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  1. Arcadia encounters a system that is broadcasting short range subspace signals that cannot be interpreted. They move in to investigate. chatlog-2021-03-14.txt
  2. Both the ship and the planet attempt to send messages through the colony's communications array - the away team trying to undo the neural effects of the probe, and the ship to cause the away team to be affected. The ship attempts to send the probe back to the planet, the away team attempts to destroy the probe using the colony's weapons, but they fail to fire. The away team's signal reaches the ship, neutralizing the effect on Lo'Ami and Dana. When they realize what happened, they use Arcadia's phasers to destroy the probe. The colonists are returned to their proper un-neutralized minds. chatlog-2021-03-07.txt
  3. The away team thinks they have a way to reverse the brainwashing. Meanwhile, the ship tries to beam the probe's message to the away team and brainwash them. chatlog-2021-02-28.txt
  4. Another geocacher arrives at the cave. She identifies herself as Samantha and mentions a map that she had and gave away. Joy does a neural scan to see if she's been brainwashed. Dana finishes the probe replica and it is about to be launched. chatlog-2021-02-21.txt
  5. Alex Khan revealed that she didn't leave any map. The crew is trying to figure out how to proceed. The captain rushed Dana to finish recreating the probe. chatlog-2021-02-14.txt
  6. Arizhel and the away team get the computer in the cave on New San Francisco colony working. They now have comms and sensor access... if they want it. Meanwhile, Dana is replicating the probe that attacked Arcadia, with its programming -- because Arizhel and the away team and Former Mayor Alexandra Khan haven't been affected chatlog-2021-01-24.txt
  7. Link sent via PM. (Not sure if it's supposed to be public yet)
  8. Hi, Welcome to the forum. I noticed your name lurking in the chat before the Arcadia sim. If you're interested in observing next week or have any questions, let me know. (We are switching to a different chat server, so I need to send you the link). We don't bite. (We do sometimes mess with your neural circuitry, but only in-character).
  9. Arizhel's away team catches up with former mayor Khan hiding in an old listening outpost communication station in the hills. She shows the small crystal she found while geocaching. The captain orders engineering to recreate the destroyed probe. chatlog2021-01-17.txt
  10. Arcadia recovers from getting hit by the object, which is no longer present. Everyone onboard feels a bit weird, but no damage detected. The away team senses that something is odd back on Arc and continues searching for the former mayor of New SF, who is somewhere in the New Marin Highlands, outside the city. The highlands are made of a material that makes tracking difficult. Alexandria Khan's husband is beamed aboard Arc. He was clearly affected. He informs them of where she probably is, but can't really help them find her. chatlog2021-01-10.txt
  11. The away team goes to the New SF Colony and finds no violence. They are met by a man, Graham Budd, and his crew who claim he is in charge. A different name, Alexandria Khan, was in the library computer and was the voice of the distress signal. They try to ask around to find her, but, so far are unable. Arcadia is diverted from orbit and forced to raise shields by a small attacking probe. They unsuccessfully try evasive maneuvers, but, as it impacts the shields, it has an effect on the crew. chatlog2021-1-3.txt
  12. New San Francisco Colony, near the edge of Federation space, reports that violence has broken out. They are not responding to hails. Arcadia goes to investigate. chatlog2020-12-27.txt
  13. Arcadia prepares a shuttle that will use a magnetic field to steer the doomsday beam away from inhabited star systems, then feed it with energy from a star in an uninhabited system, which will keep the beam aliens alive. They then send the beam toward the galactic core, where the beam aliens will have enough energy to survive. They warn the next systems of the close encounters with the beam. chatlog2020-12-20.txt
  14. Arc's engineering and science teams find that if they use a shuttlecraft with a small magnetic field, they can potentially steer the doomsday beam away from planets. They decide that the best place to send it is to the center of the galaxy, where the beings inside would have enough stars from which to draw energy. They must decide whether to allow the beam aliens to steer. chatlog2020-12-13.txt
  15. Arcadia had a conversation with the beings in the beam. They're stuck in there, they can't steer themselves and they need an encounter with a star to stay alive. That's not going to happen. But, they will destroy 4 other civilizations before the beam dissipates. chatlog2020-12-6.txt