knuckles on the table in an unidentifiable rhythm:: Rue Wydown -> And still running. Charlotte Matsumura -> Not excuses. Reasons. ::smirks:: Ryan Mesner -> ::heads over to the conference room:: Rue Wydown -> Now you're just doing that to show off. Ryan Mesner -> That's good, I like that. Cptn Swain -> ::Whosh went the reference.:: Ryan Mesner -> ::opens the door, finding everyone expectantly waiting for him:: Cptn Swain -> ::Shakes his head:: Well, now that we're all here... Fae -> :: Looks to Ryan and smiles :: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::bumps into Ryan's back, as he stops just inside the door:: Rue Wydown -> ::humming some fanfare for Mesner's arrival:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::mutters something about two hours of sleep not being enough for anyone to function on...:: Ryan Mesner -> ::awkwardly lets Charlotte in:: Cptn Swain -> ::He shook his head at the security officer contingent and sighed:: Well, let's start with your report then. Cptn Swain -> ::Swain leaned back and motioned for Messner and Mastumura to take the floor:: Ryan Mesner -> Well...::grabs the padd from Charlotte, looking it over:: We've recovered logged orders to move the Augustine into orbit. At some point they sent an away team down. As to why, we haven't uncovered anything yet. Ryan Mesner -> The logs from the ship are a jumbled and disorganized mess. ::not to mention they were security officers, not...uh...log readers:: Rue Wydown -> ::wonders if making Mesner and Matsumura go first was punishment for arriving last:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Much of the data was corrupted beyond recovery. We've placed inquiries with the appropriate personnel at headquarters, requesting a copy of Augustine's orders, but we've yet to have a response. ::cutting a glance to Mesner:: Cptn Swain -> ::He steepled his fingers across the bridge of his nose, frowning:: Cptn Swain -> And once the entered orbit? Is that when the corruption becomes worse? Charlotte Matsumura -> The corruption doesn't seem to be confined to any particular timeframe. Cptn Swain -> ::He shot a glanced towards Tandaris:: Cptn Swain -> a glance* Charlotte Matsumura -> I'm not an engineer, but it is possible that the damage to the ship caused damage to the computer core. Ryan Mesner -> Mmhmm. ::nods in agreement, sipping:: Cptn Swain -> And we still have no evidence the crew attempted to evacuate? Or could the transporter logs been damaged as well? Cptn Swain -> ::It was more of a general question, since he knew Tandaris had reviewed some of the logs as well.:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::notes the glance toward Tandaris, pauses, waiting on the engineer to offer input:: Ryan Mesner -> ::refilling his mug again, jittery:: T'Prehl -> ::Looking through some of her notes:: Tandaris Admiran -> ::looks up when he realizes no one is talking, sees them looking at him:: Hmm? Cptn Swain -> ::Frowns:: Could the transporter logs have been effected by the same corruption effecting the mission logs? Taryn Castell -> ::Quietly sipping her cocoa.:: Rue Wydown -> ::scoots a bit further away from Mesner, afraid of the river of liquid that sure to accompany such shaking:: Taryn Castell -> (( Afraid he's going to pee on you? )) Tandaris Admiran -> Yes. All logs were corrupted by damage to the computer core. I still don't know what triggered the systems shutdown that damaged the core. Charlotte Matsumura -> (( Don't give him any ideas... ;) )) Rue Wydown -> ((I'm not sure, is he house-broken?)) Cptn Swain -> ::His frown ever deepening.:: Well, we need to find out then... Cptn Swain -> ::Looks back to Matsumura and Messner:: Anything else? Tandaris Admiran -> The Augustine is uncomfortably close to the paradigm case of the ghost ship. Ryan Mesner -> ::shakes his head:: No, though your security clearance might be able to bang on doors a bit louder back at Camelot. Charlotte Matsumura -> Possibly. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::voice hinting at her skepticism:: Ryan Mesner -> ::grins not so subtly:: Cptn Swain -> I'll send another request. Maybe if I can get a direct line of communication with the Admiral. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::knowing that Mal has been knocking a few heads together himself, back on the station:: Cptn Swain -> Though I am starting to get the feeling we're far deeper than they ever planned for us to be. Cptn Swain -> ::Exhales:: Well, I hope you've had better luck Commander. Cptn Swain -> What can you tell us about these lovely little creatures we've found seemingly everywhere? Taryn Castell -> ::Glances to Rue and the not-a-scientist scientist for their input.:: Cptn Swain -> ::He also noted, curiously, how quiet Svejk had been:: Ryan Mesner -> ::way to jittery to sit down, he paced around the room instead:: Rue Wydown -> We've had a bit of a laugh trying to find out what makes them tick. Cptn Swain -> ::Swain cocked an eye brow:: Edward Svejk -> They have digestive tracts. Cptn Swain -> ::And???:: Edward Svejk -> Presumably mouths also, but I didn't get one Edward Svejk -> ::Glances at Swain:: Wanted more? We'd have more, if the specimens were more intact! Charlotte Matsumura -> ::stands behind a chair, not sitting because she knows she'd fall asleep and that would not do:: Rue Wydown -> ::glances at Edward, wondering if perhaps he should have some of that coffee that Mesner is drinking:: Really? Really? Charlotte Matsumura -> ::glaring at Svejk:: Intact? Cptn Swain -> ::Shoots a sharp glance in Svejk's general direction:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Did you want us to put one in a jar so you could shake it around? Ryan Mesner -> ::breathes a sigh of relief, knowing he wasn't the biggest screw up of the meeting:: Cptn Swain -> ::he cleared his throat:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::narrowing her eyes:: Cptn Swain -> Anyway... Commander.... Edward Svejk -> ::Leans forward:: There's not much more we can do... without a live specimen. Cptn Swain -> ::As pointedly as he could...:: Cptn Swain -> ::before that:: Rue Wydown -> Okay, don't mind him. I haven't let him nap lately, so he's a bit cranky. As I was 'bout to explain, from what we can tell they have a rather interesting composite structure. Charlotte Matsumura -> You're more than welcome to go and introduce yourself... sir... Cptn Swain -> ::Nods:: Oh? T'Prehl -> (Back, sorry... had to use the little Vulcan’s room) Rue Wydown -> Several different DNA structures are present. Almost as if they're a melting pot of different races. Cptn Swain -> ::Looking to the Vulcan and his XO:: Cptn Swain -> That should be impossible though, shouldn't it? Not that, at this point, I find anything to be impossible in the godforsaken quadrant. Cptn Swain -> in this* T'Prehl -> ::listens intently, but remains quiet as well, taking down some notes:: Cptn Swain -> ((Since we started a bit late, any objections to going a few [5-10] minutes over? )) Rue Wydown -> T'Prehl and her team was working on a communication possibility. Charlotte Matsumura -> (( 5 fine, 10, no. )) T'Prehl -> ::Nods:: Correct. Progressing along. Cptn Swain -> (( Okies -- we'll stop at 11:05 then )) Edward Svejk -> ::Forcibly:: Of course it's not impossible! Genetically altering useful organisms has been around since the dawn of civilization! Cptn Swain -> ::blinks:: Cptn Swain -> What? Rue Wydown -> And a live sample ::gives Svejk a look:: would not have been conducive to the tests we needed to implement. Although as a ethical scientist, I'm sure Mr Svejk was just testing us. Ryan Mesner -> ::Edward:: That's not what they did to you is it? Cptn Swain -> ::He had a feeling he should have just thrown the idiot out the airlock when he had the chance.:: Ryan Mesner -> ::No way anyone could willingly become a man like that:: Rue Wydown -> It is possible, it's not normally something we've encountered at this speed or frequency. Taryn Castell -> A live sample? ::Taryn looked worried.:: Can we please not forget that they quite possibly secrete acid? At least some form that eats through rock and mineral. I shudder to think what it would be like to get one within a confined space. Edward Svejk -> ::wrings his hands:: Yes, yes, of course we shouldn't be EXPERIMENTING on live specimens! But... but... there is also the matter of observing their behavior in natural habitat! Cptn Swain -> ::Nods at Wydown, trying to keep from throwing his tea cup at Svejk:: So, we have any clue if these things are indigenous or not? The report from the AT seemed to suggest the Dominion had been doing some research of their own on them? Charlotte Matsumura -> ::looks to the captain:: I'm sure we could arrange a field trip... Ryan Mesner -> ::Edward:: Well I can tell you this. Rue Wydown -> (m)I knew I shouldn't have left the staple gun on my desk. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::muttering:: Ryan Mesner -> They absorb phaser fire, and they like to get up close and personal with you. Tandaris Admiran -> If the creatures are artificial, they don't have a natural habitat. Cptn Swain -> ::At this rate...:: Doctor... if you don't learn to shut up, I will let my crew beam you down to the surface for all the first hand experience you can get. Edward Svejk -> You! Ahem... Charlotte Matsumura -> ::looks to Tandy, expression saying, "Does have a point..." :: Ryan Mesner -> ::grins at Swain's offer. The scientist captain continued to surprise:: Rue Wydown -> ::puts her finger to her mouth in a "shhh" motion, a sigh to Eddie that he should quit while he's ahead:: Cptn Swain -> Now, where were we... ::Looks back to Wydown:: So... Ryan Mesner -> ::sighs, feeling caffeine leaving him:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::already holding herself up by leaning on the chair:: Rue Wydown -> So, again it is possible, it's not normally something we've encountered at this speed or frequency. ::shrugs:: Cptn Swain -> ::Nods:: I see. Cptn Swain -> ...PAUSE SIM... Cptn Swain -> ...PAUSE SIM... T'Prehl -> ::Paused:: Cptn Swain -> At this rate, Svejk is going to be exceptionally lucky if he makes it through this mission without getting stapled to bulkhead, or thrown out an air lock... Cptn Swain -> Or fed to weird creatures. Cptn Swain -> I guess we could staple him to the inside of an airlock, with the weird creatures? Cptn Swain -> Anyway... we'll pick up there next week. Ryan Mesner -> Easy disposal after its over. Charlotte Matsumura -> Use him like a hood ornament, like in Serenity. Cptn Swain -> Questions? Cptn Swain -> LOL Ryan Mesner -> Gotta love a man that honors his friend by slapping him on the hood of his car. Rue Wydown -> Can I have a sonic screwdriver next? The staple gun is apparently not working. Charlotte Matsumura -> Yeah, well, we already know Captain Tightpants isn't... right. In the head. Cptn Swain -> I don't know, do we know if these things can live in the vacuum of space? Cptn Swain -> Captain ... Tightpants? Charlotte Matsumura -> Never heard that? Charlotte Matsumura -> Mal Reynolds = Captain Tightpants. Rue Wydown -> ::chuckles:: Charlotte Matsumura -> And it is SO past bedtime. Cptn Swain -> I never really got into Firefly. Cptn Swain -> Anyway, Rue you have anything for them? Taryn Castell -> Captain Ponytail = Swain Rue Wydown -> Nothing from me. :) Cptn Swain -> Alrighty, if you'd be so kind as to dismiss them? Cptn Swain -> LOL Taryn. Cptn Swain -> Now I only Swain also had a cape... Cptn Swain -> ::considers:: I see a holonovel log in my future... Charlotte Matsumura -> Wrong sim. Rue Wydown -> Dismiss guys :) Ryan Mesner -> lol, night all Charlotte Matsumura -> g'night folks. Rue Wydown -> Okay Captain Fabio T'Prehl -> Goodnight, folks Charlotte Matsumura -> He can't believe it's not butter... Cptn Swain -> lol Rue Wydown -> G'night guys Charlotte Matsumura -> I really do need to go to bed. Charlotte Matsumura -> Night! Cptn Swain -> Eh, I don't think Swain's even changed his hair style! Cptn Swain -> Nighto!
  11. Cptn Swain -> MISSION BRIEF: The Excalibur continues to investigate the disappearance of the crew of the USS Augustine. The AT on the surface has returned and is now, along side our guest Dr. Svejk and Commander Wydown, believe they are making progress in uncovering exactly what the creatures on the surface (and the husks found on the Augustine) are and how they work. Meanwhile, Medical is continuing to treat the survivors of a second AT to the Augustine who were injured in a plasma explosion; Tandaris believes he knows what happened and was rushing to speak to Swain. Security, meanwhile, is beginning a more detailed investigation into the Augustine's mission after a packet of information about the planet was intercepted. Operations is tracking what they believe to be a Klingon Bird of Prey that has entered the system under cloak. Cptn Swain -> Questions? Cptn Swain -> Alrighty. Cptn Swain -> BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain -> BEGIN SIM Tandaris Admiran -> :: enters the bridge:: Cptn Swain -> ::In his ready room:: Tandaris Admiran -> :: glances around:: Fae -> :: Glances Back :: Tandaris Admiran -> :: Fae:: Swain? Taryn Castell -> ::Healing the sick and injured, breaking hearts, and getting high on sugar. Just another typical day in sickbay.:: Fae -> Ready room. Taryn Castell -> (( Fae> No, I'm Fae. )) T'Prehl -> ::checking sensors from the bridge:: Rue Wydown -> ::rubs that spot on her forehead between eyebrows, trying to sort out this mess in front of her:: Tandaris Admiran -> :: nods, about to go to the door but pauses:: What's this I hear about a bird of prey? Fae -> Pretty good bet that there is a BoP about. Got a brief glimpse of her as she broke warp on the edge of the system. Fae -> Might plausibly be a different sort of ship, but the signature is a pretty good match for a BoP. Fae -> She's had time to work in and pounce, but hasn't. Tandaris Admiran -> Oh. Any idea why the Klingons would be interested in this system? Rue Wydown -> (q)I wonder if T'Prehl and her lackey had any luck analyzing those sound items for communication patterns. Fae -> If you believe the papers someone from Camelot belatedly sent us, the Klingons had jurisdiction over the planet just after the war. Declared a quarantine, I believe. Fae -> I'm guessing various spook agencies wanted to keep what's down there secret, including ours and the Klingons, who knows who else. Tandaris Admiran -> Great timing on Camelot's part. Fae -> Kind and considerate of them to send anything at all. Rue is working through the stuff they sent. Taryn Castell -> ::Thankfully, her patients were still out cold for their own sanity -- though it did contribute to hers as well. She checked on the biosigns of one, noted the readings on her terminal, and moved to the next to do the same.:: T'Prehl -> ::receiving periodic updates from Karl in regards to the analysis:: Fae -> Want a copy? T'Prehl -> Ens. Seiben> ::in the lab, analyzing the sounds through the filtration machines:: Tandaris Admiran -> Ok. Sure, send it to my office. :: goes towards the ready room, then pauses again:: And, by the way, you're doing a very good job. Karl A. Schultz -> (( Sorry, I am late )) Fae -> :: Smiles :: Appreciated. Remind me of that when I let some BoP jump us while chatting with some engineer. Fae -> Good luck with Swain. Rue Wydown -> ::humming a little as she sets back to work:: Fae -> :: Returns her attention to watching out for BoPs. :: Ryan Mesner -> ::is somewhere, doing something:: Ryan Mesner -> ::or someone:: Tandaris Admiran -> :: finally makes it to Swain's door and requests admission:: Cptn Swain -> ::Looks up from his tea and files:: Come.. Tandaris Admiran -> :: enters:: Taryn Castell -> ::With her patients tended to for the moment, she turned an eye to the rest of sickbay, thinking that they needed an aquarium or something. Some fish. Something living to remind people that came in that doctors didn't just kill people.:: Cptn Swain -> So, what did you find out from Ensign White? Tandaris Admiran -> Yes. Well, no. But it was enough for me to know where to look. He overloaded the EPS conduit running behind sickbay. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::seated at her usual console, chin propped in palm, elbow on the desk, lids half down as she scrolls through the logs pieced together from Augustine:: Cptn Swain -> ::Blinks:: He caused the plasma overload? T'Prehl -> +Karl+ Any luck on those sound analysis? Rue Wydown -> ::looking over into the corner:: (q)Poor, poor man. Me thinks Eddie has narcolepsy. ::shakes her head sadly:: Interesting, a mobile armory you wear. Interesting mutation, that. Ryan Mesner -> ::Ryan was sitting in his office doing the exact same thing as Charlotte. Only, his office afforded the luxury of fully closing his eyes:: Tandaris Admiran -> Yes. The evidence is clear. Karl A. Schultz -> :: working in the lab :: +T'Prehl + so far results are negative Cptn Swain -> ::Shakes his head as he sat down his tea:: Why? Charlotte Matsumura -> ::gives a napjerk, shaking herself awake:: T'Prehl -> +Karl+ Very well.. let me know if you have any additional progress on that Charlotte Matsumura -> ::sighs, pinching the bridge of her nose as she rolls her chair back:: Karl A. Schultz -> + T'prehl + acknowledge.. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::wonders when she's going to start seeing pink elephants:: Taryn Castell -> (( Or Heffalumps and woozles )) Charlotte Matsumura -> (( In tutus and ballet slippers... )) Ryan Mesner -> ::Ryans arm gave out, dropping his head onto his desk. Thank Gods his office was soundproofed:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::pushes herself to her feet, trudging over to the replicator:: Tandaris Admiran -> He mentioned running into some live creatures. I suspect, like we did in the base, they discovered that phasers were ineffective. Rue Wydown -> ((ROFLMAO. )) Rue Wydown -> ::buzzing around like she's not tired, must be the caffeine:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::leans against the rep, forehead against her arm:: Russian breakfast tea. Extra strength. Two sugars, no milk. Ryan Mesner -> ::he noticed Charlotte at the replicator, taking that as excuse enough to stretch his legs:: Ryan Mesner -> ::he exited his office and made his way over to her:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::feels her eyelids droop, the sounds around her fade out...:: Edward Svejk -> ::snorts and stirs:: Eh... you know... what is this sample you gave me, stomach or lung? Charlotte Matsumura -> ::and awakens thirty seconds later when her cup has already materialized and is steaming, and her chief is headed her way:: Ryan Mesner -> ::sneaks up behind her:: If I don't get to sleep on the job, you sure don't. Taryn Castell -> ::Plopping down in her chair, she kicked back to review the scans she'd taken while on the away team. The first playback was a recording of the creatures chirps and snorts. Cocking her head to listen, she pursed her lips.:: Ryan Mesner -> ::leans up against the replicator:: Coffee, black. Rue Wydown -> Stomach, mate. ::examining a piece of the outer core in a scanning device:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::awake, but only just, looks to him with narrowed eyes, taking her tea:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::leans against the bulkhead beside the rep, sips her tea carefully:: We *do* get to sleep at some point, yes? Cptn Swain -> Wait. There are still live creatures over there? Edward Svejk -> Yes, yes. Just making sure. It's definitely digestive tract... Ryan Mesner -> Well, we could sneak into my office, darken the windows and...::realizing how that sounded:: Uh... Charlotte Matsumura -> I don't even know what bleeding *day* it is anymore. ::glances at the chrono:: Night. Ryan Mesner -> Well, there's a couch and ::Good Gods:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::snorts:: No worries, sir... Rue Wydown -> If you need a break, then go ahead and head back to your quarters. Don't mind me. ::pauses:: Just don't go anywhere near the bridge or you'll be resting in the brig instead of your quarters. Charlotte Matsumura -> I'm too bloody tired to take that any way other than it was intended. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::weary smirk:: Ryan Mesner -> ::thinly smiles:: I know I'm off my game when I unintentionally insinuate. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::polished accent slipping a bit with her exhaustion:: Karl A. Schultz -> :: brings the sound recording and displays the sound pattern on the display Ryan Mesner -> ::Not that it was entirely unintentional, but dipping your pen in your own departments ink usually just made a mess you had to clean up:: Charlotte Matsumura -> A man with a plan, hm? Ryan Mesner -> Court Martial for fraternization would mean we wouldn't be here, reading logs. Charlotte Matsumura -> There's a thought. ::wry grin:: Edward Svejk -> ::grunts and rises from his seat:: As though I'd return to the bridge before Swain apologized. Ryan Mesner -> I don't even read our logs. Charlotte Matsumura -> *I* do. Dreadfully dull, well, aside from being filled with vampires and alien viruses and...What I'm reading off Augustine isn't nearly that exciting. Tandaris Admiran -> ::shrugs:: Maybe. They don't show up on sensors. But sickbay was the location of the anomaly in the power grid. My guess is they were using it as an energy source, draining power. There aren't any other power drains, so if there are more creatures on board, they're lying low. Cptn Swain -> ::Frowns and looks out the window to the where the Augustine floated in orbit:: So how did live samples get on the Augustine? Taryn Castell -> Hmmm... ::Picking up her data padd, she rose and bopped out of medical, leaving the sleeping patients to the other doctors. A few minutes later, she was in the lift and on her way, popping in to the lab where Karl was working:: Hello? Rue Wydown -> Military ship, mate. Get used to it. ::shifts her sample:: Cptn Swain -> I can't imagine they'd be ... stupid enough to bring a live sample aboard. Tandaris Admiran -> Maybe the samples they brought aboard weren't all dead. Maybe some were in stasis, or dormant. Karl A. Schultz -> (( I'm in the science lab. I forgot to specify which lab )) T'Prehl -> (Main lab) T'Prehl -> (Or whichever's good) Ryan Mesner -> Now one of those two things, could get my attention. ::he sipped the coffee:: Have you found anything useful yet? Charlotte Matsumura -> ::sips her tea, pursing her lips over her cup:: The more recent logs are... well, trashed for lack of a better term. Edward Svejk -> Military. Always an excuse, that's what 'military' means. Cptn Swain -> ::His heard hurt:: I don't like this at all. Charlotte Matsumura -> There are some basic references to a change of orders about three weeks ago, but nothing conclusive. Karl A. Schultz -> :: conducts the sound pattern analysis Fae -> Here, boppy boppy bop... Charlotte Matsumura -> ...which, of course, would make sense, given the nature of the quarantine. T'Prehl -> ::going through the data banks and other sources for a possible hit on the sounds:: Ryan Mesner -> Yes...::he sighed, he was nearly out of patience for this all:: Well keep at it. Rue Wydown -> Perhaps it's time you joined the private sector then. Ryan Mesner -> I'm going back to hide in my office. The doors open if you want to "Fraternize". ::he grinned, turning towards his office door:: Cptn Swain -> So they were siphoning power directly from the EPS conduits? That's... incredible. Taryn Castell -> ::Hearing what Karl was working on, Taryn grinned and approached his station.:: Hey, I came to see if anyone had thought to analyze the sound patterns of the creatures. I have a few of my own scans. I was curious if the computer could make anything out of them. Perhaps translatable communication? Tandaris Admiran -> That's putting it mildly. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::chuckles, shakes her head, heads back to her desk:: Tandaris Admiran -> ... There's something else, sir. Edward Svejk -> ::Grimaces at Rue's remark:: Maybe I will. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::flops into her chair, willing to give it another hour before she *has* to get some shut-eye:: Ryan Mesner -> ::back in his office, he did a few stretches before sitting back down at his desk:: Cptn Swain -> No wonder this place was quarantined... Rue Wydown -> Be a lot less headache for you. Less orders to take. Be your own person. Karl A. Schultz -> I am doing sound pattern analysis... There is definite pattern of intelligent communication. Edward Svejk -> ::Looks over Rue's shoulder:: Projecting? Rue Wydown -> Projected what, mate? ::looking up at the wall:: Oh sorry, must have the scanner's projection unit deactivated. Give me two ticks and I'll have it working again. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::should be able to withstand longer hours without sleep, but this was not an operation:: Cptn Swain -> Something... else? Tandaris Admiran -> Captain, White and the away team ... that was my fault. I delegated the task to White because I was bored. I ... was careless and put them in danger. Cptn Swain -> ::Swain hardened his jaw.:: Commander, you made a decision. We all make them everyday, and we don't always like the way they turned out. ::This wasn't at all self-serving, nooo:: But we can't change the past. Ryan Mesner -> ::Already the endless lines of logs were blurring together:: Edward Svejk -> ::laughs a little:: You know... maybe it's not that. Just your Captain. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::scrolling through the logs, begins to feel her eyelids droop again:: So, thirty minutes, then... ::muttering:: Rue Wydown -> What are you talking about mate? ::raises a brow:: Sleep deprivation has gotten to you? Cptn Swain -> I nearly got all of you killed on the surface. Tandaris Admiran -> I know that, and if this were an isolated incident, I wouldn't be so concerned. But it's not. I've started to notice that I'm ...lacking in sensitivity ... in empathy ... to my colleagues. Edward Svejk -> ::Smiles and struts back to his sample:: 56:11 Tandaris Admiran -> Sir, there were times when the others wanted to turn back, and I said no. I was blinded by my curiosity. Cptn Swain -> ::Swain wasn't a therapist:: Commander while I can ... appreciate your anguish, there's not much I can do for you, other than, speaking from experience, say that it's something that happens. You can't let this distract you. Not now. We still have a lot of things up in the air and I need you where you are. Taryn Castell -> So what does the computer think that they are saying? Is there any comparison to other non-humanoid lifeforms? Cptn Swain -> ::Frowns:: Unless you think you're unfit for duty? Rue Wydown -> (q) What a slimmy git ::shakes her head:: Poor sod. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::napjerks again:: Okay... ::glances at time:: Five minutes. Tandaris Admiran -> :: whispers, eyes shut:: But how will I know? Fae -> Oh where oh where has my little BoP gone, Oh where oh where can he be? Cptn Swain -> ::Looks at Tandaris:: If you want to have medical check you over, I am sure they can. Cptn Swain -> For now ::pauses:: I'd prefer you stay on duty. Fae -> With his boom cut short and his wings cut long, oh where oh where can he be? Tandaris Admiran -> I ... don't know what I want. T'Prehl -> ::perplexed at their lack of results, but soldiers on like a good little Vulcan:: Cptn Swain -> ::Just what he needed, a cracking Trill:: Commander? Fae -> Where have all the boppies gone... long time passing. Where have all the boppies gone... long time ago... Charlotte Matsumura -> ::finishes her five minutes, then heads for her quarters:: Fae -> Under cloak, every one! Cptn Swain -> PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain -> PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain -> PAUSE SIM T'Prehl -> ::Paused:: Fae -> :: paused :: Tandaris Admiran -> I'm ... I'll be in engineering. Sir. Let me know what you need next. Fae -> When will they ever learn? When will the ever learn? Taryn Castell -> Swain> I could use a back massage. Rue Wydown -> Ooooooohkee Karl A. Schultz -> * paused *\ Cptn Swain -> Alright... Fae -> Where have all the cloaking devices gone? Whoops. Taryn Castell -> ::passes Charlotte a pillow:: Cptn Swain -> So, we'll give everyone, say a good long TBS 6-12 hrs? Long enough to do any investigating you want. Rue Wydown -> Or take nap Charlotte Matsumura -> ::nosedives into pillow:: Cptn Swain -> I can only imagine how tired everyone would be at this point. Taryn Castell -> Can we make stuff up? Like can Karl discover that the creatures were not only communicating with us, but that they were telling dirty jokes? Tandaris Admiran -> LOL Cptn Swain -> Of course! T'Prehl -> lol Taryn Castell -> Sweet. T'Prehl -> Nice to know though Rue Wydown -> ROFLMAO Cptn Swain -> Alrighty, nothing more from me. Rue Wydown -> Okay, so on that note. I've gotta head out guys. I will see you all next week. Cptn Swain -> Anything from you Rye? Taryn Castell -> Night all. Cptn Swain -> ...Rue... Rue Wydown -> Nothing from me. Crew dismissed. :D T'Prehl -> I can use some rye right now Cptn Swain -> Night T'Prehl -> Night! Charlotte Matsumura -> Night, folks! Fae -> Night!
  12. Cptn Swain -> MISSION BRIEF: The surface team managed to escape what seemed to be sure death and have returned to the surface. Medical has taken to caring for the three survivors of the second team to the Augustine; Engineering is working to figure out what happened to the team; Science has joined Wydown's team in analyzing the samples, bringing additional samples from the surface; Security has been brought into intrigue by Captain Swain as its been revealed to them that the planet was quarantined, but that information had been kept from Swain. Cptn Swain -> BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain -> BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain -> BEGIN SIM Fae -> :: At Hops, trying to understand the mystery message that arrived a bit back. :: Rue Wydown -> ((Welcome Karl, We just got started)) T'Prehl -> ::in the lab, looking at samples:: Cptn Swain -> ::Glances to Charlotte then to Mesner:: I've never liked this sort of ... cloak and dagger crap. And I like it even less when it puts the lives of people into danger. Rue Wydown -> :::Fun with Science trying to earn her MadScientist badge by dissecting alien lifeform samples:: Ryan Mesner -> ::walking along with Swain and Charlotte, wiping a sheen of sweat off his forehead. What? They had almost just been eaten:: Karl A. Schultz -> :: walking into the lab Ryan Mesner -> Well, as an unhappy tourist to the planet, I'd like to know where to file my grievance. Rue Wydown -> ((And those EVA suits are hot)) Cptn Swain -> ::Frowns:: I mean I suppose they didn't plan on us having to ... overstay our welcome here, but did the Augustine know what they were getting into? Charlotte Matsumura -> ::still with her EVA suit on, helmet tucked under her arm because they haven't yet had the opportunity to get rid of them:: Charlotte Matsumura -> The only way to know the answer to that is to sift through the Augustine's logs. Taryn Castell -> ::In medical, Taryn had quickly gotten to work (after a candy break) with helping the injured crew. They still hadn't been told what had exactly happened, but the cause really wasn't important as the effect.:: Cptn Swain -> ::Pauses at a junction, nods in agreement:: Find out whatever you can. Rue Wydown -> The toe bone connected to the heel bone, The heel bone connected to the foot bone, The foot bone connected to the leg bone, The leg bone connected to the knee bone, The knee bone connected to the thigh bone, The thigh bone connected to the back bone ::singing along as she works:: Tandaris Admiran -> :: Lane:: I go to an abandoned Dominion base for a few hours, and you let three of my engineers go off and nearly get killed? Karl A. Schultz -> that was one interesting away mission... fortunately we escaped from the creatures Ryan Mesner -> ::nods:: Understood. Rue Wydown -> Dem bones, dem bones...::looking to see mouths agape:: Whaaaat? Cptn Swain -> ::Looking as if he were about to say something else, he shook his head and took a deep breath before exhaling.:: Well I'll let you two get out of those EVA suits. Report back when you have anything. If you need command clearance to get at anything on the Augustine, let me know. T'Prehl -> Did you find anything of interest, Commander? Charlotte Matsumura -> ::nods:: Of course, sir. Tandaris Admiran -> Lane> To be fair, sir, you left Ensign White there alone. You told him to deal with it. You made the call to leave him there and have him investigate. Karl A. Schultz -> :: gets the tricorder out to transfer the recordings onto the console. Cptn Swain -> ACTION> Long range sensors detect, for a brief moment, what appears to be a warp signature entering the system before it vanishes. Taryn Castell -> ::She placed one hand on the officer's shoulder, holding him still as the bioscans ran.:: Fae -> :: Focuses passive sensors on the glitch :: Ryan Mesner -> ::Charlotte:: I don't know about you, but I'm sick of smelling like bug. ::starts walking:: Fae -> :: Reviews the records of the warp signature :: Charlotte Matsumura -> Really? I can't smell anything... ::smirks, impish gleam in her eyes indicating contrary:: Karl A. Schultz -> :: transfers the sound recording onto the console.... Charlotte Matsumura -> ::shrugs a shoulder:: At least we won't have to fight for space on the lifts. Fae -> +Swain+ Captain. We may have company. Just had what looks like an incoming warp signature, but nothing is there. Tandaris Admiran -> :: not sure how to retort, because she's right:: Cptn Swain -> ::He headed towards the lift and onto to medical.:: Fae -> :: Briefly considers going to yellow :: Rue Wydown -> Well, the samples are a rather soupy concoction of DNA. I'm working a theory supplied by Eddie regarding the creature stomachs. Tandaris Admiran -> :: turns and leaves:: Cptn Swain -> +Fae+ Oh great. Just what we needed. Cptn Swain -> +Fae+ Keep an eye on the situation, it might have just been a glitch. If anything at changes, let me know. Tandaris Admiran -> Lane> Where are you going? Fae -> :: Forwards the sensor records to flight control deck and has them put a patrol of fighters on stand by. :: Ryan Mesner -> ::steps into the lift, sending it down to security:: Yes, just you, me, and buggy smell. Fae -> +Swain+ Watch, aye. I'm feeling nervous though, captain. Tandaris Admiran -> :: Lane:: To show I can care. Find out what that explosion was. Or I'll send you over there. Rue Wydown -> Doze off on me again ::glancing at Svejk, then back to her stinky sample:: Fae -> :: Starts setting up for tachyon detection :: Cptn Swain -> ::He exited the lift and made the turn for medical. He hadn't gotten a chance to come down yet to see how the injured crewmembers were, and it was gnawing at him. Of course, he reminded himself, it could have been worse. How had made such a rookie mistake in letting that AT go down there, how had he let them go into the depths of the base?:: Tandaris Admiran -> :: rides TL to sickbay:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::stepping out of the lift a few seconds later, headed for security:: T'Prehl -> ::analyzing some of the mucus-like lining inside the exoskeleton:: Fae -> :: Lays in evasive impulse courses and bat out of hell warp courses :: Edward Svejk -> ::Jerks back to life:: No, no, just thinking. Did you actually find anything important? Charlotte Matsumura -> I think... I may make use of our locker rooms. This is just not going to go over well with the rest of the boys... Fae -> :: Tunes both the fusion and warp cores to run a little hot. Wants power available. :: Cptn Swain -> ::He entered sickbay, and looked around for a moment:: Rue Wydown -> I know this isn't your cuppa, but stay with me. Everything we find is important.. Cptn Swain -> (( You mean you don't want your sonic shower smelling like rotting bug corpses? )) Fae -> :: Focuses on the hypothetical cloak equipped ship that is hypothetically approaching :: Taryn Castell -> ::Spotting Swain, she gave a nod.:: Captain, welcome to the happiest place on the ship. Charlotte Matsumura -> ( Yes... Let our teammates suffer with us, rather than stinking up our quarters. ) Ryan Mesner -> ((No, but can we use yours? Water would probably do better.)) Cptn Swain -> (( LOL. No. )) Karl A. Schultz -> :: plays the sound recordings of the creatures.... Charlotte Matsumura -> (( Awww. Guess that means the hot tub is off limits, too... )) Cptn Swain -> ::Does his best to smile:: How are our three patients? Rue Wydown -> ((Spa party!)) Charlotte Matsumura -> ::entering main security to a few odd looks... ignoring them and heading for the locker rooms:: Ryan Mesner -> After the hell we went through, they can deal with a prevailing trail of stink. ::he smirked, making his way into security, bee lining for the locker room, and the almost divine sonic showers beyond them:: Edward Svejk -> Cuppa... ah... ::begins to rise from chair before glancing around and sitting again:: hrmph. Rue Wydown -> Bloody heck, Schultz. What's with the screeching cat noises? Fae -> :: Hates sitting here giving whomever a clean approach... :: Cptn Swain -> ( irc, the VIP quarters have real bath tubs, i am sure Eddy wouldn't mind the company ;) )) Fae -> :: Starts working the warp signature. How big the signature? How fast was it when it broke warp? T'Prehl -> That, I believe was the sound they made to communicate with each other. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::heads toward the womens' side of the room, unfastening the EVA suit as she goes:: Karl A. Schultz -> those are the sounds of the creatures we encountered on the planet.. Tandaris Admiran -> :: enters sickbay:: Karl A. Schultz -> :: turns down the volume... Taryn Castell -> They are stable, for now. Not entirely conscious, but that is by design as they sustained very serious injuries. Cptn Swain -> ::Nods:: Plasma burns, correct? Ryan Mesner -> ::strips down on his own side, enters the showers and activates them, all of them, with a satisfied sigh:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::steps out of the EVA suit, depositing it into the recycler, then removing the uniform underneath and heading for the showers:: Rue Wydown -> Ooooooooooooh. ::interested now:: So you lot saw live ones? What did they look like? How did they smell? How close did you get? Rue Wydown -> Details, dish the details mate. Karl A. Schultz -> it was really dark.... Charlotte Matsumura -> ::missing a good hot shower and her rainfall showerhead at a moment like this:: Edward Svejk -> ::Leans in as Rue begins the grilling:: Tandaris Admiran -> :: joins Swain and Taryn, listening:: Cptn Swain -> ::Looks over as Tandaris slipped in:: Fae -> :: To Tac officer :: Size wise she's small. Scout or destroyer? Taryn Castell -> ::Nods at Tandaris.:: Chief. Cptn Swain -> Commander. T'Prehl -> Fairly close. They looked like large insects. Ryan Mesner -> ::nothing to forget almost being eaten in the dark like some good vibrations:: T'Prehl -> But as Schultz pointed out, it was quite dark and we didn't get a good look at the. T'Prehl -> them Charlotte Matsumura -> ::leaning against one of the dividers, sighing as the waves wash away the stench and sweat, her adrenaline levels coming back to something resembling normal:: Rue Wydown -> Fairly close isn't a real scientific term for a Vulcan. ::raises a brow:: No holographic images? Taryn Castell -> Do we know what happened over there, yet? Fae -> :: Rigs the shields to come up at the first suspicion by sensors that something is decloaking :: Karl A. Schultz -> phaser fire did kept them at bay and busy... until we escaped through the elevator Tandaris Admiran -> That depends. Cptn Swain -> Depends? Edward Svejk -> You didn't harm them, did you? Fae -> ::Works out ETAs for various approaches from in a hurry, to routine, patient and nerve wracking. :: T'Prehl -> I must have been around humans too long. But unfortunately we couldn't get a good holographic image. Our safety was compromised due to their close proximity to us, so a quick escape was priority. Rue Wydown -> Why were you firing upon them? T'Prehl -> And no, we did not harm them. THey actually seemed to be fighting each other. Ryan Mesner -> ::Charlotte can hear the tell tale hums and mumbles of Ryan signing in the adjoining shower:: Rue Wydown -> And why did you feel your safety was compromised? Karl A. Schultz -> \well... I did the stun setting.. it was only a way to make them clear not to approach us. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::wondering how it is she's going to maneuver her way through this potential minefield, knowing as she did that the base was quarantined prior to the beamdown:: Tandaris Admiran -> We know there was a plasma explosion, the signature of which is consistent with the Augustine's EPS grid. Charlotte Matsumura -> (( Swing low, sweet chariot? )) Tandaris Admiran -> We don't know why the explosion occurred ... Rue Wydown -> ((Singing in the rain?)) Charlotte Matsumura -> ::furrowing her brow as she looks up, hearing Mesner singing in the mens' showers:: T'Prehl -> (Michael rowed the boat ashore) Edward Svejk -> STUN?! You don't know their physiology! That could have damaged them irreversibly! Karl A. Schultz -> we couldn't communicate with them, and they were approaching... they were just warning shots to make them stop approaching us Ryan Mesner -> (Best lyrics win what Ryan's singing) Cptn Swain -> ::Nods:: Rue Wydown -> Excuse me, but if they felt their lives were in danger, then by all means stun them. Tandaris Admiran -> When can we wake them? Fae -> :: Works a bit harder at IDing the ship. Works out a list of candidates ships of the approx size with stealth capability... :: Edward Svejk -> ::Huffs:: Afraid of insects... Rue Wydown -> But I still don't get why you were afraid of them approaching. Perhaps they were there to say "hi, welcome to the party." ::rather innocent about it:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::strains to try and make out the words, distracted -- at least momentarily -- from her dilemma:: T'Prehl -> It didn't seem that way to us. ::raises a brow:: We deemed their actions to be hostile so we had little choice Rue Wydown -> ((Bohemian Rhapsody?)) Charlotte Matsumura -> ::recognition prickles across her mind as she tries to piece together the odd notes that she's overhearing, the beat slightly off:: Edward Svejk -> ::grumbles and glares at T'Prehl:: Taryn Castell -> ::She frowned and glanced at the patients which were all cocooned while their burns were healed.:: They are going to be in extreme agony, but I could block the neurostimulus for a short time without damage. Which would you like to wake? Ryan Mesner -> ((Rue wins due to creepy hive mind)) T'Prehl -> ::is Vulcan and thus impervious to grumbles and glares:: Fae -> :: Sends a contact report including the contact sensory data back towards Camelot. On extra boost. Encrypted, but not tight beam so whomever they are knows a message went out. :: Ryan Mesner -> He's just a poor boy from a poor family! Cptn Swain -> ::Frowns:: Cptn Swain -> Wake White. Cptn Swain -> But only as long as you have to keep him awake. Tandaris Admiran -> Ensign White, preferably. Cptn Swain -> ::Glances to Admiran:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::chimes in:: Spare him his life from this monstrosity! Charlotte Matsumura -> ::laughing:: Ryan Mesner -> ::sudden silence:: Rue Wydown -> ((::is still laughing::)) Charlotte Matsumura -> ::feeling a release from the tension:: Cptn Swain -> (( I <3 You Guys )) Edward Svejk -> ::Turns to Schultz:: Well Schutz, you certainly have quite the role models on this ship! Charlotte Matsumura -> ::as she giggles against the shower wall:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::calls out:: Don't stop on my account! Karl A. Schultz -> well.. we weren't sure about their intentions... plus we were in their territory... they may be thinking that we were encroachers Cptn Swain -> ::Looks over:: I am going to get back to the bridge. Let me know what you find out. Fae -> :: Works the sensors, staying passive, but being more than a little greedy with sensor resource and computer time allocation. :: Taryn Castell -> ::She nods to Swain and gestures for Tandy to follow her over to White's biobed.:: Rue Wydown -> Or lunch. ::leans back from her sample:: Which I'm sure you might have become if my theory is playing out the way I'm seeing it here. Ryan Mesner -> ::throat clear:: Easy come, easy go, will you let me go? Cptn Swain -> ::Though he knew he should be present for this, he headed out:: Edward Svejk -> Aye aye, you shouldn't have barged down anyway. Isn't it great having orders? Charlotte Matsumura -> ::purses lips, recalling lyrics:: Bismilah! No, we will not let you go! Tandaris Admiran -> :: follows Taryn:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::though it's somewhat choppy around her laughter:: Karl A. Schultz -> we were investigating the dominion base, and they were down on the lower decks... I don't think the base is their natural environment... Maybe they were captured by the dominions... Ryan Mesner -> ::And thus did they sing, as the rest of security listened on:: Cptn Swain -> ::Exits sickbay and heads for the bridge:: Rue Wydown -> Yo, Eddie. Put a sock in. My job to question their actions ::points to herself:: Not your job. Our orders were to find out what happened to the Augstine crew. They're doing their jobs. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::completing the song, drawing a deep, cleansing breath, feeling better after their encounter with the "biohazard":: Karl A. Schultz -> Now. I am going to analyze this recording to see what they were really communicating Taryn Castell -> ::At the ensign's bed, she moved to the bioscreen and tapped in an inquiry, reviewing his lifesigns before attempting to wake him. Pulling out her hypo, she primed the cartridge and pressed it to his neck, dosing him with a neural inhibitor before waking him.:: Ask your questions, but be brief about it. ::To Tandy.:: T'Prehl -> Right, let's see if we can program the language structures into the Universal Translator/ Ryan Mesner -> ::exits the shower, making his way to his locker, pulling out all the fixings for a proper uniform:: Edward Svejk -> ::Looks shocked:: How- I'm here to lend aid! Which is clearly needed, given these breaches of Scientific Ethics! Rue Wydown -> Thanks Mr Schultz. ::looks back at her sample under the viewing scope:: Tandaris Admiran -> Of course. :: somewhat more subdued than normal:: Karl A. Schultz -> At least we didn't kill them.. we just got out of their habitat as soon as we can Rue Wydown -> Then next time you shouldn't sleep through the away mission. ::blandly as she pushes a few samples around to get a better view:: Taryn Castell -> ::Glances to the lifesigns again as Ensign White starts to wake up.:: T'Prehl -> That, is, if they didn't end up killing each other, given the combat the insectoids were engaged in as we left. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::done with her shower, wraps in a towel long enough to braid up her hair, then heads for her own locker to pull out her spare uniform:: Cptn Swain -> ::Exits onto the bridge:: Report. Karl A. Schultz -> only thing is that we still haven't figure out the source of the dampening field... Tandaris Admiran -> White> :: sputters, opens his eyes:: Ryan Mesner -> ::still humming, if less pronounced as he dried off his hair and beard:: Rue Wydown -> Now you have a stomach sample to examine, I suggest you start helping by doing your assignment. Fae -> Lots of invisible nothing out there, Captain. Ryan Mesner -> ::satisfied he was no longer the harbinger of bug stink, he exited the locker room, waiting for Charlotte by the door:: Fae -> Transition looks like a Klingon Bird of Prey. Good chance that is right. Haven't been able to pin them, though. Edward Svejk -> ::Looks at stomach sample, then back at Rue:: Ah, yes... wait, what's this about a dampening field? ::badly feigning interest:: Fae -> I put some fighters on alert, but didn't launch. Cptn Swain -> Klingons? What the hell are they doing out here? Charlotte Matsumura -> ::shoving her feet into her boots, then standing with one last glance in the mirror:: Tandaris Admiran -> White--Perry. You're in sickbay. There was an explosion. You all got hurt. One of you didn't make it. What happened? Cptn Swain -> ::Frowns:: Wait didn't that dispatch say something about them having been to this planet first? Fae -> There was mention of Klingons in that mystery report that came in. Fae -> Yep. Fae -> I'm guessing whoever sent us that note tickled the Klingons too. Cptn Swain -> ::Glowers:: This, by the way, is why I prefer studying nebula. Rue Wydown -> I'll damn your field ::picking up the staple gun:: If you don't start paying attention to your job. Fae -> Sorry, sir. Not my idea, sir. Tandaris Admiran -> White> :: cough, throat dry:: I did it. Fae -> Wanna try hailing em and talking? Used to be traditional. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::steps out of the locker room, finding Ryan waiting:: Karl A. Schultz -> :: nodded :: runs the sound recording through the UT to see if it were better with starship computer./ Charlotte Matsumura -> ::smirks:: Sorry if I threw you off... I, ah, needed the laugh. Cptn Swain -> ::Considers:: No. If they wanted us to know they were here, they'd tell us. For now let's just pretend we didn't notice. Tandaris Admiran -> What? No, this isn't your fault. It was my fault. I shouldn't have sent you.... Fae -> Aye sir. I've got shields programmed to come up if the decloak nearby. Is that too provocative? Taryn Castell -> ::Checks the time and White's lifesigns again, glancing from the sallow-faced ensign to the Engineering Chief.:: Save the blame for later. You only have a few minutes, sir. Cptn Swain -> ::Shakes his head:: No, a wise precaution. Cptn Swain -> ::Frowns:: Still nothing from Camelot? Ryan Mesner -> It'll be our little secret. Edward Svejk -> ::Turns back to sample:: "Soup" of DNA... probably just a big dust mite, eating dead skin. Fae -> Thanks. Appreciated. Glad to see you, sir. This 'you have the bridge' thing isn't always fun. Ryan Mesner -> ::glances towards the whole of security, who suddenly get back to work:: Tandaris Admiran -> White> no, I caused it. To kill them. The things. They were ... feeding ... off the EPS. Ate phasers. Rue Wydown -> ::quietly going back to singing Dem Bones while she looks at the microscopic level:: Now I know you haven't been paying attention. Cptn Swain -> ::Smiles a bit inspite of himself and gives her a gentle squeeze on the shoulder:: You've done just fine. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::chuckles:: Well, at least it wasn't completely off key. Tandaris Admiran -> White> Only way ... Fae -> :: returns the smile :: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::shrugs a shoulder and heads for the main console:: Cptn Swain -> ::Starts to walk away, stroking his beard:: Send another status update to Camelot and request further instructions. Edward Svejk -> ::Pushes sample around with tools like a kid none too eager to eat brocolli:: Ah yes, and they also eat away teams. Fae -> You pick up anything downstairs I should add to the message? Tandaris Admiran -> The things? :: eyes widen:: Oh. Wow. Ok. You ... you did well. Rest now. Rue Wydown -> Actually, I'm pretty sure they do. Like big crunchy potato sticks. Taryn Castell -> ::She frowned again and gave Tandy a look.:: Feeding off the ship's power system? That might explain why they didn't really react to phaser fire. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::flopping into the seat, dragging herself back forward to log into the console and check the security logs for the time they were gone:: Ryan Mesner -> ::Follows her with a grin:: Start pulling the Augustine logs. I want to know if they were kept out of the loop too. T'Prehl -> (Mmm... "Freedom Fries!" ) Cptn Swain -> No, not yet. Cptn Swain -> Let's play coy. Tandaris Admiran -> :: Taryn:: Fix them. I need to talk to the captain. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::nods:: Charlotte Matsumura -> That was on the agenda. Fae -> Coy. Tandaris Admiran -> :: turns to go:: And ... thank you. Karl A. Schultz -> :: taps the console to bring up the translation matrix... Fae -> :: tries to strike a Coy pose :: Rue Wydown -> ::looks up and makes a big chomping face:: Cptn Swain -> Clearly someone was keeping information from us, but I'd really like to know who. Taryn Castell -> ::She nodded, putting White under again.:: We'll take care of them, Commander. Cptn Swain -> ::Frowns:: I'll be in my ready room. Fae -> I don't suppose you want to hail the withholder either. Fae -> Coy... Ryan Mesner -> ::frowns slightly, already missing singing shower Charlotte:: Ryan Mesner -> Well, I'll leave you to it then. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::furrowing her brow as she notes the entries in the log regarding the explosion on Augustine and the subsequent actions:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::looks to Mesner with a slight smile:: Sorry... demon work ethic. I completely blame my father. Cptn Swain -> PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain -> PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain -> PAUSE SIM T'Prehl -> ::Paused:: Fae -> :: paused :: Cptn Swain -> Nice work. Rue Wydown -> Oh bother. :) Cptn Swain -> Of course you know that rumors will be flying all over the ship about the singing talents of our Security teams. Fae -> Nothing really matters.... Cptn Swain -> And Eddy once again managed to avoid being stapled to death. Charlotte Matsumura -> At least you were spared the Wayne and Garth moments. Edward Svejk -> When is karaoke night Cptn Swain -> When we're at base. Rue Wydown -> ::is still singing along to the Bohemian Rhapsody:: Cptn Swain -> And when they're drinking on my tab, as I recall. Ryan Mesner -> That’s around the time I put Green and Yellow by Lil Wayne on. Cptn Swain -> Alrighty, TBS will be open. Feel free to log anything. Cptn Swain -> If you need any direction from me, or info, feel free to pop me an email or grab me on AIM or Skype if I am on. Cptn Swain -> Anything from you Rue? Rue Wydown -> Nothing from me tonight. Cptn Swain -> Alrighty then, if you'd be so kind then? Rue Wydown -> Crew Dismissed :) Rue Wydown -> G'night all :D T'Prehl -> Night! Fae -> Night! Taryn Castell -> Night all. Karl A. Schultz -> good night
  13. Cptn Swain -> MISSION BRIEF: On the planet, things have gotten a little hairy; the AT is being backed into a corner by three strange creatures which appear to be the former inhabitants of the exoskeletons we've been finding. On the Excalibur, we have received a packet of information from an unknown source that seems to indicate the planet had been previously quarantined. Additionally, after waking up from his nap, Dr. Svejk was threatened at Stapler Point by the XO if he made a wrong move while assisting her team. Cptn Swain -> BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain -> BEGIN SIM Fae -> :: At HOPS, trying to figure out how to push through or disable the dampening field. :: T'Prehl -> @::looks around warily:: Cptn Swain -> @ACTION> Larry, Moe and Curley continue pressing towards the group. Maryse Dubois -> @ ::Finds herself backed into a corner with the others.:: Taryn Castell -> @ ::Brandishes her phaser at the creatures, though she wouldn't fire until someone told her to. Or one of those things tried to bite off her leg.:: Fae -> (( Quick, everybody, deploy the defense against two fingered eye pokes! )) Tandaris Admiran -> ((… glasses?)) Charlotte Matsumura -> @ ::phaser still at the ready, body in stance to spring into action as needed:: Ryan Mesner -> @::fires a shot into the ground in front of the stooges:: Tandaris Admiran -> @ This is so cool! Maryse Dubois -> @ ::Sighs at Tandy as she too brings out her phaser.:: Charlotte Matsumura -> @ ::glances back at Tandy, arching a brow as if to say, "Are you nuts?":: Charlotte Matsumura -> @ ::then thinks, "Wait. Tandy. Nevermind.":: Cptn Swain -> @ACTION> The creatures pause at the phaser fire. Karl A. Schultz -> @ :: points the phaser at the creatures Cptn Swain -> @ACTION> The each emit several high frequency squeals and seems to look at each other a moment before resuming towards the group. Taryn Castell -> @ ::Pulling out her tricorder, she flipped it open with her thumb and crouched down closer to the creatures, scanning them and recording their sounds.:: Cptn Swain -> ::Frowns:: No responses to our communiqué to Camelot? Rue Wydown -> ::in the lab puttering about with exoskeleton DNA and the age-thinga-ma-jig:: Maryse Dubois -> @ I would guess they are planning something. T'Prehl -> @A logical assumption. T'Prehl -> @It may be logical for them to plan an attack and flank us in. Charlotte Matsumura -> @ ::looking to Mesner:: Fire? Tandaris Admiran -> @::still working on penetrating the dampening field, trying a rotating modulation that networks their combadge transceivers:: Ryan Mesner -> @::frowns:: Fire. Ryan Mesner -> @::shoots at the center creature:: Karl A. Schultz -> @ That sound must be some form of their communication... high frequency sounds Charlotte Matsumura -> @ ::firing at the "head" of the one to the left, then firing off at the one to the right:: Cptn Swain -> @ACTION> The shot seems to stun them for a moment, but they continues on, though slower. Charlotte Matsumura -> @ Oh, that's not good... Edward Svejk -> ::Turns to Rue:: So what have you managed to do with these samples? Age, origin, anything? Charlotte Matsumura -> @ ::tapping on her phaser controls, changing the frequencies:: Fae -> None, unless you count the anonymous data packet. Maryse Dubois -> @ The field might be affecting phaser power. Ryan Mesner -> @ Higher setting. ::begins tapping on the rifle:: T'Prehl -> @::uses a higher setting, and fires:: Charlotte Matsumura -> @ ::fires again:: Cptn Swain -> ::He wondered if there was a connection, but said nothing:: Continue repeating our signal to the AT. Ryan Mesner -> @::cranks his up to level 8, then gives the center one a good sustained beam to the chest:: Fae -> Aye. Tandaris Admiran -> @ This is useless… Rue Wydown -> Age seems to be hard to pinpoint. ::frowns leaning back from the scanner that Saxon has set her up at:: Here, take a look. You tell me what you see. Tandaris Admiran -> @::looks around:: Hmm. Charlotte Matsumura -> @ ::hoping to find some sort of firing solution that works, as she's not sure she could physically beat these giant things:: Fae -> :: Bumps the counter on the repeats while trying alternate frequencies and polarizations :: Cptn Swain -> @ACTION> The higher frequency does seem to have an effect, as does the sustained burst. The creature comes to halt, though it doesn't seem 'stunned.' Almost like its is metabolizing the energy. Cptn Swain -> it is* Tandaris Admiran -> @::tries to see if there’s a console nearby he could access:: Charlotte Matsumura -> @ Is it...enjoying that?" Maryse Dubois -> @ That's not good... T'Prehl -> @::watches the creatures with fascination:: It seems to be absorbing it Maryse Dubois -> @ Try focusing all on one, see if it can overload. Charlotte Matsumura -> @ Either that, or we'll have Gamura. Ryan Mesner -> @ We need an exit. Now. Edward Svejk -> ::Leans towards the scanner, awkwardly feeling around for adjustment:: I see... ah, okay, yes. I see the same thing. Rue Wydown -> A chicken soup of DNA there. :;pauses:: Welllll...without the chicken. Cptn Swain -> @ACTION> The other two creatures chirp loudly and then dive at the one being focused. For the moment they seem preoccupied. Taryn Castell -> @ What if they are trying to communicate with us? ::Still recording their noises.:: T'Prehl -> @::Looking for an out:: Karl A. Schultz -> @ :: gets out a tricorder and records the sounds of the creatures.... Rue Wydown -> Or maybe there is chicken in there? I can't really tell. Which came first the chicken or the DNA? Edward Svejk -> Hrm. Probably just something it ate. Tandaris Admiran -> @::points upward at the ceiling:: Perhaps we could bring something down on them, cause a diversion, and run past. Charlotte Matsumura -> @ If they wanted to communicate, I think the phaser fire was fine for "Just keep it right there." Rue Wydown -> Oh, I hadn't thought of that. ::taps her index finger against her front teeth:: Edward Svejk -> You didn't think they ate? Ryan Mesner -> @::still watching the creatures:: Agreed. Cptn Swain -> @ACTION> The three creatures continue to wrestle each other chirping and hissling loudly, stabbing at each other wildly with their sharp claws. Charlotte Matsumura -> @ ::glancing up...:: Ryan Mesner -> @ They seem distracted, lets move. Rue Wydown -> Hmmm...stomach contents. Exciting. ::perking up, waving Smith over with another sample:: Tandaris Admiran -> @::doesn’t wait, escapes:: T'Prehl -> @A wise suggestion... ::Moves forward, trying to sneak by them:: Maryse Dubois -> @ ::Tunes her phaser, but looking at them curiously.:: Seems like they are not opposed to cannibalism.. Karl A. Schultz -> @ :: runs the sounds through the UT to find out what they are saying... Maryse Dubois -> @ ::Moves with Tandy.:: Charlotte Matsumura -> @ ::moves past while they are otherwise entertained:: Tandaris Admiran -> @::points at a nearby sign:: There’s a lift in that direction:: Cptn Swain -> ::Frowning, not liking this at all:: Edward Svejk -> Speaking of stomach contents, is there a problem with this ship's replicators? I tried getting someone to look at it but they said they couldn't fix the problem it had making my tea. Cptn Swain -> @ACTION> The lift that the team took down is waiting at the end of the hallway. It appears to be home free. Ryan Mesner -> @::takes up the rear, making sure the creatures continued to play stab each other:: Karl A. Schultz -> :: follows others..... Charlotte Matsumura -> @ Anyone else think that was a little too easy? T'Prehl -> @::increases her pace:: Tandaris Admiran -> @ No. I think it was just the right amount of easy. Rue Wydown -> ::dissects the stomach sample, humming a bit:: It's a replicator on a military ship. What did you expect? The Ritz Carlton? Taryn Castell -> @ Usually when someone says that, it turns out to not be. ::Muttering as she skittered along with the others.:: Maryse Dubois -> @ ::Running with Taryn, death grip on her kit with one hand, phaser in the other.:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ((Sorry, when the CO says "appears to be home free", it makes me wary. )) Cptn Swain -> (( LOL )) Cptn Swain -> @ACTION> Behind them, they hear the wailing sound of what must be the end of the Battle Royale, then a series of high pitched, bone chilling chirps. Cptn Swain -> @ACTION> The lift doors slide open as the team approach. Ryan Mesner -> @::reaching the lift:: That’s our signal to leave. Tandy, can you work this... T'Prehl -> @::resists the urge to stop and look back as they bolt for the lift doors:: Edward Svejk -> No, I just... ::frowns at Rue's current victim:: how many samples were you able to salvage? Ryan Mesner -> @ Nevermind. ::steps inside, sweeping around with the rifle:: Tandaris Admiran -> @::enters the lift, looking at the controls for the big “get the hell out” switch:: Tandaris Admiran -> @ Ah. ::hits the button:: Karl A. Schultz -> @ :: enters the lift cautiously Maryse Dubois -> @ ::Quickly getting into the lift.:: T'Prehl -> @::enters the lift after Karl:: Charlotte Matsumura -> @ ::bringing up the rear:: Cptn Swain -> @ACTION> The lift begins its ascent. As they rise to the top, both sensors on the Excalibur detect them, and their comm badges pick up the rotating signal from Fae telling them to phone home. Rue Wydown -> ::holds up a particularly icky piece:: About a dozen, different parts of the husks or whatever we found. Fae -> I'm getting comm lock again. Karl A. Schultz -> i wonder why the creatures weren't following T'Prehl -> @They appeared to be too distracted in their combat with eah other ::Karl:: Fae -> :: Lets the message sequence come to a break point, then opens a live link :: Cptn Swain -> ::Perks:: Open a channel... Edward Svejk -> ::Looks disappointed:: There were no intact specimens alive? Ryan Mesner -> @ Ah. It's good to know we've been missed. ::taps his badge:: Mesner to Excalibur. Fae -> Opened... Cptn Swain -> +Mesner+ This is Excalibur... report. Fae -> :: Decides it's the captain's place to do the scolding... :: T'Prehl -> @This should at least make for an interesting report to send to Starfleet Sciences. Cptn Swain -> ::Clearly relieved:: Taryn Castell -> @ ::Breathes a sigh of relief upon hearing the comm from Excalibur.:: Charlotte Matsumura -> @ ::purses her lips, noting that a report will not be sent to Fleet Sciences:: Rue Wydown -> Nothing live, mate. ::turning it this way and that:: Besides, this seems like more than enough to poke and prod. Rue Wydown -> Here, you want a piece? Ryan Mesner -> @+Excalibur+ The lower levels are filled with exoskeletons, and creatures from them that absorb phaser fire, and stab each other. Ryan Mesner -> @+Excal+ Oh, and try to eat us. Maryse Dubois -> @ I don't suppose he's going to get us out of here now? Taryn Castell -> @ Actually, they didn't really try to eat us. They didn't get close enough for that. Cptn Swain -> +Mesner+ In the words of our XO, luverly. Once your on the surface, stand by for immediate beam out. Fae -> :: Starts passing all the necessary information to TR 1. :: Cptn Swain -> @ACTION> The lift drops the team off on the second floor of the facility before sealing behind them. Charlotte Matsumura -> @ ::mutters to herself:: ...quarantined for a reason... Taryn Castell -> @ But I wonder, if we left someone down there as a sacrifice, if they would have... ::She glanced about the group, wondering who was expendable.:: Ryan Mesner -> @::Taryn:: Yes, I'm sure they wanted to teach us the song of their people. Charlotte Matsumura -> @ ::arching a brow at Taryn, eyes darting at another member of the team before correcting herself:: Taryn Castell -> @ Maybe they did. ::Back at Ryan.:: Those chirps were probably their way of communicating. It isn't their fault that we can't understand them. Charlotte Matsumura -> @ Perfectly happy remaining ignorant in that regard, thanks. Ryan Mesner -> @::frowns at not being dropped off at the ground floor:: +Excal+ Understood, we should be out shortly. Edward Svejk -> ::Recoils a bit before stopping and leaning closer to the offered bit:: You haven't sterilized these yet, have you? Is there a possibility of live eggs, buds, stem cells? Karl A. Schultz -> @ I recorded some.... further analysis would tell what they are saying to each other. Tandaris Admiran -> ((I believe the lift originally departed from the second floor. These are the same people who don’t put chairs on their bridge, so go figure.)) Ryan Mesner -> @ Yes, and I'm sure they chirped the crew of the Augustine into disapearing. T'Prehl -> @ Once we arrive back on the ship, I'd like you to get started on that ASAP Maryse Dubois -> @ We can ponder this once we're safe on the ship. Rue Wydown -> You are one odd scientist, you know that. ::lays the sample down:: Cptn Swain -> (( Or Viewscreens! )) Cptn Swain -> ::Relieved his crew was safe, but they now had more questions than they started with:: Ryan Mesner -> @::looks around:: Who remembered where we parked? Karl A. Schultz -> we must be on the other side of the Dominion base? Taryn Castell -> @ Maybe they were the crew of the Augustine. ::Pondering.:: Edward Svejk -> I'm merely raising the ethical concern of accidentally killing a specimen you didn't know existed! It's entirely possible... ::begins to gather instruments himself:: Cptn Swain -> ACTION> The crew is now on transporter lock friendly area. Fae -> Looks like we've got a lock. Cptn Swain -> Excal TR> +AT+ We have locks on you. Please keep all hands and feet inside the angular confinement beams. Charlotte Matsumura -> @ ::little tingle:: Cptn Swain -> ACTION> Time to Sparkle! The AT is transported back to the Excalibur. T'Prehl -> ::Shimmer:: Rue Wydown -> Oh luve, we all ready did that bit. The cloned sample is over there by your tea cup. ::fingers just itching to pull the trigger on that staple gun:: What do you think this is? Jurassic Park? Maryse Dubois -> ::shimmers:: Charlotte Matsumura -> (( Ick. Vampires don't sparkle. )) Ryan Mesner -> ((Transporters don't sparkle.)) Fae -> Good transport. Ryan Mesner -> ::shimmer shimmer:: Charlotte Matsumura -> @ ::shimmers:: Cptn Swain -> ::Fae:: I am going to head down and meet them. You have the bridge. Let Rue know they're back. Rue Wydown -> ((They shimmer! Big difference!)) Ryan Mesner -> Well, that was horrible. Let's never do that again. Karl A. Schultz -> :: materialized on Excalibur Cptn Swain -> CORRECTIVE ACTION> The AT Shimmers back Aboard. T'Prehl -> ::beams back on the ship:: Charlotte Matsumura -> I second that. Fae -> :: Frowns at the double dip into the special effects budget. :: Maryse Dubois -> ::Almost drops her stuff on the floor as she takes a seat on the pad steps.:: Cptn Swain -> ::Since TL travel is the at the speed of the plot, it won't take him long to get to the TR:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::steps over Maryse as she steps off the pad:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::removing her helmet as she goes:: Fae -> Aye, Captain. Fae -> +Rue+ AT is back aboard. Captain is arranging a debrief. Maryse Dubois -> ::Pops her helmet off and sighs in relief.:: Taryn Castell -> ::Sparkles like the light of a thousand stars, but then she always had a natural glow about it. Breathes another sigh as they appear back on the station and follows Charlotte in cracking open her helmet so she could breathe the wonderfully recycled air.:: T'Prehl -> ::begins to take off her gear:: Fae -> :: Moves the ship up out of transport range, just cause she can :: Cptn Swain -> ::Enters the TR, both concerned and relieved that everyone was there in one piece.:: Edward Svejk -> ::Shakes his head:: I can't find anything salvageable here. Is there anything on that one? Rue Wydown -> +Fae+Oh, you mean Captain didn't manage to kill them after all? I'm so relieved. Cptn Swain -> ::Tries for a bit of levity, despite the seriousness of the situation:: So I should mark this off my list of planets for possible leave? Edward Svejk -> ::Turns to Rue:: What's that? Are they bringing live samples? Tandaris Admiran -> Well the service is terrible, sir. Fae -> +Rue+ Well, he did his best. Taryn Castell -> And the pool was closed. Charlotte Matsumura -> Wouldn't want to use it, anyway. I mean, who knows what those things would leave behind... Cptn Swain -> ::Smiles a bit, before becoming serious again.:: I'll want a full report as soon as you can. Rue Wydown -> I dunno. Guess we'll find out soon. In the meantime, we work with what we have. ::pushes her sample over:: And don't get any ideas that you're going to go greet them yourself or I'll not be stapling you to your chair, but to the bulkhead instead. Cptn Swain -> Doctors, they most likely need you in sickbay. They're still treating the survivors from the second team to the Augustine. Maryse Dubois -> ::Finishes taking off the rest of her suit and stands.:: Cptn Swain -> ::Tandaris:: If you can spare it, I want you to also take a look at the sensor logs and see fi you can help sort out what the hell happened over there. Taryn Castell -> What happened? ::Still latched to her kit.:: Maryse Dubois -> Right, you said there was an explosion last we talked? Tandaris Admiran -> ::frowns:: Wasn’t that the engineering team I left over there to investigate the power anomaly? Cptn Swain -> Yes. But we don't know what happened. We lost communication with them shortly before the incident. Cptn Swain -> Science, you guys should head down to the labs and get to work with Commander Wydown and Dr. Svejk. Cptn Swain -> ::Looks at the two security officers:: The two of you... I need to speak to in private. T'Prehl -> Yes sir. ::nods:: T'Prehl -> ::looks to Karl:: Let's go, Mr. Schultz. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::nods once, helmet tucked under her arm:: Tandaris Admiran -> ::leaves the TR and heads for engineering:: Taryn Castell -> ::Wiggles her way out of her suit, surrenders her phaser to ship security, and grabs her kit again, joining Maryse.:: Cptn Swain -> ::motions for the rest of them to head out, and for Charlotte and Messner to stay:: Ryan Mesner -> @::Nods to Swain as he worked to take his suit apart:: Maryse Dubois -> ::Grabs her kit and hurries to Sickbay with Taryn.:: Cptn Swain -> ::Waits for the three of them to be alone before he says anything:: About thirty minutes ago, we intercepted a coded message ... well part of a coded message. Rue Wydown -> Eddie...::pauses:: Can I call you Eddie? ::continuing on:: Eddie, what do you make of this? The stomach contents look a bit.....odd to me. Charlotte Matsumura -> ::tilts her head slightly, waiting to hear what else the captain has to add:: Rue Wydown -> ((2 minute warning)) Cptn Swain -> We're still picking through it -- its a substantial amount of data. But suffice to say it's all information on the planet below us. Cptn Swain -> And apparent quarantine that is in place that no one bothered to tell me about before we got here. Ryan Mesner -> ::deep sigh:: Charlotte Matsumura -> ::sighs:: Might have been nice to have *before* the mission. Cptn Swain -> ::Nods in agreement:: Which leaves me at least with some unsettling questions about this whole mission. Cptn Swain -> I want you to help sort through the information, authenticate it where possible, and then see if we can find out any relation to apparent prior missions, the Augustine's mission, and our mission. Maryse Dubois -> ::Walking into sickbay, handing off her kit to a nurse.:: Be careful. There are important samples in that. ::She goes to wash up before tending to the 2nd AT survivors.:: Charlotte Matsumura -> Do we have copies of the Augustine's logs to corroborate information against? Taryn Castell -> ::Hands her kit to the nurse as well.:: Be careful. There are important samples in that. ::Grins at the flat look the nurse gave her.:: Edward Svejk -> Eddie...ward? Yes... ::peers at sample:: odd. A good bit of digestive tract can tell volumes about an organism, but this is a bit of a mess. T'Prehl -> ::arrives back where Commander Wydown and Svejk were:: Cptn Swain -> What we'd managed to get so far. I am not willing to send anyone else over their until we know what happened with the second team, but we should be able to get a link going between the two ships. Taryn Castell -> ::Goes to wash up, then cracks open her sugar stash, knocking back a bag of chocolate morsels covered in a crispy candy shell.:: Cptn Swain -> ...the longest two minute warning comes to and end... Cptn Swain -> PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain -> PAUSE SIM Maryse Dubois -> ::paused:: Fae -> :: paused :: T'Prehl -> ::Paused:: Taryn Castell -> I've seen longer. Cptn Swain -> Sorry to buck up an pause there. Cptn Swain -> Alrighty, good stuff. Cptn Swain -> Everyone lived, too! T'Prehl -> Yay! Taryn Castell -> Vanilla. Cptn Swain -> Woops Cptn Swain -> Backspace button is a killer. Edward Svejk -> Give a big hand to Rue for demonstrating remarkable restraint with deadly weapons Cptn Swain -> lol yes. Cptn Swain -> Any questions for next week? Taryn Castell -> Noi T'Prehl -> Nope Rue Wydown -> You're just wishing I was restrained :D Cptn Swain -> lol Cptn Swain -> Alrighty, If you all want to advance in logs feel free. Cptn Swain -> Have a happy and safe 4th, for our Americans. Cptn Swain -> And for our Canucks, Happy Canada Day! T'Prehl -> :D Cptn Swain -> Does our transplant get both? Charlotte Matsumura -> Yup. =D T'Prehl -> Sweet Taryn Castell -> Log> "Congrats on your new rank, Taryn, and your new appointment as Captain of Excalibur." Cptn Swain -> Twice the Sparklers! Cptn Swain -> lol Charlotte Matsumura -> And twice the vacation time. =D Cptn Swain -> Awesome Awesome. Cptn Swain -> Alrighty, have good one!
  14. Cptn Swain -> MISSION BRIEF: The Excalibur AT continues their exploration of the surface complex's Level 15. They believe they have found a tunnel that was not created by the Dominion and were considering if they should go deeper. On the ship, work continued to both determine what had happened to White's AT aboard the Augustine, while trying to find away around the dampening field. Commander Wydown's group also made some progress on the samples sent to them from the Augustine. Cptn Swain -> BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain -> BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain -> BEGIN SIM Ryan Mesner -> @::peering down yonder tunnel:: Fae -> :: At hops. Ready to move to the planet. Still working on analyzing the explosion. :: Cptn Swain -> ::On the bridge, wondering if he had made a terrible mistake in allowing the team to go deeper into the complex without knowing what had happened on the Augustine:: Charlotte Matsumura -> @ ::peering over the shoulders of the rest of the AT, down the tunnel:: Edward Svejk -> ::Yawning while exiting quarters:: Rue Wydown -> ((Well, duh :P )) T'Prehl -> @::looking around wearily:: Taryn Castell -> @ ::Though the entire complex seemed to cause havoc on their scans, Taryn had her tricorder out anyway to see what sort of readings they could get from the tunnel.:: Karl A. Schultz -> @ : standing in the tunnel. Ryan Mesner -> @ This takes me back to "obviously bad situations 101" at the Academy... Charlotte Matsumura -> @ ::looks to Mesner:: Hm. Yes, but without the safety protocols. Rue Wydown -> ::to Saxon and Smith:: So you blokes enjoy picking appart alien corpses. Cptn Swain -> ACTION> Taryn's scans show trace acids along the sides of the tunnel walls. Edward Svejk -> ::Enters bridge:: Any luck yet? Rue Wydown -> Saxon> Not particularly. ::frowns:: Cptn Swain -> ::Turns hearing a most unexpected voice:: Mister... Svejk? Rue Wydown -> Smith>Yes! I love it. ::answering at the same time as Saxon:: Edward Svejk -> ::Looks over his shoulder:: Yes? Have you contacted the Augustine yet? Cptn Swain -> ::Blinks:: Karl A. Schultz -> @ :: scanning with a tricorder.. Cptn Swain -> By contact you mean find out that they're all missing and that they were doing experiments on some sort husks from the planet, then yes. Cptn Swain -> ACTION> Fae detects what appears to be a broad band communiqué coming from the general direction of Camelot. It appears to be just a snippet of a data transfer, and encoded. Fae -> Bip.... Rue Wydown -> ::looks through the viewfinder:: So what kind of creatures are these? Ryan Mesner -> @ Can anyone get any sort of useful readings? Taryn Castell -> @ Hmmm... ::She peers at Karl's scans.:: I'm reading trace acids, likely that's how they created the tunnel. Fae -> :: Verifies the message :: Captain? Incoming message. Data. Cptn Swain -> ::Looks up:: What? Edward Svejk -> Ah, well... I see. Everyone? Ah, and did they leave a note? Ryan Mesner -> @::looks around:: Impressive...if creepy. Fae -> Encrypted message, from the direction of Camelot. Not signed, but encrypted. Charlotte Matsumura -> @ ...possibly excreted by whatever was in those... exoskeles? Cptn Swain -> ::Shoots a look at Svejk:: Why don't you go down to science, Wydown can catch you up and maybe make some use of you. Edward Svejk -> H-hang on! What's this message about? Cptn Swain -> ::Fae:: Capture it and begin decoding it. Fae -> :: Looks for a header, you know, with an addressee address on it? :: Fae -> Captured. Fae -> :: Starts applying the standard keys for this time period :: Ryan Mesner -> @ So...nothing bad beeping saying, don't go down the long dark tunnel? T'Prehl -> @A possibility Edward Svejk -> ::Walks over to peer over Fae's shoulder:: Charlotte Matsumura -> @ ::pauses:: Wasn't that a Dixon Hill novel? Fae -> :: Focuses comm priority to pick up any other messages coming from that direction. :: Charlotte Matsumura -> @ As I recall, that ended badly for the explorer. Taryn Castell -> @ I'm not reading any lifesigns, if that's what you meant. Fae -> :: Looks up... the captain must be curious to be lurking like.... That's not the Captain. :: Ryan Mesner -> @ Good enough. Lets get moving. Tandaris Admiran -> @::q:: Not that we were reading any lifesigns before…. Charlotte Matsumura -> @ ::mutters:: ...any recognizable lifesigns... Cptn Swain -> ACTION> The high level DNA scan completed by the Excalibur shows traces from Vorta, Jem'Hadar, Scorpiad and Human DNA, all seemingly incorporated into the genetic structure of the creatures. Edward Svejk -> Well? Who's this message from, then? Cptn Swain -> Mister Svejk.... ::he said rising:: Fae -> It's from... :: Falls silent, deciding to let the Captain handle this. :: Karl A. Schultz -> @ I wouldn’t touch the walls. The sensor shows walls have traces of acids Edward Svejk -> ::Turns:: Ah, Science? Not my favorite. ::Turns back to Fae:: Fae -> :: Captains are good for something, aren't they? Right? :: Ryan Mesner -> @::takes point, letting his rifles light show the way:: Cptn Swain -> If you would like to be thrown in the brig, by all means continue. Fae -> :: Sets up a message to security :: Tandaris Admiran -> @::follows along, still making modifications to his tricorder in attempts to penetrate the dampening field:: Cptn Swain -> If not, I suggest heading to where I just told you. Fae, please have a security detail escort him down, and let Rue know he's coming. Taryn Castell -> @ ::Somewhere in the middle of the pack, which often proved to be the safest, phaser out, but paying more attention to her tricorder readings.:: Rue Wydown -> Rue> Well, that's interesting. That's rather like a pea soap of DNA there. Fae -> +Security+ Small security detail to the bridge. Rue Wydown -> Saxon>Quite impossible, really. So how did that happen. Cptn Swain -> @ACTION> The AT hears another shrill chiddering sound, and then a second on a different pitch. Rue Wydown -> Smith> I know! Isn't it fantastic! Edward Svejk -> R-rue? Why... what's the concern about my security? Ryan Mesner -> Benson>::replies to Fae's call:: Fae -> +Rue+ Commander? The Captain is directing Mr. Svejk to join you in science. He is to be expected shortly with security escort. T'Prehl -> @ ::perks up at the sound of the chittering:: Rue Wydown -> +Fae+ Oh excellent! We could use another vict...emrr...help with our experiments. Ryan Mesner -> @::moving through the tunnel at a decent pace, it seemed rather long:: Fae -> :: Finds the correct decrypt key. Holds on opening it, waiting for Edward to exit.:: Edward Svejk -> Really, Captain, I understand my safety is paramount, but... Fae -> +Rue+ Glad to be of service. Cptn Swain -> ::Ignores Svejk and heads down to the operations console:: Rue Wydown -> Hand me that staple gun, please. ::motions to Smith:: Ryan Mesner -> Benson>::Arrives on the bridge along with another security goon:: Rue Wydown -> Smith>Why? ::hands it over to her:: Rue Wydown -> Oh, you'll see. Just wait. Edward Svejk -> ::Sees Swain shift his attention and moves back to look over Fae's shoulders:: Eh? What's that? Fae -> Private. Cptn Swain -> ::Grabs Svejk on his way and pulls him away from the console:: Rue Wydown -> And if I tell you to hold him down, please follow my instructions. ::toothy grin:: Edward Svejk -> ::Frowns, then sees Mesner:: Ah, I see I'll be in good hands! Fae -> :: Decides to let the captain give the orders. Much as she'd like to do it herself.. :: Fae -> :: Do not come between the captain and his security detachment... :: Cptn Swain -> ::Pushes him towards Benson and takes a very deep breath:: Fae -> :: Good call, Fae... :: Taryn Castell -> @ ::Pauses while in the tunnel to take a sample of the rock and traces.:: Charlotte Matsumura -> @ ::frowns:: Didn't we pass that...blob...before? Ryan Mesner -> Benson> Only as good as the Captain likes. Karl A. Schultz -> @ so far... UT is rather inconclusive about those shrill sounds Charlotte Matsumura -> @ ::indicating a blob of mucousy-acid along the wall:: T'Prehl -> @ ::takes some samples as well:: Cptn Swain -> @ACTION> A third chiddering sound echoes along the smooth walls, and then the sound of the first pitch somewhere behind them. T'Prehl -> @It might be wise to expedite our progress. Cptn Swain -> ::Benson:: Take him down to the Commander. Tell her she can shoot him if she feels like it. Charlotte Matsumura -> @ Now I know what the fox feels like on the hunt... ::muttering:: Ryan Mesner -> Benson> Will do. ::pushes Svejk towards the turbolift doors:: Rue Wydown -> You still have that adhesive bonding product? Ryan Mesner -> @Faster would be better. ::speeds up his pace:: Fae -> :: Opens the message on her console as soon as Svejk is clear. :: Fae -> :: Starts to look through it. :: Fae -> Hmmm... Fae -> :: Skimms through it for a bit :: Cptn Swain -> @ACTION> The tunnel breaks off into two path ways. T'Prehl -> @::notes the fork in the tunnel:: Fae -> Looks like someone has been here before. Reports on the planet. Ryan Mesner -> @::holds up at the intersection:: Karl A. Schultz -> :: hears the more chiddering sounds..... Cptn Swain -> What do you mean? Fae -> :: Forwards a copy to the captain's chair and files :: Rue Wydown -> Smith> Aye, ma'am. ::tooth grin:: Do you need it? Rue Wydown -> I might. ::grins:: Cptn Swain -> ::Makes his way over to her console:: The original dossier said the planet was more or less uncharted. Fae -> This is a data package, a set of reports from prior expeditions to the planet. Fae -> Seems we didn't have a need to know, sir. Cptn Swain -> Prior... what... Fae -> Just figuring it out myself, sir. Fae -> :: Looks for names of authors, dates, sources :: Cptn Swain -> ::Looks at her read out:: Handed over to the Klingons after the war... then turned back over to us... Ryan Mesner -> Benson>::Arrives with Edward:: Fae -> And burried, apparently. Ryan Mesner -> @ Uh, any ideas? Rue Wydown -> So how do you think this pea soup came about? Cptn Swain -> @ACTION> Behind the AT, Charlotte catches a glimpse of what appears to have been movement. Karl A. Schultz -> @ do we split up... Cptn Swain -> ::Frowns:: The damned planet was quarantined by the Bio-Chem Unit... Edward Svejk -> Soup? I came down here for soup? Well... I am hungry... ::Moves over to Rue:: Fae -> :: Punches into the computer, looking for a record of the quarantine. :: Charlotte Matsumura -> @ I've got movement. Seven o'clock. Tandaris Admiran -> @::looks over Charlotte’s way:: Cptn Swain -> "Undetonated Munitions" Rue Wydown -> Ah, Mr Svejk. Pull up a seat. ::waiting for him to get settled:: T'Prehl -> @ I do not think it would be a logical move to split up. There is strength in numbers. Fae -> Oh, Joy. T'Prehl -> @::looks at Charlotte:: That is rather unsettling news. Ryan Mesner -> @ Right, well, right then. Post haste! Ryan Mesner -> @::heads right:: T'Prehl -> @ ::nods and follows Mesner:: Taryn Castell -> @ ::Seeing to her sample kit, rummaging while the others make important decisions regarding her safety. Her chin snapped up at Charlotte's statement and she peered down the tunnel.:: Like... rocks shifting movement? Or... something hungry wanting to eat us movement? Charlotte Matsumura -> @ ::backing down the right corridor, bringing up the rear, and keeping an eye on things:: Ryan Mesner -> @::Rifle shouldered, moving a brisk pace down the tunnel:: Cptn Swain -> Alright. That settles it. We need to get the AT back up here yesterday. Charlotte Matsumura -> @ My guess would be on something hungry that wants to eat us. Edward Svejk -> ::Sighs:: Is this going to be another lecture? The illustrious Captain already threw a fit just for being interested in Operations. Fae -> I've got a course to the planet ready. T'Prehl -> @Perhaps, but I rather hope the Commander's predictions of such is inaccurate. Rue Wydown -> No, not exactly. Are you comfy? Karl A. Schultz -> @ moves along, but has one hand on a phaser. Edward Svejk -> ::Sits begrudgingly:: Not quite bridge seating, is it? Ryan Mesner -> @ I'd have to say right now, ignorance is bliss. ::speeding along:: Cptn Swain -> ACTION> The Tunnel breaks into a wider room carved into the rock, here there are more exoskelletons, these nearly intact and all covered in mucus. Cptn Swain -> Alright, bring us in closer. And let see what we can about the Dampening Field. T'Prehl -> @::takes a second to glance at the mucus covered husks while she was running along:: Fascinating. Ryan Mesner -> @::into big room:: Great... Karl A. Schultz -> @ :: entered the much wider room Ryan Mesner -> @::glances around:: Try to find an exit... T'Prehl -> @::Looking about:: Fae -> :: Engages the course, going a bit faster than she normally does in system :: Rue Wydown -> ::produces the staple gun:: Now, listen, and listen carefully. You move from that seat without permission, I *will* staple your arse to that seat. This is a military operation, which means you must follow orders, not matter how much you dislike them. You may participate in our investigation, but under no circumstances may you so much as lift your rear from that seat without my say so. Understood? Fae -> :: Starts re-rigging the main dish for use as a communications array :: Cptn Swain -> @ACTION> Localized scans reveal traces of Human and Klingon DNA among the exoskelletons. Edward Svejk -> ::Groans and shifts in seat:: This is another lecture... Fae -> I might try a brute force approach first? Hit em with the loudest recall signal I can? Cptn Swain -> ::Nods:: Go for git. Rue Wydown -> ::fires off a staple in the air:: Do you understand? T'Prehl -> @::Looks at her tricorder:: Traces of human and Klingon DNA, can be detected. Edward Svejk -> N-now, hey! That's dangerous! You could put an eye out with one of those! Fae -> :: Hopes the bit about no surface life is right. Is pushing the signal power high enough to statistically cause cancers :: Cptn Swain -> (( You're going to be lucky if an eye is all you lose... )) Rue Wydown -> ::clears her throat, looking at him pointedly, waiting for him to acknowledge her order about not moving from his seat:: Fae -> :: Confirms there are no life signs above the damper field :: Ryan Mesner -> @::glances over the exoskeletons as he carefully moves through the room:: Lets try not to join them. Fae -> +AT+ Recall! Recall! Recall! Excalibur AT to return near the surface for beam up! Edward Svejk -> ::Squirms a bit under the glare:: Yes, right, I'm here to help after all... maybe the Captain was right, with my expertise I could be of more use here! Tandaris Admiran -> @::looks around the room but not really excited, as it is just more of the same:: Cptn Swain -> ACTION> The AT for a brief moment, hears a bit of static on their communicators. Karl A. Schultz -> @ :: walks up to examine the exoskeltons Fae -> :: Sets it to repeat 5 times at 30 second intervals, listening in between sends using the main dish as a receiver. :: Fae -> Repeating the send, sir. Fae -> OK. I've been working the plasma explosion rather than the dampening field. Do we have anyone who might know about taking it down, sir? Rue Wydown -> Just be happy it's not a hot metal sealing tool. Now, back to our husk. We've got a weird DNA soup of creatures that make up this.....thing. Wondering how that's possible, considering how considering normal biological rules don't allow all those creatures to blend. Cptn Swain -> @ACTION> Behind the AT, movement in the darkness. Three figures begin moving toward them. They seem to have two arms and square heads, with elongated bodies that allow them to sort of slither. They seem almost translucent in the darkness. Cptn Swain -> ::Frowns:: He's on the surface. Fae -> Of course he is. Cptn Swain -> Engineering might be able to help, toss it down to them as well. Fae -> Should I send the data package to Rue? Cptn Swain -> ::Bites at his lip:: Yes. Tandaris Admiran -> @::glances down at his combadge, tapping it experimentally:: That was odd. Tandaris Admiran -> @::looks around:: I wonder if we were picking up interference caused by these walls and that field … hmm … Charlotte Matsumura -> @ ::feels the hair on the back of her neck prickle:: Fae -> +Engineering+ I need technical support on the bridge. If you have anyone who might take down a dampening field... Edward Svejk -> Normal biological rules? What about genetic tampering? What about mutation? What's in the soup? Where'd you get this thing, anyway? It looks rotten. How long has it been here? Fae -> :: Encapsulates the data and dumps a copy to Rue's account. :: Ryan Mesner -> @::still looking for some other exit from the room:: T'Prehl -> @I heard that too. Fae -> +Rue+ Rue? We have just received information, an unsigned data package, apparently from Camelot, but with no individual signatures. Says the planet is dangerous, was once quarantined. You might want to review it. Rue Wydown -> Genetic tampering is a possibility. Considering the rumors I've heard. Mutation wouldn't be out of the ordinary either. Taryn Castell -> @ Uh.... ::Staring at the slithering creatures headed in their direction.:: Fae -> +Rue+ I've sent a copy to your account. Rue Wydown -> +Fae+ Thanks Fae. Appreciate it. Edward Svejk -> Rumors? About what? Fae -> +Rue+ We're back at the planet. Captain has ordered a recall. No response from the planet. Ryan Mesner -> @::turns to Taryn, noticing the creatures:: Everyone back! Karl A. Schultz -> @ :: scanning the exoskeltons Ryan Mesner -> @::aims his rifle at the middle one:: Uh...stop! Fae -> :: Starts calling up whatever information she has on the dampening field. :: Rue Wydown -> You are a scientist, yes? Even if it's ethical scientist. Why are you so adverse to seeing biological samples even at this age? Cptn Swain -> @ACTION> The creatures continue moving towards the AT. There's virtually no light in the chamber, except from the lights on phasers and any hand lamps. The creatures skins seems to reflect the light back. Karl A. Schultz -> @ :: turns around, and gets out the phaser... Charlotte Matsumura -> @ ::phaser at the ready, having turned at the approach:: Tandaris Admiran -> Lt. Lane> +Bridge+ We’ve been studying the dampening field and developing options. Not knowing the source makes it difficult, though. Our best idea so far involves using a modified photon torpedo targeted at the facility itself … but we can’t guarantee it won’t compromise the facility’s structural integrity. Edward Svejk -> I just expected... well... ::wavers and turns a little in his seat:: I had hoped the initial study would be over and I could help with analysis! Ryan Mesner -> @::continues backing up:: Someone should really find us a way out of here right now! Rue Wydown -> +Fae+ Tell the Captain if something happens to them then I told him so. Cptn Swain -> +Lane+ Find a better way. Cptn Swain -> ::Hears Rue over the comm to Fae and bites his lip again, this time hard enough to cause it to bleed.:: Fae -> :: Looks back up at the captain, and decides not to repeat Rue's comment. :: Fae -> +Rue+ Noted. Edward Svejk -> ::Looks at Rue:: Something wrong on the Augustine? Rue Wydown -> God save your commanding officer. ::shakes her head sadly:: At any rate, we need to find out how old these samples are anyway. Rue Wydown -> ::raises both brows:: Where have you been? Fae -> :: Goes back to what is known about the dampening field, using occasional scans to confirm the theories from Engineering and Science :: Cptn Swain -> @ACTION> The creatures are now about 5m from the team, continuing to advance. Edward Svejk -> The samples' ages? I didn't take them! You're the one who should know! I've been... busy! Tandaris Admiran -> Lane> ::mutters something about high expectations, then glares at the glaring Kent:: Well don’t just stand there! Go find Ensign Grant and tell her I need those latest correlation analyses. Taryn Castell -> @ ::Backing waaaaaay up, trying to stay as far from those things as possible while still scanning them with her tricorder.:: Charlotte Matsumura -> @ Anyone have a sonic screwdriver? T'Prehl -> @ Sadly I do not. Rue Wydown -> Yes, I see - sleeping through those warning alerts, hmm? Yes, there was an explosion on the other ship. And no, we don't know how old these are. We need do a few more experiments to date them. Charlotte Matsumura -> @ ::stepping back slightly, phaser at the ready:: Cptn Swain -> ...and... Fae -> :: Decides it is not proper to call medical for a self inflicted bite on the captain's lip. :: Charlotte Matsumura -> @ Pity. That's what one of our chaps always uses to get out of messes like these. Fae -> :: Now if some girl had inflicted it.... :: Karl A. Schultz -> @ :: backs a little up.. Cptn Swain -> PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain -> PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain -> PAUSE SIM T'Prehl -> ::Paused:: Fae -> :: paused :: Cptn Swain -> Muhahahaha T'Prehl -> Dun dun duun! Rue Wydown -> Okay, any questions folks? Cptn Swain -> Good work, guys. Edward Svejk -> Is anyone going to confiscate that staple gun? Cptn Swain -> No. Charlotte Matsumura -> If anything, we might give her another one. Cptn Swain -> LOL Rue Wydown -> ::toothy grin:: Rue Wydown -> Sit, stay. Good. Cptn Swain -> I have a feeling she might also give me bloody nose to match my lip. Cptn Swain -> Anyway, we'll pick up there next week. Cptn Swain -> For my notes, did you guys tell us which level you were headed too? If you don't remember that's fine, I'll look through the logs. Cptn Swain -> And you're dismissed too :) Cptn Swain -> Have a good week.
  15. Cptn Swain -> MISSION BRIEF: On the surface, the away team continues to search for clues – having found a lab with more samples, in addition to detecting a high frequency audio signal that Tandaris believed could be connected to the dampening field. Aboard the Excalibur, Commander Wydown leads the investigation into the samples found aboard Augustine, while Fae continues to work on reconstructing the accident, as the three survivors are all unable to tell us what happened. Cptn Swain -> Questions? Cptn Swain -> Also, if I disappear in the middle of the sim, we're having some strong Thunderstorms. Cptn Swain -> Alrighty, if there aren't any questions... Cptn Swain -> BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain -> BEGIN SIM Fae -> :: At hops, a course to the planet laid in, but focusing on reconstructing the accident. :: Rue Wydown -> ((Just a reminder, if you were on the planet last sim - you're *still* on the planet)) Tandaris Admiran -> @::taps his tricorder, not liking these readings:: Maryse Dubois -> @ ::With Tandy and Karl as they rejoin the other team.:: Cptn Swain -> ::On the bridge, wondering if Rue was right.:: T'Prehl -> @::would also be concerned if she felt such:: Rue Wydown -> ::somewhere in the bowels dealing with Smith and Saxon:: Karl A. Schultz -> @ :: examining the exoskeleton in a science lab Maryse Dubois -> @ ::Looking to T'Prehl and Taryn.:: Did you guys here some chattering a little bit ago? Taryn Castell -> @ ::Taryn had gotten her samples and now wanted to get the Hades out of there. She looked at Maryse in surprise.:: Chattering? Um... no. I didn't? Did you? ::Glancing to the Vulcan.:: Tandaris Admiran -> @Doppler shift indicates the frequency sources are moving. T'Prehl -> @Chattering? Not that I recall. Charlotte Matsumura -> @ ::maintaining situational awareness, and keeping watch... hair on the back of her neck still standing on end:: Maryse Dubois -> @ ::Frowns:: We did... Charlotte Matsumura -> # Alexander> ::looking to Sprint:: I was thinking some backup might be in order. Rue Wydown -> You ::points at Smith:: Stop licking things. And you ::points to Saxon:: Stop being such a masterful git. Now, back to the task at hand. What can you tell me about these luverly pieces of alien anatomy that the away team brought back. Cptn Swain -> #Sprint> ::Lifts a brow:: What did you have in mind? Charlotte Matsumura -> # Alexander> Backup. And for that, I need you. I don't have ships at my disposal, whereas you... Karl A. Schultz -> @ :: running tricorder scan on an alien exoskeleton... Karl A. Schultz -> (( what was the name of those exoskeleton... I am forgetting ? ) Cptn Swain -> #Sprint> Have an entire fleet? Maryse Dubois -> ((There wasn't one)) Charlotte Matsumura -> # Alexander> ::taps his finger against his nose:: Got it in one. Maryse Dubois -> @ We need to get this field down so we can get out of here. Cptn Swain -> #Sprint> ::Shifts his weight:: The system they're in is rather... remote. Cptn Swain -> ::Fae:: Report? Tandaris Admiran -> @ I don't think it will be as easy as switching off a generator. Rue Wydown -> Smith>Weeeeelllll Fae -> Nothing from the AT, Captain. Still working on the boom. Definitely plasma conduit release. Fae -> What caused it is hard to tell at this distance. Plasma makes a mess. Don't know if I could do any better up close. Charlotte Matsumura -> # Alexander> Understatement, Mister Sprint. But what do you think their chances are if we don't send backup? Fae -> I'd suggest you wake up some of the AT people. They might have a clue. Cptn Swain -> @ACTION> Another round of chittering, very high pitched. T'Prehl -> @::perks up:: Charlotte Matsumura -> @ ::ears perking, hearing the chittering:: Taryn Castell -> @ Now THAT I heard! ::Whirling to look around.:: Taryn Castell -> @ Why don't we head topside? Yes? Cptn Swain -> ::Looks at Fae:: I am not going to tell Medical how to do their jobs. Charlotte Matsumura -> @ *That* did not sound promising. Rue Wydown -> Saxon>It's certainly intriguing. T'Prehl -> @No, indeed it did not. Maryse Dubois -> @ Well, whatever we need to do, we need to do it fast... Fae -> Good enough. I'm just saying you're not likely to learn a lot from here. Plasma booms are like that. Cptn Swain -> #Sprint> If they system is as ... dangerous ... as you've indicated not very good. T'Prehl -> @::takes out her phaser:: Karl A. Schultz -> @ :: hears the high pitch noise... Cptn Swain -> #Sprint> But clearly you also know I just can't divert another starship without getting the authorization, so we'll need to be a little ... creative. Charlotte Matsumura -> # Alexander> Typically. What would you suggest? Certainly more your area of expertise than mine. Rue Wydown -> Smith>Intriguing. It's freaking brilliant! Charlotte Matsumura -> @ ::phaser up, trying to hone in on the source:: Cptn Swain -> #Sprint>::Looks over a PADD he'd carried with him:: The Klingons have a scout vessel that way, I am sure that Governor K'Vorlag could be... persuaded to divert them into the system without too many questions. Charlotte Matsumura -> # Alexander> ::nods once, slowly:: The brute force approach might be useful. Cptn Swain -> #Sprint> It also has the added value of being plausibly deniable. Rue Wydown -> Saxon>I wouldn't go *that* far. Maryse Dubois -> @ Be alert. Caverns like these can create echoes that throw off the true location of these things... Cptn Swain -> @ACTION> The chittering stops. Charlotte Matsumura -> # Alexander> Except that Klingons aren't exactly the sort to be... randomly inquisitive about new areas of exploration. T'Prehl -> @::nods in agreement:: Karl A. Schultz -> @ the high pitch stopped... curious.... Charlotte Matsumura -> @ ::glances to Maryse as if you say, "Ya think?":: Cptn Swain -> #Sprint> True, but I am sure the Governor could think of something... he's surprisingly resourceful for a Klingon. T'Prehl -> @Quite curious, and disconcerting Charlotte Matsumura -> @ ::...and then immediately thinks that Mal is rubbing off on her:: Taryn Castell -> @ ::Taryn had her phaser out as well, extremely twitchy - from the noise or the sugar, it could have been either.:: So.... why aren't we topside yet? I don't fancy meeting one of these beetle things face to face. Karl A. Schultz -> someone or something must be creating it... this was the second time Rue Wydown -> Hold up, remember. Don't start arguing. ::holds out her hand:: Now, what's so intriguing about the find. Tandaris Admiran -> @::Taryn:: If we leave now we learn nothing. Maryse Dubois -> @ We can't learn anything if we're dead. Cptn Swain -> #Sprint> What about getting some of that information that Tandaris Admiran -> @ We can network our tricorders and use their audio pickup to determe a vector on the noise. Cptn Swain -> s being sat on to them as well? Tandaris Admiran -> @ I suspect it’s related to the dampening field. Karl A. Schultz -> we can triangulate with three tricorders... possibly Rue Wydown -> Saxon> Intriguing in that these appear to be cast offs of living creatures. Charlotte Matsumura -> # Alexander> We might could arrange for a random packet to be...lost. Rue Wydown -> Living creatures? still living creatures? We didn't find any living creatures over there. Tandaris Admiran -> @::switches his tricorder to network mode, holds it up, nods towards Schultz:: Cptn Swain -> #Sprint> ::Nods:: It would be a shame if I had to take down the communications arrays for... unscheduled maintenance. Fae -> :: Still trying to do long distance forensics :: Karl A. Schultz -> @:: steps away a few feet from others, and remodulates the tricorder to network mode... Rue Wydown -> Smith>No, no, no. We don't know that. All we know is that they were living at the time. Cptn Swain -> @ACTION> As the Tricorders go online, there appear to be dozens of similar signals bouncing back and forth around the area. Tandaris Admiran -> @::frowns:: This isn’t as informative as I thought it would be. Rue Wydown -> What else can you tell me? Cptn Swain -> @ACTION> Each appears to be similar but also different. Like a different note in the same key. Charlotte Matsumura -> # Alexander> Let's ensure the packet gets out, and then we'll just have to make sure our encryption systems aren't corrupted. Charlotte Matsumura -> # Alexander> ::looks to Anna, nodding:: Taryn Castell -> @ ::Looking at her own tricorder readings in confusion.:: Does this mean... these things... that there are... dozens of them? Or is the dampening field multiplying the readings? Cptn Swain -> #Sprint> I'll leave the particulars to you, but I'll make sure no one is watching our out going communications for a little bit. Charlotte Matsumura -> # Lorraine> ::looking back over her shoulder, already halfway out of Ops, on her way to make things happen:: Maryse Dubois -> @ ::Sighs:: Tandaris Admiran -> @::Taryn:: I suspect that the sources together create the dampening field through constructive interference. Maryse Dubois -> @ So what do you think we should do now? Cptn Swain -> #Sprint> I'll send you coded note when everything is clear, and get in touch with the Governor... Rue Wydown -> Saxon> ::motions her over to the viewer:: Come take a look yourself. Charlotte Matsumura -> # Alexander> ::looks to Sprint:: Give us ten minutes. I'll send up a flare when we're done checking the systems. Cptn Swain -> #Sprint> ::mildly impressed:: Very good. Charlotte Matsumura -> # Alexander> ::nods once, then turns, and follows in Anna's footsteps:: Charlotte Matsumura -> # Alexander> ::wide strides eating up the distance as he attempts to catch up with his second:: Tandaris Admiran -> @ We aren’t learning anything from here. We can go forward or retreat. Tandaris Admiran -> @ If we retreat, we will have learned nothing about this base’s purpose or those creatures. Tandaris Admiran -> @ ::pauses, then adds:: Oh, and I suppose we should find out what happened to the crew of the Augustine as well. Taryn Castell -> @ Let me take a guess which one you'd prefer. ::Sighing at Tandaris.:: Charlotte Matsumura -> @ I'd say we have a pretty good idea what happened to the crew of the Augustine...and that *chittering* noise probably has a lot to do with it. T'Prehl -> @::watches:: Charlotte Matsumura -> @ The trick is not ending up like the Augustine. Rue Wydown -> ::looking into the scanner:: What am I looking at folks? Maryse Dubois -> @ Safety is our top priority. Taryn Castell -> @ Death or exploration... ::Weighing her phaser and tricorder in each hand.:: Tandaris Admiran -> @::Maryse:: Correct, which is why we need to disable this dampening field. Tandaris Admiran -> @ I think living version of these creatures are responsible for it. T'Prehl -> @Logically, a retreat would be sound, but if I were human, a part of me would be to keep exploring and deactivate the force field... if I were human. Karl A. Schultz -> @ someone should go back and notify the ship about our status Charlotte Matsumura -> # Alexander> ::catching up with Anna as she steps into the lift:: Think you can be sneaky? Maryse Dubois -> @ No splitting up. Charlotte Matsumura -> # Lorraine> ::snorts:: Like a ninja pirate, sir. ::wry grin:: Rue Wydown -> Smith> DNA. Or what remains of it. Apparently there's some sort of shifting occuring. Same samples showing several changes. Tandaris Admiran -> @ So far, the creatures appear to be remaining aloof. Perhaps they are not hostile if we don’t provoke them. I don’t know. But we haven’t been able to draw them out into the open. Karl A. Schultz -> Maybe those creatures could be making those high pitch noise Charlotte Matsumura -> @ Or, they're tracking us, following us, and waiting for the right moment. Maryse Dubois -> @ How do you propose to communicate with them? ::Thinks for a moment.:: Perhaps we could use the tricorder to match and mimic their pitches? Tandaris Admiran -> @::nods at Maryse:: That’s worth a try. In fact, we might be able to disable the dampening field that way—set up an interference pattern that disrupts the signals they emit. Rue Wydown -> Well, I can see why that is intriguing. Karl A. Schultz -> :: starts analyzing a high pitch noise for some artificial pattern Maryse Dubois -> @ ::nods.:: Let's try it. T'Prehl -> @::still following the others, scanning the area, but keeping a close hand on her holstered phaser:: Charlotte Matsumura -> # Lorraine> ::stepping out of the lift, down the corridor into their department:: Tandaris Admiran -> @::Schultz, T'Prehl:: See if you can determine the optimal frequencies we should broadcast. Charlotte Matsumura -> # Alexander> ::heading into the signals office, to a different console across the room from Anna:: ::looks to the ENS:: Ensign, take a coffee break. Charlotte Matsumura -> # ENS> But, sir... I just had coffee... Charlotte Matsumura -> # Alexander> ::gives him "the look":: Have another. Taryn Castell -> @ I'm not even going to pretend to understand what you're talking about, but I'll be here if your life needs saving. ::Really disappointed she hadn't brought any chocolate with her.:: Karl A. Schultz -> :: runs the signal through universal translator Cptn Swain -> @ACTION> As the AT continues along the path, the find a branch off that cleary was not part of the original construction. It looks like it has been carved out by force, and perhaps even chemically burned through. Charlotte Matsumura -> # ENS> ::ahem:: Yes, sir... ::standing, and slinking away:: Rue Wydown -> Saxon> And that's not all.... Tandaris Admiran -> @ Oh … that’s unusual. Charlotte Matsumura -> # Alexander> ::slipping into the chair as the ensign disappears, logging the kid out of the console, and using a different login altogether:: T'Prehl -> @::looks around the usually constructed pathway:: Fascinating. Charlotte Matsumura -> # Alexander> ::leaning back in his chair, and looking across the room to Anna:: Taryn Castell -> @ Ummm.... I'd say more dangerous than anything. Cptn Swain -> @ACTION> The readings seem to intensify towards the hallway. Tandaris Admiran -> @ Fascinating construction method. These bulkheads are a polyduranium alloy—it would take a very sustained reaction to burn through them. Charlotte Matsumura -> # Lorraine> ::glancing up, catching his eye and nodding surreptitiously:: Cptn Swain -> @ACTION> The UT has trouble discerning any communications pattern from the signals. Karl A. Schultz -> I ran through universal translator.... the results are inconclusive.... so far Charlotte Matsumura -> # Alexander> ::seeing the signal, pulls up the appropriate information and disperses it into the ether:: Rue Wydown -> Smith> You mean...wait, wait, there's more! Cptn Swain -> ...FOUR MINUTE WARNING... Tandaris Admiran -> @::Schultz:: Sorry, I meant use harmonic analysis to determine the best waves we can emit to cancel out these ones. Karl A. Schultz -> I was trying to determine if this was some form of communication... no luck so far.... Charlotte Matsumura -> # Alexander> ::completing his task, logging out of the terminal, executing a cleanup program, and then moving away from the console:: Charlotte Matsumura -> # Lorraine> ::frowning at her console, hearing an alert at the console next to her:: Rue Wydown -> Yis, I think that's exactly what he meant. Charlotte Matsumura -> # Lorraine> +Ops+ Lorraine to Operations. Cptn Swain -> #Sprint> +Lorraine+ Operations here. Charlotte Matsumura -> # Lorraine> +Ops+ Commander, we're noting a failure of the cryptographic security protocols. Charlotte Matsumura -> # Alexander> ::heading down the corridor to his office:: Cptn Swain -> Sprint>+Lorraine+ I see. ::Taps a few buttons:: I'll have the system run a diagnostic.. Cptn Swain -> PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain -> PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain -> PAUSE SIM Maryse Dubois -> ::paused:: T'Prehl -> ::Paused:: Rue Wydown -> Any questions? Fae -> Nah. Everything is perfectly clear. :D T'Prehl -> None here Cptn Swain -> Sorry, was in PM's... Cptn Swain -> Good work everyone.. Cptn Swain -> TBS will be fairly short, enough time for you to look around a little more in logs if you want. T'Prehl -> Goodnight, folks! Taryn Castell -> Night everyone. See you next week. Cptn Swain -> Rue, anything from you? Rue Wydown -> Nothing from me :) Cptn Swain -> If you'd be so kind then. Rue Wydown -> Dismissed guys