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  1. Hi everyonen- sad to say first it was lenard nimoy ( rip) now grace lee Whitney how sad may they both rip
  2. RIP- Leonard Nimoy-I agree with everyone -- the world lost a great actor,writer, today
  3. TO STSF---HAPPY HOLIDAYS -to you and your families :wub: :) :rolleyes: :lol: B)
  4. sorry i missed it tonight see you next week
  5. just saw a tape of leonard nimoy-he doesn,t look good --maybe the globe and star are right ----i hope not
  6. hi everyone -from the releant -forgot simming tonight -did we cancel tonight sim -no one was on tonight -please email me
  7. great news--gene roddenberry jr--is going to be a dad -he having a son-the sad thing is MAJEL and gene is not here to enjoy rod,s son...
  8. hi-everyone---just saw Star trek darkness-wow.......i loved it--action all the way, there is a surprise guest star in the movie,and james doohan son has a spoken part in it to -----just enjoy
  9. Just found out that james doohan son is in the second star trek film-countdown to darkness with the new scotty(Transporter or enginning)NOW i cant wait for the movie to come out...
  11. hi-every ...i,m back in my apt---things are quite different here,people lost homes,commdemmed homes,stores closed...in my apt ..one elevator working(thank god)No trash or garbage nor clothes washer and dryer nor mail --but doing fine
  12. Hi. ....I'm safe...apt building very bad...it might be 1 or 3 months untill I can get into. The building....I don,t know how my apt is...people here lost their homes..will sim thurs if I can
  13. Still..safe...apt.building. hit bad maybe ican check.on apt.in a.week.or.2weeks....but l ucky, Pp
  14. Hi....am safe...ac is bad...my apt. Building got hit..1st floor gone..not sure about apt inside...mayne weeks untill ican check apt..things can be replaced but not lives...missing simming with you.