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  1. Ok, I don't usually comment on things like this until AFTER I see the movie, but since that seems almost impossible, since it is more than six months from now, here is my 2 cents: 1) Kansas... SO RIGHT! Urban is HOT, and should pull off a perfect McCoy. Crabby looking, and very, very, commanding, but has a bit of 'yes, sir'. 2) I don't care if the Pope says Spock is wrong. Zachary Quinto (AKA Syler from Heroes) is an IDENTICAL match to Nimoy, EVEN NIMOY said it when they were filming! He has the face, the eyes, the voice, everything (including a HUGE deliciousness factor). 3) I completely agree that the ju-ju-bees should be brought back, but everyone knows that you can't keep the old diod style, floppy drive style, "BEE BOO BOP" style that my dad grew up with (he is 54, and watched TOS started at age 12, AKA 66). People my age (I am 27), who grew up with TNG, or DS9, we like the flat pretty consoles and the soft hums of the warp drive. It adds ambience to the entire scene of any episode, with the slight "OOO, AHH" ideal, without missing a second of the plot. Now, my take on the cast: 1) The man who plays Kirk (Chris Pine) is the british kid from Princess Diaries 2! But he kinda looks like Kirk, and hehas the serious look all late-20's/early 30's men need. He seems to have the edge in his look that is between Kirk Puberty, and Kirk Seasoned Captain. 2) In TOS, Chekov was the ONLY character that had his actual age stated. It was mentioned in the Apollo episode that he was 22. I remember this because I was in love with Chekov. Sad, I know. The new guy who plays him, KNOWING Chekov the way I do, he will have to work DAMN hard to prove he is as good as Koenig. 3) As for Scotty, YES, it is the Shaun from Shaun of the Dead. YES, he is a little bizarre, but come on! Scott was bizarre! Over dramatic, paniccy, twitchy! He is a perfect fit for the role! Nevermind the receding hairline and the fact he is the ONLY red shirt to NOT die on the show... Shaun of the Dead is the PERFECT fit! 4) McCoy... Ok, Urban seems a bit.. ok WAY Off, but work with me on this! He can play ANYTHING. The Rocks sidekick in DOOM, Eomer from Lord of the Rings, the bad guy against Riddick in Chronicles of Riddick, and you never knew it was him! So why can't he pull off the cantankerous, moody, angry looking McCoy? I based part of my char on McCoy, why can't he?! 5) Harold as Sulu! YES! Err..NO! Err.. CRAP! I don't have an opinion. Sulu was never my cup of tea. As long as he can press a button and stare blankly ahead, I think he is a good fit! 6) Uhura. I have no idea who the chick who plays her is, but as long as she's got that cute smile and the funny looking ear piece that looks liek a miniaturized microphone, BRING IT! Ok, that was more than two cents, but whatever! LOL!
  2. Thinking she was alone, B'Etor Patterson was actually half sitting up, trying to do sit-ups. Probably not the brightest things to do a day after being shot with a phaser rifle, but heck, is she smart? Who knows. Of course the movement caused her to wince in pain. She shifted, then felling back, panting hard. Even she had a pain threshold and knew when to stop. “Wakey, wake....err...." Rue eyed the stubborn patient in the last moments of the stomach crunch as she walked into the biobed area, balancing the tray of food in one hand. "I see you're up. Sort of." The Doctor squinted. "I've never seen anyone turn that shade of gray before. You okay?" "Pain… You have no idea how hard it was to get my abs the way they were. Now, in less than five seconds, they are mush." B’Etor shook her head. "Even with my dark skin tone, I turned gray? Wow... maybe I need more plasma?" She rubbed her stomach, shifting to get comfortable. "Rome wasn't built in a day." Wydown set the tray of food down. "Brought you some food. Had to use the replicator records to figure out what you'd like that would agree with your current recovery plan. It's not blood worms, but it'll due." Patterson looked at the covered tray, smirking. "What is on the menu?" She looked at it, wondering what Rue thought she would eat. "Is that..salad?" She looked more gray just thinking about it. The cover of the tray was removed with a flourish. "It's called 'jello'. Some sort of Earth dish. ‘Watch it wiggle. See it jiggle’. Eh, not a lot of this stuff where I come from." Rue poked at it. "Looks almost like jellied eels. But with better flavor." She leaned against the biobed, reading the vital signs update as she spoke. "How are you feeling anyway?" "Jello..." B’Etor shrugged. "I remember that stuff...my grandmother made molds of it out of fruit shapes and…pans... she was a weird human." She started to eat, looking up. "I am tired of the aching. Every time I make a move, if Maria isn't pushing me back down, there is pain in my abdomen. Almost wish I never stood there..." She looked down. "Scale of one to ten, how bad?" Rue started scribbling some notes on a PADD. "Normal pain threshold? Or my pain threshold?" While Doctor Patterson knew that was an important issue, the sarcasm was sliding off her tongue. "When I try and move around, it varies between a 5 and an 8." She tried to sit up again, growling. "It'd help you to heal if you'd learn to take it easy." Rue looked up at B’Etor through her lashes. She scribbled a few more notes then fully looked up. "Of course, if you insist on exercise this soon after you surgery, then we'd be happy to make arrangements for a longer stay here at Chalet de'Medical. 'Cause you know with too much movement you're gonna bust a suture. And don't tell me not to say 'Told you so', when you do...'cause I am." B’Etor almost laughed, but that would hurt too much. That and when she laughed, people got scared of her face contorting in a way most Klingons never looked. She shook her head. "I work in Chalet de'Medical. Only difference is, I don't go home now. It's like when I was a Resident again." "Glad to make you feel welcome, then." Rue smirked. "Looks like physically you're recovering. I'd say as long as you behave yourself, we can get you out of here to relax in your own quarters in a few days." She sighed. "How many more times do I have to talk to Alex? Before I can come back to duty, that is?" She snorted. "I can only imagine what my Jacket looks like..." "I'm afraid in that area, there is no magic number." While Rue's expression softened, she didn't wasn't going to dance around the issue. "Until Dr. Zier and I feel you're ready to come back 100%, you'll be on sick leave. Believe me, it's for the best for you and your patients." She sighed. "I already talked to him once… I kinda…snapped, got angry..." Patterson looked up at her. "I hate this back and forth, back and forth. Hopefully with this change, my hormones won't be so... off..." She looked at Rue. "It's okay to be angry. And for a while, you may be from time to time." Wydown leaned against the biobed. "It's what you do with those emotions that concerns me." She studied the young woman in the biobed. "Can I speak frankly?" She looked at her, her arched brows raising. "When don't you?" Rue rolled her eyes, good humored smile on her face. "Okay, here's my observation. Which might be totally off base, so please correct me if I'm wrong. But I see you as someone who hasn't quite figured out their place in this universe. Where your puzzle piece fits. You react differently because of it." She cocked her head, studying B'Etor. "And I think, given time, you'll get things figured out. You'd get there faster if you took advantage of the resources you have here. Counselor Zier. Friendships you've made with Maria and the other crew members. Oi, even me if you're up to it." She listened to her and sighed. "Look... Maria is a friend and all, but... much like the academy, and most of my life, I have never really fit in here. I have done my job, I have made acquaintances, but the only friends I had on this ship are gone, and I am not someone who just...makes more." She looked up. "I can't imagine it'd be easy for you, either." "No. If people aren't scared of the way I look, or intimidated by it, they think I have no personality, and I am all about fighting and snarling…" She shook her head. "No one ever works on learning that I grew up with humans... and I am more human than either Romulan or Klingon… well...maybe not all Klingon...” "You don't strike me as being very comfortable in your own skin?" "I hate it. I have all the negative aspects of a Klingon, brute strength, bad moods, intimidating appearance… and the neutral parts of a Romulan. Brains, catching onto things fast, and a sense of needing to be better. But if I could be human... normal... for one day..." She looked up at Rue. "What do you consider 'normal'?" Wydown tilted her head. She took a deep breath, shrugging. "Not being me. Look at me. I am huge, awkward, moody, and spiteful." She shook her head. "Maria is probably the closest to normal I have seen." "Whew. Glad to know you didn’t bring up my name first as ‘normal’," Rue flashed a cheesy grin, her nose wrinkling impishly. "I find 'normal' boring.” She tilted her head as she regarded the young wounded doctor. “Want to know what I see?" "Your gunna tell me anyway..." Patterson looked up at her. "Spot on, mate." Wydown nudged B’Etor’s arm. "I see a remarkably brave young woman, relentless when it counts, and with a quirky sense of humor. Has a 'can do' attitude in a crisis. And a woman in need of a shot of self-confidence right now." She smiled sadly. "You just have to take the time to sort it all out, mate." She snorted again. "I have never had Self-confidence. Jaden was the only one who gave me that, and odds of seeing him again... well, we know how that is…" "What was it about him that made you feel confident? That's something you can tap into B'Etor." "He was… more like me, but he taught me to be more him. He was funny when it was needed, serious most of the time, and one heck of a sparring partner. Whenever I was in a bad mood, we would...beat each other up…" She looked away, her eyes watering up. "The last words we said to each other... were in anger..." "And you regret that." "I dunno... When I found out that it wasn't him... it was an alternate him… I wanted to tell him sorry, but he left before I could... one day he was here, the next... gone..." B’Etor laid flat, sighing deeply. "One moment with him again… just... one... moment... it will never happen now." "Ever try writing a letter?" Rue folded her arms, she continued on before Patterson could protest. "Okay, I know that sounds insane. Or mundane. But getting it out of your head sometimes helps. Even a holo-chip recording works. Just gives you a chance to...I dunno...close the door on the past and start looking towards the future." B’Etor laughed, shaking her head. "No... Klingons don’t do things like that. We kill things. Since I can’t beat up a member of the crew, and all of the patients have been listening... I have no one to take it out on." She blinked a few times. "Try something new. Spread your wings. Test the waters." Rue handed her a PADD. "What could it hurt?" She took the PADD, looking at it for a moment. "Will it get me back to work faster?" "Maybe." Rue patted her on the back. "Speaking of getting back to work, I've got other patients to check on. You going to be okay?" She nodded. "If I move, Maria's got the force field rigged to attack." She shrugged. "I think this is a ploy...but I will try it..." "Might be interesting to test that theory. Lemme know how that goes for you." She grinned. "I'll check in with you later. Just call me if you need anything. Yeah?" Patterson nodded. "Don’t worry, I am a doctor, I can handle myself." She shook her head, smirking. "Sure you can. That's what we all say." Wydown smirked. "Nighty Night, B'Etor."
  3. (Just go with it. Kinda odd, and I kinda stole it from the whole B'Elanna death/Hell/un-dying thing. But figured if your char is going to have a new lease on life, after almost dying, may as well go for the goal.) B'Etor looked around, sitting up in bed. She saw the sickbay and no one else, swallowing hard. She saw how the room was tinted red and called out, but her voice was gone. Sliding off the bed, she walked around, seeing Lt. Wydown in her office. Moving towards her, Lt. Wydown looked up, and pointed back to the bed. B'Etor turned saw Maria and Joe looking at her. What is going on? What happened? As Maria and Joe pointed to the floor, B'Etor saw herself, with a nice burn mark on her uniform. Her eyes went wide and saw a small blanket next to her, shaking her head. Seeing a half Klingon, half Human baby, she looked at her own stomach, shaking her head. She heard a pinging noise and moved by Maria and Joe, towards the main sickbay. Stopping, she froze, seeing Jaden Praxx standing there, a Bat'Leth in hand. She moved towards him as a look of hatred and anger crossed his face. She saw the Bat'Leth come up. YOU KILLED OUR CHILD! Boomed around her in Jaden's voice as she let out a silent scream as the Bat'Leth he held hit her in the chest. Her eyes closed and she hit the floor, blood pooling everywhere around her. She sat up fast, panting hard, and heard the sound of a ship, and saw the dark maroon colors of the Barge of the Dead. "Oh, you have got to be kidding..." She shook her head and stood up, just to get shoved down. She looked up, realizing she was in Klingon attire and then was shoved again, pushed towards the wheel of the ship. "I can walk you know!" She cried out as she was shoved up the stairs, then held in place. She looked at who steered the ship, looking lost and confused. She had never been taught about any of this growing up with humans. She had read about it, but didn't get the signifigance of her being hit by weapons fire, then ending up standing in front of a large, older looking Klingon. "B'Etor, daughter of Re'Lagh! You have dishonored your family name and everything your family stands for! You will now suffer the agony your mother suffered for dishonoring your family as well!" Kortar yelled at her. B'Etor looked at him as if he were insane. "My mother?! I never even knew her! I didn't even know her name! You're going to punish me for that?! I don't even believe in Klingon traditions! And I am not even completely Klingon! Take that!" She yelled back and she heard the distant voices of Joe and Maria. Looking around, she ran to the edge of the ship, but Kortar grabbed her. "Don't. That is death for the dead. The waters tease you with the voices of loved ones, and friends, then you suffer even more, as you are torn apart." He looked down at her. B'Etor looked up at him and swallowed hard. She could hear Joe yelling at her to come back, but didn't know what. "What happened to me?! The last thing I remember is the banging on the sickbay door." She looked at him, not sure what is going on. Kortar looked down at her, shaking his head. "You died. Your body was hit, and you, along with your bastard child died. You did not die honorably, you were not in combat, and you have turned your back on your Klingon traditions and ways. That is why you are on this ship. On your way to Gre'thor." Kortar said, nodding to her. B'Etor looked down, feeling a little empty inside, and then shook her head. "I'm not..dead... I don't even remember..." She stumbled as the ship stopped and saw a large red door, and a plank. She shook her head, backing up. "What happened to my baby? If it is dead, and I am dishonored, where is..it?" She looked up at Kortar started hustling people to the plank to get people into Gre'thor. Kortar looked at B'Etor and shook his head. "Your baby was only 7 weeks along. That is not a Klingon in our eyes. It was just a being, not a life. Your baby's afterlife with not be as horrible or as painful as yours. Your baby is not a baby, therefore it is nothing to me." Kortar said and B'Etor started to cry. She fell to her knees, and shook her head. "I never wanted it... I never cared... and now.." She covered her face, shaking her head as the ships rocking stopped. Kortar moved to B'Etor and he helped her up. "Fek'lhr says that he does not you. You are a sad, pathetic, waste of Klingon DNA. You are not wanted in Sto-vo-kor, or Gre'thor! Fek'lhr says you are not allowed in hell!" Kortar grabbed B'Etor and shoved her overboard, and B'Etor screamed as she hit the water, sinking for a moment. B'Etor opened her eyes, feeling the pain of the weapons fire hitting her, and she winced. Looking around, she saw the sickbay fairly empty, except for the major ciritcals from the fight two days before. She groaned, and looked around, feeling like a weight was holding her down. "Hello? Am I still dead?" She waited for an answer, looking around to the monitor above her head. She saw one lifesign, not two, and she looked back to her stomach. Moving her hand around, she pulled the blanket down and looked at her bare stomach, shaking her head. "Kortar was right.." She moaned as pain shot through her head and she laid back down, quickly slipping back into unconsciousness.
  4. Uh oh...
  5. Marius remained in Sickbay, laying on his bed, relaxing. B'Etor watched him and kept swinging her legs. She had no idea how she was going to talk about this with a man she barely knew. She cleared her throat, which came out like a low growl. Marius jumps, half scared, half nervous. "You're not going to eat me now, are you?" She looked at him and blinked. She shook her head. Normally that little crack from him would make her smile, this time, it would not. She sighed, looking down. "I barely know you, why do I want to talk to you?" Marius shrugs. "I wouldn't know. I'm the engineer here, I'm awful with social situations." He smirks, somewhat uncomfortably. "Me too. Klingon's aren't exactly known for their social skills." She sighed. "What about Romulans?? Are they social, or are they like us, ackward and quiet?" She tilted her head, watching him be uncomfortable. "Pretty awkward too. My dad doesn't talk very much. And he's one of the more sociable type of Romulans." Marius smirks remembering him. Then his face falls. "I wish he was still alive..." She listened to him and looked down. "Sorry. I didn't mean to bring up bad memories, I am just curious about Romulans. I know my father was, but I never met him, and my mother gave me up at birth.." She looked up at him. Marius looks a little shocked, not realizing B'Etor hadn't known any of her parents. "I'm sorry. I guess, it never really occurs to me what it's like to grow up not knowing your parents or anything." She shook her head. Her black thick curls shaking around her face. "I was adopted by a great Captain. As far as I am concerned, he is my father. But, Starfleet doesn't exactly have a long list of Romulan A&P, compared to Klingons." "I guess I kinda had a sheltered childhood. I never faced any problems, other than the occasional remark about vulcans or romulan racism." She smiled. "Yeah..I know how it is to be a mixed race that isn't completly accepted. To be raised around people who act like they like you, but they stare and comment under their breath..." He laughs. "I've gotten kinda used to it. I just look for those who accept me, and move on. The only time I still get insulted is when they immediately assume I'm Vulcan, and start to harass me about something related to them instead." Marius tries out his strength, slowly sitting up. She looked over his face and shook her head, not really able to do much. "Only the lame man can think Romulans and Vulcans are the same. The high brow line proves you are Romulan, as well as your hair. Unlike you, though, I can hide my ears, and brow line." Marius looks up, scowling, and ruffles his hair. "Perhaps the one thing I wish I could remove from my genetics. This mop makes me look like I'm wearing some nerdy cap or something." She laughed, shaking her head, putting her hair towards him. "Would you rather have the hair I do? Long, thick, hard to manage, and frizzy?" He feels it, and considers. "Hm. Maybe that wouldn't look so good on me." He looks up at his hair, sighing. Marius content that he can at least sit up, considers attempting to stand. He looks at B'Etor though, worried that she might tackle him back down. "Anytime you want to trade, you let me know." She sighed again and watched him work on sitting up and getting strength. "Careful, you get hurt or re-injure yourself, Dr. Wydown will have my head." Marius laughed. "You're worried about someone having your head? Here I am worried you're gonna have my head if I do anything stupid again." She looked at him as if she couldn't believe he really thought she would eat him. "Lieutenant, I have never eaten a person, in my life. I have only eaten no more than a dozen small animals, gamey animals." Marius laughed again. "I don't know, but there's just something, like, kind of intimidating about you... but at the same time, not." She looked at her body, then him. "Could it be the extra thick skull plate, 5'11'' large build, and the fact I am Klingon and Romulan?" Marius considered it. "Maybe... but then again, it's not like I've gotten along with Klingons before. Admittedly, I haven't been around one in a while, but I don't think that would make a difference." She nodded. "It could be the 250 years of Klingon/Romulan tension. That much about my heritage I know." She looked at him, her mocha colored skin almost blushing. "Are you saying I am not intimidating anymore?" "Well, I don't think it's the Klingon/Romulan history, because I grew up on Earth. None of that really affects me. As for you, I can't describe. Like, I find you kinda scary to talk to, but... I want to talk?" Marius looks confused. She laughed. "I was raised on Earth too. By human grandparents. Odd, most people don't want to talk to me. The fact that you do, that makes me curious." "I don't know. I'm not really good at understanding this sort of thing. That's why I went to engineering school." "Neither am I. Why bother trying to figure it out." She stood up, starting to pace. "You are half Romulan, Half Human, right?" Marius watches her pace. "Yes. Why?" "And, do you find the..mix.. survivable?" She paced, looking at the floor. If a Klingon could look nervous, she would look it. Marius nods. "Easily. I haven't had a problem with it really. It makes me more... unique." She nodded. "What about if you were Romulan, Human, and Klingon?" Marius looked even more confused. "Um... I'm not sure, but I think I could live with it. Why?" She sighed. "I just found out..I'm..pregnant..." She got dizzy just saying the word. The word slowly sunk in, then Marius became even more confused. "...Whoa." The word "Congratulations" almost fell out of Marius's mouth, but then he became unsure whether it was a happy event or not. She looked at him. "That is why I wanted to talk to you about Romulan Heritage. I know nothing about that half of me, and I am not Human, and the father hasn't spoken to me in weeks, and.." She huffed, sitting down. Marius looked completely lost, unsure of what to do. She looked at him. "I don't want to dump my issues on you, it has nothing to do with you, but I dunno.. You being the only other Romulan type person on the ship, and there being no Klingons..." She sighed, shrugging. "Um... Well, being Romulan isn't really that bad. I don't think it should be anything to worry about." Marius gave a weak smile. "I'm sure everything will be ok. Somehow, everything will work out." "I am sure it will be too, but could see me as a mother? I mean you are scared I will eat you." She looked at him. Marius laughs. "I was just joking. I don't think you'd be on this ship if you were type to eat me. Well... on the other hand... but still, you wouldn't be in medical if you liked eating people." She listened to him and nodded. "Medical was the other think that interested me. Yo ucan be alone, help people, and no one bother's you." "I bet all sorts of people pass through here... Wounded soldiers, bruised kids... electrocuted engineers." She laughed, nodding. "Yeah, I seem to see the same repeat patient. Which means either Engineering isn't working it properly, or my patient isn't following Doctor's orders." Marius smirked. "Both. I've learned my lesson though. The doctor says stay, I stay." She nodded. "Shame it took you almost dying to find that out. Are all Romulan's that stubborn?" "I don't know. My dad wasn't, but that's all I know. And again, my dad wasn't the normal Romulan." She nodded. "Well, I better go, Dr. Wydown took me off duty for the rest of my shift. Now I get to go to my empty quarters and.. think..exactly what I don't want to do." Marius looked at her with pity. "I'm sorry. Maybe something good will come out of it." "Klingons and thinking do not mix. Bad mix. Thinking leads to bad thoughts of violence and revenge...and eating people." She nodded, a smirk crossing her face. Marius couldn't help but smile. "Well, Romulans and thinking aren't supposed to go well together either. But I think you're different. You'll make it work." She nodded. "Well, if you get sprung before my next shift and want to talk or whatever, lemme know." She smiled to him, feeling a little better being able to vent on someone who won't judge. She disappeared out of the main sickbay doors. Marius sighed, hoping for her sake that she did better. On impulse, he made to get up out of bed. He stopped suddenly, then layed back down. Smiling, he thought to himself, "No. The doctor said stay, so I stay. Plus, she might eat me."
  6. What happens when you take that valued "reserved for VP" spot.
  7. No But just.. hear the scream.... Think of the scream.. and move the snake with the scream... HAHAHAHA! It works!
  8. OMG! It's like Dean's Run for President in '04! "YYYYAAAAAHHH!!!"
  9. Patterson took a moment, away from the group and went into the Medical Lab, pacing back and forth. Panting and growling like a caged animal, she was almost dizzy with anger. She looked at the floor as she paced, eyes narrowed at everything she managed to glare at for more than two seconds. Hissing at random objects her fist knocked on the table, on purpose, her knuckles making a sickening crack. "They.. how can they.. are they.. they.. they.." She let out a low, deep howl and her fist slammed into the wall. Knowing titanium didn't dent, she did it again. The pain seething through her hand, up her arm made her anger release slightly. She huffed, her thick curly hair falling around her face and moving with the hard breathing of three lungs. Her lips curled as she looked for something to tear apart. She broke a bar off of the lab desk and screamed as she tried to twist or bend it, managing to shift it slightly. "They.. how can they.. why do they.. idiots." She suddenly felt a odd sensation. A sensation never felt before by her. She sat down and started bawling her eyes out. Klingon's didn't cry, Romulans didn't either. She covered her face with her bloodied hands, sobbing almost uncontrollably. "They... What if the XO collapsed somewhere important, who would get in trouble.. ME! What if Lieutenant T'Lorin is re-injured, who will feel the guilt.. ME! I am Klingon! I do not feel guilt, or sadness!" She stood back up and started pacing again, her bloodied knuckles caked in her green blood. "I have the strength of three of Lieutenant T'Lorin. Why don't I just go down there with a medical order and pull him by his Half Romulan ear back down here and put his sickbay running behind in stasis! Can't run from me then!" She nodded, her anger coming back to her as she prepared to do just that. "And the XO, I will allow the CMO to deal with her." She stormed out of the lab, plotting a way to get Marius without his slithering away.
  10. Once Again, Mreh K'hal shows off his outstanding piloting! (Sorry, had to after last week SIM. *runs for her life*)
  11. Ok, that SOOO beats out the Dentist with the Star Trek based office, and the Starfleet Uniform clad staff! Oh my goodness! I love Trek, but I don't think I could ever go this far!!! I thought I was pushing it when I almost d/led the LCARS based computer screen background. Oh and Sam... YEAH, you would, if it were me and Josh coming over! Don't you lie! You know you would because we would be enjoying as much as you do!
  12. Thank you!
  13. Oh my god! That is amazing! Man is ruining space before we can master it! So not only is Global Warming ruining Earth, but our pollution is ruining our atmosphere! Way to go Humanity! Thanks for that reality check, Laarell. NO one thinks about it until they see the truth. Nice job!
  14. "Hey, midget in front! Your doing' it wrong!"
  15. Ensign Patterson dropped her case on the bed and looked around her bunk room. Having been gone for a few days for a required medical training course, she had actually missed the ship. Not seeing any of her roommates, she moved to the window and smiled, glad to be back. She took a deep breath and seemed to smell the ship with a satisfied look on her face. Starting to unpack her bag, she clearedx her throat. "Computer, start Personal Log." She heard the acknowledging beep and paused a moment. "After a conference on updates in medical research, I have finally returned to what I now call home. Sure it was great meeting with my father and learning about the future of Starfleet Medical, but something tells me I missed a lot while I was away. Then again, I don't think I have ever had a....boring...day on this ship since I started." SHe paused a moment, hating to do Personal Logs, but she knew Starfleet liked them, why, she was clueless. "I went through space sickness, which is something I have never done before. I don't understand why at my age, I am going through changes that are affecting my way of life. Not able to eat Gagh, getting space sickness, mild dizziness on occasion. I am going to have to look up more on Klingon and Romulan Psysiology and hope I can find out if it is normal, or some sort of genetic abnormality. Kah'less knows they hate each other, and have for centuries, but is possible for Genetic markers to hate each other as well? That would be an interesting idea, and I am starting to look forwards to this off-duty project." She finished unpacking and put her uniform on, preparing to get ready for her shift. "Computer, remind me to have one of the medical staff scan me. See if there are physiological changes due to my bizarre genetic make-up. End Log." She heard the computer beep and smiled, nodding. She couldn't wait to get back to a normal routine. She had no clue the baby she delivered was missing, she had no idea that the ship's XO was still being monitored after an attack. See what happens when you are an Ensign, in Medical? Last one to know.
  16. You mean no getting out the claws and "cat" fighting??? Sorry..had to. *hangs head in shame*
  17. Hush boy, my b/f was back from Iraq, I had a good reason. We broke up, but still.. Meh. Didn't see you there!
  18. What Happens In Massachuetts..Stays In Massachuetts. OR Buying the Car of Your Dreams...$220,000 Having an Endless Straightaway...$10.00 in Tolls Ticket for Reckless Endangerment...$135 The Look on your Insurance Reps Face....PRICELESS
  19. What The ...?
  20. OK, I waited until after the holidays, and no one kept going, so it goes to Sam! WTG Sam! Close Second is the Pandarian!
  21. It's all I thought of! Once again the Romulan/Klingon overcomes the Human! WHEE! Here ya go, have at it!
  22. Good point.
  23. Mine is Half Klingon/Half Romulan. I would have to go with her being a TNG type character since she doesn't have any of the characteristics of a TOS Klingon or Romulan. And the Avatar pic is of a TNG character. SO..let's go with TNG.. BTW..I am watching you Joe. Hehe
  24. One Phrase. DEE DEE DEE
  25. Actually, on TNG, based on how the stardate is, I can tell you everything that will happen and if any "extras" will die.