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  1. Greetings and Welcome..... Stowe your gear.... Change over.... PTs in 10 Mintues.... Move with a purpose.
  2. =/\=Starfleet Personnel Records=/\= =/\=Personal Information=/\= Name: Thomas Alexander McHale Rank: Captain Species: Full Human Gender: Male Age: 25 Height: 6'1" Weight: 198lbs Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown Skin: Tanned, (white) Birth Place: Andara, Irazzia Prime, Ares Expanse =/\=Duty Stations=/\= -J1 Station, Guantanamo System -Starfleet Academy -USS Arcadia (NCC- 1742-E) -J1 Station, Guantanamo System =/\=Genealogy=/\= Father: O-7 Matthew McHale, SFMC, USS Roosevelt, KIA @ Wolf 359. Mother: Stephanie O’Riely(maiden name). Siblings: 2 Brothers, Daniel McHale (19) - Private First Class, SFMC Timothy Mchale (31) – Major, SFMC Marital Status: Single. =/\=Engagements=/\= -40109.14 Battle of the Argentine Moons (Awarded Combat Action Ribbon) -40208.01 Shangara 20-12 (Awarded Meritorious Unit Citation) -40211.22 Battle of Tannhauser Gate -40301.03 The War of Six Systems (Awarded Meritorious Service ribbon) -40306.08 Battle of G-5 "Carey" (Awarded Purple Heart) -40502.18 The Brioran Incident (Awarded Federation Silver Star with Combat "V") -50606.30 Battle for Irazzia Minor (Awarded Fleet Commendation Medal) -50702.27 Fremoria Highlands -50710.10 Operation Tarawa (Awarded Fleet Achievement Medal) =/\= Personal Background=/\= Thomas grew up in the small town of Andara, on the planet of Irazzia Prime as a son of a Marine, born to a family based in Military occupation stemming back all the way to Earth’s Second World War… His father died when he was but a young boy at the battle of Wolf 359. Having 2 brothers, he had to spend all his time out on the family farm. He and his brother, Timothy, were the men of the household, they looked after their mother, and their younger brother Danny. Hitting early adolescence, Thomas’ muscle structure was quite advanced compared to boys his age, having known nothing but physical labor his entire young life. 13 hours a day, 7 days a week, just about every day of the year, his skin, permanently tanned from the sun and his muscles completely matured, to date he is slightly stronger than the average human simply because of what he was forced to endure. He was a hard worker by day, and an aspiring astronomer by night. Laying on his back, hands folded behind his head, on hay bails in the middle of a field, miles from any city lights, he, over time dreamt of one day exploring the stars as his father did, and his grandfather before him. Being sent through school was more of a pain then a learning experience. His mind, always wandering, always grinding out possibilities of meeting other life. He was caught daydreaming in class so much that he was kicked out of his middle school, and was forced to enroll in another. He was also made to see a counselor on the side, to tone down his inhibitions and aspirations, to cut down on his daydreaming. At the age of 17, his dreams got the better of him, and Tom enlisted in the Starfleet Marine Corps as the majority of his family has done. He passed recruit training with flying colors, to be sent off to J1 space station in the Guantanamo system of the Ares Expanse, courtesy of the 144th Marine Div. McHale was in the 27th Sniper Team, containing 5 other soldiers in the 74th Strike Unit. Spending 4 years as an enlisted man, and reaching the rank of Corporal, he decided to reach higher for an officer’s commission, and packed his things for the academy. McHale stuck out, due to his age, he was a bit older than most other cadets in the academy, though most of which had no prior training as a military soldier. McHale was given advanced training in Administration, Engineering, Diplomacy, Leadership, and Small Unit Tactics. Prior to joining the Academy, Josh was apart of a Scout/Sniper platoon stationed on J1 as a quick deployment team to the Guantanamo system… His weapon preference is a type 4 phaser (sniper) rifle. While stationed in the Ares Expanse with the 144th. McHale has been in numerous conflicts in and around the Ares Expanse, including joint operations involving the 154th,163rd Strike Groups, and the 5th Brigade. After Graduating from the Academy, Lieutenant McHale was assigned to the USS Arcadia, NCC-1742-E, where he served with the 355th Marine Detachment under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Quest….. Having since been reassigned back to J1 Station, he was assigned to the billet of Company Commander of Able Company,74th Strike Group, 144th Marine Battalion. His old unit. Captain McHale is now awaiting orders to his next assignment......... (present day)