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  1. Born in 2346 to Calyx and Astraea Faldek. Calyx was an instructor at the Bemarren Acamedy for state security, Astraea was a homemaker. Beran Faldek attended the Bemarren Institute and evantually graduated as one of it's most promising students. He was immediately recruited by the Obsidian Order and became a probationary operative. Under the guidance of Elim Garak and Enabren Tain, Faldek soon became one of the most decorated operatives in the history of the Obsidian Order. Faldek's parents were executed by the Obsidian Order. The reasoning behind their deaths was never disclosed to Faldek and given the closeness Cardassians feel to their families, even though the state should always come first, Beran decided to defect to the Federation. After giving up all the information he knew concerning the Obsidian Orders tactics and operations he pladged loyalty and allegiance to the Federation. After an exhaustive debriefing session lasting months, he was sent accepted and sent through Starfleet Academy and graduated as an engineer. Throughout his time on Manticore he transferred into Security, and back to Engineering, once holding the Chief Engineer, and the Operations officer positions. He also has spent extensive amounts of time at the Utopia Planitia shipyards. He designed the Chimera landing assault craft that calls it's home Manticore. He has returned from another assignment lasting longer than he anticipated. He missed Manticore and is glad to once again call it his home.
  2. We see Lieutenant Commander Faldek sitting in the center seat of the Chimera. He hits the console and the doorway on the starboard side of the vessel closes, and the runabout gently lifts off the ground and moves into a position over Cerberus. Cerberus is currently laying on one side, with some visual wounds on the outer hull. Faldek engages the tractor beam from Chimera and slowly picks up Cerberus, rotating the beam so that the Cerberus is right side up, and slowly modulates the tractor beam to let Cerberus touch down on the ground lightly. He then swings Chimera around and sets it down right next to the Cerberus. Faldek then exits the craft and heads for Cerberus. Faldek hits the entry code on the exterior keypad, and nothing happens. “Cerberus computer, please respond.” Faldek says after tapping his comm badge. “Please verify security pass code.” The computer replies. “Faldek Beta 2-2-3-4 Alpha 1.” Faldek confirms. “Entry granted.” The feminine voice responds. The door to the runabout opens but only three quarters of the way. Faldek enters finding things all about the aft cabin. “Nice.” He moves over to the center seat and punches in commands for a level 3 diagnostic on all internal and external systems. As he reads the list having it take over 2 hours to generate a list of issues. Faldek's eyes got wider as he kept reading the list. The list: Warp Drive systems Primary Impulse drive system Secondary Impulse drive system Weapons Shields 1 neuro gel pack Miniature exterior hull fracture on port nacelle Science module systems Engineering module systems Long range scanners Cloaking scanners Structural Integrity field “Wow...” is all Faldek could say to himself once he got done reading the list. Realizing the important things to get the ship back space worthy enough to get to Manticore he prioritized the list. Fix it: Secondary Impulse drive system Miniature exterior hull fracture Structural Integrity field After making sure those were the only systems needed to get the Cerberus back to Manticore without a tow he began checking on which neuro gel pack was dead. After checking it out, the gel pack in question was for the engineering module computer. Knowing that it was not absolutely needed he grabs out the engineering kits for Cerberus, considering it has extensive engineering tools Faldek knows he can repair the systems needed for interstellar flight. First he gets to work on the secondary impulse drive, replacing two conduits and replaced the space-time driver coil. This done he runs a check on it a level 2 diagnostic. The diagnostic returns all green, Faldek smiles and begins his next task almost 1.5 hours after the initial scan. He begins the next task outside the ship, repairing the micro-fractures on the port nacelle. Using the appropriate tool he slow and very carefully seals the tiny fractures, like using a dermal regenerator on a life forms skin. This pain staking slow going procedure takes almost 2 hours, as he is thorough, not wanting to miss one. As soon Faldek finishes this he re-enters the Cerberus and gathers what he needs for his last task. Before starting this last task he runs a diagnostic on the external hull sensors making sure he repaired all the micro fractures, and upon reading the results he smiles and finally sets upon his last task. After reading the multiple breaks in the ODN lines that communicate and regulate the structural integrity field, Faldek begins the arduous task of repairing all 9 breaks one at time. After working non-stop for over 2 hours, confident in his work, Faldek runs a final diagnostic on the SIF. Seeing green all across the board he takes a seat at the center chair. Faldek scrubs the pre-flight checklist and powers systems up. He hits the console and closes the exterior doors and engages thrusters. The Cerberus shakes slightly but lifts off the ground. He then only with thrusters exits the planets atmosphere, to check and make sure his repairs would hold. Thankfully they do and Faldek takes the Cerberus back down to the surface, landing it next to Chimera. Happy about his work he cracks open a ration and has breakfast, watching the sunrise.
  3. Faldek peeks around the trees, and sees one of the flying beasts at the tree line. He leans over and aims, hits the fire button, and nothing happens. He looks at his type 2 phaser, having fired it so many times for the longer periods seems to have depleted his power cell. "Oh no... my phaser's dead!" Faldek looks across the path over at Kansas and chucks his phaser at one of the creatures. Kansas gets up as quckly as she can, and runs where Faldek had gone.She did not know she was actually heading away from Faldek. Faldek hits his comm badge and calls the Chimera, "Computer, stop the attack. Triangulate my position with the communication frequency and get about half a meter above the surface, open the starboard door, and lower shields to allow entry. Confirm." "Confirmed, tactical status on standby, starting descent" replies the feminine voice. Kanasas hears the big bird things above her, she glances back and up towards the sky. "It's about time." Faldek jumps up and runs diagonally towards the descending craft. A Lintu jumps towards him and snaps, Faldek drops into a roll and jumps into the open door of the Chimera. "Emergency ascend, close the door, raise shields!" "Acknowledged." The door closes, the shields go up, and Faldek quickly sits at the helm. She ducks under brush, “ This was a stupid idea!” Faldek routes all systems to his console. "Chimera to Kenickie, please respond." Faldek brings the runabout around, and starts targetting with pulse and beam phasers. "Chimera, Kenickie here..what?" She asked in a hush. "Thank God. Look I've got these guys, and I doubt they'll make it out of here alive. Are you good on the ground or would you like a lift?" Faldek fires pulse cannons at a Lintu in the air and blows holes through both of its wings and then hits it in the torso with a beam. He watches it fall to the ground. Kansas spots a bird thing flying down towards her, and makes a run for it. Faldek looks at his sensor readout, spotting what looks to be 5 more Lintu in the area. "Looks like there's about 5 left." Kansas runs faster, hearing it closing in on her, she feels herself being pulled up in it's claws and she can see the ground getting farther from her feet. Faldek spots a Lintu dive bombing towards the treeline, but sees another closer off the starboard bow. Then he spots the lintu previously mentioned with something black, grey and gold in it's claws. "Oh no..." he quickly switches targets and begins firing with the beam phasers at the birds head, watching it sever. Kansas feels the Lintu loose it's grip and drop her, she hits the deck and as that happens she feels half of it's body land on her. "This is enough playing around." Faldek turns starboard and locks onto one Lintu dead ahead, and another off the port side, and fires beam phasers to port and the pulse phasers ahead. He hits both Lintu simultaneously watching them both drop from the sky. "Yes!" Kansas lies still, not wanting to be grabbed by anything else. She looks up and around, pushing the Lintu off of her slowly, not wanting to make a lot of movement. He brings the Chimera about, heading for the last two. They were both on the ground, munching on their dead comrades. "Oh caught in the act..." Faldek targets them with just pulse phaser canons and lets loose a volly of about 15 blasts completely killing and rittling them with big smoking holes. Faldek opens the comm back up, "Kansas, are you ok? It's clear to come out, I'm not reading any more Lintu Sal in the area." Kansas gets up slowly, moving away from the Lintu. She hits her comm badge, "I think I am, I fell pretty hard." Kansas holds her side tightly, she keeps moving, even though she is out of breath. "Roger that. I'm landing in about 1 minute. Get over here if you can so I can scan you." Faldek brings the Chimera back into the clearing and lands, dropping shields and opening the starboard side door. Kansas glances up and walks slowly to where the Chimera is headed. She starts walking a little bit slower as tha pain is taking her breath away. The Chimera sets down softly. Faldek runs to the back and grabs out a medical tricorder. He goes back up front and greets Kansas. "Come in and sit down here in the conference area, I need to scan you." Kansas climbs in and takes a seat, “they moved quicker then I thought they would.” She still seems to be out of breath. He scans Kansas slowly, looking intently at the report. "You're alive. Looks like you've got a few bruised ribs, and some cuts and scrapes. Nothing a dermal regenerator and a nice hypo shot can't cure." “Great! How much longer until we head back up?” Kansas asks questioningly. Faldek gets up to the medkit and grabs out the hypo and a dermal regenerator. "You'll be heading back up in about 5 minutes. I'm staying here, going to tractor the Cerberus back on her belly and see if there's anything wrong with it." Kansas grabs a water bottle and takes a sip, then stops Faldek. “I would reather a Doctor fix me up, if you don't mind.” He stops. "I have basic medical training. You aren't leaving until you get this basic care. That's an order." “Basic... the ribs are more then basic... I can handle it, I'll take the hypo, then head back to the cave.” She stands up slowly. "How about I give you the hypo and the dermal regnerator and you can do it yourself. I know you have atleast the same basic training I have." “I do, and I know that I need a doctor to do it. Hypo me, then I will head back, you can play with the shuttles.” Kansas counters. Faldek hypos her. "You're lucky that I respect you, otherwise I'd sedate you for disobeying my orders." Hands her a fresh power cell and wrist light. "Let them know what happened and what my plans are. I'm going to contact the Manticore and give them a status report." Kansas nods and clips the light and power cell on her belt. “Alright, lets hope the team is ready to leave when I get back.” "Keep an eye peeled. Take it slow, don't need you hurting anything else." Hands her the pain killer hypo spray, "Just in case." She nods, “Alright, see you back at the cave.” Kansas exits the ship and heads back the way they came. Faldek goes to the main console and hits the comm, “Manticore, this is Faldek on the Chimera, come in." “Bridge. Keb here. What's going on down there?” Mizu answers. “Commander Mizu, I was alerted by the Qin Security Forces that Chimera and Cerberus were under attack by the big bird like creatures. Kansas and myself made it back, and stopped the attack." "Is everyone all right?" she queries. "Kansas was picked up by a Lintu Sal, thats one of them birds I previously mentioned, and I managed to get aboard Chimera and save her. We killed about 11 of them. Cerberus is... damaged. Kansas is heading back to the mountain and I am going to try and repair if needed the Cerberus." "Commander Farrington and Dr. Lowen are aboard Manticore, and Krell is helping me synchronise our sensors. When we are finished, we may be able to beam down a repair crew. Is that necessary?” Mizu askes. "Perhaps, I will give you an update when I know more. Chimera out." Faldek hits the button as he hears her final reply. "Acknowledged. Manticore out." Mizu hits the button on the console ending her transmission.
  4. Faldek quickly drifts off to sleep in the pilots' chair after Farrington decides to disobey a direct order from a flag officer. He obviously is perfectly okay with this, but he noted in his log that he protested, not saying what he protested, but that he did. As he sleeps he moves into REM sleep and begins to dream. Only this isn't a dream or is it? Faldek is 18 years old, an operative for the Obsidian Order. His mission: find and extract a particular individual code named Daikon. As he recieves his orders in his home on Cardassia Prime in Cardassia City, the capitol of the Cardassian Union, he places the data rod, which cannot be duplicated into his personal console, and listens to the content, commits it to memory and summarily destroys the data rod. According the information he recieved, the individual to be called Daikon, was kidnapped by the Breen Confederacy. His mission to play cop and find this individual, but why he thinks... would the Order want to rescue someone so badly? It was not really what he was trained for. He dissapeared people, not the other way around, truly puzzling indeed, but orders are orders, especially if they came from the Order. Like any well trained person, he started with a disguise, this time he would be a Dalin of the Cardassian Union Military. He applied certain make up tones to make him look more the age of a lieutenant commander. Then moving on, without any real physical evidence, just Daikon's last known whereabouts, a restaurant in Lakarian City. He boarded the transport to that city, and within no time he was there. Unknown to him at the time, this was Gul Dukat's home town, he would later find that out. Faldek heads to the restuarant and takes a seat, people looking at him with admiration and respect, his rank and job title displayed on his uniform. Faldek orders seafruit, and taspar eggs fried with a nice warm glass of Kanar to wash it down. As the order is taken he requests to know who was working on the date in question and has that person ... brought to his table. According the file and by the admission of the employee named, Bannek, a person fitting the description of Daikon had been in 2 days ago and had lunch. Bannek wasn't sure what was ordered and I suggested he find out. After carefully reviewing the logs Bannek had ordered tefla broth and rokat with Bajoran spring wine to wash it down with. Now that's odd Faldek thought, Bajoran spring wine. Faldek askes to see the security footage, but according the establishments owners the data rods are re-recorded over every 36 hours. Realizes that's a violation of the new laws put in place last week, files it away to be reported to the Order, and have the owner properly... educated on the new laws. After eating a scrumptous meal, Faldek feels enlightened by what he was told by Bannek. Apparently Daikon was rather talkative and lead on that she was leaving for a while on a diplomatic mission to Romulus. However according to the orders Daikon recieved she was not doing such a thing, she was actually tasked to head up a covert mission against the Federation. As he mulls over the facts he begins to get slightly confused about the whole ordeak. Daikon was kidnapped by the Breen, lied to a waiter about going to Romulus, but was infact going to spy on the Federation. As he thinks, walking down the sidewalk, lost in thought he becomes aware of something around him, not sure what, and then suddenly he drops to the ground, unconcious and is taken away swiftly by an untracable transporter beam. Faldek awakens on a ship, he's not sure what kind as he is still very groggy from whatever it was that made him unconcious. As he becomes aware he is on a Cardassian vessel, unsure of the class as he is only in a single room on the ship, but from the markings on the walls it is deffinately of Cardassian design. He is no longer wearing his Dalin uniform and armor, he was stripped down to nothing but his skivvies. Faldek is tied down to the table with seemingly unmovable straps. A door opens and he hears two people, then they both come into the light, and he can see them. Both Cardassian males, and both were wearing medical garbs. Faldek begins by asking why he was taken and where he was, the reply came swiftly in the form of an electrical shock to his cranial cavity, and oddly enough he felt pain, not pleasure, and he cries out. A moment later he hears the door open again, this time a Gul in uniform comes into view, the man introduces himself as Gul Madred, Cardassian Union Military Intelligence. Realizing somehow that his cover had been blown, tries to think his way out of this. He knows that his Dalin disguise had all the right documentation, but sometimes the Military Intelligence analysts can spot a fake. Apparently the MI had been looking for this Daikon as well. After being tortured for hours, Faldek broke, telling what he knew, that he was an Obsidian Order operative, on mission to find Daikon. They wanted her real name, but as Faldek did not know he could not give them that information, and he was totured even more, almost to the point of death. He was dumped in front of the Obsidian Order's Administration building. Faldek wakes up inside another dark room, with medical things inserted into his body, his arms and legs in dermal coverings. He didn't feel any pain though, this time he felt simply pleasure, as his "Wire" had been repaired. Faldek can see a figure sitting in a chair in the corner of the room in the dark. He askes who the person is but there was no reply. After a moment the person started to speak. He tells Faldek that he failed and that Daikon was found dead in a sub-impulse pod floating near the DMZ. Faldek asked what day it was and was surprised to learn that he had been out for 4 days. The person described what Faldek already knew, that his cover had been blown and of course that he was tortured and his wire disabled by MI. According the operative, Daikon as a mole for MI, that had somehow infiltrated the Order. To Faldek that seemed impossible, technically this would not count as a failure on his record but in his mind, he had failed his mission. Retrieve the person, alive. Faldek asked the Order to alter his memory engrams so that this memory would not harm his future performance. They did, but apparently the doctor that had given Faldek a new face wasn't too great at fixing memories and this one resurfaced. Now in his mind, dreaming in the Chimera Faldek wakes up, a thin layer of what the Cardassians call perspiration on his forehead, his head and entire body in pain, imagined pain, he realizes this wasn't the only person he ever lost on his watch, he looks at the chronometer on the console and sees its nearing first light as he can see the sun starting to rise, with a red dawn, and vows that he will not lose Lowen, and that if he did, he would lose himself.
  5. "Computer, begin recording personal log. Space... its so big and vast. Over the last few days, i've been pouring over everything I can in the database concerning the journey of USS Voyager NCC-74656. As I come to read more and more and listen to the ships logs of those crew members being instantly sent over 70,000 light years from home. Home has a very special meaning to it. For some home is this ship, like me. For others home is Bolius, Earth, Qo'Nos, etc. My home was taken away from me when I decided that 'home' was not a nice place. The things I did for my home exceeded what was really needed to keep it safe. I didn't know better then but I know better now. Home for me is this ship, her crew my family. It's all I have left, my duties and my life. As of late I seem to have struck up quite the friendship with Keb Mizu, our new pilot. I hope this turns into something for I hate being lonely. Ever since the only woman I ever had feelings for was killed many years ago I have really never looked. That was a moment of intense pain, she was carrying our child, and I was set to marry her in less than 3 months. I have never spoken of this in a log, she was killed by Romulans on a civilian transport ship, they thought was an undercover military vessel, she was but a navigator. Once the Order heard about this tragedy was when they gave me the mission to Romulus to kill the Senator whom had a hand in ordering the attack. Well you've heard that story before, so i won't rehash it. Needless to say Garnoopy is acting irrationally and if he plans to really try and go forward with this plan of his that could kill billions, i will terminate his existance in the way I've done so many times before. Life is worth more than a ships crew trying to get home. I am home, and i know some people feel the same as I do. I know it sounds hippacritical for me to say these things knowing i've put an end to thousands of innocent lives. However during those times i was of course an operative, and i was brainwashed that what i was doing was in the best interests of the Order. After Chief Garnoopy shot my idea down for trying to design a new power source for a new type of torpedo i'm trying to develop, just in case we get into some harsh situations like Voyager did. I snapped, I almost, well i did lose control. I punched a locker and busted up my hand, thankfully sickbay can fix these things. During this i found out that my wire is still working correctly. I've been order to accompany one of two away teams to these planets that we've found. I've never made first contact before, and this will be a first for me. Well I imagine the Admiral has made first contact with many species, hopefully if we find one he will perform above and beyond Starfleet's expectations. I've also been reviewing ships logs and the database concerning times where people didn't follow the rules and broke them in Starfleets history, concerning sacrificing the the good of the few over the many. Captain James Kirk thought much the same way that Garnoopy is, except I think Captain Kirk would not make a decision to endanger the lives of so many. What can someone do to reconcile against such a diehard course of action. How can the Admiral allow Chief Garnoopy to research this plan of his. It's unthinkable, reguardless of how far away from 'home' we are it would never constitute us abandoning the Prime Directive. In my reading Captain Janeway tried a few times to not follow the rules, and it always ended in disaster, this will end that way to. We must stick to the rules, it is the only way for us to remian true to ourselves and the values which we all swore to uphold. Life is precious and thinking about others not just ourselves is was sets us apart from the rest of the powers of the Alpha and Beta quadrants. We are honorable, we have courage, and we are committed to doing right and stopping the wrong. It is these core values that makes us aspire to be better than we are. We need these things in order to remain good and not bad. Computer, end recording, and save log as personal." Lieutenant Commander Beran Faldek Pilot/Security Officer USS Manticore 5852-A
  6. "Computer begin recording official request. This message is for Admiral Atragon-9 regarding the security updates that I installed on the ship for the possibility of a Borg attack and boarding. Admiral, in my professional opinion, and experience, I feel the security updates that were installed were a good idea, however I believe that there should be more precautions taken. I think that during this time all main computer access points should be restricted by security personnel and force fields. This being said, I have ideas for new weapons upgrades, and force field upgrades as well. As you know sir, I started out as an engineer and have had a few accomplishments concerning my technological capacity. In this formal request I will give you most of the pertinent details as far as what I'd like to have accomplished before we may meet the Borg. I have been studying the reports, official and unofficial concerning the Borg take over of the Enterprise-E during the Borg attack of 2373. From those reports I have determined a few courses of action that perhaps SFS or SFI have not taken into account. First, if we are boarded I have an idea for a rapidly re-modulating force field which I believe the Borg may not be able to pass through very easily. I also have possible re-modulation settings for all phasers and even the fact that the plasma shotgun, also known as the Federation Assault Rifle, may be of good use since it's a projectile rather than a beam weapon. Also another security upgrade for the computer to block out any Borg signatures. First of all regarding this force field. Usually Borg can adapt their personal shields to the force fields modulation but simply touching it until the adaptation takes place. Well my idea, and I believe it is possible that we could set up forcefields to slow the Borg advancement in the event of being boarded. With this force field it would rapidly re-modulate its frequency so that the Borg can't adapt, and even of the Borg do, the next force field would do the same. I think it would help to contain an issue. As far as the standard cycling of phaser modulations, we'll have to do that, but instead of it being random, we use them on an escalating modulation, and we can disable the safety protocols to allow the phasers to go a little beyond their recommended settings. Also as previously stated I would like to replicate more of the Assault Rifles for the plasma projectile they shoot. I don't believe the Borg can adapt their personal shielding to with stand that sort of an attack. That being said this type of weapon is a scatter gun, it shoots multiple plasma pellets, it is not that accurate past a certain range, however I believe it would be worth the risk. Also the fact that it would have to have "ammunition" would make it a bulky carry but as I said I believe it is worth the risk. As far as the next upgrade I have in mind, we can program the computer to recognize Borg signatures, with a little bit of work, and have our computer think its a virus. This being said the computer would react and try to contain and kill the virus in a non-primary computer system. Also have a pre set up fractal encryption code that the Borg cannot access. I would suggest giving the code to 5 people, and only in 5 parts so the whole code is not known to any one person. As far as my reading on Lieutenant Commander Data's after action report, the Borg were unable to break it. Granted he couldn't be assimilated I think it's a good idea. Concerning the above stated issue the entire computer should be locked out, not just the main core. In the event of being boarded the code should be implemented. Also I believe that if the Borg would board the ship, their first stop would be Main Engineering and I would like to get some additional security posted there and those force fields put up through all the Jeffries' tubes in the Main Engineering area. This may sound excessive however I believe the Borg are a force to be reckoned with and should not be taken lightly at all. This concludes my formal request. Stop recording, dictate and transfer to the PADD on my desk." Lieutenant Commander Beran Faldek - Security Officer/Pilot