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  1. Autopsy Report Computer, begin autopsy report recording. Note the stardate and time in the log. Name: Etana Mizo Gender: Female Species: Ktarian Height: 5'6'' Weight: 123lbs Autopsy Authorized By: Captain Corizon and Lt. Commander Dr. Wydown I hereby certify that I, Dr. John T. Pace, have performed an autopsy on the body of Crewman Etana Mizo at the sickbay on the USS Union, and that the said autopsy revealed: Findings: 1. Charring with extensive 2nd and 3rd degree burns on the face, back, and abdomen due to: - Severe plasma burns 2. Compound fracture of the left ulna 3. Several cracked ribs 4. 2cm skull fracture above the topmost exo-cranial ridge Cause of Death: 1. Severe plasma burns 2. Skull fracture resulting in an epidural hematoma Toxicology Report: 1. Traces of triptacederine found in the blood 2. All chemical levels are normal for a Ktarian female; traces of analgesic (triptacederine) found, a result of medical administrations prior to death Computer, save Autopsy overview in Crewman Mizo's medical file.
  2. Recovery Ensign John Pace slinked into his quarters, barely acknowledging his bunkmate. After pulling off the uncomfortable thing the Bajoran Militia considered a uniform, he lay down in his bed, and sighed with relief. What a day he thought. He reflected on the last 16 hours he had just spent in sickbay, helping attend to the wounded from the Scorpiad attack on the Union. He was prepared, but this was his first real combat situation. He tried to close his eyes, hoping his exhaustion would put him to sleep, but every time he would think about sleep, an image of the crewman that had died on his bio-bed flashed into his mind. He knew she had no chance right when she was brought in, but he tried his best anyway. In the end, he gave her what he could for the pain as her life signs faded to nothing. He only had seconds to consider what had just happened before another patient was brought to him: She died. All of this technology, all of my training was useless. She died, and I could do nothing. Trying to take his mind off of her, he shifted his train of thought to all the lives he helped save today. The number of wounded had been staggering, but the losses were minimal considering the damage the ship sustained. Holding on to this thought, John drifted into an uneasy sleep.
  3. Minor Malfunction, Major Problem John stayed at his console in sickbay, monitoring the life signs of the away teams. Given his background in cellular studies, he yearned to observe the nanites at work repairing the Scorpiad vessel. But he had his orders. He was keeping close watch on all the away team personnel. He could not believe that he was in the Gamma Quadrant, on a ship studying a completely organic vessel. He made a mental note to himself to begin writing a letter to his family and friends when his shift ended. Just as he was imagining how proud his parents would be, his console beeped in alarm. Looking down, John watched as his readings showed Commander JoNs blood pressure sky rocket, and Lieutenant Garrison's readings cut out completely. John's jaw dropped, and before he could yell out to the rest of the Medical team, he noticed the yellow "error" warning flashing at the top of his console. Sighing with relief, he realized that his console was malfunctioning. John reached up to tap his combadge and alert engineering/ops about the problem, but stopped at the last second. "I can fix this" he thought to himself, "I just need to stop, and think." John felt very aware that he was green, and everyone on the ship knew it. He wanted to prove to himself that he was a capable officer, and not just a kid with brains. He began a quick diagnostic on the console. The computer quickly identified that two subroutines were causing a conflict. John realized that one of the parameters he had set up to alert him when something changed in the status of the away team was conflicting with an automatic subroutine with the same purpose. He quickly fixed the problem, and rebooted his console. "There, mini crisis averted" he said to himself, although very quietly so the counselor would not over hear. John winced at his own foolishness for making such a rookie mistake. "Why do I make such dumb mistakes? I know I'm better than this!" The argument in his head continued a few seconds longer, until he snapped back to reality as Dr. Wydown walked past him. John decided that his new goal was to prove himself to his colleagues and his superiors. No matter how long it took.
  4. Starfleet Personnel File: Ensign Pace, John T. General Information: Name: Dr. John T. Pace Gender: Male Species: Human DOB: February 26th 2359 Age: 26 Birthplace: Dallas Texas, Earth, Sol system of the UFP Height: 5' 10'' Weight: 170 lbs Hair: Light Brown Eyes: Dark Blue Current Status (as of stardate 2009.06.28) Rank: Ensign Assignment: USS Excalibur Position: Assistant Medical Officer Education - 2373-2377: Attended Lily Sloan High School, Dallas Texas - 2377-2381: Attended The University of Texas; earned a degree in comparative cytology - 2381-2385: Attended Starfleet Medical Academy; earned degrees in hematology (emphasis on Human, Vulcan, and Bolian blood) and dentistry (proficient in most federation species) John's focus in medicine is on the cellular level. His medical degree in hematology, coupled with his science degree in cytology, gives him an excellent understanding for the identification and treatment of blood and cell related diseases/ailments. He is also a proficient dentist. His thesis was on interspecies blood transfusions. Service Record - 2385: Served 3 months aboard the USS Aurora to complete his medical officer training - Present: Transferred to the USS Excalibur as an Assistant Medical Officer
  5. Setting a New Pace Computer, begin personal log: John T. Pace What a week! I arrived on Camelot station just hours before I was to report for duty on the Excalibur, and found out I would instead be serving on the Union temporarily. Having never stepped foot on an Excelsior class vessel, or never getting a chance to study its layout, I was for lack of a better word, lost. It was fairly hectic on the ship, considering we were about to depart the station, but I ran into a few nice crewman who pointed be in the right direction. I met my direct superior officer, Lieutenant Commander Dr. Ruth Wydown, the Chief Medical Officer, who seems nice enough. I also met a few of my colleagues: Lieutenants Dr. Maryse Dubois and Dr. B'Etor Patterson. I'm not sure how I feel about them yet. They seem like good people, but Dr. Patterson can be intimidating on a first impression. I have yet to meet with either Commander JoNs or Captain Corizon. In fact I reported for duty to the XO via communicator. They must be busy people. Although my starship service has been minimal, I like to know the people who will be ordering us into dangerous situations, and sending injured crewman down to sickbay. My new quarters are small, but well enough. I have one bunkmate, a fellow from Security (whose name escapes me at the moment) that I have only seen once, because he works the graveyard shift. It's always humbling (well at least to me) to see all of my possessions packed into a room no bigger than a shuttle. Sadly, I had to leave my piano on Earth. No room for it here on a starship. I keep meaning to replicate a smaller keyboard that I could keep in my quarters. For the medical staff, the last three days have been busy with organizing sickbay the way Dr. Wydown prefers it. I'm glad, because it has given me the chance to find my way around sickbay, and become more comfortable with it. Yesterday, I ate in the mess hall, and decided not to take a book with me this time, and instead try and meet some of the crew. I sat with three crewmen: one from the science department and two from engineering. I have never been good at small talk, but have been trying to improve my social skills, as well as my bedside manner. We are now 24 hours out from our objective, this downed Scorpiad vessel. When I get the time, I need to read up on the Scorpiad, seeing as I know little about them. Computer, end personal log
  6. Welcome back! I did the same thing almost...except I came back a month ago, and I just graduated! Woot! It's like riding a bike.
  7. I've been busy the last few days and have missed the Academy Sims! :lol: I feel like I'm having withdrawal symptoms! But don't worry, I will be reporting for duty on the holodeck tomorrow!
  8. WHAT?!? Why are you leaving? :lol:
  9. This is almost the end of my first week doing any kind of SIM......and I love it! It's lots of fun and I believe I am already an addict, although I have only been to 3 Academy sessions. It's great to find a group of people so diverse, yet connected for the love of Trek!