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  1. Arcadia goes through an unstable wormhole to catch up to the entity and try to stop it before it knocks out power on another planet. chatlog-2022-01-16.txt
  2. Arcadia bridge crew meets in Stellar Cartography. They determine that there is no way to catch up with the entity. They plan to use an unstable wormhole to get ahead of it, attempt to drain its power using a modified tractor beam, then destroy it before it can attack another planet. chatlog-2022-01-09.txt
  3. A battle takes place - early - at Epsilon Gamma 4. Arcadia listens in, unable to get there in time. The Federation fleet is outmaneuvered and the planet's power and comms are knocked out. The entity continues on into Federation space. chatlog-2021-12-12.txt
  4. The entity heads for the next inhabited system. The away team investigates the power plant and finds evidence of the types of weapons that are being used against them. The plant is found to be destroyed beyond repair. chatlog-2021-12-05.txt
  5. The entity is reported to be headed to another inhabited system, Arcadia will not be able to reach it in time. Arcadia has to give Iotus Prime enough power to survive after they leave. Before leaving, they need to investigate what happened to power generation on the planet. chatlog-2021-11-28.txt
  6. The away team lands on the planet and finds the population OK, but all power sources have been shut down. Their only power comes from reserve batteries that have been nearly emptied. chatlog-2021-11-21.txt
  7. Arcadia arrives at Iotus Prime... late. The fleet has either been scattered or destroyed. The colony has the right number of lifesigns, but is not responding to hails. chatlog-2021-10-31.txt
  8. The ship encounters a small probe which attempts communication, but turns out to be a distraction while weapons are launched at Arcadia. Arc escapes with minimal damage, and continues on to Iotus Prime, now, presumably, behind the attacking aliens. chatlog-2021-10-24.txt
  9. Arcadia traces the path of an entity that might have caused two Federation scanning facilities to lose contact. Its course takes it toward populated Federation space. chatlog-2021-10-10.txt
  10. or... how we got us and our patients off the great dust planet chatlog-2021-08-22.txt chatlog-2021-09-05.txt chatlog-2021-09-12.txt chatlog-2021-09-19.txt chatlog-2021-10-03.txt
  11. The AT starts to dig for water. The ship discovers that there is a ripple in subspace originating on the moon where the AT is. They theorize that it is related to the dust. chatlog-2021-07-25.txt
  12. [Arcadia was off the first 2 weeks of July 2021] Arcadia drops a supply probe to the away team that is stuck on the planet. The AT theorizes that water may block or hinder the effect of the dust. chatlog-2021-06-27.txt
  13. The dust sample vial breaks, releasing dust everywhere. The AT crew cleans up. On the crashed ship, The medical replicators work at first, but then stop working. The away team on the ship in space transfers shuttle power to the revival process to try to stabilize the pods. chatlog-2021-06-20.txt
  14. The energy to the pod revival process is unstable. Medical team tries to find if their portable medical replicators work. The dust sample that was brought in to the crashed ship for investigation by science buzzes with energy. The container breaks and the dust spreads. The second away team finds that the pods in the ship in orbit are also unstable once they begin the revival process. Dana suggests linking the shuttle power supply to the ship. chatlog-2021-06-13.txt
  15. A second away team (the engineering team that did not land on the planet) docks a shuttle with the ship in orbit. They find similar conditions to the one on the planet (without the dust). The revival process begins for all the pods, so far, successfully. The conscious survivor tells the AT that they got stuck in the system's gravity wells and couldn't get out or call for help. chatlog-2021-06-06.txt