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    Tatical or Sickbay! I'm the Warrior Doc&#3
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    Star Trek: Enterprise; Star Trek: The Orginal Series; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; Star Trek: Voyager; Firefly; Star Gate; Intellegence; Roleplaying; Logic; Biology; Star Wars; Writing; 3 Day eventing; Biking; Martial Arts; Astrometry; The Navy
  1. I happen to love Star Wars: Phantom Menance. And yes, the mircroscopic critters only help their host weild the Force. They have a minute similairity to a Trill smymbiont, they both require hosts to live and give their host a bit of personality and power. (symbiont's power being to have the past lives of other host be transferred to the current individual) The girl who played Padme was really bad, and the Lucas writers were probably a bit desperate.
  2. Trekkie and Trekker. Trekker meaning you like a series other than the Orginal. Images, I am not even going to ask what your ranting about...
  3. Itd be cool to have a series that acknowledges all the past events in STar Trek as relevant events. Even have all five captains meet (Maybe with Kirk's new actor :ph34r: )
  4. Well, the world is gonna end in ten seconds, but Paris Hilton is going with us!
  5. (One was a borg, but he was created from the 29th century mobile emmiterbecause that was how advnced it was. It doesnt mean the Borg still exist then. What would be great if there is an actual fair competiton between all five captains and their crews, (well, somehow get duplicate Worfs and O'Breins). Not to mention a harmonius blend of all the Star Treks that everyone would like. And hopefully not as sentimental and a little more belivable. How about someone on a Federation crew tempted into deep darkness, a little more death of known characters, emotion filled periods. All five treks had their great points. Mystery and growing from Voyager and The Next Generation. Science filled plots rom Voyager. Morals from the Orginal series, Voyager and Enerprise with light humor. Reality and complex, belivable characters from Deep Space Nine and Enterprise. With careful attention, the greatest series of them all can be achieved. With five series, five experinces, just like a Trill smbyont, it will work.
  6. Only if Daniel REALLy messed up.
  7. Just so everyone knows, the Federation exists to the thirty first century at least, when people learn to build temporal communicators in high school.
  8. Congrats, Lucindax. I think my computer shut down before I could say that. :ph34r:
  9. ... would you and what would it the series be like?
  10. Romantic love side plots are something that I really like. I'm glad that in DS9 that there was pair off. It just makes for better characters and more intersting plot, as long its not a new chick every week like Kirk's "true loves." T'Pol/Trip is my favorite one; it was just so untypical and bittersweet.
  11. I do not mean romantics as in love and sex. I mean sentimental, kinda like the old war movies, "treat my buddy first, hes hurt worse than me," stories and other movies "oh, wild horse were swept onto a sandy spit, and left there to die, but somehow lives through" "Or dont destroy the gaurdian, it will be a crime against science, even if its killing everyomne in the universe". And dramatic stuff, such as long pauses after stupid lines. "Its not where we are, its when!" Dun, dun stuff. Enterprise and DS9 was still very realistic. Who expected Reed, Trip and Archer to have the worse shore leave ever while HOSHI gets some? I never seen Archer or Sisko have a dramatic pause just staring at the stupid viewscreen.
  12. I meant as a permenant crew member, who would you trust the most. ENT crew is the crew I trust the most. At least they dont get caught up in romantics like TNG. No offense.
  13. Well, Reed tried to comit suicide after the could not disarm the bomb. It was jumping the gun wee bit, but also remember the story about his grandfather, who was aquaphobic, but still locked himself in engineering of the naval ship when it was flooding to save the crew? Not to mention Reed blames himself for not joining the navy because of his aquaphobia. It was much more complex than he just want to be heroric. And of course he is nt sperman, but he still kicked that MACO Hayes butt back in place. At least he did not stop because of that injury. *wolf whistle* Sexy Reed, nice bum, nice arms and chest, cute face.... *purrs louder*