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Princess T'lak

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  • Birthday 11/25/1987

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    Wisconsin... AKA The Frigid North.
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    My current interests run in the way of J.R. Wards Romance novels. If you don't know who she is, I'd be more than happy to apprise you.<br />My Trek interests include:"The Spock Trilogy" as I like calling it.(Star Treks 4, 5, & 6) <br />I very much enjoy Star Trek Voyager,Enterprise,DS9 and on occasion a little bit of TOS.<br />I am currently attending College majoring in Early Childhood Education with a possible certification in Special Education.<br />
  1. Same here..... ARGH!!! :D :P :P :P
  2. I would love to go on one of those cruises. I'll just have to hope they have them for the next 10 years or so, that way I can get some money saved up from working after I graduate.
  3. Mr. Squid during the annual feast of the Kitteh... *Nom nom nom* :blink:
  4. Happy Early Birthday T'aral. See you when you get back!
  5. Edited some of the bio, early childhood, birthplace and date. Felt it needed more "meat" to it. :P :P
  6. *Steps on the Enter key* Come on... come on.. *Hampster Dance song plays on Cell phone*
  7. "Starfleet Royalty." Seems like a good Title for me.
  8. Awww such a sweetie. ;) :D
  9. Awwww Happy Valentines day everybody.
  10. Atragon9 has removed the link. I assume it violated something. But if you want to know more. I'll be happy to direct anyone who would like to create one of these videos or check it out to the website. Just let me know. ;) That is all. Thank you for your time.
  11. Baxter ran across this site to make cartoon videos, they had a trek section and i got creative. Contact me if you're interested in my result [LINK REMOVED]
  12. I do think that they could have found a better person to play Scotty than The Guy from Shaun of the Dead. I know he's trying to branch out but to me it just doesn't seem right. But I will say that I've had a crush on Spock (the one from New Voyages-Currently Phase II- www.startreknewvoyages.com) played by Jeff Quinn. So in opinion Zach makes one steamy vulcan. ;) :wub: :wub: :wub:
  13. You were most likely watching How the world would end on History channel. It featured Stephen Hawking.
  14. Happy B-day jami. Whenever day it was. ;) ;) <=i=> <- There's your cake... i know it doesn't look like one.
  15. Monk: "What this isn't the couch I ordered?... A live tiger you say?... Oh.. well it felt warm i just thought it was the heating function?" Tiger opens eyes.. Monk and tiger exchange glances... Monk runs from tiger. :P -Ohm..^^ -|- ==== :lol: ==~ ./\ =====..//..//