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  1. B'Etor stood in the laboratory of the sickbay. She was still fuming over the way Ensign Wilson had treated her and she wanted to hit something. She knew she couldn't but she wanted to. She hissed and growled, pacing back and force, making fists at her side, trying not to lose her temper. She had learned to control her temper, to a point, but sometimes it came to work against her. She decided talking it out may work. "Computer, personal log, Stardate 0218.08" She sighed and started her log. "I have been put back on duty, per my request after my head injury. Commander Pilot seems to think the same as me. We both are Klingon, so we both know we have hard heads, and injuries do not bother us as much as humans. Something odd is going on though, with Ensign Wilson. He seems to have become quite distainful towards me, for reasons I know not. He seems to have decided he doesn't like me, which doesn't really bother me, since alot of people don't like me. I would like to know the reason, though. Unfortunatly his tone of voice, and my anger brought attention and Commander Pilot came out, asking what happened. He had to stop the argument, which, I do fear, may have turned into a fight. I am sure Commander Pilot will get to the bottom of this seemingly un-needed hatred towards me, and I am not worried about it affecting my duties. I do not really need Ensign Wilson to do my duties, only if emergencies come in, and I do not plan on letting him bother me." She ssat down in the laboratory chair and looked around for a moment. "Perhaps, once this mine crisis blows over, and Jaden and I have some free time, I will talk to him about it. He may have a better understanding, since both him and Ensign Wilson are human. I don't understand why people can be so, hateful, for no reason. Perhaps to Ensign Wilson, he has a good reason, but who knows, that is up to him. For now, I will stay in the laboratory and monitor the experiments that are being conducted. if I stay away from Ensign Wilson, there will not be a confrontation. He has been here longer than I, though not by much, but he still is a level above me on the chain of command. Hell, someday he may be my boss. I hope not, if he hates me as much as he seems to." She shook her head, looking at the PADDs, thinking Commander Pilot is messy. "Computer, end log and store."
  2. LOL!!!! That 2!!!! Here it is folks! Go for it! Aragon, no more getting soda to come out of my nose!
  3. B’Etor walked into her quarters and looked around. She moved to the couch and fell onto it, resting her head against the dark purple pillow. She gently touched her upper ridge, wincing from the pain touching brought to her head. She rolled her eyes and tried to get more comfortable. “Computer, start Personal Log, Stardate 0802.15” The computer beeped in acknowledgement and B’Etor winced. “I have been relieved of duty, status post a injury received during our current mission. According to all of the patients we treated, the ship had hit an invisible mine field. We took some damage, but when the ship had hit one of the mines, it rocked the ship violently, causing me to fall across the floor and hit my head on one of the supply cabinets. I proceeded to do my duties, though I knew I had received a cut to my hairline, close to the temporal area of my head.” She sighed and shifted again. Though in pain, she was restless about being relieved of duty. For some reason it didn’t sit well with her. “I triaged with Ensign Wilson as well as Lieutenant Commander Pilot, and all injuries were rather minor, considering the hits that the ship had taken. We had a few moderate cases, a few concussions, a few burns, but all in all, it was not a bad shift. We treated all of the patients in a timely and efficient manner, and thought it was my first major incident, I think I did rather well. Lieutenant Pilot has taught me a few things I didn’t learn while training at Starfleet Medical, and I think his training has made me a better Doctor for it.” Standing up, slowly, she moved to the replicator, getting a glass of water and an ice pack. She lied back down, resting the ice pack on her head, and placing the water on the table. “Once we had cleared the sickbay, I started to get dizzy, causing me to lose balance. Lieutenant Pilot helped me to a bed, where one of other nurses, one I had never met before, helped him assess what injuries I may have had. Though he is ¼ Klingon, and I am ½, my other half, the Romulan half, confused him. Once I assured him that it was natural for my vitals to fluctuate by about 15 percent, he stopped worrying as much and found that I had managed to fracture my third left-sided ridge, had a level two or three concussion. It was a small fracture, but it hurt like Hades. I then requested to rest for a little bit, and was promptly relieved of my duties. I will most likely go back to work tonight, since not working, and feeling useless during an important mission for the ship makes me feel like I am a cry-baby.” She thought about anything she should or could add, realizing that she had the computer enough, and it was time to end it. “Computer, end personal log and file, please.” The computer beeped in acknowledgement and B’Etor hissed, her head throbbing.
  4. Sweet! TY!
  5. "Welcome to Atantis International Airport! Please head towards the front of plane and be safe! Have a good day now! Buh-bye..Buh bye now..Bye..buh-bye.."
  6. Can I please get "Hottest Mix-Breed in the Delta Quadrant"???
  7. Hi all! I am kinda new, having just finished my eigth SIM, and graduated to Advanced. Just wanted to pop in and introduce myself. A few of you already know me from the SIMs, but for those that haven't had a chance, here I am. Anytime you wanna talk, or have any questions, don't hesitate. I am fairly new here, but I have simmed in various groups for 11 years. I have done ST, Midevil, police, IM, E-Mail, PM. You name it, I can do it. I am 26, seperated from my husband, and live in the Eastern time zone. I have a 5 year old daughter, and I am a MOA for a PCP at UMASS. I am a part-time student, with a major in Registered Nursing at QCC, and I love watching TV. Not 100% sure what else you want to know, but if you wanna know, just ask. I don't have a problem answering any questions about anything. Hope to meet everyone eventually. HAGD! Norma AKA Mercy
  8. I dunno..I think you should eat him! He still didn't pick a winner!
  9. WoW! I just got a marriage proposal!!! What ship you stationed on! *wink* Have they decided on a winner??? Where is Atragon, he is good at picking winners!
  10. heaven help me, please for the love of all things holy tell me you didn't just spend the time to look up the z-snap :) LOL!
  11. She told you Brian! *snap* *snaps* *snap*
  12. LOL! No, that would my wedding! Hehe
  13. She moved into her quarters, most of her personal belongings still unpacked. She had been too busy trying to get used the re-fitted layout of the Akira-class starship, and reading up medical texts and procedures involved in First Contact. She yawned, exhausted from the away team mission to the HaVorante planet. She shook her head at the mess her belongs made and just moved her hand, as if to brush it away. She would deal with the project of putting away her belongings on a day she wasn’t so drained. “Sonic Shower, for one.” She moved into her bedroom and unzipped her uniform, tossing it into the pile that had started to develop in the corner. She groaned at the tediousness of the mission she and the medical team had been assigned, as she threw the rest of her clothes to the pile, getting into the shower. She had been in holo-missions more dangerous, more daunting than the mission she had just completed, but still felt so fatigued. She yawned again, trying to get what felt like dust off of her. “What is the matter with me… That should have been a piece of cake.” She shrugged off her feelings of tension and fatigue as the shower cleaned her up and made her feel slightly refreshed. Stepping out, she dried off and got into a non-uniform outfit, looking at herself in the mirror. She saw the tired look on her face and then smiled, shaking her head. Moving to her desk, the only un-packed item was a holo-image of her and what looked like an Admiral. The man next to her stood tall as they both smiled in the image. “I’m trying father. I won’t let you down, this time.” She ran her finger through the image, and it distorted, then re-took it’s shape. She moved to the replicater, tossing her quickly drying hair over her shoulder in the curly pile she had managed to finally tame. She looked at the machine for a moment, then nodded, realizing what she wanted. “Computer. Root beer float, large, three scoops of vanilla ice cream.” The computer beeped, and after a minute, her request appeared. She smiled, nodding in satisfaction, picking up the cold glass, moving to her desk, sitting at it. PADD’s of medical information, and the PADD of CMO Pilot’s review of the away mission. She closed her eyes, leaning back in the chair, thinking about the Academy, and how much more simple it was there. After a momentary lapse of consciousness she heard the chime of someone calling her.“Ensign Praxx to Ensign Patterson” The voice deep and rather harsh, with little to no emotion behind it. Looking around, lost for a moment, she responded to the call. “Patterson here.” She heard a familiar voice and smiled. “Care to join me for a friendly match of Anbo-jyutsu?” She laughed, hearing his request. Anbo-jyutsu was neither friendly, nor a game. Two people stood in a ring and fought, blinded by helmets. The point in the game was to knock your opponent down without seeing them. “You don’t mean friendly, you mean freaky!” She answered him and after a brief silence he responded. “Holo-suite 2 in five minutes.” The comm link cut off and she blinked, smiling as she shook her head. He was gruff, cold, rather heartless in most people’s eyes, but not to her. She saw the other side to Ensign Jaden Praxx. She sat up, putting her glass in the recycling machine, then moved to her clothes, getting her Anbo-jyutsu outfit. She smiled, knowing where this match would most likely end up between them. She looked around her quarters and shrugged. “At least it’s already a mess.” She took one last look in the mirror, and with a tie she pulled her hair into a ponytail, exposing her pointed, Romulan ears. She nodded and then headed out to the Holo-suite.
  15. Awe! That is awesome! I loved Riley so much! He was hilarious everytime they showed him.
  16. OMG! Riley was my favorite guest start on TOS!!!!
  17. B'Etor shifted her uniform, trying to straighten it out. She had been on Excalibur for 20 hours and she would be starting her first day, in Sickbay, as an Assistant Medical Officer in 10 minutes. She looked at herself and moved her hair, staring for a moment at her face, hoping this wasn't like the Academy. "Here goes nothing." B'Etor mumbled to herself as she moved out of her quarters and walked to the turbo lift. She waited a moment, and then saw the doors open. Getting in she ordered it to take her to sickbay. She paused, listening to the sound of the turbolift as it moved. She heard it come to a stop and stepping out, she moved down the hall, eventually managing to find sickbay. Stepping into the empty sickbay, she looked around, blinking for a moment. In his office, EJ didn't see the transfer PADD on his desk it was so cluttered. He heard the doors of sickbay open, but didn't pay attention to it. He continued to do his work and drink his coffee and would just wait for the person to enter if they needed help. B'Etor paused for a moment, then moved around the sickbay, looking around for a moment, not going into his office. She moved her head, looking around the sickbay, astonished by the way it looked. She knew it was a fairly new ship, but the sickbay was almost as good at Starfleet Medical. "Nice..." She thought she was quiet, but the Klingon side of her was louder than she realized most of the time. EJ saw the shadow walk past but kept looking at his PADDs. He was pretty sure a nurse would assist the person. Just as he thought that, a nurse walked up to B'Etor, startling her slightly. "How may I help you?" B'Etor turned fast, getting into a naturally defensive stance. She calmed down a little, seeing it was just a nurse. She nodded and held out a PADD. "My name is Ensign B'Etor Patterson, I have been assigned to work under Lieutenant Commander Pilot as an Assistant Medical Officer." The nurse looked at her for a moment, not sure if she believed her eyes. She snapped out of her staring and then smiled, nodding. "Oh! Welcome to the Medical Division, Ms. Patterson. I am Nurse Lorrie." The nurse shook B'Etor's hand, introducing herself. EJ smirked, overhearing the new addition to his staff. "They finally got me more people. That is a plus for the good Captain." EJ mumbled softly to himself as B'Etor smiled to the nurse, not used to kindness the minute she meets someone. She almost smirked, and nodded. "Thank you. Is the Doctor around, or should I wait somewhere?" The nurse laughed and pointed towards the Chief Medical Officer's office. "Actually the Doctor is in his office." B'Etor nodded and headed towards the doctor's office, standing in the doorway. She pressed the door chime, hoping she wasn't bothering him. EJ heard the chime at his door. He pulled his semi long hair back into a ponytail and placed a rubber band around it to hold it securely. Once he was prepared, he looked towards the door. "Enter." He waited as the door opened, and his new AMO walked in. B'Etor moved through the door and paused, seeing something she had never seen before. She stood before the CMO's desk, staring at his forehead for a moment. Her own arched eyebrows furrowing with a look of confusion and shock. Her long curly black hair left loose behind her back, she didn't talk or move, just stared. EJ looked at the woman that walked in and paused, doing some staring of his own as B'Etor moved forward. Shocked at was before him, he took a moment before finally talking. "H…H…How.. May I help you?" He asked, not sure if what he was seeing before him was real, or a joke done by the nurses. B'Etor shook her head, ruffling her hair around and blinked for a moment. She nodded and looked at the PADD in her hand, then handed it over, looking from the PADD to the CMO. "You're a Klingon." She said softly, but not that softly. She shook her own head, again as she blushed, looked down for a moment. "Ensign B'Etor Patterson, reporting for duty, sir. I am a transfer from the Academy." EJ looked at her and nodded slowly. "As are you. You are very astute, Ensign Patterson. Also I am only 1/4 Klingon but the ridges do show out don't they?" EJ smiled to her, trying to cut the tension and odd silence in his office. She looked at him and nodded. "They aren't that prominent. They actually aren't that bad at all." Closed her eyes again, now completely and totally embarrassed. B'Etor rolled her eyes and closed them for a minute, not sure if she was really acting this stupid, or if this was a horrible nightmare and she would wake up and realize she hadn't started her shift yet. "Sorry, sir. It's just I have never seen a Klingon in a Starfleet uniform since I joined the Academy, or after." She looked around for a second, trying to find something to crawl into and hide. EJ heard her and tried not to smile, or laugh. He saw her facial expressions and tilted his head slightly, looking at her. "Are you ok Ensign?" He asked her. B'Etor paused for a second, trying to think of something to say. "I am fine, sir. Just..flustered." She put the PADD on his desk and looked at him, standing more at attention. "My complete record is on that PADD, as well as the transfer orders." B'Etor told her commanding officer. EJ took the PADD and moves it to his desk but closer to him. "You may sit if you like" He smiled to her and motioned to the chair in front of his desk. She saw the chair and wondered if this was a test. She debated and decided to sit. She had already embarrassed herself. 'May as well go for the goal, idiot,' she thought to herself and sat down, looking at him. "You passed the test!" EJ clapped as B'Etor stared at him looking even more confused and lost. She blinked and stared at him, her eyes going wide as he clapped. "I'm just being humorous" He smiled, leaning against his desk, looking from B'Etor to the PADD, then back to B'Etor, his face getting it's serious Klingonic look. "So what makes you qualified to work with the great Dr. Pilot.?" She furrows her eyebrows again as her CO asked her a question she had prepared to answer, but couldn't remember what to say. She went to talk, then her lips went into a pout and she and then raised an eyebrow questioningly. "Well. I tested in the top three of my class in nursing, I was in the top 10 in my Starfleet class, and I was told to transferred here." She wondered if that would do. She didn't really have anything extra special. "Oh! My bizarre genetic make-up and major in inter-species genetics, I recieved 3 commendations from the head of Starfleet Medical." EJ listened to her, hearing a hint of Klingon, nodding slightly, then paused, looking at her for a moment, puzzled. "What bizarre genetic make up?" He asked questioningly. She smirked, knowing what he would see would probably cause ridicule, like she was used to from growing up, and the Academy. She moved her hair back and showed him her pointed ears. "I am half Klingon, and half Romulan." She watched his face, letting go of her hair, letting it fall down her back. She waited for the look of shock, horror, and disgust. "Holy Kahless! she is half green blood!" EJ exclaimed, in his native Klingon, a Klingon like smile on his face. She heard him, but didn't understand him, having never learned Klingon. She stared at him oddly, figuring whatever he said couldn't have been good. EJ quickly returned to English and looked over her for a moment. "So who is the Romulan and the warrior?" She hears his question and tilts her head. "I don't understand the question." B'Etor said, not sure what he meant by the question. "So was your father the Romulan or the Klingon and vice versa?" EJ asked her, getting curious about how a Klingon and a Romulan would ever get close enough to create a child. "My mother was Klingon. My father was Romulan." She looked at him, looking at him with a mix of oddity and confusion, with a small mix of sadness. "Sir, what does this have to do with my job here?" She asked, getting more defensive, feeling like she was being sized up. "I was just wondering since the Klingons and Romulans don't like each other, how did this situation happen. I am glad to see that all our people don't share the same ideas about another race." EJ looked at her, still not sure how the woman before him came to be. "I don't know how they met. I have never met them." She looked up at him, her eyebrow arching slightly. She wondered what he would say next. "I am sorry to hear that, they have created a very unique individual." EJ said softly, still watching her reactions. She nodded, her eyes flashing annoyance for a split second, then going back to normal. She took a deep breath and let it go, through her nose, slowly. 'Not now..please not now.' She thought to herself, feeling anger build up inside of her for no reason. "I am honored to have you aboard. I didn't mean to cost any disrespect Ensign" EJ said, standing to his full height. He looked at B'Etor, nodding to her, meaning what he said with the most sincerity. B'Etor looked up, hearing his voice again, standing up to her own full height of 5'11". She nodded to him and stood like a typical Starfleet officer. "Thank you, it is an honor to be on such a great ship, with such a legendary legacy." She smiled slightly, starting to feel more at ease. She looked into his eyes, her eyebrow raising again. "I look Klingon, I have Romulan features, but I was raised with humans. There is no disrespect. I am as far from either of my races as you can get." She stated, her lips curling more into a smile. "I am only 1/4 Klingon and Human. I am human but I have Klingon features." He nodded his head, seeing her face go from uncomfortable to a more calm, accepted look. She listened to him, hearing him say basically the same thing she said. A more Romulan like smile crossing her lips. "For me acting like an jackass may I take you for dinner later maybe?" He asked her as he got an apologetic look on his face, continuing to look at her. She heard him ask her out to dinner and paused, her mocha colored cheeks flushed for a second as she tried not to smile more. "You don't have to take me to dinner. At least.. not to apologize..." She left the last part open, wondering how he would answer. "I concur...that way you can meet your fellow colleagues here in the Sickbay. If I can pull our wonderful Cat-like Commander out I will bring her too." EJ nodded, wondering how he would get the Commander to come to dinner. A few ideas creeping in his head as he debated on which idea would be the best. B'Etor nodded and her smile faded, realizing they have gotten seriously far off the topic of her new career. She cleared her throat and got serious. "What is my assignment today, sir?" EJ heard her and nodded, crossing his arms over his chest. "Your job is Assistant Medical Officer, you'll assist me or any of your other colleagues. It is usually slow in here, so enjoy the time off when you get it. Use it wisely, but not that wisely. That is how two of my staff people ended with a child and now their married. It was actually quite a beautiful thing. But still..don't use it to go and plan a wild sensual adventure with your boyfriend and/or girlfriend." He stated, matter-of-factly. She heard him and her eyebrows raised in surprise. She listened to him and then the line about the wild adventure with someone else. The loudest, most Klingon laugh she had ever let out echoed through the office. She leaned forward, against her knees, laughing hysterically. Her head shook and she continued to laugh, then suddenly stopped, realizing how out of line that was. "Sorry, sir. I don't usually do anything like that.. seeing as how there is no other person to do it with." EJ nodded, hearing her, smirking softly. "I see. That is good to know." He blinked, pausing to think about what he just said. 'Did I just say that out loud?' He asked himself, hoping he didn't, but he knew he did. He looked around nervously for a moment, before grabbing his coffee to drink it, nearly spilling all over himself. B'Etor blinked, not sure if she heard him right. She looked nervously at the floor, then motioned to the door. "I am going to go familiarize myself with the layout of the Sickbay. With your permission, of course." EJ nodded quickly to her request to leave his office, turning his back, to sit back at his desk. "P..P..Permission granted Ensign. Welcome aboard." EJ said, making her transfer official. She nodded, pursing her lips together to keep from smiling, the redness crossing her cheeks more prominent. "Yes sir, thank you sir. Pleasure to be here." She said rather loudly, then turned on her heels and left his office, moving to the other side of the sickbay. 'Certainly going to be an interesting journey.' B'Etor thought to herself, smiling again as she read some of the medical texts that were on a table.
  18. Ahhh, how about this! "I'M KING OF THE WORLD! WHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!"
  19. Ok..14 responses, and I looked over the 3 funniest.. I gotta go with Atragon and the whole ghetto, doggystyle convo!!! Congrats Atragon!
  20. NAME: B'Etor Patterson RACE: Klingon/Romulan, adopted by Humans SEX: Female AGE: 22 Earth Years HEIGHT: 5'11" WEIGHT: 175 Pounds RANK: Ensign HAIR: Dark Brown w/ Auburn/Burgandy Highlights EYES: Black BUILD: Large DISTIGUISHING FEATURES: Ridges up and across her forehead with dark outlines, pointed ears. STATUS: Single SERVICE RECORD: (08.01.15) Graduated Starfleet Academy (08.02.24) Assigned to USS Excalibur Medical Department CLINICAL/MEDICAL INTERESTS: Alien Anatomy & Physiology, Genetic Sciences, Language Arts PERSONAL DETAILS/HISTORY: Born on a Starfleet freighter vessel to a Klingon mother who died at childbirth, she was delivered to the USS Finnegan two years after the saving of the Narendra III colony. Captain Patterson, who had originally planned to drop B'Etor off at the nearest Starbase, realized B'Etor's Klingon features had Romulan features as well. Arriving at Starbase 74, Captain Patterson debated on delivering the infant mix breed to Starfleet, where she may be returned to Klingon, or Romulus, then outted by both species, decided to request an adoption. After going through many trials and tribulations, Captain Patterson was allowed to adopt the young Klingon/Romulan child. At the age of 3, B'Etor was forced to leave the USS Finnegan when the war with the Klingons broke out. Shipped to Captain Patterson's extended family on Earth, B'Etor became a quiet child, picked on because of her mix breed by many children. At the age of 8, B'Etor started to look into her species background, learning that Klingons and Romulans have been mortal enemies for centuries. Realizing she can never return to either world and be accepted, she swore to never follow either species way of life. At the age of 13, B'Etor began the Klingon equivalent of puberty. She started having mood swings, going from mild mannered and calm, to aggressive and cruel. Trying to find an out to get rid of her feelings, she took up sports. Excelling in Soccer and Wrestling, she used those sports as an outlet for her aggression. Captain Patterson's return to Earth for B'Etor gave her mixed feelings. During the shore leave Captain Patterson was allotted, B'Etor had a Wrestling championship. During the 8th round, B'Etor heard people from the rival school picking on her mixed species. Unable to hold her mixed feelings, she let out a large Klingon cry and pinned the young girl she was wrestling to the ground, shattering her spine. Given no choice, B'Etor was taken onto the re-fitted USS Finnegan with Captain Patterson, after a short trial, in which B'Etor was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and expelled from school. Being on the USS Finnegan, B'Etor learned about the history of her two species, helping her understand the mixed feelings she kept having about a variety of issues. Realizing her history was both bloody and honorable, B'Etor tried to find a way to get rid of the mixing emotions she had towards herself, as well as others. One day, Captain Patterson dropped a PADD in front of B'Etor. She looked at the PADD curiously, then back to Captain Patterson. He simply nodded and walked out of her room, leaving B'Etor with the application that would change her life forever. At the age of 16, after finishing school aboard the USS Finnegan, B'Etor tested and was accepted by Starfleet Academy. Haunted by the person she had killed three years earlier, B'Etor decided that Medical was her future. Being a Klingon/Romulan cadet was hard on her, but B'Etor spent all of her time studying and working towards graduation. After working for four years, and a Nursing degree, B'Etor graduated from the academy in the top of her class. After graduation, B'Etor was assigned to the USS Excalibur, with the rank of Ensign, as one of their Assistant Medical Officers.
  21. Nice thanks! I would definatly go!
  22. I don't even know where the tours are being held. It says 41 cities, but I can't find where they are listed. I would go, depending on close it was to my house.
  23. And we thought you didn't like us! It's ok, Michael and I were having problems as well. It was like a typical, none exciting day, really laid back.
  24. Do I vote who is funnier, since it is the pic I submitted, or does GromVik decide winner?