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  1. The AT starts to dig for water. The ship discovers that there is a ripple in subspace originating on the moon where the AT is. They theorize that it is related to the dust. chatlog-2021-07-25.txt
  2. [Arcadia was off the first 2 weeks of July 2021] Arcadia drops a supply probe to the away team that is stuck on the planet. The AT theorizes that water may block or hinder the effect of the dust. chatlog-2021-06-27.txt
  3. The dust sample vial breaks, releasing dust everywhere. The AT crew cleans up. On the crashed ship, The medical replicators work at first, but then stop working. The away team on the ship in space transfers shuttle power to the revival process to try to stabilize the pods. chatlog-2021-06-20.txt
  4. The energy to the pod revival process is unstable. Medical team tries to find if their portable medical replicators work. The dust sample that was brought in to the crashed ship for investigation by science buzzes with energy. The container breaks and the dust spreads. The second away team finds that the pods in the ship in orbit are also unstable once they begin the revival process. Dana suggests linking the shuttle power supply to the ship. chatlog-2021-06-13.txt
  5. A second away team (the engineering team that did not land on the planet) docks a shuttle with the ship in orbit. They find similar conditions to the one on the planet (without the dust). The revival process begins for all the pods, so far, successfully. The conscious survivor tells the AT that they got stuck in the system's gravity wells and couldn't get out or call for help. chatlog-2021-06-06.txt
  6. The patient who was revived becomes conscious. He reveals that his ship had crashed after landing on the planet when they realized that their convoy would be unable to exit the star system. Medical and engineering coordinate on how to revive the other hibernating patients. chatlog-2021-05-30.txt
  7. Engineering determines that tritanium-latinum alloys are most resistant to the corrosion on the planet. Medical figures out how to revive the patients from hibernation (if they can find how to control the system), but also finds that the patients are severely mineral deficient. chatlog-2021-05-23.txt
  8. The medical team from Arcadia gets off the medical shuttle, which then heads back to orbit and explodes on the way up, The engineering shuttle is returned to Arcadia without landing on the planet. It is determined that the hibernation system on the crashed ship was designed in a hurry. All metallic components on the planet degrade, some faster than others. This prevents the landed shuttle from being repaired or any shuttle from landing. Subspace interference continues to prevent the transporter from operating. chatlog-2021-05-09.txt
  9. Medical stabilizes the patient who was in the broken pod. Arizhel reaches the shuttle, but couldn't take off because the nacelles cracked. She brings the shuttle back on the ground. Dana and Arizhel surmise that the ground is causing equipment to become brittle. They call for additional medical and engineering teams, but those teams' shuttles can't land, otherwise they might also be affected by the dust. The medical shuttle arrives and its AT starts disembarking while the shuttle hovers. chatlog-2021-05-02.txt
  10. The away team gets to the engine room and finds pods connected to the engines. One of the pods breaks, causing its occupant medical distress. Arizhel rushes back to the surface to get help from Arcadia, while Joy tries to help. chatlog-2021-04-25.txt
  11. The away team investigates the crashed ship. They find personal effects in cargo holds and a set of pods connected to the engines in the rear. The lifesigns emanate from the pods. chatlog-2021-04-18.txt
  12. An away team leaves by shuttle and finds a crashed cylindrical ship. In order to get in, they punch a hole in the only exposed part, the cockpit. Some systems, including artificial gravity, functioning. They go "down" into the ship to try to find the lifesigns and what else is still working. chatlog-2021-04-11.txt
  13. Summary: A small ship is found near the gas giant where the subspace emissions were coming from, and from a moon. The ship had weak lifesigns, as did the moon. An Arcadia away team was assembled to go down to the moon surface by shuttle, to avoid the subspace interference. chatlog-2021-03-21.txt
  14. Arcadia encounters a system that is broadcasting short range subspace signals that cannot be interpreted. They move in to investigate. chatlog-2021-03-14.txt
  15. Both the ship and the planet attempt to send messages through the colony's communications array - the away team trying to undo the neural effects of the probe, and the ship to cause the away team to be affected. The ship attempts to send the probe back to the planet, the away team attempts to destroy the probe using the colony's weapons, but they fail to fire. The away team's signal reaches the ship, neutralizing the effect on Lo'Ami and Dana. When they realize what happened, they use Arcadia's phasers to destroy the probe. The colonists are returned to their proper un-neutralized minds. chatlog-2021-03-07.txt