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Joe Wilson

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  1. I picked other to say a Dachshund/Border Collie mix.
  2. Happy birthday to the scariest member of the fleet.
  3. That's what happens when you're gone.
  4. And you thought the damage to your car was bad.
  5. *

  6. BUMP
  7. You would be able to watch me better if i ever showed up.
  8. Pure human. High five Will.
  9. Singing: "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?"
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  11. ::Western accent:: You want a piece of me punk?
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  13. To the pilot:"Excuse me, is your name by chance Deanna Troi?"
  14. You thought David Hasselhoff was bad....
  15. Y'all are crazy. Just wanted to say that.