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  1. ::the muffled sound of crotch rocket noises:: EEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am Ninja! On My Yamaha! Back off kid.. this is my ride!
  2. Are you saying my shoes are NOT this season's Prada???
  3. OMG! That is awesome
  4. B'Etor leaned against the door of the sickbay's inpatient room. She stared at the empty beds and let out a deep sigh. She looked like she was staring at something important, but she was actually staring into space, distracted, her mind abandonded by any normal thoughts of her job. She had nothing in her mind, no thoughts, yet her mind was going a million miles a minute. A lot had happened in the past few weeks. Badonk-thunk………..badonk-thunk………badonk-thunk. An odd noise from inside one of the walls can be heard across the intake room. B'Etor heard the noise and that caused her distraction to be blinked out of existance. She moved towards the noise, fist formed, prepared to attack anything that may come out at her. If this were a prank, someone was about to get punked. She sniffed, unable to smell anything through the door and she rang the chime. If something didn't come out, she would assume the worst, if something did come out that did not resemble her CMO, someone would get slammed. "Yeah, c'mon in mate." Badonk-thunk....badonk-thunk. The door opened and B'Etor looked in, for whatever was causing that sound, her breathing hard, her andrealine levels had risen, her body preparing for a fight. Her black eyes darting around the room before falling on the CMO and whatever noise that was. Rue rolled her head slowly and lazily towards, the door, the wee blue racketball in her one hand, poised for another throw. Little blue marks dotted the wall. In her other, the PADD she was proofreading. She grinned as she saw B'Etor standing there. "Hi there." She raised a brow, glancing at B'Etor's defensive posture. "Whot's got your nickers in a twist, mate?" She saw the ball, the marks, and realized the sounds she heard were not someones skull slamming into the wall, not Doug trying to get out of a hole and falling repeatedly. It was nothing but a damn ball against a damn wall. She calmed down quickly and shrugged. "Loud sudden noises, they make me assume the worst. I wasn't sure what it was, so I prepared to attack whatever may be attacking you, or the internal bulkhead." She felt so stupid now. The CMO must think she is insane. Then again, after the past two months, B'Etor had a reason to be distracted and jumpy. Rue sat up, tossing the ball into a drawer of her desk and putting the PADD on the table. "I heard everyone went a little buggy on you earlier...." she let the sentence drift off in order to give B'Etor an opening to talk. She rolled her eyes. "You have no idea how much I wanted to snap laurel's neck, then snap Doug's neck. I don't..do well in confined spaces. Nevermind confined spaces with drunk Human's who find another male human to be sexy, or a Vulcan that thinks it would be funny to remove a large blade from someone's chest, or another human who cowered in the corner the entire time, until he finally lost it and tried to get out by climbing a flat wall." She swallowed again, thinking of the pit they were trapped in. One week later and she was still bugged by what happened. She also still kept the secret of the Garrison. It was a secret she kept for him because she knew he would keep the same secret for her. "Sorry I bothered you...." "No, no, it's okay mate." She motioned to the chair in front of her as she herself stood and leaned against the corner of her own desk. It was a way of removing a barrier between herself and her crewmate. Hoped it would work anyway. "Some times it helps just to get it off your chest. Proud of you for not loosing it yourself, 'cause I think I might have started climbing the walls me-self." She grinned. She paused and then realized it would be best to sit down. She didn't want to be banned from duty again. She didn't want to have to talk to the Counselor again. She just wanted to work. She looked down at her lap and slumped in the chair a little. "I did.. But not because I was insane. I made it halfway, then.. I lost my grip. Too smooth. She sighed deeply, shaking her head. "I wanted so bad to go on an Away mission. It was my first real mission... and I hated it. For a little while I hated the people I was with. I was starving, and tired, and dirty, and they wouldn't stop.. I wanted to kill them all..." She started to babble about all of the feelings she had. Wrong move? Perhaps. "Eh, not all away missions are sugar plums and lollypops." Rue shrugged. "Wait'll you're assigned a diplomatic one, mate. Then you'll really want to tear your hair out." She beamed. "You want something from the replicator?" She motioned to the machine behind her. She shook her head. "Thanks, but I am all set." She sighed deeply again. "So it wasn't wrong to have wanted to snap my co-workers necks? I feel ashamed... Yet, I don't." She thought of Mark, and his injury. "In Klingon culture, if a co-worker, or friend is injured, you do not save them. You either help them fight, or they die. I never thought of killing Lt. Garrison, but I almost left him for dead." She leaned her head back, staring at the ceiling. "It'd have been wrong if you had acted on those thoughts....but I wouldn't have necessary blamed you if what I heard was true." She chuckled a bit, then glanced down at her boots as she spoke. "You're gonna find that sometimes, what you do as a 'Fleet officer might contridict what you might have done culturally. Ethics, morals, or actions. Even your oaths as a doctor can reek havoc against what you need to do in a mission. It takes time to....well.......resolve those issues, you know?" She nodded and looked up at Rue. "I understand most of it, but.. Mark said something to me.. after we got back and I working on his wound. We were in the sickbay, on the surgical bed, and he said something, then apologized for it. Maybe it was because I was busy, and only half listening, but I know it was about my pregnancy." She tilted her head, truly not getting it. "Why.. if I am over it, do people walk on eggshells about my pregnancy?" Rue chewed her lip for a moment before responding. "Well, could be for a couple of reasons. One, perhaps they don't know your feelings on the subject. Or two, they just want to let you know they care." She scratched the back of her head. "Each being handles that sort of loss in different ways. So, you're going to encounter different reactions to your previous condition." She looked even more confused, but on her face, it made her look more angry. She pondered the comment, then looked at the replicator. "But..Mark and I had never spoken before. He worked with the babies father, but for only a few weeks before he...." She didn't really know what to say when it came to Jaden's disappearance. He didn't disappear, but he was gone. She left it to hang. "I understand Maria, and you, and Alex, and Joe, and Marius, even the Captain's side, but after a month, and after he even knew me? I don't get it." "Don't get what? That people outside your immediate area know and care about you?" Rue flashed a lopsided grin, knowing she's putting a thought in B'Etor's head she's not thought about before. If she could furrow her brow, she would, but the exoskeletal ridges prevented that. She pursed her lips and almost looked like she was in pain, from thinking too hard. "You mean.. even though they don't know me, they still care? Why?" She never understood human emotions. She grew up around Humans, but never fully understood why they do what they do. "Luv, when you get to be around these ships long enough you'll see....aquaintences become friends and friends become family." She scooted back enough to sit properly on her desk. "We have to work, live, play, sleep, eat, pray, excerise, rest together. Loads of what-they-call-it...oh yeah. Teamwork. And when a team members is down, the rest of the group wants to pick 'em up so they group can start movin' again." She nodded and bit her lip. "So.. if they care about me.. I need to care about them?" Well that was a stupid question. If they ended up in the sickbay, she would care. That was her job. "So..the way I care about what happened to Julie, and Maria, people I don't even know can feel the same about me?" "Aye. You okay with that?" She pondered the idea again and nodded slowly. "It is like when I was on my father's ship.. People cared about me because I was the Captain's daughter, and they worried about me... So.. it is the same thing, but without my father here." She nodded in understanding. "Yeah, something like that." She shifted on her deskseat. "Just remember that common curtosy when someone expresses concern for your wellfare is not to rip their heads from their bodies." She teased a bit, her lips curling into a mischievious grin. She stood up and sighed again. "How do you react to them, if you like them?" She wasn't subtle. "Say thank you and smile." She leaned back, swinging her legs. "And if you don't, say thank you and nod. But don't look constipated when you do it, either way." She smirked a little and nodded. "I look constipated a lot." She knew she did, but she knew wasn't exactly adapting the way everyone else did on the ship. She was the most different, with the most confusion. "Aye, pretty soon they'll be asking if ye get enough fiber in your diet." She teased. She nodded and smiled more. "Thanks.. for the talk and all. I know I am hard to work with. I am brash, rude, and forward. But thank you for helping me..." "Oh, I've had tougher nuts to crack." She grinned. "B'Etor, you're doing a good job. Really. I'd love to send you an another away mission, when you feel you're ready. Just...relax." "As long as it not a jungle, or dirty, or has lizard people, I will be fine. I actually kinda..bonded with a few of the people on the mission. Mark and I got along quite well, after he wasn't loony." She smiled. "Thanks for everything. Other than my father, I haven't talked with someone as... understanding... about how I am.. Thank you." "No problem. Anytime. And I do mean, any time." She nodded again. She nodded and paused ackwardly for a moment, then motioned to the door. "I am going to.. umm.. do something..yeah.." She nodded to Rue, then walked out the door.
  5. *stares at image, mouth hanging open in awe*THERE IS A GOD! Oh..my..god... *kneels before BluRox* You are god! You have blessed me! (Sorry, I am not normally this stupid.. LOL)
  6. Eomer! OMG! Eomer! When I first started my love affair with Urban! OMG! *fans self again* The accent did it! Man he is HOT!
  7. OMG! One thing we are both in agreement on! McCoy! Hamina Hamina.. that right there... *fans self, then passes one to Kansas* Lord... HOT STUFF!
  9. O..M..G.. That is all I can say. I have no other words...
  10. I liked that one, then again, I am partial to the Kitteh... LOL
  11. Mreh (Helmsman on Excalibur): "Yes I know, I know, I am bigger on TV."
  12. And my char is half! I knew I was half better than some of the crew! The other half... Any in-depth info on Klingons?
  13. "Remember... All drains lead to the ocean...OH MY GOD! NEMO'S SWIMMING OUT TO SEA!!!"
  14. Marks fingers flirted with the blade in his stomach as he fought to stay concious. He had no clue where he was, he had already began slipping in and out of conciousness while the lizzard creature dragged him through the woods. Getting tossed into a pit certainly helped him to wake up however. He had no clue what his captors wanted, but keeping him alive obviously wasn't a big priority. B'Etor grunted harder, starting to get some reange of motion and conciousness back. She coughed and rolled onto her side, squinting as if in pain. She let out a hard breath and saw nothing but the faint light above them and darkness. Great..can't see.. She moved her head around, managing to sit up, feeling stiff and achy, nevermind the splitting headache. "Hello?" She called out, only it came out like a grainy whisper. "Eh?" Mark glanced around in the darkness. He couldn't see anything in the darkness. When did someone else get thrown in? Did he loose conciousness? Was he just halucinating? "Who's there?" She heard something and knew it sounded familiar. She got onto her hands and knees, eyes adjusting to the light, giving her the ability to see shadows and objects. "Who is that?" She said, crawling towards it. Whoever knocked her out, obviously would not answer back, she hoped. "Patterson?" He tried to move, failing miserbly. He groaned in pain. "I-It's Garrison." "Keep talking.. I'll follow your voice.." She crawled towards the voice, the name confirming who it was. After a moment, she hit him in the shoulder and leaned closer, the faint scent of mud and lavender on her. "What happened?" "I got dragged off. When I came too, some lizzard thing was dragging me. I tried to escape, but it didn't work so well." He grabbed her hand, guiding it down to the knife. She looked down at him as he grabbed her hand, wondering if he wanted a cheap feel. She was about to protest when she felt the knife, pulling her hand back fast. "Oh... Lieutenant..." She started to look around, no longer caring about her muscle stiffness, stabbing headache, and throbbing neck where she was darted. "How deep.." She moved her hand down his chest, to the knife, grabbing the handle, measuring the size of it, then her hand slid down the knife itself, her hand feeling how thick, and how sharp. "About.. three inches in.. straight angle..." She looked towards where his head was. "Sir, I have to move you... to see if it went through your back.. Ok?" He nodded, looking down at the blade again. "Do it." She lifted his arm up, putting it around her shoulder as she put her hand under his back, feeling around, then pulling out. "Nothing. It is still inside you. That is good." She nodded and put his arm down. "Now.. we need to stabilize it.." She looked around, as if she could actually see. He winced as he was laid flat again. "I dont have any equipment..." He paused, finally realising that B'Etor wasn't even with him when he got captured. "What happened at the camp?" "Neither do I... Doug and I were talking.. I heard a hiss or a whisper noise, felt a sting, a moment later I was on my knees, losing conciousness." She then pulled her uniform top off, tearing the muddy wet part away, leaving her with two pieces of uniform, looking down at him. "My med pack is at the campsite. I know Doug, Beckman, and laurel were hit.. I don't know where they are... and I haven't seen or heard from the rest of the away team." She went to work on stabilizing the knife, so it didn't move. Despite bleeding out, and the pain, Mark couldn't help but crack a small smirk as B'Etor removed her clothing. The ocasional nudge the knife kept him focused however. "Victria was out in the woods...and the Captain had just left...they might have escaped capture..." She looked at him. "Yeah well.. if I don't get this knife stablized and your bleeding minimalized, I don't want to be the one to carry you out. I pride myself on having a 0% mortality rate with my patients.." She threw the useless part of her uniform and then felt her grey undershirt. "Don't get cheeky.." She pulled her grey undershirt, which was completely dry and shivered at the cold. "I wouldn't dream of it..." She rolled her eyes. "You are on the verge of bleeding out and dying, and you're gawking at my chest?" She sighed, wincing as she cracked her neck. "I thought you were Lieutenant Victria's anyway.." She said it softly, tossing the grey top over her shoulder, to keep it warm as she felt around his stomach. "Hmm.." He winced. "She doesn't own me. Besides...I might as well enjoy the end." He paused as he followed her eyes to the knife. "What is it?" "Your stomach isn't distended, and there is no bulging." She nodded and looked at him. "I have been on board for over three months, I have never even spoken to you, other than passing in the hall, and NOW you wanna stare at me? I require at least Dinner.. and two dates before anything cheeky.." She thought of Marius and let out a soft laugh. "Well it keeps my mind off the knife in my stomach." He looked up from his wound to her. "Is that bad, is it supposed to buldge?" "If you were distended.. or bulging, it would mean either you had internal bleeding, or one of your organs was swelling. Neither is happening, so that means you far longer than I anticipated." She nodded. She then went to wrapping the grey undershirt around the knife to stop the bleeding and hold the knife in place. "Oh, good." He let his head fall back to the ground. "I wonder where the rest of the team is...maybe they've got them holed up in different...holes." "I have no idea.. But your main concern needs to be you now." She then folded up the wet and muddy part of her outer uniform, folding it up, making the dryest, least muddy part available for him. "Here..At least lay on something un soggy." She lifted his head and placed it under his head, then sat next to him. "I have to admit.. This is not what I expected when we came here..." "After three months on this ship, I'm not suprised by anything." He smirked. "For example, I'm bleeding to death, being attended to by a half naked Klingon." "Only the Klingon half of me is naked, the Romulan half is covered." She smiled to him. "Don't forget the bizarre darting of almost all of the away team crew. And now I am sitting here, cold, because you are bleeding.. stabbed by something you don't know.." She nodded to him. "Sum it up?" "It was some sort Lizzard...humanioid. Bipedal. woman...I think." His eyes wandered. "Wasn't very interested in talking when I was concious. You should consider yourself lucky they had darts for you." He trailed off, his vision fogging slightly. "I dont think I can stay concious much longer..." "Oh no! You need to stay concious. The longer you stay concious the better. Tell me about.. Umm..Victria.. yeah.." She thought of something that would keep him budy for a while. "Eh...Victria? What about her?" His eyes began to wander as he became less lucid. "Anything.. How close are you.. What do you share in likes and dislikes.. Come on.. Sir, don't fall asleep..." She pinched his arm hard. His eyes slowly glanced over to his arm. "Well...we both appreciate a good fight." He smiled. "She also likes blood. Lots of it." He chuckled, slightly delerious. She looked around, shivering and let out a long breath, and a sniffle. "There has to be a way out of here... But I can't see anything.." She started crawling, to see if she would hit a wall, or something, anything other than another dart, or a lizard thing. "Wonder if we are the only ones here..." She let out a OOF sound and paused. "Doug... he's still out.." Mark couldn't help rolling his eyes, even in the complete darkness. "Of course. It's possible they threw everyone down here, I have no idea how big it is." She made a thud noise. "Well, that was my fist against the wall.. So I would say not too big, definatly not too small.." She tok a few moments and found Beckman, then laurel. "Ok.." She then moved back to him. "They are all still out.. you are my priority... How you holding up?" "I've been better." He deadpanned. "It's not too bad yet, but to be honest...It's not a blade designed to be pulled out. At least with regard to it's victims life." He let out a small sigh which slowly turned to a grimace. "You saw what it looked like? Before you were stabbed?" She looked at him and sat next to him, grabbing his wrist, placing two fingers under his thumb. "It's my own blade." He looked away in embarassment. "I stabbed her twice before she lifted me up by the neck and did this." He motioned towards the knife. "They're incredibly strong and have a high tolerance for pain...or I wasn't hitting anything important." "What type of blade is it?" She nodded, noting mentally his pulse was stable. "Incredibly strong, high pain tolerance.. shoulda taken me on.. I woulda given them a run for their money.." He smirked, picturing the doctor and various ass kickery. "it's an old Earth design. Serated on one side with teeth on the other designed to dig into the flesh, and tear when pulled out." She nodded, listening. "Kinda like..a suicide knife? Or a Katana?" She checked the dressings to see if he was still losing blood. "I think the bleeding stopped... How do you feel? Any new symptoms? Dizziness, hot flashes, anything?" "I feel...weak. I think I've lost a good amount of blood. As for the knife, I couldn't tell you much. I sort of inherited it." She looked at him. "Security minion who doesn't know his knives? Lieutenant, I am surprised. You should learn about the weapon before you play with it.. Knives are not toys you know.." She nodded, the natural Klingon in her coming out. "I may have grown up with Humans, but I know my knives.." He stared her down, offened at the statment. "It's designed to kill quickly and efficiently. The knife was designed by an Alan Shepard on Earth pre-first contact. He was a black-ops solider for one of Earth's many nations. It passed through his family until I received it from Alison Shepard after her death." She nodded to him, putting her hands up. "Alright, I'm sorry sir. Don't get riled, you may shift the knife." She looked at the knife, then to him. "Family Heirloom... Must be nice to have something of your past." She looked around, while they talked, as if trying to figure a way out. "Like I said, it was her heirloom, not mine." He frowned as he continued to stare at the knife, almost in a longing way. "Go...go see who's all down here and check on them, I'll be fine." She looked at him. "I am not leaving you. If they do not come to in about an hour, I will check on them. You are critical, you are the priority. Sorry to tell you, but you are stuck with me.. No one moves you, unless I say so..." Mark looked over to her, his eyes breaking from the knife for the first time in a while. "Go check on the rest of the away team Lieutenant, that's an order." She looked at him and smiled, shaking her head. "You are injured, as a doctor, I do not have to follow your orders if I feel there are a danger to your life. You are of higher rank than I am.. but I do not have to follow that order." She looked at the dark silhouttes of the other AT members. After a moment she looked back to him. "But I am concerned.." She moved away from him, doing as ordered anyway. He watched her fade into the shadows before letting his head fall back. He was touched by her defiance, but as critical as he was she had a responsiblity to the entire team. Grasping the blade, he tried to loosen its grip, but didn't get far. It wasn't very fun without pain meds. His arms fell into the mud uselessly, he slowly sighed and glanced around. There wasn't much to do but stay awake, and alive.
  15. What the US Economy REALLY looks like! Watch it Sink now... deeper..deeper... oh...we can't get out of that now...WHO'S GOT THE STIMULUS? That didn't work? WHO GOT THE DEMOCRAT? That's not working either? Ahh, bump it, leave it, it will either freeze or sink into oblivion...
  16. Atrogon! You stole my line!
  17. Marius walked along the street, next to B'Etor. He sighed in satisfaction after the wonderful meal. The lights of a theater could be seen just over the crest of the hilly road. She walked with him, looking at him, then around. The chill from the San Francisco Bay made her shiver, but it didn't bother her. She took a deep breath in, smiling a little. "Thank you for dinner. I am still amazed we actually did this." Marius laughed. "Actually, me too. I'm always so busy or distracted, I don't know how I found the time to arrange this... But I'm glad I did." He smiled at her. She laughed and nodded. "Yeah, busy getting electrocuted, taking plasma shots to the chest, and ducking exploding PADDs." She looked down, then to him. "You know, I.. said you owed me dinner a movie for a reason..." She looked down. If her skin wasn't so mocha colored, he might have been able to see how red her cheeks may have become. Marius's emotions became nearly unreadable with the hundreds of emotions that seemed to occur at once. Perhaps most noticeable were confusion, curiosity, or something else. "Oh, really?" She looked at her feet, crossing her arms over her chest, nodding, avoiding his eyes, but the slight smirk on her face told him she was happy, well as happy as she could project for a woman with naturally agressive features. "Yeah.. It was my cheap attempt at being flirtatious. I had never done it before, and it kinda blurted out before I thought about it." Now it was Marius's turn to blush, and unfortunately, he was pale enough to show. A grin momentarily appeared on his face before he looked away, out at the buildings lining the street. "Haha... Well, I thought it was an awesome attempt... better than I could do, definitely." She heard him and looked at him, seeing the red on his cheeks. "Did you really? So I should be flattered you fell for the attempt, but actually asking me out to dinner, and then actually following through on your offer?" She smiled more to him. Her smile looked more Romulan than human. Her teeth were white and straight, not rough edged and dark, like most Klingons. Marius laughed, trying to force the red out of his face. "I guess so. After all, I've never done so much arranging for something not work-related." She nodded. "Then I am flattered, and honored. To think you worked this hard, to impress me. No one has never done that before, except my father." She nudged him gently, with her elbow. "Thank you, for making me feel special. It is a rare treat to be spoiled like this." Marius looked back at her. Although his face was calm again, he seemed to glow inside with joy. "And thanks for accepting it." At that moment, they reached the crest of the hill they had been climbing up. There, in front of them, most of the city could be seen sprawling, and the bay spread out in front of them, reflecting the setting sun's rays. The sky was colored like painting above them on a giant canvas. She nodded. "At least now I know to accept more of these offers, since the company is so nice. Almost sweet. You are so different off duty, versus on duty. She looked around, seeing the view of the city. She smiled as her thick curly hair moved slightly with the wind, a few random ringlets moving around her face. "It's almost perfect..." Marius nodded in agreement. He shifted over a few steps, so that now B'Etor stood in front of him, part of his view as much as the city, the bay, and the sunset. "Now it is perfect." She looked behind her, seeing him standing there. "Because I am blocking your view, or because you can see everything?" Her naturally arched brows raising slightly as her spine arched to look at him. Marius laughed. "Because I can see everything." She turned back around. If his view wasn't obscured, who was she to argue. She looked out, the faintest scent of Lavender and Vanilla smelt. It some a ntural odor Klingon's secreted, who was she to disagree with anatomy. Marius edged closer, hesitating a moment, then nudged her arm as he stood next to her, admiring the view. He breathed in deeply, catching her scent. She looked over at him again and smiled. "I know, it's odd that I smell like that. It is a Klingon hormone thing. I don't mind it, but the Klingon males must be embarrassed." She felt his arm touch hers and she smiled to him. Marius smirked. "I've never noticed. But then again, I've never been this close to a Klingon." She let out a laugh. "I have never been this close to a Romulan. Wait, I can't say that. You have as much Romulan in you as I do." She smiled more. "I believe you are the only one, of the two of us, to have a new experience." Marius mocked being insulted. "You mean I don't have anything original to contribute?" She looked like she was pondering the question. "Well... you are the first.. nope, we are both half and half. Hmm.. You are the first Engineer I have been this close to, more than five times.." She blinked, wondering if that counted. Marius laughed. "I guess that can do..." He looked at the theater a short distance off, where the line was quickly shortening. "We should get to the theater, before we miss all the showtimes. Come on, I still haven't paid off all my debt!" She looked at him, then the theater, then back to the view. "Hey, wanna..blow off the movie, and just stay here?" She looked up. "Computer, blanket, square, 9 feet by 9 feet." She watched it appear, folded up, between them. Marius shrugged. "Sure. That works too." He picked up the blanket, unfolding it. She looked at him and sat down on the blanket, leaning back on her hands, her legs in front of her, crossed at the ankle. "Besides.. it wasn't a debt. It was an offer. Even if we called it a debt.." She looked at him, meeting his eyes. "It was paid off the minute I walked in and realized you meant it." Marius sat next to her, cross-legged. He continued to stare out at the bay. "I just wanted to help, or something. You know, and see you... happy." She looked at him, raising an eyebrow. "Are you saying I don't seem happy?" She tilted her head, realizing she didn't normally seem happy. She was either angry, upset, moody, rude, or drugged up from being shot. She looked down, biting her cheek. Marius shook his head. "Not necessarily. I mean like, I wanted to see you truly happy, with nothing weighing on your mind." She laughed, her head falling back, her laugh slightly dep, but had a high pitched edge to it. "It has been a long time since I have felt like that." She looked back to him, smiling, with a nod. "Congratuations. You succeeded. This is the first time I have been happy, without thinking about what happened, what may happen, what should have happened, so on and so on." She leaned over, kissing his cheek, her chocolate colored lips touching his pale skin softly. "Once again, thank you." She spoke softly, being near his ear. Marius turned to face her, looking into her eyes. Suddenly he was aware of how close they were. He smiled at her. She smiled back, then with a soft laugh, she turned, seeing Alcatraz's silhoutte in the distance, as well as the lit Golden Gate Bridge. Marius followed her gaze out to the bridge. He sat there for a moment, content to relax there next to her. She gently moved her ankles around, as if swaying her legs. Sighing softly, she looked out at Fisherman's Wharf. "So, will I get the priviledge of taking you to one of my favorite places, or now that your debt is fulfilled..." She faded off. She didn't know where this put them. She wanted to get to know him better, now she had her chance. It felt like a date, he acted like it was a date, yet, not used to dating, she wasn't sure. Marius smiled. "I'd love that." Honestly, Marius still couldn't understand his feelings. He'd never felt like this before, not even with Brooke during his short time between ship assignments. It was almost like he wasn't himself. He acted without thinking, but just going off impulses and gut feelings. Yet so far, he was pleased with the results. He wasn't complaining. She smiled to him, nodding. "Deal. Now I just need to think of someplace that I enjoyed as a child." She looked at him, wondering what he was thinking. His look said one thing, but his face kept changing. She could normally read her patients, but she couldn't read him. Marius shook his head, deciding to think about everything later. He turned to look at B'Etor. "I'm sure you can find someplace." He watched the sun as it began to disappear behind the line of mountains. "I'm sure." She leaned up, pulling her knees to her chest, wrapping her arms around her knees. She let out a long breath. Longer than most people, since she had three lungs, not two. "Marius?" "Hm?" He continued to watch the sun, which soon sunk to a mere sliver peeking over the hilltops. She looked towards him, smiling softly, with a soft shake of her head. "Nothing, just, I like the way your name sounds. Marius.. sounds ancient, noble." She just said it, not someone to beat around the bush, or was she. "Huh... I hadn't ever really thought about it before." He paused, rolling his name over his tongue silently, followed by B'Etor's, trying to consider each name. "I don't usually analyze peoples name, but your is different. Maria, Ruth, Joe, those are..common.. in a way. Yours is different, unique." She watched the sky change into a colorful rainbow of autumn colors. Marius smirked. "It's still human, at least partially. It's just an older version of Mario, I think. Yours is just as unique." "Actually it is Ancient Earth Latin. The root word maris, which means male. Or the Roman mar, meaning of the sea. Whichever you prefer." She thought about her name. "I don't know..from what I hear, my name was the last thing my mother said, so it stuck." She shrugged, as she squinted as the sun disappeared completely. Marius smirked. "It's still partially Romulan. You can't say it's coincidence that the planets Romulus and Remus have the same names as the Roman brothers in lore, or that Romulan society shares many characteristics with ancient Roman culture." "I have notived that. There are many coincidences between Earth and other Planets. Ironic, yet, mysterious." She nodded. Marius watched as the sun completely disappeared. The remaining rays of light streaking the sun slowly began to retreat. Marius layed down staring straight up into the sky, where the stars began to appear. She watched him and decided to follow, only she laid close to him. She slid her hand over his, hoping it didn't bother him. Her skin was actually quite soft, for a Klingon, as her fingers wrapped around his. "This is perfect..." He clasped her hand in his. With the stars twinkling above, Marius looked down at her. "Yes. This is perfect." (The End..or is it?)
  18. Marius stood by the entrance of the transformed holodeck, in casual attire. He twiddled his thumbs nervously, glancing at the obtrusive gray door every so often, before looking back at the luxurious restaurant before him. B'Etor just got off shift and knew she was running late, but she was dressed, rather nicely, for her. She walked down the hall, to the holodeck, staring at the doors, seeing the program running. She had no idea what to expect, or what she would see, but she tossed her thick black curls behind her shoulder, patted down the dress and took a deep breath, walking as the doors parted. Marius heard the doors open. He hoped it wasn't someone random, who would wonder what the heck he was doing just standing there. He turned to look, and saw B'Etor. He smiled nervously. His mind raced for something to say. "You came." Crap. That was lame. She looked behind her as the doors closed and disappeared. She looked at him again, her brow furrowing as her black eyes got a look of confusion. "Why wouldn't I show up? You invited me to meet you for dinner." She got a look of concern on her face. "Are you nervous? Your seem a bit.. fidgetty." Marius shook his head, forcing himself to relax. "No, I'm fine." He took a deep breath, then motioned towards the restaurant, where one open table waited just for them. "Let's go then?" She nodded and moved to the open table, sitting down. She looked around the dining room, nodding. "It's very pretty. Where are we?" He sat down as well, looking around the room with some fond memory. "It's one of the finer restaurants near San Francisco, on Earth. My parents treated me here occasionally, usually for big occasions. The outside has an amazing view of the bay, especially at sunset." She looked at him as he spoke and nodded. "I remember you telling me that you grew up on Earth, if I remember correctly." She looked down, then back to him. "I did as well, but I have never been here before." Marius smirked. "It's an old place. Only locals know about it, like my mother." He looked out around the room, glad he had chosen to fill it with people, to have some background noise. "Where did you grow up? On Earth, that is." She looked up, smirking slightly. "I grew up with my adopted Grandparents, in New Zealand." She bit her cheek, thinking about her childhood, and how odd, scary, and secluded her childhood was, in general. Marius looked at her curiously, trying to make out the sudden change in her face. Before he could comment though, the waiter walked up. In a heavy, lilting Italian accent, he asked each of them, "What wood yoo like to drink-a?" She looked up at the waiter as he arrived, blinking at his accent. She quickly looked at the menu and shrugged. "I'll have a water, please?" She looked to Marius, wondering what he would order. Marius looked up as well. "Water for me as well please. Oh, and non-carbonated, both of them." The waiter nodded, and after jotting down the drink orders, retreated out of sight. Marius turned to look back at B'Etor. "I almost forgot. It's practically authentic Italian, so they also sell soda water, as a drink." She looked at him again and nodded. "I have never been to an authentic Italian resturant. But I have to thank you for not making it Klingon." Marius looked confused. "Why's that?" She smiled to him. "Not many people know I have a preference for Earth foods, not Klingon, nor Romulan. I just like Earth foods. Hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks. Thank you for making it normal food." Marius laughed. "Oh, well that definitely makes it easier on me. I tend to be a picky eater, even of normal food. I didn't eat pizza until I went to the academy!" She laughed. "Oh Pizza was a huge favorite for me as a child. I'm not that picky, just some thing I cannot eat. Like.. sushi, and liver." She cringed, just thinking about it. The waiter returned, placing their waters on the table. He turns to B'Etor. "What wood you like to ordeer, signora?" She blinked, hearing the waiter again and looked up at him. "Can I please have the Lasagna, with only a little bit of ricotta? Extra meat?" She nodded at her choice. The waiter nodded, jotting it down, before turning to Marius. "And you, signor?" Marius smiled, thinking of childhood memories. "The ...pollo arrosto?" He struggled to remember how to pronounce it properly, after years of un-use. The waiter nodded, apparently finding his pronounciation acceptable, and again retreated. She looked at the waiter as he left, then looked at Marius, brow furrowing. "I didn't place you as a chicken person." Marius laughed. "I *survive* on chicken. It was one of the few things I would eat when the thought of jelly added in a peanut butter sandwich would make me reject it." She looked at him, shaking her head. "You didn't like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? We need to end this date now. I can't even look at you." She smiled to him, acting like she was preparing to leave, then stopping her performance. Marius laughed, while protesting defensively. "It's not my fault. I just didn't like the taste." The waiter returned again, bearing a basket full of a variety of bread loaves, as well as a cluster of thin, crunchy breadsticks. The waiter placed these on the table, then, after filling up a saucer with olive oil, once again retreated out of sight. She looked at the bread and oil and her black eyes lit up. "I love the dipping oil!" She took a piece of bread, breaking it, dipping it slightly. Marius smiled and followed suit. She lookeda t him, getting a little more comfortable now that hte ackward beginning was over. "So, Marius. I have to know, why did you ask me to dinner?" She got to the point. She wanted to know. Was it because of what happened? Was it because she was half Romulan? Was it because he wanted to get to know her better? There were a dozen reasons, and she wanted to know which one it was. Marius opened his mouth to speak, then closed it again, frowning. After a few moments, he answered, "...I'm not really sure. There's a bunch of little reasons I guess, but none of them really sticks out." She looked at as he paused, and smiled softly to him. "Ok, I'll accept that answer." She looked down at the bread, picking at it a little. She looked back up to him and smiled more, letting out a soft laugh. Well, as soft as possible for her. Marius, continued to think about it, his brow furrowed at he tried to spell out a definite answer. "Well, part of it is cause of that 'deal'." He smiled, adding in, "And also to get on your good side so you won't eat me." She looked at him, not remembering anything about a "deal". She blinked. "Deal? Refresh my memory?" She looked at him, biting her lip with a smile. "I have never eaten one of the patients. Do you really think I work so hard to save your life, carry you to the Sickbay, after a turbolift issue, just to eat you?" She laughed again. Marius laughed. "I got it in my head. I had some weird dreams while I was unconscious in that turbolift. As for the deal, or whatever you want to call it, I seem to barely recall you saying I owed you a dinner and a movie if I got out of that alive." She nodded, remembering now. "Yeah, because they dropped the gravity, and I had to hold your mostly unconcious body down." She laughed more, nodding. "That was an interesting event. Next time, listen to your doctor." Marius smirked. "I've learned my lesson well." He returned to untangling his reasons. "Anyway... I guess in a way, I feel... I don't know... some sort of, connection, I guess? Admittedly, our ship is full of a wide range of species, but still, it feels kind of lonely, being one of the only half-romulans around. I feel like I can connect with you, because I feel like you might be in the same situation as I am." Marius gazed off, contemplating his answer. He was satisfied with it, but at the same time, it gave him something new to think about. She looked at him, an eyebrow raising. "Marius.. What are you thinking about?" He continued to look off. "What I just said. Honestly, I hadn't ever really thought about it before..." She looked at him, blinking a few times. "Okay..." She didn't know if she should change the subject, or let him think. She picked more at the bread, biting her cheek softly. Marius shook his head, snapping out of his reverie. "Sorry. It's just that I've been so busy keeping the ship from falling apart, I've never had a chance to think about things." She looked up at him. "It's alright. I think about it all the time. But, knowing we aren't alone.. will that fix it?" "Maybe. It's a comforting thought, at the least." He smiled. She nodded, having pulverized the bread with her picking. "Look..breadcrumbs..." She smirked and leaned back in her chair. (Part 2 to follow)
  19. http://www.mouthpiecesports.com/blog/2008/...-timey-bicycle/ There is the link to a picture. LOL! He even has the stupid outfit! Now, let's see.... how about a midget (or shall I say, vertically challenged) in a COWBOY OUTFIT
  20. Sam, you leave without saying goodbye I will hunt you dow in England!
  21. Row, Row, Row Your ..op wrong song.
  22. "Due to Budget Cuts, the Cresskill FD could not afford to replace the siren. In place of the Siren, they have issued the SANTA SIREN.. Here is an example of what it sounds like: HO HO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"
  23. "You cannot hide anymore! It's call Google! Got ya now!"
  24. "Sorry, due to a budgetting crunch, we needed to borrow the S symbol from Superman. Please use your imagination! (Something we almost destroyed with CGI.)"
  25. She is right! I did my driving test on a stick, then didn't buy a Manuel. I bought one, and it took a while to remember to balance, shift, balance, shift, double clutch when need be, down shift, blah blah. So Kirk lot some brain cells with the Orion! (Sorry Laarell.) It happens!