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Ordan Saltek

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  1. Welcome to an awsome rpg...world...the people here are greathelpful so if you need a hand with questions you have ask them... have fun ^_^
  2. Name :- Ordan Saltek Race :- Human Height:- 6'2" Weight:- 220 lbs D.O.B. :- 640323.0 Eye colour :- Brown Hair Colour:- Dirty Blonde (shaved head bald beard colour redish brown has gotee) Parents :- Father :- unknown. mother never disclosed that informatiom to him only that he is deceased. Mother:- Kathie Saltek Helmsmen on the ship Event Horizon III Freighter class. Background :- Was born on earth in Canada then at age of 2 went with mother on the freighter Event Horizon III. At the age of 8 his mother taught him how to fly a shuttle craft by the age of 12 he could pilot the shuttle and do very impressive evasive manuvers. He also was at the helm of the freighter from time to time. At Age 13 the Event Horizon III was brutally attacked by a Cardassian Keldon class ship. His mother put him in the shuttle craft and told him to fly off and hide with all the other children while the freighter kept the Keldon buisy. After several hours he headed back to the freighter not picking up the Carassains ship. After he docked he went looking to find his mother after no communication from the freighter..he found her and the crew executed by the cardassians.. and the cargo was still on the freighter. He was then sent back to earth and he studied hand to hand combat pumped iron then entered the academy as soon as possable. He excelled at Helm, and fighter pilot. he also did well in Engineering. Medical:- Has suffered multiple fractures to arms, legs, ribs due to full contact training in hand to hand combat. He is in excellent physical condition. Psychiatric profile:- He is quiet keeps to himself unless provoked bad tempered but controlled. He seems to keep alot inside and only release he seems to have is a good fight. Was sent to psychiatric ward after a conflict with a Cardassian. He was charged for excessive force.. he broke the Cardassians arms and legs. Professioanal opinion keep him away from Cardassians. Transfers Graduated from Starfleet Academy 071218.0 Assigned to USS Reaent as assistant engineer 071231.0 Performance Record Rank :- Ensign
  3. Wow I did the stay home thing as well...didn't feel any different for any other day...just alot of snow fall .. Happy new year to one and all.. and may you all be blessed with..good fortune...and if you are blessed with good fortune ..please send some my way...I will give you my address ... lol.
  4. Hey

    Welcome old buddy... the dreaded "G" man is here lol
  5. Happy B-Day Blu... and remember women age like fine wine....but it is true some age like milk. hope all is good with your celebration :lol:
  6. Yeah...What Lady Q said :lol:
  7. Hi... Last night I tried to log on to the sim but I have problems locating holodeck .. plus I think I need to dl java.. can anyone tell me what java program to dl.. I have MS xp pro..2002 edition.
  8. Ok..I am new here..and have no idea what areas are also available..so...is there other chat areas to go to and chat with ppl...I went to the chat areas here and they are blank..anyone have any Idea? :D
  9. Ahhh.. people ...I don't think that was a fly I just caught in my hand...it hurts !!
  10. I thank you for your..advise I have read tips for the moose and how to sim...all I have to do is learn to apply this knowledge to my advantage. :D
  11. Here to learn at the Academy...