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  1. An away team is sent to the crater where there was a signal being sent from. Functional equipment is found, but no living humanoids. They conclude that all life on the planet was destroyed when it was hit by the beam. chatlog2020-10-18.txt
  2. Arcadia investigates a system that they thought was the source of the destructive light beam, but find that the system itself was destroyed. They find that there may be some survivors on one planet underground and set up an away team to find them. chatlog2020-9-13.txt
  3. New plot! A massively destructive energy pulse is headed to an inhabited system. It looks like it is coming (at the speed of light) from another system, but, when Arcadia gets there, that system is also wiped of life. chatlog2020-8-30.txt
  4. The AT gets back to the trap by grav caster with the executives and engineers from the trapping company. They meet the captain on the trap planet. They find that the space coleoids now know how to produce bicarbonate in their biological processes, which spoils the extract for the use of the people in the anomaly-dimension. Arcadia offers science and engineering help for them to replace the coleoid extract for their own needs. chatlog2020-8-23.txt
  5. The AT finds their way to the offices of the company whose trap holds the ship. When they get there, they are escorted to a high level meeting, where they are accused of damaging the space coleoid extract... with baking soda. chatlog2020-8-16.txt
  6. The away team learns from the train station information booth how to work the grav casters. They return to Mint City, where the corporation that controls the coleoid traps is, and return to their office building. chatlog2020-8-9.txt
  7. The AT concludes their meeting with the trapping company executive, without securing an agreement. If they do nothing, Arc will likely be released -- in 2 years. They plan to find their way back through the grav caster network, but end up jumping randomly between planets. chatlog2020-8-2.txt
  8. The Arcadia AT meets with the VP of trapping operations for the company whose trap holds Arcadia. They learn that if the extraction fails, they will likely "just reject it and let it go" and that the extraction process takes a number of "cycles" - an indeterminate amount of time for the starship. The aliens seem aware only of space travel through grav casters but not by actually traveling in spaceships. chatlog2020-7-26.txt
  9. The away team is allowed into the building and up an elevator. They are directed to the "VP, GM of trapping operations", Leeni Mesa and now have an appointment. chatlog2020-7-12.txt
  10. The away team leaves with the repair crew through the "grav caster" and finds themselves in a city with tall buildings, lots of wires and a pneumatic tube network. They are brought to the building where the company headquarters is located. chatlog2020-7-5.txt
  11. The away team makes first contact with the repair team. They find that the facility is usually 100% automated, and that, while they don't have warp travel, they have some kind of interplanetary transporter technology. The away team heads with the repair team to the transporter at the bottom of the stairs. chatlog2020-6-28.txt
  12. The Arcadia away team finds the communications center of the complex, which turns out to be sending out monitoring messages. In order to attract attention, they disrupt the communications. A repair team, presumably of Keepers, arrives to fix it. chatlog2020-6-21.txt
  13. The away team finds that the Keepers' complex is full of machines, but find nobody there. chatlog2020-6-14.txt
  14. An Arcadia away team arrives on a surface inside the anomaly and enters an underground structure. They find equipment, but no evidence of habitation. chatlog2020-6-7.txt
  15. Arcadia initiates contact with a space coleoid. They learn that the coleoids are trapped by "The Keepers," who extract something then release them. Given available information, they theorize that the Keepers are humanoids and find where they are probably located. Arcadia launches a shuttle mission. chatlog2020-5-31.txt