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  1. " Parasite Under Glass " Duty log: 1st.Lt. Le Morte,ASCI,Sky Harbor Aegis The small creature in the glass cage we have prepared for it appears to be recovering from the chemical sedative Dr.Pavillion had introduced into the chamber prior to taking samples for study in an attempt to delve deeper into a way to either destroy them or in the very least dissuade them from turning this station into a "blue plate special" I believe is the term overheard by others. We had been making progress in our combined interdepartmental studies of the critters for lack of a better term,a parasite indeed. The samples taken and subjected to an impromptu exposure to a combination of certain chemicals,solvents,Iron and aqueous silica along with the re engineered DNA/RNA samples taken appear to be having the desired effect. The timer is ticking away and tissue degradation is continuing unabated as projected on the simulations I had ran prior to exposing said tissue to this nasty little cocktail. the monitor and recording the results Le Morte continued to marvel at the creatures previous ability to adapt and survive in the most harshest of environments. The tissue is beginning to crystallize as had been theorized...the recombinant agents were having the desired and predicted results. The cross referencing of Star Fleet data sources had found more than a few close matches to our guest we presently have. The habits and mannerisms of the creature most closely resembled the ways of a Terran life form known as a Remora, Though obviously the physical characteristics are blatantly different...there is a very distinct exhibition of similar habits. The new cocktail I have constructed and labeled as XP-5013 for referencing is now proceeding to crystallize the samples and should ...when complete render them down to nothing more than a crystal dust and non threatening. Reflecting over the previous hours Le Morte simply smiled as he went over again in his mind the way beings interact when working together for a common goal and how at times the simplest solutions to a major concern may originate from the most improbable source...Leilani doing her nails utilizing a solvent compound, Dr.Pavillion going through the gamut of DNA/RNA sequencing to possibly find a viable weakness to exploit. The idea when all the puzzle pieces were in place resulted in the possible way and means to rid ourselves of this problem. Observing our guest in the glass cage...I wonder if it knows what may be occurring shortly and what it will mean to those of their kind,Well whatever type of rudimentary intelligence it may posses...it must know we must survive and what it and their kind are doing is not in the best interest of our continued survival. Survival is the key...and history is replete with the accounts of the survivors of similar situations,and this is a fight for survival however you color it. Computer...End Log....Beep..!
  2. Happy Birthday Aliana...and Torre, ::lights the scented candles..and prepare the feast of the most wonderful beast:: And a wish for many more :P
  3. Crikey...thought minion's went out with the old order...::prepares his Angel fighter::..Well here is to the present Empire..! :P
  4. Exploration And Containment Duty Log: Le Morte,Lt.Sg.,Asci, Sky Harbor Aegis The initial sealing and containment of the ruptured containment vessels were problematic at best. The configuration and remote shielding for the containers to enable actual physical repair to the containers was a bit more entailed though successful. The relocation of the damaged containers once repaired and outfitted with the remote magnetic bottle to further insulate and contain any radiation went without a hitch. the ornate syllogisms that had been engraved into the metal of the containers are fascinating to say the least. I of course have seen similar symbols of the dialect before. I do not remember exactly where...however a recording of them should prove revealing when given the chance to further explore them on base. The impromptu look about of the site by myself,Leilani and accompanied by a representative from the archeological team and engineering progressed slowly as we had to carefully delve and travel deeper within the confines of the ancient facility. The enormity of this place would overpower you given the chance. The very structure has been found to not be as fragile as the good doctor had indicated and so adamantly defended as a way to exclude others not of their team to pursue exploration of the site. The leakage of the container has spread down to and through several layers of this edifice as the data from the tricorders indicate. The next problem of course is the isolation,reclamation and containment of the resin found as we move along . The resin when found has been tagged either directly,or the room it has gained entry to has been tagged. The symbols and language all throughout this place point to a much more advanced civilization than we had even imagined. The way back up through this massive structure has been both intensive and informative to a great degree. The whole complex appears to have been self repairing,self contained with the exception of the broken and leaking containment vessel. The much needed equipment begin the recovery and isolation of the Resin should arrive back here shortly and the real work will resume. The time needed to facilitate the recovery in my estimation should take little more than four to five Terran days. The work when finished should give at least a modicum of protection from any further contamination from radiation. The time once finished needed for scientific exploration of this massive edifice shall take considerably longer. Computer...End Log: Beep..! :P
  5. Time And Radiation Duty Log: Le Morte,Lt.Sg.,Asci, Sky Harbor Aegis The mission had began innocently enough. The Xo had ordered I and Ceng Jorhal to the colonist planet to investigate and find a solution to the massive radiation leakage found to be encased in an ancient remains of an alien site. Upon an aerial investigation and intensive scanning of the area the sheer magnitude of the structure was revealed. The immediate concern of course is the continuing leakage of an extremely toxic radioactive resin known as "Tri lithium Resin". The away team assembled and properly adorned in the heavy rad suits for extended exposure to the site along with the necessary shielded equipment had been getting ready when apparently all hell had broken loose. The approach by the Administrator of the colony had approached Jorhal and was in my opinion less than cordial. The concerns of the doctor I full well understand...however the level of aggressive behavior leads me to suspect she is hiding something. The fact she had moved to actually attempt to dissuade and halt any and all investigation of the site initially caused a concern,and apparently the concern was not from just myself. The engineering chief inadvertently had led her to reveal more than she had previously stated as he indicated the planets team had probably caused by their actions the rupture of the containment cylinder in question...the reply from her spoke more volumes than any statement. I am not however really concerned with her personal agenda,that will be left up to the diplomats and the command staff. The ancient ruins do generate a personal curoiousity to me as well...their dating and this sector of space may very well hold answers I have been in earnest seeking, they may hold part of my answers. The mission whether it involves any kind of personal or professional interest is academic and must take a secondary position at this time. The precedence right now is our orders and staying on mission to investigate and find solutions that are both efficient and plausible. I would be one of the last individuals whom would seek to destroy any of this ancient site. The containment of the resin and securing the site and this area for occupation for what ever usage however is my first priority. I had been assisting Aliana and Doctor Pavilion with the suiting up and gathering of equipment. The heated exchange continued during our preparation ...eventually culminating in some sort of agreement between Hannah and Jorhal. The fact remained time was clicking by and we were no closer to starting our assigned duties than an hour ago, we should have been onsite and setting up for our exploration by now. "Le Morte had been listening to the back and forth heated discussion long enough". We have our orders and this radiation leak was not getting any better. practically timed with Mimi's comment ...I agree we do not have the time for this. watching as Jorhal had already headed for the door,along with helping Aliana along with her suit up and equipment gathering. The last comment to Hannah as he was heading for the door was simple..".doctor this train is about to leave....Will you be joining the party?". The doctor was of course highly agitated to say the least. I can fully understand her position and as well understand the mission assigned to this team as well...The leak must be sealed and the existing leakage must be recovered and contained or the whole damned point will become moot as no one will be able to survive here unless this is stopped ,and soon. The accompaniment of a replacement for Hannah is acceptable and a welcome compromise of course...as long as she understands we will do what is necessary to control and contain this potentially deadly situation. The trip to the shuttle became interesting indeed as upon exiting the science department and heading to load our instruments and gear my comm link came alive apparently we were now in lock down status...that would indicate a state of emergency has been declared. The thought of the good doctors caustic remarks to our team comes to mind at this moment now ..and how this may effect our mission. Again the point is moot as we have our orders and are moving to accomplish our assignment...the quicker we can isolate and contain the problem the sooner both the good doctors team and those if any chosen by command may resume their respective duties........End log....:beep..! :P
  6. "Quantum Stuff"...Can we all just say string theory...Hmmm... :P.
  7. A Point Of View Duty Log: Le Morte,Lt.,Asci,Sky Habor Aegis: Computer begin log: Bleep... The data compilation and overlays are completed at this time.The incoming sensor and data stream along with the Plasma Ocular Spectral Graphic Imaging, (POSGI), are continuing to download from Astrometrics. I had become involved in this assignment by way of an apparent request from our new Csec to Leilani. The ultimate application of this venture is as a training aid to new or prospective fighter pilots as I understand the request. The initial renderings from the usual sensor returns and scans are quite sufficient for normal purposes and applications. I have taken the additional time and initiative to expand the resolution and application to enhance the programs capabilities. The primary sensor data coupled with live feed from our grid placed throughout the belt has enhanced the ability of the astrometrics department to present a much more detailed 3-D imaging and graphical and grid orientation. "Pressing the upload button from the console..", I am constantly reminded of the technological advances over the past few centuries as was alluded to by Aliana in the main science lab earlier. Aliana...indeed, A rather enjoyable person to be around,far different from the brash and rude young Romulan Csec we appear to have been blessed with. I do believe his attitude will improve over time, I certainly hope so for his sake. The term comes to mind.." I was walking among the cosmos before you were a twinkling in your parents eye". The uploaded data from the 3-D Compression Algorithm for Omni directional Integral Images,(OII), have completed their overlay and integration into the program...the new equipment utilizing the 3-D DCT to exploit the intra-sub-image correlation together with the horizontal and vertical inter-sub-image correlation,have resulted in a very efficient de-correlation of the source intensity distribution. The resulting incorporation of both the older and new systems is quite impressive as it pertains to the recorded intensity distribution data with respect to redundancies present and the structure of the data representing the belts recorded images have been improved to a vast and obvious degree. The three dimensional scaler quantisation array with amplification and augmentation integration has been applied to the DCT coefficients,which are then entropy encoded by way of a stark-based coder. The results obtained after applying the 3D DCT based scheme to the OII data has wrought a presentation greatly surpassed by previous renderings. I shall suggest in future tactical mapping and grid reference applications this approach be applied in lieu of the present standard . The integration of the normal recording and sensor resolution was a bit problematic at the initial phase.The following approach and integration of programs and hardware facilitated the rapid results I had been attempting to resolve of new technology was extremely useful in respect of time saving and resources allocation and usage. The application of the new laser scanning equipment allowed the extremely fine detail and imaging recording of the belt integrated with the normal sensor arrays coupled with the SMS,(Solar mapping system),in astrometrics enabled a complete rendering in a point to point format. Combining the various disciplines have resulted in a model on demand in real time and positioning. The resulting program can easily be adapted to the holoimaging systems and various scenarios introduced into the simulation all the while the subject in training will be enabled to experience a virtual image right down to the smallest shadow from an asteroids cratering. The system and program have been setup to automatically uplink to the Astrometrics computer database and update the data on the belt and the surrounding space quadrants in a real time presentation allowing for gravimetric shifts and asteroids drift and movement. This program should be all that is needed to function as a base for training purposes as well as may be adapted to longer range applications as needed. The advancement of technology as my lady friend had so eloquently referred to as being much better than those of the preceding two centuries was truly understated. The fact it has grown to this point over the previous Four hundred plus years is truly amazing as I have bore witness to most of it personally. The program is ready for demonstration and utilization as set by the necessary parameters for the application. The application from start to finish has taken eight and one half hours to complete and is absolutely a great improvement over the necessary time involved in the process not that long ago in time..relatively speaking of course. Hours instead of days or possibly weeks as this particular program draws from numerous disciplines and resources, Or at least that is my point of view. Computer: End log,encrypt...CC Csci,Xo,Ops....Beep. ;)
  8. Break Down Duty log: Le Morte,Lt.,Asci, Sky Harbor Aegis Scientific report and Mineralogical report on Asteroids selected for potential ship repair and construction. The final results from both samples and sonic/sonar testing have in fact reinforced and support our original findings by sensor scans. The Nickel and Iron content alone will aid in the defense of the complex as well provide a rich source of raw materials needed upon excavation of the proposed sites. The Titanium veins running throughout the asteroids should prove valuable as a ready source for our needs once processed. The base components for Adamantine are laced throughout the subjects along with other trace minerals including Copper,Vadnium,as well deposits of Palladium...with traces of Platinum. Upon deeper soundings and sensor data recovered on site...The initial Titanium veins estimated have turned out to be grossly underestimated, This is due to the limited ability of our sensor arrays to penetrate the dense make up of the asteroids. Among the heavy deposits include Accurentum,Beryllium..(Red).crystalline deposits, Gold,Silver,Bilitrium,Latinum, and Tri-Cobalt all in greater mass than was initially found by sensor sweeps and bench mark data.The resulting samples from the mission have demonstrated the three asteroids examined to fit well within parameters for our future needs. The scientific and structural requirements have been met in their entirety as well as the mineral bonus of the bodies compositions should greatly enhance the project. The knowledge of exact composition and locations of heavy deposits/veins should aid the fleet engineers in their excavation and construction process and further facilitate the overall construction and development of the proposed sites.This is my final report and findings on the asteroids as requested by command. Computer end log and report,encode and forward to Operations Mgr./Project Mgr.,CC to Cmdr. Chirakis...Beep..! :D
  9. Oh...most glory filled Spam...filled with my favorite "Raw bloodied Spam",Spam...,Spam...! :D !
  10. "Hanging a mean Panda sand surfing Ten"..".Eat your panzy waist hearts out wind surfers"..LOL
  11. What I might start to question and be really concerned is when a Independent Nation takes it upon it self the responsibility to remove/ launch from their "Satellite's" projected path...with zero communication with the other powers that have been in place for years...especially if the ones monitoring,and allowing the vehicle to be involved in an orbital non corrected path. I certainly deem that as an certain aggressive move/attack on our own defense systems. :D
  12. A Profitable Exploration Duty log and incident report on away mission to explore asteroid potential. Le Morte,Lt.,Asci,Sky Harbor Aegis...Computer begin log: Bleep..... The science and engineering teams along with field medical personnel are returning to the Aegis. The science teams investigations and explorations have rendered excellent data on the proposed areas for erection of possible ship building facilities. The raw data and samples allocated by the team should reveal a virtual abundance of materials much needed in the future development and erection of additional needed sections in the future.The exploration had been progressing rather well until sciences team began the standard sonic and core drilling procedures.::Computer insert incident report here..:: The initiation of the sonic radar and sensor probing apparently caused some disturbance in the subterranean cave and voids of the asteroid as a resonant was reported and subsequently caused minor fracture of the upper plates in the voids. The resulting give way of the plates did have a possible disastrous effect had it gone unchecked,or undetected. The Engineering team had apparently elected to go cave spelunking along the line of what now reads from sensor return data a series of voids associated along a ridge and valley section of the asteroid,within that area a clear fault has been detected. I had been drilling when I received a comm from our medical field team inquiring as to comm ability with the engineering team. I had not heard or communicated with the said team. I switched frequencies and attempted to enhance frequency recognition and began to broadcast in the blind. The other members of sciences team attempted to garner any sensor contact as well...only upon tying sensors into the main grid was there even a ghost imaging possible. The various compounds and metals in the asteroid were in fact having a severe dampening effect on comm's as well as sensor probes. Continued rotation of frequencies did finally result in broken communications with a member of the engineering team, I emphasize on the broken as the read back came in as garr...cave in...dark...help...injured,or along those lines. The short comm link was lost as abruptly as it had been established. Apparently there was a clear and present danger to either one or all of the engineering team at that location...the decision to have Aegis lock on and emergency beam the two locked life forms with their enhanced and much more powerful transport abilities than those of the shuttles. The query had been mentioned prior...this report should suffice to belay any question on my decision. The situation fell well within emergency protocols for beaming the two to the better equipped station with less chance of transport malfunction, even routed through the shuttles own system considering the problems already established with sensor and comm abilities on the asteroid in my judgement was way too much chance for interference or loss and integrity of any lock established by the shuttles TX without the additional resources afforded on the station. The recent reports coming in lead to the fact that engaging the stations better equipped systems and augmentations succeeded in the beam out without incident...again certainly a successful part of the operation...::Computer..end report,resume log:;...The final results will no doubt reinforce the original data scans and support the proposition that the asteroids considered be utilized and fall well within bench marked requirements for any facility they are deemed to support. The matter of various deposits and mineralogical compositions of the asteroids as they have the ability to actually suppress communications and limited sensor probing may actually prove to be a side benefit not originally considered in the original plans. The benefit again to security applications may prove very valuable indeed. The shuttle is on the way back,I have turned us onto our final approach vector and aligning with the rabbit...on final approach. I as well as the other team members will of course report to sick bay post landing. Perhaps when this is all settled down..and we have a few minutes to spare...The query on post mission and dinner has as well been mentioned. The trip to medical should not take long. The time post mission and rest period may actually give Aliana and I that chance. Computer...end log::..Beep...! :o
  13. Preparations For A Walk Personal log : Le Morte,Lt.,Asci,Sky Harbor Aegis Pressure suit with added thruster pack..check, Portable spectral scanning equipment...check, Mineralogical sample containers and tools ...check, Tricorder and surveying equipment...check. Looking over the list of equipment and having the items transferred to a shuttle for our little exploration trip are in order.All equipment has been checked and properly aligned for duty. The various life support items verified including additional gravity boots,and thruster and life support pack allocated. I have been looking forward to deeper exploration of this area we are located in now. the advent of the new programs we are going to pursue could not have been better timed. The question on additional exploration of this and adjacent systems should prove to be most interesting indeed...given the opportunity to do so. Preliminary scans and spectral data from the asteroids have given us a general idea and standard for establishment of the proposed ship yards and repair facilities. This mission should better provide a more detailed survey of the asteroids and their compositions in their entirety. I have of course submitted reports to Mr.Porter on the sites previously...this mission should augment and enhance the primary reports as well as a real survey of the bodies and when laid out for planning and implementation of erection we should have little to none unknown variables to contend with. The Science department appears to be back to full compliment with Aliana,and Lelani being treated and returned to duty as well. The advent of their returns has greatly reduced my own workload...availing additional time for me to pursue personal matters and questions I am seeking answers as of late...since our move to this part of the galaxy. The mission coupled with the engineering and medical teams should go well and realistically without any major difficulties as this is merely a fact finding mission and not involving detailed construction or development of the proposed sites physically...that being said I suppose there is always the inherent possibility of danger when working in the vacum of space. The possible dangers and complications can be limited as long as all follow safe procedures. The equipment is now loaded and confirmed...time is drawing near for our little mission I should have just enough time to gather a few extra containers of my nourishment before we depart...after all there it is not likely we will have access to dining facility ..as of yet and one that meets my particular requirements. Computer...End log:....Beep...! ;)
  14. Sniffing About Duty Log with personal observations: Le Morte,Lt.,Asci, Sky Harbor Aegis The past two days have been quite revealing. The ongoing search for suitable asteroids that meet at least the minimum benchmark for accommodating the construction of shipyard repair as well as construction has been promising. The first day rendered little along the needed requisites as layed out in the meeting in the conference room headed by Ambassador Drankum. The particulars of course were the primary crux of the search. The expanded search deeper into the asteroid field has yielded not a few ...rather six bodies that do meet the requirements including the prerequisites concerning security. The preliminary data has cut that number to four as the mineral composition of two have not met spectral and mineralogical parameters I had setup prior to iniating the scans for what is needed to carry out this project.The promising candidates have met the base requirements for mineral composition and will prove valuable as a resource for raw materials if needed. The Nickel and Iron content alone will aid in the defense of the complex . The Titanium veins running throughout the asteroids should prove valuable as a ready source for our needs once processed. The base components for Adamantine are laced throughout the subjects along with other trace minerals including Copper,Vadnium,as well deposits of Palladium...with traces of Platinum. The heart of the search was as well observed throughout the discovery process in the event said bases come under attack ...they lay within minutes of Aegis should fighter support be needed. The asteroids actual positioning should assist in the matter as well because of their locations deeper in the field with closer situated bodies around the proposed asteroids in my opinion greatly improves and deters the opportunity for a rapid attack. The main four asteroids for consideration are located in close proximity to one another and their positions appear stable. The possible dilemma posed by the nature of wandering asteroid bodies appears to be negligible and may be controlled by thruster vectoring or other technology available to correct any unforeseen shifts and movements. There have been other concerns as well for the welfare of my fellow science officers that have been plagued with some kind of virus that apparently attacks their ability for telepathic reading and communication. The reports from medical have been promising and it appears they may actually be able to return to duty soon. The memory of having to forcefully and physically sling Leilani over my shoulder and deliver her to sickbay in her evening gown still comes to mind. The apparel though stunning and rather sheer...and did compliment her, as well brought to bear that something was definitely wrong with her. I am sure any other time the situation would bring about a few grins or snickers were the situation not potentially grave in nature. The look of sheer un recognition on Aliana's face as she looked up from the bio bed she had been positioned on answered any question as to the severity of the situation. The fact she as well as other Bajorans on this station were taken down so quickly concerns me greatly. The fact others may have overlooked in their observations which indicated the severity of their condition was their minds...Any scientist must rely on their mental prowess and abilities to be effective. The look and question to me from little Aliana did indeed get my attention. The fact earlier in the morning we had been working together and having our departmental clever banter back and forth with others there in our little group came to such a quick and decisive turn it was eventful to say the least. The medical section are some of the very best the fleet has to offer and I have no doubt Doctors Nick and Isabeau have found an agent to counteract the condition both Leilani and little Aliana have been suffering through. I have little doubt this experience has been quite unenjoyable for any of the telepaths involved. The fact Leilani and Aliana are from my department does bring it to a bit more personal level. I have completed my preliminary report for Mr.Porter and have filed it. I have only now taken stock of the passage of time as I have not been to quarters in excess of two days now...Aliana would have playfully reminded me of that were she here. I and Aliana had even spoken of possibly having dinner sometime in the near future. I wonder if her affliction will have any bearing with our daily interaction or will she simply remember everything that has transpired. I am of course concerned how Leilani and the others involved are doing and the results of their experience as well. I have had the good fortune to be placed among a very good team of professionals as well as caring and supportive compassionate fellow scientist's. I believe the Terran reference is we have over the past months grown closer in our personal relations and have moved onto becoming not only co workers but ...Friends. I may have the vernacular wrong as it may be perceived, However I as well know friends are few and far between in this universe and to lose any is a great injustice indeed. I must take note this area and sector of space I find most comforting and sure others may find that quite strange. The distance and solitude from other major ports or races on par technologically with us most relaxing to me and inviting at the same time. I have been of course reviewing the data from our scans of the border area and long range scans of our surrounding sector and find it almost calling me...quietly tempting me on and giving the quite solace of being home. The latter of course is quite impossible as we are light years from the space I have been calling home. I was amazed at the lack of knowledge from Aliana as she appeared taken back by the short abilities those of my race have...latent abilities that are born into each of us literally at the genetic level. I wonder if she has the ability to either read or sense my thoughts and memories or am I immune to their telepathic abilities. The fact she was taken back by my observations may indicate their inability to read certain other life forms. The issue is actually mute as I have grown fond of this little individual and her ways she demonstrates a true zeal for life and enjoyment. The occasion to interact with others that understand and accept shall I say rather unusual or unique life style as is with my race is a genuine rarity and a gem to be closely cared for. The decks have grown quite...the usual sounds from the corridors have dissipated as it has grown very late into the morning hours relatively speaking. I have exhausted my supply of portable nourishment as well. I need to shut down and head for quarters to relax and feed. I hope this day will find my friends in better shape physically and mentally while I have been sniffing about our surrounding space...Computer...End log...Beep.! ;)
  15. A Mineral Paradise Duty Log: Le Morte,Lt.Sg.,Asst.Science Officer Shy Harbor Aegis Computer initiate log:...whirr,beep... The time spent since our arrival into the cleared area of the asteroid belt has been rather busied with the transfer and unpacking of various sciences hardware and instruments onto Aegis. Allocation of time dedicated to both projects have been taking their toll on science personnel either setting back up equipment in the labs or going about the exploration of our new surroundings.The latter of which I have completed a preliminary report on the elements contained in the asteroidal bodies within close proximity of Aegis on the grid mapping. The general makeup of the asteroids are would be expected including deposits of Iron,Nickel,silicate and others normal minerals. The fact also remains that upon closer and more detailed spectroscopic sensor scans have revealed to a much greater degree the rather large deposits of more precious metals and minerals. The overall preliminary reports and data look quite promising indeed. Among the potential heavy deposits include Accurentum,Beryllium..(Red).crystalline deposits, Gold,Silver,Bilitrium,Latinum,Titanium, and Tri-Cobalt to name a few. I look forward to possibly expanding our sweeps possibly on an outfitted shuttle or medium class fighter in deeper penetration missions of our new space Aegis now calls home. Computer...end log:..Beep... ;)