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    Star Trek: The Original Series, Classic Movie Era, Star Trek: Enterprise, and New TOS. I'm a Star Trek: Mirror Universe Nut, my favorite Trek actor is the late DeForest Kelley, and Doctor McCoy is my favorite Trek character. w00t! >^..^<
  1. Karo wins!
  2. W00t! Thanks Images. Here we go:
  3. It's a text from Genghis; he wants to go clubbing at Hack N Slash tonight.
  4. 08.11.10 to 08.25.10 It never rains, but it pours...everyone have an umbrella? Good. The explosion impact that rattled the Alliance appears to have been a photon torpedo; the Agincourt crew was blamed for the incident, and away teams (Engineering and Medical) assisting with repairs and medical on the Alliance were arrested. Their release was negotiated, though now the 'Court has many Romulan 'observers' overseeing the day to day operations on the Federation ship as the incident is continually investigated. Scans taken from the time of the incident/actual impact are also showing a spike in subspace activity, and subspace vacuole theories are being discussed among the scrambling Starfleet officers.
  5. 08.11.10 to 08.25.10 Chat Logs. The Rihans are still having major issues with their new warp capable toy. chatlog2010_8_11_.txt chatlog2010_8_18_.txt chatlog2010_8_25_.txt
  6. 08.04.10 Agincourt Mission Update TBS: 20 minutes The situation is still critical regarding the test trial explosion that rocked the Alliance. Agincourt Engineering (Kairi, Murray, Karrigan) and Medical (Trenral, NPC Vaughn) away teams were unleashed to assist and help with the damage and injuries. Engineering teams find that Dheno -- Security -- officers from the Rihan contingent are already investigating the starboard area where the explosion occured; Trenral deals with several ciritical injury cases included ch'Maelic, the CENG of the Alliance. Bridge officers on duty (Harper, Tay, Caine) coordinate and track efforts among the teams as best they can; Security Officers (Caine, Taelya) coordinate NPC SECs where needed. The Marines (JoNs, Karo, Hefner) check out some non-classified Alliance specs in the NNC holodeck; traditional (Engineering, AUX Control) and non-traditional (Bridge, Medical, Security) entry point efforts are discussed in case a combat breach/situation against the Alliance would be necessary for whatever reason. Special thanks to Rihan guest stars NDak and Laehval tTemarr, who are playing most of the Rihan crew's senior officers during this adventure.
  7. ...okay, I'm slightly disturbed by this image... Packing Tape Man (or, the Michelin Man tryouts just did not go well), to the rescue! The local UPS store is short on supplies! Eee Gads! I'm off to save the day!
  8. The Agincourt is escorting a Romulan vessel on its shakedown cruise. The engineers who were touring were just sent back to Agincourt since the Romulans needed to conduct some tests -- that, and their ability to smile nicely at Federation people was fading -- and we are now flying tandem with the Alliance while it prepares for speed trials. CourtChat10_7_28_.txt
  9. 07.21.10 - No Sim 07.28.10 Agincourt Mission Update: TBS: 10 Minutes The test trials continue as the joint Rihan/Federation Alliance is put through her paces by Rihan ships master Eveik and his engineering team and ships staff. The USS Agincourt continues her monitoring duties and joint support assignment with regard to the newborn ship. The trials seem to be going well, with some showing off as the Alliance hits 9.99, and the Agincourt maintaining a shadow speed of 9.98. Problems literally blow over the testing when a massive explosion ripples across the Alliance during the time/warp trial; the shiny new ship drops out of warp like a rock and the starboard side is severely crippled as a result of the boom-age. The ‘Court offers aid to the crippled ship, and said aid is accepted by ships master Eveik; the damaged vessel is tractored in a protective tether beam launched by the Starfleet ship, and our engineering and medical teams are mobilized. Currently, the crews are unaware if the Alliance explosion was external, such as a covert attack, or internal, such as a problem with the AQS singularity field.
  10. MISSION BRIEFING> An engineering team aboard the RES Alliance is getting the grand tour of its bells and whistles. CourtChat10_7_14.txt
  11. 07.07.10 to 07.14.10 Agincourt Mission Update 07.07.10 TBS: 3 Hours 07.14.10 TBS: 30 to 45 minutes An away team consisting of Mattingly (NPC), Karo, JoNs, Taelya, Murray, and Kairi beamed over to the Alliance in order to partake in a tour of the joint Federation-Romulan vessel. There were some inter-species tensions, but the touring officers as well as their hosts behaved themselves for the most part. The Alliance is, how shall we say, completely blinged out with all the current technological toys. An AQS warp drive system, state of the art Medical and EMH capability, a bridge that offers a full 360 tactical view. Meanwhile, the line officers who remained on the Agincourt minded the bridge as well as the Marine NNC operations. Per Colonel Harper: Next Sim, the away team has arrived back on board the 'Court, while the Alliance prepares for speed tests.
  12. The Agincourt is accompanying the RES Alliance on its shakedown cruise, as a matter of interstellar diplomacy, and in the interests of not developing a two-front war. The Alliance has invited some of the Court's engineers over for the grand tour. CourtChat10_7_7.txt
  13. Ahhhhh! Ahhhh! Billy Joel is in my head now!
  14. w0oT! w0oT! Never thought we'd be sitting next to Captain Starbuck and Admiral Husker from the Galactica at the bar island table, watching a world cup match on the big screen TV. *Right* next to them. And Lt. Reed was obviously admiring the tactical aspect of the soccer match. And, let's not forget the Colonial Marines off in the corner at a set of tables, obviously taking a break from hunting Alien Face Huggers, and the random Klingons and Fleet officers scattered in the crowd. Kick. Azz. So say we all.
  15. 06.30.10 Agincourt Mission Update: TBS: Three Hours The USS Agincourt has arrived at the Romulan shipyards (Teros Minor) per orders from Fleet Admiral Jarvis; we are escorting the Alliance as the joint Rihan-Federation vessel is put through her paces on a shakedown cruise. So far, the Romulan crew of the Alliance and the crew of the Agincourt are playing nice on the galactic playground. Welcome and thank you to guest NPCing stars: Laehval tTemarr and NDak. PS: I totally think we should have the 'Court buzz the bridge of the Alliance...I'm just saying...it'll be fun...