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    Starfleet Academy
  1. Its only a few light years away from each other, easy mistake :P
  2. I have only read a few of the books but I like the VOY (Thats the one I voted for) era but I also like the ENT and TNG, I havent read any of the DS9 so I cant really say as to if I would like them or not I dont really know (I Think I might because the DS9 series that aired is pretty good so far.). I only use them as a refrence if it stood out at me.
  3. Okay, here is a star trek quiz..Can you pass? If you do you are a Star Trek Geek! 1. What surrounds the ship when its at warp? A. A subspace field B. Astroids C. Nothing 2. How many Shield genarators does the Enterprise- D have? A. 12 B. 32 C. 3 3. How many decks does the USS Voyager have? A. 36 B. 15 C. 29 4. How many Quaderents are there? A. 8 B. 5 C. 4 5. Worf is the....? A. The first Klingon in Starfleet B. A Bajoran C. A merchant 6. Earth is in sector....? A. 001 B. 999 C. 050 7. The wormhole by DS9 goes were? A. Gamma B. Delta C. Bete There it is I know its kinda easy but not everyone will get it right. Go ahead and post what you think is right. And try not to look them up...... :lol:
  4. I made a log the other day and it had been my first one so I was nervouse about it, but everything came pooring out of me :lol: .
  5. I walk around, telling a few crewman what to do. I walk over to a a console and check on the ships systems. "Will we ever get this ship back together?" I mumble under my breath, wanting to respond to my self with a yes, but knowing that we cant do it ourselves, not unless we have more crewmembers appear out of no-were. I walk over to another console and start a log. "Computer begin" "Its been a hectic day, Heck, I dont even know if its day or night, I am pretty sure I have been working all day or night..... At the moment we are trying to find away to get back to the wormhole to scan it for the levels and other things. I plan on going to the doc. when this mess is figured out, or I get a free moment, which with my luck probably wont be for while. Well I should start to focus on the tasks that are on hand." "Computer End" With that I continue to work
  6. He had been given a few moments to get to his quarters and get in a new uniform on. He walked over to his small but sufficent desk and hit a button on it. He got back up and went to his trunk which had 3 uniforms in it, he get one of them out. "Computer Begin Personnal Log" "My first few days have been intresting although if you ask me the crew has been acting wierd. I know that a away team was sent over to the station, But I havent been told anything about whats been happening." "Computer Pause log" He goes to try to find his boots and goes into his closet and searches through the things that have managed to pile up in it. "Computer Resume Log Recording" "As I was saying, I am somewhat worried about the away team, but I am only a ensign so I guess I dont really need to know, but it would be nice to be in the "loop." Repairs are coming along somewhat, the chief is working with a science guy to try to figure out why were here, and I thought this would be a glourios assignment. I havent really gotten a whole lot of friends on board, but the other AENG seems nice, but then agian he hasnt really gotton out in front of the computer console. Well, I should get back to MENG and continue to help with repairs" "Computer End Log" With that he hits another button on the computer and puts his pip on and combadge back on. He then walks out of his room and goes back to MENG.
  7. I aggree I dont find myself nearly addictive but I always look forward to sunday (Which I used to hate)
  8. I would use it alot....Only, (well unless they keep count. no one really) how many times I have used a hypo spanner in a wide variety of dept.
  9. Name: Mark Fish Species: Human / Betzoid Age: 23 Height:5'9 Hair: Dirty Blonde Eyes: Blue Born: Earth Parents: -Dad: William Fish -Mom: Bonnie Fish Current Assignment: Assistant Engineer on USS Excalibur, Ensign History: Soon To Come.....
  10. I died :) NOTE:Amnor on my "Do not be nice to list" EDIT: Just joking s/he is awesome
  11. You have 3......Now we can do it the good old fashion way and break everything or we can do everytheing the odd and wierd and fix things ::Shivers at the idea:: Jk of course :)
  12. It took me about a month, I was kinda worrying but I resent it in (After KBear told me) and got somthing back a week later. Good luck. Note:I know a few people that took shorter time.
  13. Yes, When you graduate they will send you a email and then you select one of the ships (Well you have to pick 3), and you will pick 3 postions that you want then they email you back with your posting, Hope this helped. ;)
  14. I loved ENG but a GM (I wont metion names(STSF Jaimie)) made me play somthing else (TAC) and it was very fun so after that I decided I would try SEC so I played (Havent played SCI and have only played Medical once or twice) Secretly, I did apply for agincourt as a ENG, TAC and SEC
  15. Happy Birthday Socom!!!!! I hope you enjoy it