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Luna Gossamer

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    Be every color that you are.
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    collecting trinkets & oddities, anything with polkadots, reading, playing the harp, knitting & sewing, mythology & fairy tales, gardening, jewelry-making, 20th century photography & photography equipment, etc..
  1. Hope to see you around! :P
  2. Hope to see you around! :lol:
  3. Ensign Luna Gossamer's Personal Log "Some Getting Used To" 0710.07 It was taking some getting used to. She had only been on the ship for what seemed like a very small amount of time. The Excalibur was slowly becoming a home to her. And Luna was settling into a routine. She spent most of her time working in Engineering. Quietly quirky, she kept to herself mostly. When she wasn’t getting her hands dirty in the bowels of the ship (her favorite place to be!) …she was in her quarters doing her own thing. Whether it was reading Engineering journals, working on her own ideas for improving the Engineering field or any other of her passions, she hadn’t made much time for socializing. The only people she had kept in contact with was her brothers …at least she was before they found themselves in a mirror universe. Now she had kept to keeping her own journals for the time being. “Personal log, Luna Gossamer. It seems like forever since I have talked to Chase or Spencer. I am wondering how they are doing. And I’ve wondered how Peter is doing as well.” She was sitting on the floor of her quarters, Indian style with her legs crossed beneath her. In her mind she saw a mental picture of her three brothers. Confidant Chase. He was a Lieutenant on another starship. A Science man himself though. And Spencer, still having fun at the Academy. Peter …well, he was still a virtual vegetable still. He hadn’t changed much since he was severely brain damaged at age 5 in the attack that killed her parents and had scarred her body.. Except for the fact he was man-sized now. She sighed. Luna had always felt more responsible for Peter. Her other brothers barely visited him. I think he made them uncomfortable. The though that he was laying in a bed somewhere with no one visiting him made her sad. She had still sent him messages, even if she knew he had no clue who she was or what was going on around him. “Anyway, I am getting settled into life here on the Excalibur. I am really enjoying learning more and more in my department. The other engineers I work with are really talented and I am sure I will begin making new friends eventually. Sometimes people view me as strange and hopefully here will be a little different than the Academy. I had a hard time fitting in. Right now, I am focused on my work and the things I enjoy doing. I guess that is about it. I am sure there will be more to say once we get out of this mirror universe. It’s definitely been an adventure so far.” She laid back on the floor and put her feet up on her small coffee table. Wiggling her toes, making her sparkly toe ring glisten in the light of the room, she exhaled. Yeah, that was all she had to say for now. “Computer, end and save log.”
  4. Good luck! Maybe you will come back one day! :lol:
  5. Aw, I was wondering about you! Hope you can come back soon!! And good luck with volleyball! I tried out once, but I was too short. :lol:
  6. Nice meeting you! Hope you have a great time here!
  7. I've gotten addicted pretty fast myself! :lol: Hope you continue to enjoy yourself! :) :lol: <-- I just LOVE that smiley!
  8. Try tvlinks.co.uk .. I haven't looked extensively, but they have a lot of stuff!
  9. *

    This seems fun! Favorite Non-Trek Television Show: Heroes Favorite Non-Trek Movie: Empire Records Favorite Book: The Forensic Casebook Favorite Actor: Milo Ventimiglia Favorite Actress: Jorja Fox Favorite Musician: My musical taste is too eclectic. Favorite Food: Sushi Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Rum Raisin Favorite Hero: My daughter Favorite Politician, Journalist, or Activist: Anderson Cooper Favorite Quote: "There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it." Edith Wharton Favorite Occupation: Crime Scene Tech Favorite Car: Range Rover in blue Favorite Vacation Spot: Anywhere I don't have to be at work. :lol: Favorite Academic Subject: English Favorite Quirky Interests: Karaoke (I enter contests all the time.), art, D&D, costuming Who would you most like to meet?: Sylvia Plath, George Lucas, Milo Ventimiglia, the Ghost Hunters!
  10. *** STARFLEET PERSONNEL FILE SUBJECT: Luna Gossamer RANK: Ensign ASSIGNMENT: USS Excalibur POSITION: Assistant Engineer Name: Luna Noelle Gossamer Age: 21 years old Date of Birth: October 16th Place of Birth: Starbase 234 Species: Half Betazoid/Half Human Status: Single Height: 5'3" tall Weight: 106 lbs Hair Color: Light Auburn Eye Color: Light Brown Unusual Characteristics: Burns on her upper body, torso and upper legs. Usually covered, most people don't notice it. She has a small tattoo of a sparrow on her left wrist. Also, as with most half Betazoid's, she has empathic abilities. But she is not quick to really share this with anyone. Parents: Commander Sylvia Gossamer (Mom) and Commander Brody Gossamer (Dad) [Deceased] Siblings: Lieutenant Chase Gossamer (Brother, 29), Cadet Spencer Gossamer (Brother, 18), Peter Gossamer (Brother, 15) Background: Luna Noelle Gossamer was born on Starbase 234, where her parents were assigned as scientists. She was the third of four children and the only girl. She had two older brothers who, growing up, enjoyed tormenting their little sister. When Luna was about 6 years old, her younger brother was born and the family unit was complete.. Their family was transferred to a remote outpost near the Neutral Zone, in the Ioni System. Outpost Melrose was a small scientific base where several of Starfleet's best scientists were sent to explore what they believed was a new kind of star in the system. They remained there for several years with no problems, until two different factions of the Ionians, the once peaceful people of that system, began a civil war with each other. At first it was sporadic bombings and attacks, but the outpost itself remained out of it. When one faction discovered that outpost helping the other faction with medical treatment (although willing to help anyone!) they became the target of certain attacks. Starfleet was contacted and while the motions to get the scientists and their families off the outpost were set, there was one major attack that left most of the people in the outpost facility dead or seriously injured. Both of Luna's parents were killed and her little brother was severely brain damaged. Luna, herself, suffered some major burns on her body, on her upper body and the upper parts of her legs, along with suffering a few broken bones. The burns on her body never fully healed due to the fact her brothers kept them hidden for almost a week until help arrived. The Ionian incident still remains a very tragic event in Starfleet Science history. Luna was only 11. Her little brother, a mere 5. Once they were rescued, life was hard to return to normal. In order to honor the memory of their parents and the fact that Starfleet was strong in their family, it was decided that they would all strive to join Starfleet. Luna and her brother, Spencer, was sent to live with an aunt near Paris . Peter, the youngest and now severely damaged from the Ioni incident, was placed in a special hospital to be cared for. He never spoke again since the incident. Life went on. Each of the Gossamer children started their paths to Starfleet. Except for Peter. By the time Luna graduated from the Academy herself, both her older brothers were decorated officers in their respective fields. It was her turn to explore the stars and make her own mark. With a little bit of flair. Personality: Coming from a very conservative family, Luna was always a bit 'wired differently' from the rest of her family. She was eccentric, finding interest in things her family did not consider to be important. She enjoyed making her own clothing, wearing strange jewelry and was deeply interested in the arts. She would collect trinkets and oddites and would find any excuse to wear polkadots. There were many times her parents and brothers were blinded by the flash of 20th Century photographic devices and it made her family irritated with her at times. She developed a definite personality at a young age. It became even more apparent after the loss of her parents at age 11. Luna grew up with very few friends but pretty confident and satisfied in the person she was. Despite her confidence, losing her parents, being displaced and the state her little brother was left in, Luna struggles. She has many fears that she hopes she can face during her time in Starfleet. Starfleet History: - Stardate 0709.06: Graduates from Starfleet Academy . - Stardate 0709.18: Receives assignment to the USS Excalibur as an assistant engineer. - Stardate 0709.31: Starts on board the USS Excalibur.
  11. I sent you a message with a new email address and I've sent it again from there. :/
  12. When anyone has a chance, could someone just tell me they did get it this time. :) Just to make sure! If my mail program is giving problems, I'll gladly switch to something else!
  13. OKay, I resent it! Let's hope someone gets it this time!
  14. :) Resorce allocation conflict.. that sucks! (Good way of saying it though!) Thanks for the info everyone!
  15. I got my application on the 9th, sent it out the same day for the most part. How long does it usually take to get processed and hear back from anyone? Just curious! :)