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  1. someone told me that there is a book that aparently explains the origon of the borg? And also it has something to do with V'Ger! :) Wow does anyone know the title
  2. So for NASA's 50th anaversary they are playing beatles songs directed out into the universe. When Paul Mcartney was told he was quoted as having said "send my love to the aliens"
  3. this one's gone a while huh?
  4. don't worry I'm here.... oh wait maybe you should worry i'm here
  5. It'll ruin my diet!!
  6. I like to pan fry spam and eat it for breakfast with eggs
  7. Found It!!!!!!!! JanosJanos (β) was originally mentioned as being a sentient Mugato, but his species was later described (in New Frontier: Stone and Anvil) as a mutation of several animal and humanoid species, including Caitian and Mugato. Although he served for a time as a security officer on the Excalibur, Janos was last known to reside on the world of Neural, and was no longer an active member of Starfleet. Compliments of memory alpha (pay credit where credit is due) ps. Thanks to you guys too
  8. well at least I'm not completley crazy thanks If anyone else has any idea what I mean feel free to chime in
  9. For some reason for the life of me I cannot remember the name of the race for Zak Kerborne from Peter Davids New Frontier. He was also in worfs first adventure another Peter David book. Also the later nf books the security officer from shelbys ship the trident I think his name was Juno. Big white furry you realy couldn't miss him what race was he?
  10. Okay I just so happen to be a teacher at a middle school and I think it is draining all hope I have for the future generations of our planet. I'm sorry somebody had to say it.
  11. Quick here he comes help me with my makeup!!!
  12. deers tigers and cats oh my
  13. My hip!!!!!! :D
  14. I think I have decided that if every one just treated life like one big star trek episode it would make me alot happier :D
  15. This is my first post and i've only learned of this rp's existence for tweenty minuets. But I am extatic that there are people that are interested in the same stuff I am! I have read through the how to's and do's and don'ts any advice would be helpfull. Thanx. Mestral