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  1. Meritorious Achievement Award Tears Not For Myself Ian snuck back to his quarters, desperately trying to avoid the stares of his crewmates. He could not believe the news himself. It was one thing to handle the death of a crewmate - but how do you cope with your own death? It was more than Ian could process at the moment. When he reached his quarters the computer cheerfully welcomed him back onboard and informed him that he had one message waiting for him. He set his bag down next to his desk and told the computer to display the message. He was only somewhat surprised to see his face appear on the screen. "Hi Ian. If you found this message, I'm probably dead. I really hope you never see this – not because I'm afraid of my death, but because I have more things to discuss with you then I have time to record. "As you have no doubt realized by now, I am you. To be more specific, I am who you would have been if life had taken you down a different path. Your Manticore shifted to my universe before I came onboard after my temporary assignment at Utopia Planitia. When came onboard I immediately noticed how much everyone had changed. Like T'Prise and Malcolm. Would you believe they are married in my reality? And that they had a son? "A few days after we left my Maturin we found the wreckage of my Manticore. Every person on board was dead. As we investigated the wreckage we discovered the quantum shift and I knew immediately that I did not belong. I realized that no one was acting strangely – they were simply not the people I had known. And I realized that the people I had known were all dead. "T'Prise. Malcolm. Turris. Even my godson Christopher. They were my crewmates, my family – and all of them were dead. And the worst part was that I was still alive. I should have been on that Manticore, not your Manticore. I should have died with them, trying to save the people I loved. But I couldn't. And so I'll take your place here until we return to you. I'll get these people home – and I will die for them if that is what it takes. "I weep for the loss of the Manticore. Tears not for myself, but for the crew of the U.S.S. Manticore. They died in the defense of the Federation. May they not be forgotten."
  2. Message in a (Phased) Bottle A joint log from Ian Syndrx and Turris Morran Turris Morran stood behind Ian Syndrx at the cluster of scientific read-outs and consoles, his attention divided between Ian's work and the chaos occurring near the cockpit. The area around them was all but vacant as the rest of the crew we're about caring for the injured crewmen, and caring for the injured scout ship as well. Time was of the essence, Morran knew this. It was only a matter of time before the Romulans came looking for them and they ended up back in that cold cell in the undergrounds of Romulus. Scratching the back of his head he spoke up, "What if, we uhh..no that'll never work." Ian was sitting with a PADD, going over the systems readouts from the scout ship, looking for ways to reduce power consumption to save fuel, partially because he wanted to make it home, but mostly because he felt the need to stay busy. He heard Turris speak up and turned to face him, glad for the distraction. "Do you have an idea, Ensign?" Turris' attention was already gone when Ian spoke up, again looking wide-eyed towards the front of the ship. Someone was holding a man's hand, while someone else was apparently having a heated conversation. He was bad enough at remembering names without everyone being clad in these stupid uniforms. After a while Ian's voice broke through his diversion, "What? Oh, an idea. Yeah, I was thinking we could use some sort of umm..." Morran snapped his fingers, suffering from a bit of dysnomia, "Fa...fa..phase. Phase inducer!" Ian gave Turris with a look of confusion, than stood up and walked back to the consoles to see what Turris had been working on. While reading over the information on the consoles Ian asked, "A phase inducer? I think you mean a phase inverter, but what would you be using one for?" "Ahh, right. Umm..phase inverter." He trailed off, obviously losing his train of thought for a moment. "Oh! I was thinking, the Manticore is currently under phase cloak, right?" He leaned over to his console, pulling up the phasic information from the Manticore's cloak. "If we could somehow find a way to send a subspace message using the same phase variance as the Manticore's we could send them a message that only they will be able to receive." Ian looked at the data than started typing out equations on a separate console. After a few minutes he spoke, "You might be on to something. Phase shifting a subspace transmission would be pretty tricky, and we certainly don't have the necessary equipment on this ship. However,” Ian conjectured, “we might be able to phase shift a modulated particle beam emitted from the navigational deflector array. But where are we going to find a molecular phase inverter?" "There's got to be.." Morran mumbled, looking around the scout ship at the various equipment before his eyes finally came to rest on the small transporter pad located in the rear of the cabin. "We could use the transporter's phase indu.. inverter." Ian thought for a moment, then a bright look came over his face. "Right! Transporter systems use phase inverters in the resonator array! We could modify one to function as a molecular phase inverter and use it to phase shift a particle beam to the same phase variance as the Manticore. The transporter wouldn't function anymore, but we could get a message through." Turris explained, looking slightly pleased with himself, "We'll have to channel it through the deflector dish, we'll lose a lot of power in the phase. We'll probably blow out the inverter in the process, so I imagine we'll only get one shot at it. Umm..we'll have to get approval for this." Ian finished his calculations on the console and nodded in agreement. "We'd only be able to send a short audio message, as well as our coordinates, and we'd have to be careful not to burn out any vital systems, but it could work, and it might be our only way out." "You think the engineers will mind?" "Well, unless they have a better idea, I don't see that they have any room to disagree."
  3. "Zombie Killer"
  4. Starfleet Profile: Lieutenant Ian Syndrx Assistant Science Officer, U.S.S. Manticore Vitals- Species: Human Height: 5'11" Weight: 180 Age: 24 Date of Birth: 3/14/2345 Place of birth: UC-542 Pioneer (Ukaran Consortium) Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown Family- Father: Andrew Syndrx, Chief Engineer - UC-542 Pioneer Mother: Tracey Syndrx, Captain - UC-542 Pioneer Sister: Melissa Syndrx Personal- Bio: Ian Syndrx spent his childhood aboard the UC-5432 Pioneer. At the age of 15 he jumped ship at Utopia Planitia while the ship picked up its cargo. Ian found a job piloting shuttlecraft around the Utopia Planitia Shipyards. After three years of flying, Ian developed an interest in science, and decided to pursue a career in starfleet. His first application was rejected, but he successfully reapplied the next year, and entered the academy at the age of 19. Ian graduated 4 years later, with a specialization in phycics and chemistry. He is currently assigned to the U.S.S. Manticore as an assistant science officer. -!-Classified Section: Level 4 clearance required-!- There were concerns with Ian Syndrx's initial application to starfleet, due to his ties to the Ukaran Consortium, an organization known to have worked for enemies of the Federation. However, in light of the end of the consortium, Ian Syndrx was allowed to join, however he has been assigned to a position of no significant bearing in the fleet. It is believed that possible ties to enemies of the state would not cause problems on a space-tug. -!-END CLASSIFIED SECTION-!- Relevant Documents: +UC-543 Pioneer +Utopia Planitia Shipyards +U.S.S. Manticore NCC-5852-A Starfleet Ship Dosier: UC-542 Pioneer Class: x-2500b Owner: Tracey Syndrx Captain: Tracey Syndrx Total Crew: 15 Flight plan: cargo/independent/UC-542_Pioneer.fp General Information: The Pioneer (UC-542) has been in service since the year 2334 (exact stardate unknown) as part of neutral shipping fleet known as the Ukaran Consortium. The Ukaran Consortium has since been disolved due to violations of numerous interstellar trading laws, however there was not sufficient evidence to convict the pioneer, and it was allowed to continue operation as an independent carrier. At least one former crew member serves in star fleet. Lieutenant Ian Syndrx, son of Captain Tracey Syndrx and Chief Engineer Andrew Syndrx, serves aboard the U.S.S. Manticore as an assistant science officer. While normally Starfleet would be wary of one with such a shady past, it is believed that he can cause little harm aboard a space-tug.
  5. The ship's counselor really needed that vacation.
  6. Look out, Constance! It's Satan's Robot!