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  1. It's positive August laid across her bed with her pillow placed over the back of her head. She could hear the sound of Gunner in his bed, the slight sighs and smacking of his lips meant he was a sleep. Which was a good thing for her, the day had turned out like she feared and she was in that way again… She wasn't sure if she should be happy or up set. Right now she was lost; Will didn't seem to want to guide her in any direction either. He kept giving her that well look, which didn't help… at all! Part of her knew she should be happy, that life should be perfect for her, but for some reason it felt like life was happening and she was watching it go by without being able to control it or change how things worked out. She could feel the tears bubbling up again, and closed her eye tightly. When Will returned or if he did and saw her face all pink from crying he would get weird again. Even though she was protected by her pillow she needed to control the tears right now and figure things out… right? Or at least organize her thoughts. The worst part of the whole mess was that she *had to* tell people! It's not like she could hide this for long, then people would know that they were doing it… which was stupid because they are married and that is what married people do. But you don't take an ad out in the paper and announce it, but getting pregnant is kinda like doing that. Soon everyone will read the headline and know. August grabbed her pillow and held it down tighter. Hoping the lack of oxygen would make her pass out, but knew it wouldn't happen… it was just a pillow, not a plastic bag. She rolled over and tossed the pillow a side and pouted, then side the last thing she ever thought would come from her mouth, "I want my mom."
  2. A Room with No View By August Jax-Robinson August sat in the small room the Jem Hadar had placed her in. She watched the door and waited, and wondered if Will was mouthing off to them. Which she knew was a stupid thought, of course he was mouthing off… this is Will we are talking about. She glanced down when she heard her tummy rumble; "Great" She reached into her pocket and pulled out a field ration bar. Then ripped it open and took a bite, the bar had protein and hydrating properties that would keep her full and hydrated. Although it looked like straw and tasted like paper. August made a face and took another bite, "I am being tortured" she said with her mouth full. She chewed as fast as she could not knowing when someone would return and so she would have to really taste what she was eating. She figured that the baby wasn't really going to know what it was eating and she would make up for it later with some candy and an ice cream float when she got back. She then made a mental note that it was *Will* fault that the field rations taste, and texture is so bad… she didn't know why it was his fault, but he seemed like the one to blame. She shoved the rest of the bar in her mouth and closed her eyes as she chewed "Things I am doing for you" She mumbled with her mouth full, "You better take after me or else I am shooting your father."
  3. A Night of Lost Sleep A Swiss Family Robinson Presentation August sat in the dark and listened to everyone as they slept. She had been trying to relax and fall asleep but every time she closed her eyes she could only worry about waking up and *everyone* being gone and she was the only one left. She had never really cared either way about being alone, but this wasn’t the place where you wanted to end up alone. With a long sigh she sat up and counted everyone again, knowing she was being over paranoid she lied back down and closed her eyes, then opened them and looked at Will. She knew he was awake; his bull frog snore wasn’t consuming the place… “Are you awake?” she asked knowing the answer. “How can I sleep with you getting up and down every five minutes. Either get up and pee already or go to sleep.” He grumbled without moving. August rolled her eyes and closed them, “I don’t have to go” she whispered “I was just making sure everyone was still here… they are if you care.” Her comment made him move onto his side and prop his head on his hand, “I do care but I am not going to stay up all night worrying about it or drive everyone crazy either.” “I am not driving everyone crazy; just you.” “I know!” he replied a little too loud, he looked around to see if anyone woke up, “That is one argument we don’t need to have, because you are right. Now go to sleep” “I was thinking about some of what Commander Kawalus was talking about and the prophets or higher beings in the wormhole.” She glanced at him. “Great a late night theology discussion.” He grumbled and plopped his head down, “let's have it.” “OK… I am not a believer in higher beings, but if I was why would they do this? Is torturing people really something that is supposed to make you believe? Or conform into their way of thinking?” “1: We are not being tortured here. And B: I can’t see anyone making you think anything without an argument and night of lost sleep.” “No *we* aren’t but the Bajorans were… if we are to believe they are wise and God like, then why would they just sit by and do nothing? It doesn’t make sense.” Will gripped his head and exhaled “Jax, you're making my head hurt, can we finish this talk tomorrow?… we both need sleep. So shut up.” “But” “Shut up” August frowned and stopped talking then rolled over and to fake sleeping, still not hearing Will snore. Will glanced at August and sighed; now he couldn’t sleep. He couldn’t help buy lay there and think about the points she made and how she was right… “Damn it.” He grunted and rolled over, tossing the blanket over his head. "This sucks."