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  1. Another Klingon Doctor!!!! Ej..Me.. now them! Making a comeback! Welcome!
  2. Cleaning out the cage she growled. She never knew spiders were this messy, or discusting. Cobwebs, spider cocoons of dead things it had eaten, stuff she wasn't even sure of. She knew the spider wasn't in it, so she shook it clean, then started wiping it out, shaking her head in disgust. "God, it is one thing to help by cleaning out basins, vials and petri dishes, but this... this is just.. stupid." She cleaned it though, not wanting to annoy off another of the ships Superior Officers. Hell the only thing NOT a superior officer to her was... the spider. She dried it out and looked around, putting it back together, hating to do this menial, houseworkers job. "Computer, Personal Log, Stardate 0803.30." She moved around the science department, cleaning up as she went along. "I have started the difficult task of fulfilling my duties to do extra work in the science department. So far I am cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned. No helping in the department beyond being a glorified housekeeper. I suppose it is no differant than what I would in the Medical Bay, since I clean there as well. I was just hoping I would get to figure out some new goo, or some sort of new anomoly. Nope, I cleaned out an alien spiders cage. Whatever, the Captain has me doing it for some reason, so I will do it. Unfortunatly he didn't put a deadline on the end of my "punishment", so I have no idea how long this will go on." She sighed, putting things where they belonged. "I hope it isn't forever, though I am Medically trained, I am not a fan of Science. Pointing out things that may be of no use, investigating asteroid belts for something that may not be there. I prefer the Physiology side of science. Anatomy, healing, investigating diseases of the body. Not anomolies. Too bad Sam isn't here, I am sure this would be far more fun if she were. Welp, my shift is over, so I will go get some sleep, and head right back to work." "Computer, Eng Log." She walked out of science, and headed towards her room.
  3. So sorry, I fixed it. I meant cocoons of food. Not babies. As for the discusting comment, she has never dealt with bugs before, and she has a severe fear of spiders. Sorry.
  4. Ok! Stop it! I have been found out! I refresh every 5 minutes, check my e-mail 15 times a day! Stop..The Light!... I'm Melting! Melting! Oh, What a World! What a World! *huddles in corner and shakes uncontrolably* Don't panic... Hehe. Don't panic...
  5. Ok..I looked over every answer.. And it goes to the Dirty Jobs! Congrats will_marx!
  6. LOL! Yes, I believe they are. You get amazing bonus savings! Like 40% of the Excalibur thong! (Cheap plug there) Welp, here it is again... This one took a while to find, so enjoy!
  7. Bachelor Party: $500 Bridal Gown: $4,500 Banquet Hall for 200: $20,000 Wedding of HER Dreams: $150,000 Seeing the Groom pass out from a hangover: PRICELESS Mastercard, gotta love em!
  8. Moving down the corridor, Doctor Patterson had just finished her shift of cleaning up and assisting in the science lab. She headed back to sickbay, to check on Lt. jg. Kallah Ramson before heading to get some sleep before her next shift. Walking into sickbay, she looked over at the still resting Kallah, and read over the bio-monitor, and information. Leaving the sickbay in the hands of the covering doctor, she moved out the door and walked to the turbolift. Stepping in, she sighed and closed her eyes, ordering it to take her to take her to her quarters. She stepped out of the turbolift and walked dwon the hall, to the bunk room she had and noticed that her "roommate" wasn't there. She smiled, gratefully and moved to her bed, grabbing the PADD that was on it of medical updates from Starfleet, collapsing onto the bed. Staring up at the cieling she cleared her throat. "Computer, personal log. Stardate 0803.18." The computer beeped and B'Etor let out a long, hard sigh, thinking about what she wanted to put in this log, since it may be heard again. "Just when I think I am getting used to life as a doctor aboard a starship, something happens. So far, in my short time on board, I have almost been involved in an altercation between myself and a co-worker, assisted in the unathorized re-animation of a dead pilot." "About the altercation with my co-worker. I believe my "disagreement" with Ensign Wilson was because I am Romulan, since he didn't treat me this way before reading my file. My Klingon heritage is obvious, from the ridges, and my ridges block the slight V-arch I have over my arched eyebrows, but my hair covers my pointed ears, and I don't think he realized that I had them. I learned he read my file when I went to pull up the recent activity on my medical record. Whatever reason he has to hate Romulans, I put him in his place, after being repermanded by the Executive Officer, Commander MVess. I won't say that the war of words wasn't my fault, I may have let my temper get the best of me, and I did almost hit him, but it was equally his fault. Either way, I haven't seen him in a while, and I don't care if he likes or dislikes me. I go to work, I do my job, and I finish my shift. That's all." "Now, on the issue of re-animation... that is a more..pressing problem. I assisted Lt. jg. Ramson with a procedure, under Acting CMO Zier's permission, to help her find out what happened to the fighter squadron lost in the nebula near the HaVorante planet. I am not allowed to go into details, but what happened to them was both horrific and cruel. Kallah wanted answers, Captain Corizon wanted answers, and we managed to successfully collect the data, doing some sort of mind reading, brain resurrecting procedure. Kallah could have died, but she chose to go this path. Luckily, Lt. jg. Victria assisted as well and kept Kallah alive, stopping her before she went too far." She paused, biting her lip. "Apparently Captain Corizon did not know about what was going on, and even though, as Acting CMO, Lieutenant Zier authorized the re-animation procedure, Kallah, Victria, and I were given..punishments. I recieved the least harsh punishment. I have to do community service, in a way. Cleaning up and assisting the Science lab, as needed. I do not know how long I will have to do this, probably indefinatly, but I don't look at it as a punishment. I see it as a learning experience. My Academy roommate, Samantha Kent was Science, and she seemed to love it, perhaps I can learn to love it too." She closed her eyes and sighed again. "I don't blame Kallah for what she did, or for my punishment. To be honest, with, or without the Captain's permission, I probably would have done the same thing. I think about the fact that, a few of those Pilots were married, with children, and how their wives, and families would want to know what happened. If that happened to my husband, if I ever get married, I would want answers, by any means necessary." "Being on a starship is hard work. We come out here for exploration, and to meet new life, but sometimes, new life doesn't want to meet us. From what I have seen, being here in the Delta Quadrant, alot of people don't want meet us. We have almost been destroyed twice, just while I have been here. I love my job though, and it never seems to be lacking excitement, even when there are no patients to be taken care of. The ship is pretty cool actually. My father was right, I would like it here. I don't get to see Jaden as much as I would like, but I am sure things will calm down, eventually. Let's just hope I don't get to see him being brought into sickbay." She curled up, dropping the PADD she held on the floor next to her. "Computer, end and store log."
  9. LOL! He can work in MEdical with the rest of us freakshows.
  10. Do we really look this stupid?! Yep..
  11. B'Etor finished gathering all of the medical equipment she would need, or thought she would need to assist in a procedure she knew nothing about. Unfortunately, she had been unable to read the medical records of every officer on board. On the tray she carried a PADD rested, holding Lt. jg. Ramson's medical record. She placed the tray on a stand between two of the bodies, between where Kallah and Victria stood. She pulled up Kallah's Brain Circuitry Pattern from her record and then opened the medical tricorder next to it, pressing a few buttons, scanning Kallah. She nodded to herself, confirming that both still matched. Pressing a few more buttons she set the tricorder to continuously read her BCP and warn her of any changes or problems Looking down, she checked her medical supplies again, making sure she had the Cortical Stimulator, a hypospray of synaptizine, netinaline, and a med kit. She swallowed hard, feeling both nervous and excited. Her lips moved as she mumbled softly in Klingon, eyes closing for a second as she calmed herself. After a moment, she looked up at Kallah and nodded. "I am ready. Anything happens, I can have you in sickbay in seven seconds." She moved back a little, giving space for Kallah to get comfortable, or prepare in anyway she needed to. Her gaze followed Victria as the woman moved to take up position near the head of the corpse, perpendicular to Kallah and within easy reach of both. Black eyes met the Al-Ucard's ice-blue gaze and she nodded that she was prepared, hopefully, for anything that might happen. In her hands she held her alternate medical tricorder tightly, though her initial scans showed no activity from the body. She wondered if the equipment would even register anything once the procedure had begun. Kallah nodded slowly. She had taken the time to push her fears out of her mind and prepare herself. The ability to cure others with a touch was like breathing to a Minaran. But, what she was about to do was risky for any empath. Most would consider it insane, her father probably included. She needed to know what happened to her pilots though, she had to know. Looking down at the corpse her hands slowly came down to touch his head. Like a wintery blast a coldness washed over her body. Kallah's instincts told her to pull away, life was gone and there was no hope. Coldness. The flow of life moved from Kallah into the deceased cells of the brain. Even as she tried to hold back it felt like a mighty river tumbling over a massive waterfall to some empty fate below. Her breath grew weaker. Pain. Her head bowed as she fought for control. If she had the vocal cords her moans of despair would have chilled the others as much as the pull of life chilled her. But she could now feel it working. What was a lifeless mass now sparked. Neurons fired ever so slightly. The complex web of the human brain began to move again. She didn't need to hear the monitor behind her begin to beep to know to there was brain activity... she could read it herself now. Coldness still. Victria's attention remained riveted on the pilot's body despite the subdued echoes of agony she could sense from Kallah. After taking position, she stayed unmoving, as still as the corpse on the table. Her eyes watched for signs of movement, though her other senses were fully extended as she strained to catch even the slightest chemical change that she might be able to detect. Moment by moment, she noted Kallah's life fading away in small increments, a familiar sensation and one she'd reveled in time and time again. The signs from the dead body were another matter, however. They were utterly foreign and strange as she leaned closer to observe. B'Etor heard beeping on the tricorder she held, her mouth opening. She continued to scan, her eyes darting from Kallah, to the body, to her tricorder, pressing a few buttons, making sure it was recording all of what was going on. After a moment she closed her mouth and smiled, getting readings, but unable to understand them. Hopefully Kallah would be able to help her understand the jumbled data. She was afraid to talk, but as she heard the erratic beeps from the tricorder as it registered life signs from the corpse she was scanning, she couldn't help letting out a huff of surprise. The heart of the corpse sputtered, died, and then began to beat erratically for a few moments, though there was no blood to feed it. The chest of the corpse rose unexpectedly and deflated, breathing out stagnant air that permeated the room. "Noooooooo... waaaarrrrnnn excaaaall...," the dead whispered before his lungs collapsed a second time. His eyes flew open and he began to convulse, head tilting until he seemed to stare directly at Kallah. B'Etor blinked, staring in shock as the life signs were read, then lost. This happened a few more times, and she looked at the corpse as she saw it breathing. She let out a soft laugh of awe, unable to believe what she was scanning, and seeing with her own eyes. Its limbs and fingers were twitching in familiar patterns. It took a few moments for her to realize that his hands were still trying to fly! Amazed, she watched until a different set of alerts drew her attention to Kallah's life signs. The BCP had changed and was now rapidly diminishing. Her smile faded as concern washed over her Klingon face and her attention snapped to Victria. "What is happening? Her vital signs are weakening. Pulse and respiration are decreasing!" It was becoming too much. Kallah could feel her own life beginning to slip away. But she needed more, more time for the doctors, and more from herself. With a cold reserve she dared to answer the weak voice calling out. Kallah touched the mind of the dead. What was a frozen landscape suddenly blasted around her like the chaos of a supernova. Lights, sounds, feelings disjointed and a frantic grasping for life engulfed her. The pilots mind, Peter was his name, cried out in some unknown agony. He was trying to tell her something but the words couldn't be found to describe it. Sight failed. Hearing was muffled. All there was, was the agony. Then, a void. A calm in the storm. In the center of this hurricane of madness she and Peter stood together. She forgot how pleasant his manner was. His calm and steady smile was so natural that even in this chaos of dead memories he still retained it. This was probably why she chose him over all the other pilots to try something this foolish. He looked at her and nodded. His mouth opened and Kallah heard, saw, smelt, and felt one brief image. And, she did not understand. She shook her head and as she was about to question him further the torrent of storm took her away again. The eye of the storm had passed as she was thrown back into a chaotic world of death. This storm though she suddenly knew wasn't just Peter's. She wasn't breathing. She was.... "She's dying," Victria replied calmly as B'Etor's protests shifted her attention to Kallah. The Minaran was swaying and close to collapse. Quickly, she yanked Kallah away from the reanimated corpse to break the connection. One hand slapped the woman hard across the face to bring her to her senses, the other gripping her upper arm to keep her upright. Exhausted beyond measure, Kallah barely had the strength to open her eyes. "Did it work?" she asked in a whisper, though she lost consciousness before hearing the answer. Victria caught her limp form and lifted her easily in her arms, carrying her out of the morgue and into sickbay where the doctors could tend to her properly. "Frighteningly, yes," B'Etor replied quietly to herself, still eyeing the corpse as she hurried to help Kallah. Alone now except for his fellow victims, the pilot stared unseeingly at the wall. His chest muscles continued to jump and twitch beneath the alien symbol on its skin as if protesting the death mark. The empty heart had long since fallen silent and medical monitors detected no further brain activity. Kallah's efforts had only given him a semblance of life, a mimic of what once had been. Now he'd fallen still in his final rest, once more unable to truly convey the horror of his passing and the danger that awaited the rest of the crew.
  12. OH! The GOP is getting restless again!
  13. I have had the same problem recently doug. I can receive and respond to received, but I cannot click a name and type in the IM box to start a PM.
  14. David Lee Roth! The Aftermath of Van Halen
  15. I learned that lesson in HS, during hours of ROTC standing for Drill and Color Guard. Watched three people fall over from locking knees. Hilarious!
  16. Congradulations!!! I barely know either of you, but still! I am happy for you!!! Hope you last forever.
  17. LOL! You!? He is gunning for me. I feel more love than you do. HAHA
  18. How do I get ice out of this thing?! All I want my soda refilled!
  19. (I got another one! OOOoooOOO! Think the 2004 Democratic Primary AKA Dean) YYYYYYEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!
  20. Uh..DER! I got a gun! I got a gun!
  21. Whoo! A fellow Romulan! Rock it!
  22. B'Etor moved around the lab, unable to calm herself after the almost fight she and Ensign Wilson had gotten into. How could he be so mean, without a reason? She didn't understand it, and her Klingon temper was mounting, she could almost see the red as she got more upset and angry. "Computer! Locate Ensign Praxx!" The computer beeped. "Ensign Praxx is in his quarters" She told Commander Pilot she needed a few moments and she then left, with his ok. She stormed down the hall, getting a turbolift, requesting the floor that Ensign Praxx's quarters were on. After a moment, she stormed down the hall and stopped at his quarters. She rang the chime, panting hard, fury in her eyes. Praxx sat at the workstation in his quarters drawing up the training schedule for the martial arts classes he was to begin teaching for the security staff. He had just finished the first lesson when his door chime sounded. He looked up slightly puzzled wondering who would be stopping by. "Come." He said setting the PADD down and turning his attention to the door. She stormed in, panting hard, her lips pursed in a look of anger and rage. Her black eyes stared down at him and she growled, low and cruelly. "Holodeck.. exercise..now..." Her voice low, he could tell she was either angry, or hurt. Hard to tell with the typical Klingon face. Praxx still had a good bit of work to do but he could tell she was upset and figured he could spare an hour or so if it would make her feel better. "Alright." He said with a hint of concern in his face. "Let me just change out of my uniform and grab a towel." He moved to the closet and grabbed a change of clothes. "You ok?" He asked over his shoulder. She stared at him, shaking her head. "I am..over reacting.. to a situation.. I cannot control. You know how much I hate that..." He could see her trying to fight the rage building inside of her, but it was too hard sometimes. "I just need to work this anger off, or I am scared of what I may do." "Fair enough" He said nodding as he walked out of the head in his workout attire. "Ready?" He gestured towards the door and waited for her to lead the way out. "Yeah, I'm ready. Thanks for joining me. You are the only one I know who can handle it, and I am scared to be alone." She walked with him, just being near him calming her slightly, but she needed to get some aggression out. She didn't want to tell him why she was so mad. "You can always come to me if you need anything you know that." He said stepping into the turbolift with her. "Holodeck 2." The lift started moving and halted a few minutes later, the doors parting and they walked down the corridor to the holodeck. "Computer, run combat training program Praxx 3 Alpha." She nodded to him and smiled. "I know. Thanks for that. With Josh on the planet, and barely knowing anyone, it's hard, you know?" She stepped out with him and walked into the holodeck. "Oh, 3 Alpha, huh?" She smirked, still in uniform. Praxx walked to one end of the room, setting his towel down on the bench and then making his way to the center of the room awaiting B'Etor. She looked at him and smirked. "Actually, wanna just go to mess hall and get something to eat?" She looked at him, the rage in her eyes going away. Just the idea of fighting with him drained her. They hadn't been in a ring since the academy incident. "I am starving." He smiled at her and nodded. "Sure." He said walking back over and picking up the towel. "Computer end program." He said holding his hand out to her. She took his hand and walked with him. She smiled to him, the rage and anger gone from her eyes. "What is it about you, that I just, it calms me down." She moved towards the mess hall. "Must be my charming personality and dashing good looks." He said laughing. "So what's on your mind?" He asked looking at her and continuing to walk down the corridor beside her. "Maybe that's it. Like the academy, gunna have to beat the women off with a stick." She squeezed his hand gently and walked into the mess hall. "Bad..bad day in sickbay." She sat down, shaking her head. "I'm sorry to hear that, I want you to tell me all about it." he said sitting down next to her and leaning forward elbows on the table giving her his full attention. She wasn't really hungry, so she ordered a basic beverage. She shook her head again, drumming her nails against the table. "Ensign Wilson. He's like me, an Assistant. We got along so fine the first time we worked in a major trauma situation." She leaned back in her chair, her eyebrows furrowing. "Now, he seems like he has a problem with me. Like he resents, or dislikes me. I don't know why." Praxx ordered a plate of hot wings with ranch dressing and then listened to B'Etor retelling what had happened in sickbay. "And you have no idea what caused this sudden change in attitude?" "I went to my quarters to rest, per Commander Pilot." She sighed, not wanting to go over her head injury, again. "I came back, and it was like he was a completely different man. He was hostile towards me, and rather demanding. Said I wasn't following orders, and when I went to talk to Commander Pilot, he mumbled that I was walking away." She was no longer angry about it, she was more upset than anything. "What did Doctor Pilot have to say about it?" He asked curious as to why this might be going on and how it could be resolved. "He heard us and came out, and I mean, Wilson had me so mad, I was going to go after him. Commander Pilot just demanded to know what was going on, and then separated us. After a little while, I couldn't take the lab area anymore, so I asked for a little bit of personal time." She sipped her drink when it arrived. "I don't know why he suddenly doesn't like me... I don't get it.." "Have you considered speaking with him directly about it? Now that you've had a chance to calm down maybe you could speak with him and find out what it is that is bothering him." "I don't know if I want to know. I know it has nothing to do with my race, because our Commander is almost half Klingon. So it can't be that. Maybe he just doesn't like the way I work, or my personality?" She looked at him and blinked, sighing. Praxx raised an eyebrow at her mention of race. "Yes, like you Doctor Pilot is also part klingon, however you're also part Romulan...had you considered that could be the source of his discomfort?" He didn't know anything about this Ensign Wilson but was curious as to whether perhaps he'd endured some hardship at the hands of the Romulans and was somehow holding it against her now. She shrugged. "But it was obvious, by my ears and eyebrows that I am some part Romulan. Why would someone hate someone else because of the way they look? I never understood that. I am used to being teased and picked on, but hated? To that extreme?" She leaned towards him, starting to wonder now. "I couldn't begin to imagine B'Etor, I'm no mind reader. Only thing I can figure is that maybe at some point, something happened to him that the Romulans are responsible for and he holds a grudge against anyone of that race, whether they were personally involved in the incident or not." He really had no idea if that was the case or not but figured that suggesting some possible explanation would be better than saying nothing at all and giving her thoughts nowhere to go. "Enough about my problems. How is your position going? Anything interesting happen, besides the mines?" She had barely seen him since they were stationed together. She had begun to miss him dearly, and every moment she got with him, she would cherish, since it was obvious they wouldn't be together everyday. "Nah, the minefield situation has been keeping us all pretty occupied lately. I've been spending a lot of time on the bridge working with the science division trying to find a way to get past them. I think we're pretty close to a workable solution but we'll know more when we conduct the flight." He took a bite of one of his buffalo wings before continuing. "I've also been asked to prepare and instruct a martial arts training program for the security department, I was working on the first lesson when you stopped by." He said smiling at her. She smiled, about the instruction classes. "That is great. Already impressing your superior officer??" She took his free hand, squeezing it encouragingly. "Heh, that remains to be seen." He said taking her hand in his. "You know, if you think it would help I could speak with this Ensign Wilson, or with Doctor Pilot himself...see if I can figure out what's going on. I know you're probably not comfortable speaking with them directly given that it is obviously a touchy matter for you." "Oh no. My first personal issue on the ship, I need to handle myself. You can't save me every time." She smiled to him, happy he offered, but she knew his temper. Wilson might say something awful and Praxx would get in a lot of trouble for snapping him in half. "Commander Pilot I can handle, I will figure out the problem and fix it with Ensign Wilson." She blushed, really flattered he was willing to do that for her. "Alright." he said deciding not to pursue the matter. "Well if you need anything else, you know where to find me." He smiled and then took another of the wings from the plate and dipped it in his ranch before taking a bite. "You know I will." She smiled to him. "That's why I love you. You are so, soothing. Soothing is not something that comes naturally for Klingons... or Romulans." "Glad I can help." he said smiling again. "So, any problems with your co-workers?" She smiled to him, not hearing about them yet. He hesitated for a moment, a rather quizical look on his face. "I'm not sure yet." was all he said. "What do you mean?" She blinked, leaning closer, stealing a wing, more curious than ever. "Explain? "I'm not sure I can." He said pushing the ranch over where she could get at it easier. "There really isn't anything to tell yet, but when there is I'll tell you all about it." he smiled hoping she'd buy that and let it go. He wasn't sure how we was going to explain that one of the other security officers, from what he could tell, either wanted to mate with him or stab him in the heart with a straw and drink him dry. He knew she would be less than thrilled with either scenario. Besides he might be way off on both counts. She narrowed her eyes playfully at him, smiling. "If that is your way of asking to drop it, it makes me want to know even more. If you won't tell me then, that's fine as well." She dipped in the ranch, then ate the wing. "I will tell you." he said eating another hot wing. "when I have something to tell." She smiled and nodded. "Alright, but when you have something, I wanna know all." She was very intrigued now, and that was obvious in the way she looked at him. "This is like déjà vu. "Oh?" he asked..."How's that?" "We had a conversation similar to this, about relationships in the academy. It was about who you liked." She smiled, remembering that night. She laughed, remembering his avoidance of the question. He laughed recalling that. "Oh that...yes I suppose this is somewhat similar, though the subject matter is a little different." He called the waiter over wanting something to drink. "I'll have a cola please." He said turning back to B'Etor. She sighed and looked at him. "I missed you while we were apart.." She showed a side few saw, sentiment. "I missed you too." he said smiling and squeezing her hand again. She smiled and looked at their hands, then back to him. "When is your next day off?" She kinda wanted to spend some time with him. "I wish I knew." he said shaking his head slightly. "I'd imagine not until we've resolved this minefield situation and gotten our fighters back. Maybe I'll be able to get a day off while we're en route back to the HaVorante planet to recover our away team." "Well, let's hope your day off and my day off are the same." She cracked her neck and sighed. "We should get back. You seemed busy before I stormed in and over took you." She smiled. He laughed and then nodded. "I do have a good bit of work to do, but I'm never to busy for you, you know that." "I know, and I truly appreciate that. You are too good to me." She stood up and stretched slightly. "Let's hope I don't lose my temper again. You know how I am. I sometimes wonder if I should have gone into Security..." She laughed. "Would have been good having you there, but I think you'll do great in medical too." he said standing up and walking with her out of the lounge. "Yeah, I think medical was my calling, but Security would have been a lot more interesting." She looked over at him, heading towards sickbay. "Night Jaden." She smiled softly before he left. "Night B'Etor." He said heading towards his quarters as she made her way toward sickbay.
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