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    What animal planet doesn't show you
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    Nebraska, USA
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    Astronomy, medicine (I want to be a trauma surgeon), Star Trek (of course).  For those of you who ahve already caught on, spelling is NOT one of my interests ;)
  1. LMAO...this is just too funny! :lol: ...especially since reading the other site.
  2. Actually its the other way around...I named my sim character after my daughter. I fell in love with the name Anika, and if I ever had a daughter that would be her name, but I never expected to have kids so soon. Now I have have to come up with a new sn.
  3. i hope i will be able to get back on the arcadia...one day. My life is still incredibly busy. its nice to see the same names. I'll have to drop by on a wed. night :lol: And for fun...Here is a picture of one of my many life changes. Her name is Anika Raine (familiar name, isn't it? :D )and she was born Sept. 1, 2005
  4. Hello one and all! It has been a few years since I have actually been able to simm, and have missed it. My characters name was Dr. Anika Raine Pierce. Does anyone remeber my character; Do the people I used to simm with still sim? I know I have had a great many life changes since I last simmed, but I really wanted to know who was still out there. :lol:)
  5. Well I ahve no clue about this either, but if no points hvae been given I will guess "rear-admiral" as a position
  6. You mean GM's really do exist.... :D I thought they were made up to make sure us simmers behave ;) (Just thought the comment was amusing since, as simmers, we rarely ever see each other :D )
  7. That is a good movie. My dad always had us watch that movie and other WWII movies. There is a lot more impact from the movies than in the classroom. THe day will not be forgotten.
  8. Happy Birthday Capt!!!
  9. I know this is way late, but I want to thank you all for the birthday wishes I received from you all. It means a lot since I kinda dissapeared on you all...but I am now stepping out from the shadows and going throught the academy again. So for all you out there...I hope to see you around...again :P
  10. I don't remeber that...I didn't think Lwoxana (sp?) was in Nemesis. :D
  11. I attend College of Saint of Saint Mary and will be graduating May '05. YEA!!!! (finally) :D
  12. B4 was humming the song Data sang at the wedding there is a small chance that B4 memory circuits just need a little longer to transfer Data (Pun intended :D )
  13. I had to read that in High school...I thought it was good too :D
  14. Actually Nebraska...unfortunatly, Columbus is not an origional city name, many states have it as a name of some town.
  15. With that attitude, I am sure you will have a blast here at STSF. My name is Dr. Anika Pierce from the USS Arcadia. Hopefully I will get to meet you in an academy sim sometime...until then Have fun :D