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  1. The sim Red Star night club will not be going on tonight I will not have a connect at my familys home.
  2. Red Star will be Open on Saturday evening. Come in and have a good time and discuss your holiday weekend adventures.
  3. No one coming to Red Star?? I thought everyone KNEW we tried not to close on Holidays.
  4. Hello all, Sorry about the miss of Red Star last week, but I had to go out of town. I hope you all had a good time if you attended. Red Star will be back open this week and I Invite one and all to attend for an hour of fun and drinks.
  5. The Saturday night Team of KBear and Kent<subbing for Linus> Wish to Congratulate our Newest Ens. Kaara Soora. Welcome Aboard Ensign.
  6. Red Star will be up and running for anyone that wishes to come share in Holiday cheer. Drinks will be on the house and everyone can share with the others the gifts they received.
  7. Redera walked back over to Chirs, the chemicals wearing off now enough to get back underway. He was doing all he could to resist her pheromones. This time as she walked around him she and gently traced her fingers up his arm, to his shoulder then across the top to his neck and then up to his ear where she bent over and whispered to him. "Your body liked that didn't it Nickles. You have pricklely bumps raising all over." She was right he found himself beginning to falter. He couldn't let this happen. He had to stop it. Pain! Pain would override his sensory organs. He then bit down on his lip extremely hard. So hard that he started to bleed from the bite. He would do whatever he had to, to keep from giving her the information she wanted. Redera nibbled on his ear slightly then stood up again tracing her finger around his neck and hairline as she walked around behind him. She continued to the other side until she saw the blood dripping from his chin. "OH Now Nickles. I can't have you messing up that pretty face of yours." She turned to a guard and called for a mouth gag. "Now now Mr Nickles you *will* fall for my little scent. You are almost there. Look, your muscles are shaking from the Anxiety." The guard brought in the mouth gag which looked like a triangle cylinder with a strap through the middle. She nodded to Chris and the guard pried his mouth open allowing the gag to be put in place. Chris struggled a bit but was no match for the much stronger guard. Once the gag was in place Rebera began releasing more of her pheromones. He was almost there. It wasn't going to take much more. His muscles began twitching as she went back to her light touches. She again stood behind him and gently touched his chin, tracing his facial features up both sides of his face to the top of his head She then ran her fingers through his hair ever so gently. His breathing began to quicken and she knew she about had him. Chris felt himself begin to breath faster. Somehow Redera knew every one of his "AW" spots. If only his wife would have caressed him so much. He could feel his heart pounding, His pulse was so strong he could feel it in all of his extremities. Every time she touched him now he was getting goose bumps. Now with the gag in place and him being strapped down in the chair, He had no way of counteracting the effect of her pheromones with the endorphins from pain. But also with the gag in place he could not speak either. This might be a good thing. Then he felt her hands caress his shoulders and her lips against his ear once more. He was beginning to give in. No matter how much he fought her, he was loosing this battle.
  8. The female Klingon, dressed in a normal klingon uniform, stood there with the pistol in her back. She heard 2 behind her but knew not of whom they were. She was tempted to turn and look but wanted to see what they wanted of her first. Maybe they wanted her for HER. But then again no species could ever handle what a klingon female could dish out but a Klingon Male. She froze for a moment then decided to speak. "What is it you want. I do not have anything of value to you here. I only have supplies and new spikes for the beds." She then went silent awaiting to hear what they had to say before she decided if she would call for her companion that was in another room just down the hall. As she spoke Sal froze. She spoke English, or a form of it and wasn't screaming. He knew very little about their culture. While the Klingons were a member of the Federation, they rarely served aboard mixed cultural vessels. He thought about what he'd told his daughter, about tolerance and diversity. The spike that was in his hand dropped back to the cart from where it came. He knew that Shane was all action, this required words and he chose them carefully. "Ma'am. We're not looking for trouble. We're actually looking for a friend. He would have been in acquaintance with a Deltan woman. She had mentioned that she was staying here. The front desk was unoccupied so we just came up to look around for help. Sorry about my friend here. He gets a little excited, if you know what I mean..." Standing behind the Klingon with his Gauss pistol in his real hand and his bionic ready for any moves on her part, Shane sighed in frustration at Sal's politeness. So much for seeming like a threat. Keeping the pistol in place, he spoke in his low voice, "Just tell us what we need to know about the Deltan and we'll leave without blowing a hole in your chest." The klingon woman thought for a moment. There had not been another Terran here but the Deltan had been. She took a long deep breath and motioned for the two to follow her into the next room so they wouldn't be seen. She grabbed the cart and pulled it in with her, watching as the two followed, the weapon still pointed at her. She knew she wouldn't have time to pull her own weapon if these two meant what they said about using theirs. After entering the room she motioned for them to close the door. They were in the room alone, and she kept her hands where they could see them. She didn't want any mistakes. "The Deltan you speak of was here but no one of Terra was with her if that's the species you are looking for. And Yes I do speak your language as SOMEONE need to be able to translate your words. The Deltan has not been seen in a few days. She managed to use her TRICKS to sway the manager to allow her to stay. This is a KLINGON Hotel only. So I suggest you make your retreat before someone sees you and kills you were you stand." Sal moved slowly with the group and closed the door behind them. He spoke quietly in reply to the Klingon's comments and motioned for her to remove her side arm; that in doing so the weapon in her back would also be removed. She did as told but you could tell she was not happy in doing so. "Yes. That is what we feared happened to our friend; pixie-dusted. Since we have also lost communication with him. He fails to respond to his ODRI. We also fear that he may be in danger. Do you know which room is-was hers? And can you give us access to it so that we may look for clues as to her whereabouts?" "Did you not hear me? This is a Klingon Only Hotel. ONLY Klingon Stay here. If you are caught here you will be killed. I doubt you would be able to fight your way out of a crew of upset Klingon males." She gave a huff and wished to be done with these fools. "Fine!! THIS Is her room. Look it over. But do not blame me if you find yourself face to face with the Klingon Sec detail." She stepped back from her cart of spikes and crossed her arms watching the two, waiting for the opportunity to take her weapons back. The big cyborg wasn't as trusting as Sal. Shane let the klingon move back to her cart and stood at about 3 meters from her with his pistol trained on her head, his stony gaze unmoving. Suddenly, steps could be heard behind the closed door. Sal motioned for the Klingon to be quiet. He had heard motion in the hallway. He waited for it to fade away before he spoke quietly. "First of all, thank you. I can tell from your generosity that we share similar opinions toward the Deltan species. Like I said, we mean you no harm so please be still and we will all come out of this unscathed." He then began to survey the room. Redera was correct. This wasn't exactly 'the Ritz'. There was a single window that appeared to be frosted but might have just required attention. Below it along the floor was a space heating environmental control device of sorts. It was all labeled in Klingon but its purpose seemed obvious to Sal. The double bed had two opposing sideboards that provided light. One had a glass half full of a clear liquid. Sal assumed it to be water. The other had a book and a couple of brochures scattered about. It also had a lower shelf that had various Klingon magazines. He pulled one out and flipped through the pages. It was obviously an 'adult' magazine. He stopped at one photo in particular and showed it to the Klingon, "You wanna explain that?" A growl was heard from Shane. "Quit wasting time!", he whispered hoarsely, "She could be missed at any moment." He smiled at her and waved his hand not expecting a response, placed the magazine back where he'd found it and continued his search. Opposite the bed was a bureau with three drawers. He opened the top one and found it empty. As he opened the second one, Sal asked quietly, "How long has she been here?" In the second drawer he found various tunics and outfits folded neatly and he looked beneath each one trying to be careful not to disturb their arrangement. In the next stack of clothing Sal found a single slip of paper. He looked at it and although it too was in Klingon, it was obviously a sales receipt of some kind. The paper was crinkled slightly but had been smoothed out again. He turned it over and it had Klingon characters written by hand. His first clue! He could not read it presently but was certain that it had something of importance on it. Sal closed the drawer, opened the third which only contained a single pair of slacks. He closed it and looked around at the rest of the room. The slip of paper found its way into his pocket for later evaluation. There was a closet next to the entry and he opened it. Two outfits were hung. One was long and of a blue silky material, almost translucent. The other was more of a business suit, gray and tan in color. He checked the inside breast pockets which were empty. On the floor next to a device that he did not dare to ask the purpose, Sal found two cases. He pulled them out and when to toss them on the bed and stopped in mid-throw. The bed was not a reasonable surface with its spiked adoration's. He set one on the floor, looked around and set the other in a chair next to the bed. He opened it. It was another obvious item, personal stuff, feminine stuff. Sal felt like he was going through a woman's purse and we all know what odd things a man finds there. What he did find that he bothered to show Shane was a single key and also a key-ring that contained some interesting and perhaps useful items. Sal pocketed those, closed the case and set it next to the other one. He then set the other one on the arms of the chair as it was a bit larger. It was empty barring two spare hangers and a business card. He looked at the business card and it was written in English. Unfortunately it was only the business card of the sales person who had sold her the suitcase. He closed the case and then placed them both back into the closet. Sal rose to his feet and closed the closet then turned back and walked toward the Klingon. Something had shifted in his attitude as he had searched the room. He knew that they were hardly free and clear of danger. As Shane had said, at any moment someone may find this Klingon missing. But was she really that important in the grand scheme of things. She was a chamber maid, a servant class. Sure she had a weapon. From what Sal knew, all Klingons carried weapons of some sort. He looked into her eyes and could see her disgust in the situation. She had told them immediately to leave, that their lives were in danger. The actions that she had taken thus far had put her own life in danger. She could plea duress but would the Klingon warriors but this. If they were caught she too may loose her life. Sal believed that she knew all of this as he reached her. He pulled the slip of paper out of his pocket and handed it to her, "Translator, huh? What's that say?" She looked at the paper, grunted and replied, "It's just a sales receipt from the local chemist." "The back please. What's written on the back?" "Looks like delivery instructions. Do you know the city?" "Why?" "Because the instructions give reference to the 'Walking Bridge' between this district and the Mercenary district. Time was set for 3 chronos." "What was purchased?" "Some drugs I guess, look, I don't know anything about this stuff. You two had better leave before the patrol makes their rounds." The big man glanced to Sal and said impatiently,"Are you done here?" At the other man's nod, Shane held out his bionic with the claws open with a low whir of machinery, "Give me your gun." With a puzzled look on his face, Sal took the girlie gun out of his pocket and placed it in the outstretched claws of the artificial appendage. With practiced ease and without hesitation, the cyborg switched Pher's gun with his Gauss pistol in his real hand, pointed it at the Klingon woman and pulled the trigger. The blast knocked her back into her cart of spikes, tipping it over in a loud clatter. Shane tossed Pher's gun back to the dumbfounded Sal and moved to the door, stepping over the Klingon on the floor. "Come on," he said, cracking the door open and peering out, "back to the roof." Sal looked at the motionless Klingon woman lying on the floor, bent down and retrieved the slip of paper containing the Klingon text. 'Perhaps the Doc could determine what the drugs were for', he thought. He then quickly followed Shane out into the corridor.
  9. Christopher Kyle Nickles <formerly Brewer> Human Male Caucasian 35 yrs old Dark Brown Hair Green Eyes 5' 9" height 240 Lbs Very Muscular Divorced with 2 kids that live with their mother Son Matthew Shawn 12, Daughter Christa Dawn 10 Ex wife Sandra Brewer Chris and his wife did have a good but short marriage. What drove them apart was the safety of the kids. Chris had no worries about keeping them on the Star Ship with him. Sandy was ok with it until Christa was born and the ship came under attack while Sandy was giving birth. Chris could not be with her in the delivery room since he had an on-slot of critically injured patients. It wasn't that he didn't want to be there but the critical injured came first. He had his best nurse tending to Sandy and Christa so he knew they were fine. Sandy didn't agree with this. After this Sandy filed divorce papers and Chris let it go. After he thought about it he decided that she was right. He allowed her to continue the divorce without contest on the grounds that she would allow him to visit with her and the kids when he was in port. He did still love her but he had also come to his senses and knew she was right. She agreed and the papers were signed. The kids and his wife are living on Earth in the Northern United States. Chris was on the USS Hermes when it was destroyed. He and a few others that had made their way to the escape pods as ordered, managed to be a safe distance from the explosion and survived. There were only 2 pods that made it far enough away. The Bridge crew and others all perished in the explosion of the ship when the core blew. When Chris and the folks with him in the 2 pods were picked up they were all taken to the closest planet nearest them. This was Bull's Head. He began to think of hid wife. He had received a note from her just a few days before the destruction of the Ship. She wanted to call off the entire deal She was going to move the kids so he could not visit them any more. She was tired of having to explain to the kids every time he didn't show up like he was supposed to. He wanted to be a part of their lives but being in fleet he knew he couldn't. When the rescue vessels arrived he did not go with them. He remained At Bulls Head and tried to start a new life for himself. He contacted HQ and spoke to them about changing his name and allowing his Brewer name to die with the crew of the Hermes. After a lot of explaining HQ allowed the change. Chris met up with Joe when he had come to Bull's head looking for an additional medic for his vessel. Chris agreed to go. He was missing the adventures and oddities of space.
  10. We normally Run Red Star Lounge on the holidays but this year we will also take a week break to be with our Families. We will be back on Jan 2nd for those who are going thru withdraw. Happy Holidays to one and all. Chris Nickles Proprietor Of Red Star Lounge
  11. Red Star Lounge will be open for business on the Saturday after Thanksgiving for any of those who are having Simulation withdraw. ALL Are Welcome. <This includes GMs, We are looking to set a new record for GM in a room at once. Our record stands at 9> If you don't have anything better to do and are bored by all means come in a join Joe Manning and myself for a night of fun.
  12. Hello all, Since no one showed up for my First night as the new owner of Red Star Night Club, I will put the celebrating on hold until I return from Vacation. I will return on Aug 1st at 11:00 EDT to Celebrate my purchase of the club. I wish to Thank Joe Manning for handling the Club in my absence. We will have a good time planned for all when I return.
  13. OH OH My face, Dont hurt my beautiful face, I have a modeling gig tomorrow.