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  1. Arcadia tries a number of ways to pull out of the trap, but is unable. They get pulled through the anomaly into a higher pressure area of space, filled with space coleoids. Listening in to the gravitational waves, they pick up more language. One of the coleoids seems to have been trapped before. They prepare to initiate a conversation. chatlog2020-5-24.txt
  2. Engineering completes modifying the tractor beam to emit gravitational waves to try to communicate with the space coleoids. Arc comes up with a plan to coordinate with the coleoids in pulling against the anomaly to get out. It looks like it's working but the anomaly compensates and continues to pull Arcadia and the space coleoids inwards. chatlog2020-5-17.txt
  3. The Arc remains stuck in the tractor beam as more space coleoids come in. They translate some of the gravitational waves from the coleoids and find that they are complaining. The crew theorizes that they have been caught in a coleoid trap. chatlog2020-5-10.txt
  4. Arcadia follows a gravitational anomaly and is trapped in what seems like a tractor beam. A number of space coleoids are trapped similarly near them. chatlog2020-5-3.txt
  5. Arcadia continues into a relatively uninteresting area of space on its way to explore in deep space. There are rumors that it is on a migration route of space molluscs, though nobody is really even sure they exist. chatlog2020-4-26.txt
  6. The Arc crew finds out from the holo of the creator of the derelict ship that the ship schematics are in the ship's own library. They use them to rebuild the damaged components. Starfleet agrees to tow the ship back to its origin once it is taken out of the void. Arcadia repairs the derelict ship and tows it out of the void at a maximum speed of warp 2.5. chatlog2020-4-12.txt
  7. The Arc crew listens to the holo, which turns out to be a maverick, Kusim Nole, who developed transporter technology and copied the entire planet, expecting to repopulate it after the planetary disaster tat happened subsided, but instead the ship drifted off. Also, the crew found that the power systems on the ship are degrading. chatlog2020-3-29.txt
  8. Arcadia finds that the data is getting corrupted by a faulty power system on the derelict ship. They find a holo in the data that makes reference to the ship and reconstruct it on the holodeck. chatlog2020-3-22.txt
  9. The crew generates a city from the library ship on a holodeck and finds a book shop. There, they discover that some of the data is also stored on separate indexed pods. chatlog2020-3-15.txt
  10. Arc discovers the origin and potentially the purpose (a scale backup) of the library computer. They decide to find a city from it and recreate it on the holodeck. chatlog2020-3-8.txt
  11. Arcadia reconstructs one pod's data on the holodeck. They find a couple of intelligent beings (rabbit people?) and make contact. chatlog2020-3-1.txt
  12. The Arc engineers filter a sampling of the data pods through the transporters to understand what's in them. Some of the pods operate slower than others. They plan to figure out what's in them by rematerializing it temporarily on the holodeck. chatlog2020-2-23.txt
  13. Arc crew tries their plan to interface with the derelict ship. They are able to install a wireless hardware interface and send signals. chatlog2019-12-1.txt
  14. Arcadia finds a large data port on the derelict ship. While security continues to monitor for other ships in the area (and finds none so far), engineering reverse engineers the data ports from the ship and constructs a wireless transmitter to attach to the data port they found. chatlog2019-11-17.txt
  15. Arcadia's AT lands on the ship and finds rows and rows of electronic memory devices. They try to retrieve one of them. but it starts to lose power. Instead, the team beams back to the ship to find a data port so they can read the data from the ship. chatlog2019-11-10.txt