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  1. guyettes. love it. gonna use it. happy b-day!
  2. you tube --> hawaii 5-0 and first contact. best video mashup ever. and good music to boot!
  3. its good because there is less reports to do when someone dies than if someone _almost_ dies.
  4. Happy b-day!
  5. if you are the first one affected, this might not be a bad advice either...
  6. happy birthday!
  7. nothing like snow in june to keep things interesting... stupid weather.
  8. oh yes, one other quick blurb that i'm sure lots of people noticed. the fight scene on the drilling platform, the music was a very well done re-worked piece of TOS fight music. it was great! so to summarize my feelings on the film, loved the nostalgic elements, some technical aspects (that had to do with the plot driving elements) didn't like it as much. but overall, i'd give it a solid "what are you waiting for!? see the movie!"
  9. geeze... i kept reading and reading this thread waiting for someone to mention this, hoping i wasnt the first! i was sitting there, and did exactly the same thing, saw sulu, kirk, and some nameless red shirt... i wispered to my friend "that guy in the red, you know he's gonna die very shortly", and i laughed to myself. like you, i didn't hear anyone else snickering when they saw the guy, and when he got vaporized, i cant say i was looking around, but i would imagine some shock from the crowd that they would kill off the guy with the explosives. now with that said, i can go on to my complaints (a few)... i had no back story on the reasons for the new movie, nor the idea of this "reboot" of the series, so i did have some preconceived ideas before reading this thread: - could have made it a quick "back to the original timeline" by having it revert back to pre-kelvin destruction, a-la voyager year of hell. but the reasons for it, now that i know it, does seem quite reasonable. but i'm a person, that enjoys seeing an alternate timeline, like just having one straight linear timeline. - what was with the warp!?!? argh! as previously mentioned, one does not leave a system at warp speeds, and more irritating, enter a system at warp speeds. when they exited warp in titans atmosphere, i was in a state of disbelief. i know they can calculate positions of planets and such, so they not smash into them at absurd speeds, but what about shuttles etc that might be in the area. i had a slight problem with it. i was going to add a few more, but i think i'll stop for there. just some macguffins seemed a little stretched, even for star trek. loved the characters, and now i laugh a little bit more at the onion's report on the film. "if i wanted to see young attractive people doing cool, exciting things, i'll watch sports."
  10. i was always wondering where that spaceballs reference came from... i'm too young to remember that branding... i'm going to borger king right after arcadia tonight to get me some cups! i havent seen them either. i'm going to get the "special cut" just to listen to the debate about the andorian ambassador!
  11. i just watched the futurama episode "where no fan has gone before" (not for the first time, just first time noticing this), and noticed that welshy's wearing a red shirt. he was doomed the minute he joined up with the cast! the actors should really read the fine print of the contracts they sign, and it it doesn't specifically outline it, they should have them write in what colour of uniform they will be wearing.
  12. To: Captain Lo'Ami; Commander Alces CC: Lt. Commander Marx RE: Unauthorized container brought on board Sirs, as you know, Lt. Malik and myself have been researching possible entry points of this unknown substance, and we have located one definate possibility. After our departure from Axrekrav, we had picked up several scientists that were to be transported to Nevuluz III. One of the scientists, Dr. Hatch, had brought aboard a small 30 cubic centimeter container that was not declared. I have since contacted Dr. Hatch regarding the contents of the container, and he indicated that it contained a small colony of nanites, which he was developing in response to a patient with obsessive compulsive disorder and severe allergies. His patient was required to live in a sanitized environment, and could not live outdoors. These nanites would consume dust particles and other stray fibers to keep the environment clean. His research indicates that the nanites are susceptible to abnormal mutations if exposed to extremely high levels of gamma radiation, similar to those found in supernovas. I forwarded the scans of the Aether system, and he indicated that the levels would be sufficient to induce these unknown mutations. I have attached the specifications that the Doctor has forwarded to me to assist with locating them, although he warns that it is likely that any or all of these specifications have changed as a result of the mutation. Lieutenant T. Servo
  13. oddly enough this was mentioned to me by some friends "twitter is the new facebook". i was super reluctant to even latch on to facebook, and frankly, i still dont do too much with it. but to me it seems like the exact same thing, especially with all the people with smart phones, they are constantly updating their status, and to me it is essentially the same (as i understand it). maybe its just that i really dont have any desire to find out what my friends are doing every few hours. i can usually sum it up in one word "work". i remember one foxtrot comic that turned twitter into a very funny extreme, and showing it to be very useful! http://www.gocomics.com/foxtrot/2009/03/22/ just my 3 and a half cents.
  14. i hate that screen... the best i can ever do is try and string together clips loaded on youtube much-much later on, and hope i can watch them before they are removed by cease and desist orders. i've been watching ds9 reruns that way.
  15. memo: "due to budget cuts, recession, and rising fuel costs, all motorcycle racers will now train at their local playground. injuries sustained from kids beating you up will not be covered by our insurance policy."