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  1. Security by Otis Redding or the mash-up from the Sopranos: Every Breath You Take/Theme from Peter Gunn (The Police & Henry Mancini)
  2. Please join me in welcoming a new crew member! USS Republic is proud to welcome aboard Ensign James "Flash" Fenn. Mr Fenn will be assigned to security under LtCdr Will Robinson as Republic returns to Earth. Welcome aboard, Flash!
  3. Attack of the purple matter eater! Don't fall victim to the Void. Enjoy! Excalibur_Oct_31_2010.txt
  4. Mission Briefing: We crashed. We're using the ship or parts thereof for shelter... and the minimal power we can get for replicators and such. Security does security of the camp. Science tries to find us foods that won't kill us. Medical deals with people that didn't react well to the foods, or broken ankles, etc. Engineering is in charge of systems . Academy_May_16.doc
  5. ~~~Roster~~~ ~~~May 9 2008~~~ Command: Commanding Officer (CO)----- STSF Amnor Executive Officer (XO) ----- STSF Spyder Ops Manager (OPS) ----- Rachel E Garrett Chief Security Officer (CSEC) ----- V'Roy Assistant Security Officer (ASEC) ---- Vilanne Assistant Security Officer (ASEC) ---- Cuda Assistant Security Officer (ASEC) --- Ronin Shephard Chief Science Officer (CSCI) ---- Caelan Fletcher Assistant Science Officer (ASCI) --- Lisanna Assistant Science Officer (ASCI) --- Nyota Assistant Science Officer - Aliana Lucindak Chief Medical Officer (CMO) ---- Eileen Llewellyn Assistant Medical Officer (AMO) --- TKAR Assistant Medical Officer (AMO) ---- Vidian Gallant No Engineering tonight Mission Brief - We've been on planet for 2 months. We still have not managed to restore significant power, since we're minus a warp core and we crashed. Food is probably the highest priority, plus a long-term plan. Several committees were organized to get things figured out. FriLogMay9.doc
  6. =/\= ROSTER =/\= =/\=(May 2 , 08) (:00ET)=/\= Mission Commanding Officer (CO) ----- STSF_Amnor (Bajoran/Klingon) Executive Officer (XO) ----- STSF Spyder (j Trill) Bridge Crew: OPS Manager --- Tactical/Helm (HELM) --- Totally Extraneous!...maybe. Security: Chief Security Officer (CSEC) --- Ronin Shephard (Bajoran) Asst Security Officer (ASEC) --- T'Phai (Vulcan) Asst Security Officer (ASEC) --- hii (bolian) Engineering: Chief Engineer Officer (CENG) --- Simon Pax (Human) Asst Engineer Officer (AENG) --- V'Roy (Andorian) Science: Chief Science Officer (CSCI) --- Caelan Fletcher (Human) Asst Science Officer (ASCI) --- Rachel E Garrett (Human) Asst Science Officer (ASCI) --- Vilanne (Human) Medical: Chief Medical Officer (CMO) --- Doc Merril (uj Trill) Asst Medical Officer (AMO) --- TKAR (Vulcan) MISSION BRIEF: We've been stuck on planet for two weeks now. We've secured a source of clean water, and some food stocks, but stores are running low. The ship has more holes than a sieve, and while we have restored limited power, getting off this rock is pretty much impossible. Academy_May_2.doc