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  1. Yay Samantha! Happy Birthday!
  2. After a short nap in the security office, Daena finds herself entering her quarters. She had left Tom undisturbed on the office's couch. As the Mithraan entered quietly in her room, she could see that both kittens, Cozy and Fluffy, were also in the middle of their nap. The black and white puffballs lay at one end of the sofa, their tails flicking back and forth on occasion. Quietly moving by to not wake them, Daena slowly slipped out of her uniform. She placed it neatly in a spot in the closet and selected something loose and casual to wear, a light blue nightie. Tom had enjoyed the brief nap, but had never been much of a heavy sleeper. A few minutes after Daena left, Tom noticed the empty spot on the couch. "Computer, what time is it?" The computer replied with 2050 hours. "I've still got a little bit of time left on my shift", he thought to himself. Tom decided to work on a brief report on what had now become known as the infamous "lint incident". After getting a small cup of tea, Daena turned to see two sets of eyes looking at her, their tails lashing happily. The Mithraan returned the lash and took a seat on the couch only to be leapt upon by the two kittens. Taking a sip of tea, she sat the cup down and began petting the two. Her maroon eyes gazed around the room, eventually stopping at the easel in the corner. A canvas set upon it, uncompleted. Daena frowned slightly, she hadn't had the time, nor was she in the right mood to finish. With the log promptly sent away to the appropriate crew members, Tom left the security office and thought about how much he enjoyed the brief time that Daena and he had earlier, thinking about how little time they had for each other over the last few weeks. He quickly checked to make sure that she didn't sneak off and return back to the science lab, and found that she had returned back to her quarters. He walked casually to the turbolift and was whisked away to her deck. When he got there, he rang the bell, not yet feeling completely comfortable just letting himself in just yet. At the sound of the chime, both kittens hopped up from Daena's lap and ran to the door. A little bad habit they were beginning to pick up. The Mithraan's ears perked at the chime as she turned to the door. "Come in," she said calmly with a little curiosity. When the door opened, Tom barely had enough time to catch a glimpse of the lovely Mithraan before he was greeted by two little kittens at his feet. "Hello there," he cheerfully said to the little kittens. He continued into the quarters, and when the door closed behind him, he was finally able to focus his attention on Daena. "Hi there," he said with a smile, "I wanted to come by and spend some quality time together, without being totally drained." "Hi," she said with a smile. "I didn't want to wake you." Both of the kittens, who seemed like they hadn't seen Tom in forever, were both rubbing as hard as they could along his pants leg. They struggled with each other to get the most attention. "That's quite alright. I probably should have finished up my duties before nodding off, but it certainly was refreshing." Tom carefully walked towards Daena, taking care not to step on the little ones. When he reached her, he picked up Cozy and placed her on the couch, before picking up Fluffy and doing the same. He sat down next to her, and was not sure what to say. He was just happy to be there with her. "So, you were able to successfully stop those little buggers were you?" He said with some hesitation. The Mithraan quietly nodded, but before she could speak, Cozy stuck her face up in Tom's. Daena laughed before she gently grabbed both kittens, taking them to the other room. They were interrupting quality time. After returning, the science chief sat back down, much closer to Tom. "I am glad we were able to remove the nanites." As she took them to the other room, Tom caught himself staring at her, thinking about how fantastic she looked, and how it seemed to be so natural. He snapped out of it just before she returned. "Me too. As much fun as it is to target practice on the bulkheads, it was not my idea of a good time." He hesitated for a moment before continuing on, "I was wondering, are you feeling up to par? Lately you have been distracted or something whenever I see you." "No...I am fine. Just busy..." Her ears drooped slightly, looking away briefly. Tom placed his arm around her, pulling her close. "I'm thinking that its more than just work, things around you have been falling to the wayside. I haven't seen a new painting from you in a while." He looked over to the corner, and took note of the darker colors being used, for what little had been painted. "And the one that you have on the go doesn't have the same cheery feeling that the others do..." He rested his head on hers, giving her another little squeeze. The image on the canvas appeared to be of a man, part of him surrounded in darkness. Though the image is unfinished, it was probably clear who it represented. Daena turned his head gently away from the corner. "Please do not look..." she said, a bit of fear and worry crossing her expression. Then her gaze fell downward as she pressed her forehead onto his chest. "Is this about that thing from Aether?" He tried to mention it as gently as possible. He knew a while ago that it was a sensitive topic that they had been avoiding. Daena remained quiet, but Tom could feel it as she nodded yes. Tom made special note not to hold her too tightly on her shoulders, and slipped his hand down to her upper arm. "It's ok to talk about it. I would like it if we could discuss it, but if that would be too hard on you, talking with anyone else would be ok too! As long as you talked it out. It is much better than keeping it inside." "I do not know what to say..." Daena finally said as she broke her silence. She looked up at him with her maroon eyes, which were slightly watered. He thought for a moment, weighing the pros and cons mentally, before leaning in and giving her a very loving kiss, pulling away slightly just far enough to see her eyes again. "That's alright. Just remember that he is gone now, and that I would never do anything to hurt you." The Mithraan finally smiled after the kiss. It had been a while since they had kissed like that, and it felt very reassuring. "I know," she said as she rested her head back on him. Her smile is what attracted him in the first place, and he enjoyed watching her just be happy. "Is there anything else I can do to help?" He paused for a moment, "Or would you rather just talk to Sam about it for now?" "I shall talk to him later," she replied. A slight purr began resonating through her body as she stayed close to his. Tom pulled away slightly with a sly smile, "Oh, I was talking about Ms. Kent!" He was only kidding, but was hoping to get another smile out of her. Which he did. She leaned up and kissed him once more, her purr increased as her tail lashed about. Tom stood up, and took Daena by the hand, walking her towards the kittens, "Well, if you are ok with talking to Sam about that part to maybe help, then maybe we should get a good night's sleep, on something other than a couch." He held her close as they got to her bed. Daena sat down, curling up under the sheets as Tom got changed in the next room before joining her. They fell asleep holding each other close.
  3. Happy Birthday Tom! ::hugs:: ;)
  4. Tom and Daena were running through the corridors, chasing each other and having a playful game of hide and seek. Tom snuck up around a corner, and found Daena with her back pressed up against the wall, with a smile on her face. He latched on and gave her a smile and a kiss. "Gotcha!" He held her for a moment before scurrying off to find the next place to hide, and for her to find him. They were slowly making their way to their quarters in a playful manner, but would be far more professional whenever they ran into another crew member, but no sooner than the other person was around the corner they would begin again. On the last stretch, they held hands as they walked. "Did you want to do anything tonight?" Tom asked Daena. The Mithraan gently rubbed her head along his shoulder, before looking up to answer the question. "Umm...We should go somewhere special." "Is there somewhere you had in mind, or something specific you wanted to do?" He asked as looked down into her maroon eyes. "We could go to the holodeck," she said as her ears perked up happily, her tail also doing a happy dance. Tom smiled at her suggestion, "I know just the place. I don't think I've ever shown you my family cabin that I went to during the summer. It has a beautiful lake." "It sounds lovely," Daena said with a light purr in her voice. Tom gave Daena's hand a loving squeeze, as they walked towards the holodeck. Neither one of them said anything, just enjoyed each other's company eventually arriving at their destination. "Computer, load Servo family cabin." After a few seconds, the panel indicated that the program was running, and they entered together. "Welcome to my summer nights," Tom said as he looked out over the lake. Daena's eyes lit up as she stepped into the holodeck. The surroundings were wonderful, and the light dancing on lake made it even better. "It is beautiful..." She broke her gaze of the landscape to look back up at Tom. "Is this on Earth?" He led her down a grassy pathway to the shore where the gentle sound of the water rippling in the darkness was lit only by the moon. "Yea, it’s about 4 hours away from where I grew up. I came here often with my family, every now and then I'd visit with friends, but I've never brought... well anyone as special as you here." She didn't know quite what to say. She blushed a little, looking back out at the water. "After the academy, I didn't get a chance to come back, so I had my family take a holocamera out, and send me the data. I've been working on perfecting the ambience since then." Tom stood behind Daena, wrapping his arms around her, resting his chin on her shoulder. "Would you like to go for a swim?" Tom asked, remembering the soothing feeling of the cool water. It had been a long time since Daena enjoyed a good swim. She nodded in joyful acknowledgment. "Yes. I would love to." Tom gave her a quick squeeze, "Wait right here! I'll be back in a second." And ran inside to retrieve some swim gear for each of them. He got to his bedroom, and got his swim trunks out of the dresser, and realized that Daena didn't have anything there. "Computer, I need a swimsuit for Daena please." No sooner than he had finished his sentence did a suit materialize on the bed. Tom quickly got changed in his room before heading back to the shore. But Daena wasn't paying attention, as she was mesmerized by the water. She had stripped down to her bare skin, and was soon waist deep in the water. She assumed Tom was right behind her. Her tail splashed about the top of the water, as she finally turned to where she thought Tom was. Tom came jogging out of the cabin with his swim trunks on, carrying Daena's new swim suit when he noticed her already in the water. When he got closer he asked playfully, "Couldn't wait to get in?" He waded his way out to meet her, holding out the suit when he got closer. "Here you go." "Oh!" The Mithraan was in shock as she saw the swimsuit in his hands, and the trunks on him. She quickly sunk into the water, up to her chin. Her ears were flattened in embarrassment, and her eyes looked away. "I...I forgot...Humans require clothing to swim..." she said frowning. Tom got closer and sunk into the water as well, with only his head poking out of the water. "Well, not all the time," he said with a smile. He got right next to her and held her under the water as he let her swim suit float back to the shore. "I guess I will never fully understand some of your people's ways..." Daena said, finally looking back up at Tom. "Well, some customs are just for modesty. But you know what," he said as he let go of her for a moment, "when I'm around you, I don't know why I should be." As he finished his thought, he had slipped off his trunks underwater and let them float to the shore as well. He moved back in and held her closely, with only their heads above water, looking at the mountains in the distance. Daena finally smiled, giving Tom a wet kiss. "My people were never much on modesty..." "Well, I hope you will be at least a little... I can be the jealous type you know..." he said with a loving smile.
  5. The science lab was quiet for the most part. It was after hours and much of the staff was off. The only flicker of life in the lab seemed to come from the office. Here Daena sat, her maroon eyes gazing upon the computer console which was currently playing the recording she took from the ancient computer on Nevulz. Tom was nearby after returning from their mission into the caverns, looking over, watching Daena focused on the screen in front of her. "Have you learned anything more from the recording you took?" The Mithraan scientist's ears twitched as she flinched from the voice. She had almost forgotten Tom was still with her. He could have been anywhere on the ship, and certainly not here going through the boring recording, but he was. Daena turned to the security officer, smiling brightly at him as her tail lashed about. "Almost..." she said softly. "There are still a few spots that I need to go over." "Well, I'm sure that you will figure out this whole mess", Tom said as he rested his hand on her shoulder, "this is certainly your area of knowledge." Tom hesitated for a moment then sat down next to her, looking into her eyes, "You know, the impromptu trip through the caves might not have been the safest thing..." Daena purred real lightly as Tom had placed his hand on her shoulder. She brushed her cheek along his hand, and then turned to look at him. "The others hate me right now, don't they?" she asked, frowning. He scooted closer to her, trying to reassure, and held her tightly, "Well, I think there are a few that may have been concerned that you let your curiosity get ahead of your safety." "I...I am sorry..." she said as she rested her head on his shoulder, strands of purple hair covering her face. "Well, despite your rush to search the caverns, I think that we were at least safe. Regardless of my feelings towards you, or maybe even because of them, I have a duty to protect not only your safety but the others as well." He brushed her hair slightly to the side, allowing him to see her face. Daena nodded, as her eyes glanced up to meet his. "You are right. I will try harder next time..." With those thoughts and concerns out in the open, Tom felt much better, having been able to discuss not only personal things with her, but work related as well. Tom smiled, looking down on Daena's beautiful eyes, "Would you like to take a little break from this stuff?" Her tail happily danced about at the mention of a break. She sat up, smiling as she gave a little nod. "Yes..." Tom took a hold of her hand, as they walked out of the science lab, "So I'm still trying to learn about the girl that keeps me in so much trouble"; he said with a smile, "why did you join up with Starfleet?" "I wanted to see the stars..." Daena said looking up at Tom as they walked. "My people are somewhat closed minded when it comes to some things. Many would rather stay comfortable in their sheltered lives. When the Federation first came to my planet, some thought it was a sign of the end of our people. Others thought it was a blessing. I just wanted to prove that our dreams can go beyond one planet..." Tom smiled, "Well, you certainly are the type that enjoys adventures." As they continued walking around the ship he held her hand feeling for the first time in a long time, being able to get close to someone emotionally. "What about your family? How do they feel about you travelling the stars?" "I have a large family. My people have always lived in the ways of matriarchal clans. My siblings, along with my parents and grandparents all live together. And as far back as my clan can be traced, we have always followed the ways of Nouvelle, the Goddess of the Arts and of Passion..." Her eyes followed the lights along the walls. "So imagine how my grandmother, who is the High Elder of the Nouvelle Tribe, felt when she found out her granddaughter and star pupil wanted to travel the stars..." "I would imagine that she was not exactly thrilled about it, but as is with most grandparents, I'm sure she was still proud of your spirit. You still seem to enjoy art still, and that must at least mean something to her." With each passing corridor, Tom realized they were almost full circle around the deck and returning shortly to the science lab. "If it is any consolation, I am certainly glad your here." He smiled and looked at her, squeezing her hand as they walked. A tint of rose colored Daena's cheeks at the sound of Tom's words. It was then she realized they were right back where they started. She stopped at the door, turning to Tom. "As am I..." she said smiling, her tail swinging with the mood. "I should get back to the recordings..." she said glancing back at the lab door, before fixing her eyes back on Tom. "Thank you for the break," her last sentence had a little purr mixed in with it. Daena softly leaned up closer to Tom, setting her lips on his cheek in a gentle kiss. She then released him, stepping back, the lab doors hissing open. Tom felt his face go red as Daena kissed him, "Well, I best be getting back... I'm sure that Cmdr Marx is waiting for a report on what happened down there." Just before letting her return to the lab, he pulled her back close, and gave her a kiss and an extended hug. Tom watched her go into the lab, giving a small wave as the doors closed behind her. He then headed for the security office to provide his report on the mission.
  6. Meow. :lol: Hiya. You don't have to worry about me. I'm the nice kitty. ;)
  7. ::hugs Dac:: Happy Birthday!
  8. (The following takes place before our trip to the games.) Swan picks a suit for herself but being more modest she picks a one piece, solid purple in color. She turns to Daena. "How does this one look?" "I like the color..." replied the female Mithraan. She wasn't sure of the shape, but maybe it suited her human counterpart better. "You should try it on." Swan nods in agreement. "I will. I hope it looks as good as yours." She turns and walks into the small changing room in sickbay. She changes into the suit and comes back out although a bit slower than she went in. She asks nervously, "Well? How…how does it look?" Daena smiles as her tail swishes. "I think it suits you very well." Swan turns in a circle as Daena looks. "You are sure you do not mind my being with you?" "I am certain. I do not think I could have fun if I knew someone was not." She glanced over Katherine and her swimsuit once more, smiling. "Besides, we need to try out these suits at the beach." Katherine smiles, "How are you feeling first? Any trouble from the medications I have given you? Your stomach feels OK? I would hate to get down there and you become ill." Daena shakes her head. "No, I am fine. I feel a little warm though, but nothing serious." "I'll bring a few things with me incase it increases. Let's get some civilians clothing and meet at the transporter room in say 5 minutes? Or would you rather wear the uniforms over these suits and taken them off again when we get to the beach." "I mean no offense, but I find our uniforms very uncomfortable and restricting." Daena twirls in her sky blue bikini with pink daisies. "And I find these most comfortable, so I will go like this." "If you are going like this then I will also. If I remember correctly from what I have read in the library they have a cover for these suits as well. I will try to find them." Katherine turned once more to the computer. "Computer show me swim wear wraps." The computer then shows several types of wraps, some looking like full length shirts down to just wrap around skirts. "Which one do you like Daena?" "I like that one..." she says to a skirt wrap that matches her bikini. "It looks lovely." Swan has the computer replicate the item for Daena and also has the same made for herself. "She then hands Daena the article of clothing. "OK that's it. Shall we go?" Daena nods as she wraps the cloth around her waist, careful not to catch her tail. Swan picks up a med kit and takes it with her just incase Daena becomes ill from the treatment that was given to her. If nothing else, Katherine had learned from running shuttles for the Empire is to be ready for the unexpected. Swan moves towards the doors waiting for Daena. "This will be a treat for me, as I have never been swimming." Daena walked with Swan to the transporter room. She was a little surprised at the doctor's confession. "Never? Not even as a child?" Katherine shook her head. "No where I came from, my planet is mostly dry. So I never had the chance." Katherine stepped up on the transporter pad. "So I can't wait to try it out." The Mithraan smiled at Swan's eagerness. "Good, but if it does not suit you, I heard that the beach is an excellent source of sun bathing." They both stood with eagerness to get to the planet. "Um beam us down please." Katherine states. They disappear off the ship and onto the surface of the planet. "Which way is the beach?" Daena lifted her head up, sniffing the air. The distinct scent of saltwater rushed her senses. She pointed to the East. "It is in that direction, not far from us." "Let's go then." Nodding, Daena walks with Swan. It's not long before the sounds of crashing waves are heard. Katherine stood near the water looking at the gently rolling surf. "Is it safe to get in there?" She was astounded at the awesome sight. She jumped back nervously as the water lapped at her feet. "You're really sure this is safe." She looks over to her new friend Daena for assurance. Daena softly giggles. "Yes, I am certain it is safe." Removing her wrap and setting it where it couldn't get wet, the young scientist ran into the water. The waves pushed back but were no match for the Mithraan. "The water is great." Katherine just stood and watched in amazement. She was leery of getting in the huge body of water. It looked as if it was trying to swallow Daena. "BE careful?" Wet, purple hair surfaced from the water as Daena popped up. "Do not be afraid. Nothing bad will happen." Katherine was still worried. She just stood at the waters edge not allowing the surf to get her feet wet, and watched Daena. "It looks like its swallowing you are you sure you're ok?" The wet Mithraan came out of the water, gently grabbing Swan's hand. "Come, I will be with you. The ocean will not harm you." Swan hesitated slightly but then gave in, sat her medkit and wrap down and went with Daena. She stopped short as the water touched her feet. "AYAYAY!" She screamed and grabbed Daena's arm tightly. "This doesn't feel safe. You're sure it will not swallow us?" Daena laughed as she held Swan's hand with both arms. "It will not eat us. Just stay near me." Katherine stayed right next to Daena. She was not comfortable enough to venture very far away at all. "It's not cold as I expected. I wonder if it's like this all the time." "I do not know. It depends on this planet's weather system."
  9. The on board navigational computers had located the encoded transponder signal of the SS Dark Fury, and Kansas entered a course into the auto pilot that would take the borrowed Fury shuttle to her family's freighter ship. Once the course was plotted and laid in, she spared a glance to her passenger and...friends. Daena yawned as she joined Kansas in the cockpit. It had been way too long since she had been on a ship. Honestly, she couldn't even remember how long she had been a slave. The Mithraan blinked curiously at all of the lighted consoles in front of her. All the colors danced before maroon eyes. And she dared not touch anything for fear of harming the shuttle. The mercenary officer turned to the woman. "Sit down please." She politely indicated the co-pilot chair with a claw, the upholstery starting to shred from age in certain spots. She quietly took her seat, smiling to the Caitian. "It's been such a long time since I've been in a ship. I had forgotten what space travel felt like." JoNs offered her a small smile. "Then I am pleased for you…" she cleared her throat and the smile faded a bit. "…But you and I do need to talk." Daena's ears perked up as she tilted her head. "About what?" "Daena, as of right now, you are free. In fact, you have a new ship and family waiting for you, if you choose to accept; the crew of the Dark Fury, my family, would be more then happy to welcome you...” The Caitian paused then, looking at the Mithraan, not sure how to proceed. "A...a family?" Daena brought her knees up into her seat, resting her head on them. Tears slowly crept down her face. Images of her mother, grandmother, and the rest of her lost family was in the forefront of her mind. "Do you mean it?" Her gentleness tinged with a bit of sternness, Kansas continued. "I do mean it. However, it won't be a free ride. Everyone works on a Caitian clan ship. If you need a skill, you will be taught and then contribute that skill to the survival of the clan and ship. Do you have any background skills? You had mentioned you were in space prior to...uh...being with Mr. Personality?" The Mithraan nodded, wiping away her tears. "Yes, I...was a botanist. But I also had studies in the arts. My family was renowned all across the Alpha Quadrant for their paintings and sculptures...That was until he came..." A painful silence hung between them. "...your world was destroyed. I remember the news feeds." Daena looked out the side viewport, her ears sagging. "We were peaceful. We had no weapons. None of us spoke up against the Empire. So why did they do it? Why?" Kansas's ears drooped as well. "Sometimes, it's not so much the Empire as certain elements within the organization." She looked over to the Caitian, new tears had fallen. "You mean like him..." she said with a slight growl, referring to Westler, her former master. "Yes. And I must be honest with you - I serve as an Imperial officer." Now Daena was just confused. "You do? But...but why did you just help me?" A lopsided grin exposed a fang. "Because I'm a mercenary born Caitian with a day job as an Imperial officer and I have a death wish. Or, it could be because my cousin, the master of the Fury, told me the sort of situation you found yourself in, and...something just needed to be done." Kansas shrugged. With a grateful smile, the Mithraan gently places her hand on the Caitian's paw, purring loudly. "Thank you so much. How...how can I repay you?" "Well, it goes against my nature, but there will be no payment. For now, you have a home. That is payment enough. And in the future, I may be in a position to sponsor you - you had mentioned botany? Botany skills go a long way on an Imperial ship, remember that." Kansas added a low level purr to the Mithraans. "Will they even allow me on an Imperial ship? After all I am, or was a slave." "Of course they will." A leer appeared on the Caits features. "Provided the proper paperwork is, ahem, created, or the proper people bribed. There are always possibilities Daena." "I see..." Daena nodded. "I don't think I'm quite ready for that yet though. After all I just gained my freedom." Kansas merely nodded respectfully. "So...how long until we reach your family?" JoNs glanced at the console, and then gave a half hearted punch to the flat screen of the chronometer to ensure that the older equipment gave the accurate time. "A little under five hours. In the meantime, I need to lose this disguise. You are welcome to use the kitchen facilities if you - or the pets - want something to eat; the equipment isn't the most modern, but everything is in working order thanks to my Uncle Ra'virr, an engineer. Daena thought for a moment. "I wouldn't know what to eat. Master...I mean Westler wouldn't let me have much of a choice. Even the cats ate better than I did." Kansas muttered, and her tail started to lash. "I should have beaten him when I had the chance...pompous ass." In a rare moment of tenderness, the rough and tumble Caitian rose and started to lead the Mithraan by the hand. "Come - I'll help you choose something good to eat." She smiled as she griped Kansas' paw, following her. The Caitian's fur felt soft to the touch, almost like the two cats, which were still sleeping on the floor. "I would like that."
  10. Space stations, as a general rule, usually had vermin running around. No matter how thorough maintenance crews were, there was always a mouse or a vole to be found in the ductwork. However...Kansas JoNs was a teeny bit bigger then a mouse or a vole, and she currently found herself traversing the maintenance ducting of Starbase 718. The Caitian had docked at the Starbase using the shuttle from her family ship, blending in with hundreds of other travelers that used the facility everyday. She wore charcoal gray civilian attire, wore tinted contacts to change her eye color, and had dyed her mane a dark brown color. Once safely past the checkpoints Kansas had entered the ducting of the station, making her way toward the quarters of imperial officer Aaron Westler. With another glance at the data padd containing the schematics of the station, she made a left down another cramped access chute, mentally cursing. Daena, the Mithraan, quietly slept amongst her cushions on the floor of Aaron Westler's quarters. Sleeping was pretty much the only thing she could do without her master's permission. She was flanked in the cushions by her two "guardians" Cozy and Fluffy. They were actually pets of Westler, but they quickly became Daena's only true friends. Westler was fast asleep, snoring loudly. Kansas arrived in the general vicinity of the senior officer's quarters, and began to move even more quietly, pausing whenever she came to a section of the grating allowing her to see down into the quarters. Her ears pricked up as she heard some really loud snoring echoing through the ducting. The young Mithraan's ears perked up briefly, detecting a slight noise, but not enough to disturb Daena. However moments later, she sat up sniffing the air. The unusual scent seemed to come from the air duct. The Caitian born mercenary with a day job as an Imperial Fleet officer watched Daena through the grating overtop the living area for a few seconds. Mithraan? Highly interesting. What was that scent? It was so mesmerizing to Daena. It somehow reminded her of Mithra, her homeworld, before the fist of the Empire crushed it. Kansas gently disengaged the grating lock before dropping down without a sound into the quarters about ten feet from Daena. She whispered with a wicked grin exposing her fangs. "You ordered room service?" Cozy, the black panther, immediately began to growl. She was the more aggressive of the two large cats. Fluffy, the white tiger got up as well, but stayed near Daena. The Mithraan said nothing as she stared at the Caitian. Westler turned around in his sleep, grunting loudly. Kansas eyed the large black panther, and was soooo not moving at that point. She spoke quietly to the felinoid without looking at her. "Miss, would you be interested in getting away from here permanently?" Daena put a hand on Cozy's muzzle to calm her. It was clear the stranger wasn't going to harm her. "Getting away?" she said softly. Looking down, the purple headed woman placed a hand on a collar around her neck. It looked innocent enough, a white lace trim with a small golden bell dangling from it. "I...I can not..." It held a deadly secret. A small device embedded in the collar prevented her from leaving. JoNs gazed at the female, like her yet also different. The Caitian had fur all over, whereas the Mithraan did not. "Sure you can. I even promise to not hurt your master...too much." Tears began to form in Daena's maroon eyes. "How do I know you can be trusted?" Too many times she has been betrayed by people she thought she could trust. Kansas moved closer, did a low level passive scan of the Mithraan, and the little device blipped at the collar. Her now golden eyes looked into the eyes of the crying woman. "Is there a way to remove this collar? And no, I can not convince you to trust me." "I…do not know. My master would have the means to deactivate it." "Call him out here." JoNs moved to a wall, pressing her back up against as she covered her muzzle and lower face with the blue scarf tied around her neck. A handheld tazer gun appeared in one paw. Daena wasn't sure about this, but the thought of freedom was too great. She rose from the floor, moving toward the Aaron's room. "M...master? I...I'm sorry to wake you, but there is someone at the door. They say it's urgent." Westler mumbled.... "Tell them to go away!" Daena flinched at the sound of his booming voice. Her tail drooped, barely swishing. "I...I can't, Master. It is an officer of the Empire." Westler sat up. "Damnit to hell.....Tell them I’ll be right there...." He fumbled around, looking for his uniform. The Caitian almost had a heart attack at that, but then realized - Westler really would have no idea who she really was. "Y...yes Master..." Daena moved from the doorway, back into her cushions on the floor. She pet Cozy and Fluffy to keep them calm. He moved to the door, doing the Picard Maneuver. "Yes? Who is it?" JoNs waited, out of sight, for Westler to step out through the doorway. Once he came into view, she shoved the tazer into his lower back. "Hello there ######." "######", went down like a log, twitching. He couldn’t get words to form on his mouth. The tazer was powerful enough to drop him, but low level enough to keep him conscience. Kansas stooped down to look right into the man’s eyes. "Key or code to get that thing off her neck, now." Her claws rested warningly on his carotid artery. Daena looked away as the Caitian struck. Somehow she felt guilty. JoNs moved to where Westler’s eyes had latched onto - a small desk set into an alcove, and pulled open one of the drawers. Inside, was a small device. The Caitian deftly grabbed it and then walked hurriedly over to the Mithraan. She whispered to her fellow felinoid. "Which button releases that thing?" Daena looked up at the Caitian with a confused look. "I...I do not know." A fleeting look of panic manifested on Kansas' features. She looked at the device. "Well, red is usually considered a bad thing, so let's try green." A paw digit pressed the green button. With a small beep, the bell on the end of the lace collar fell to the floor. "You did it." The Caitian’s liver flip flopped. "We need to move." She glanced at the panther and the tiger and sighed. "They need to come with us don’t they?" Daena looked at Cozy and Fluffy, a concerned look on her face. "Do you have room for them?" "No, but we'll manage." She reached into a belt pouch and pulled out three small rectangular devices that looked like credit sticks. "Hold this. It’s a cargo tracker. It will make us look like cargo being transported. Attach the other two to the, uh, cats." The young woman blinked at the devices for a moment, before doing as she was told, attaching them to the two large cats. Kansas stifled the urge to kick the still downed Westler, instead speaking into a civilian wrist comm, activating her shuttles on board computer. "Four to beam up. Oz Mekleth Four Six." Within seconds the two female felinoids and the large cats disappeared in a shimmer of sparkles. Westler slowly got up, realizing what had happened. "Damnit No!" He quickly ran to his desk and sounded the alarm, hoping he wasn’t too late. To be continued...
  11. (Our thanks to Vectra for portraying all the animals and R4.) (This takes place immediately after the sim.) Swan looks back to the wolf cub stirring in Daena’s arms. “Can he stand?” She looks around not sure she's not going to be eaten by the cub’s parents. The young Mithraan looks down at the little cub, purring softly. "Can you stand little one?" The young wolf cub slowly stirred. "I think so" he said. Daena gently sets the cub down, her tail swishing in anticipation. In the distance, the cub's parents watched warily in the forest. The Cub, released from the Cat’s grip took a few tentative steps. He took a few shaky steps around the cat. Swan watches the cub a moment smiling. “Daena he looks like he’s going to make it. Was he the worst affected?” Watching the cub walk around, she smiled. "I think so. Let me ask." Daena turned to Leon, the lion. "Was there anyone else who was sick?" "Any others I need to treat as I did this Cub and the Tiger?" Léon looked up. "After we drank the water, we all felt immediately better. The cub is still young and his immune system is weak, so it will take longer for him to heal. The same goes for some of our own young as well. Even the plants are feeling better as well" he added. Swan sits watching the cub and wonders if Daena is getting an answer and if so what it is. Daena nods, turning back to Swan. "Everything seems fine. The young were affected the worst." Kat reaches out to stroke the cub. She smiles glad that he is recovering. "Are there any others that need treating as the Cub or the Tiger? Any more that has collapsed? Her ears perked up as she suddenly remembered. "Oh no, the Cougar!" Daena dashed off without warning. "The Cougar? I didn’t see a cougar!!” Calling after her, Swan looks to the Lion and Tiger wondering if she should follow or remain still. The Cougar lie on its side near the mountain, his strength and energy all but sapped. He truly did seem to be at death's door. She decides to chance it and grabs the medical kit and runs after Daena. "WAIT FOR ME!" Worried about their comrade, Léon and Tiger followed as well. The Mithraan soon arrived, dropping to the Cougars side. "Are you ok? Please say something." The Cougar simply lay on his side and did not respond. Daena places her head on his chest, searching for a sign of life. Swan catches up to Daena. "Daena, they are chasing me. Tell them I want to help," panting out of breath. The cougar's breathing was slow and labored his heart rate extremely slow. He envisioned the bright lights of the after life closing in on him. "Do not be afraid of them," Daena said sadly, her ears drooping. "He is very sick. I don't know if we can move him." Katherine opens the med kit and takes out a tricorder and scans the Cougar. "He’s worse than the Cub, Daena. His heart rate is really slow, and you can see he’s having trouble breathing.” "Can you save him?" "It is essential you heal him as well" said Léon. "We might just incur the wrath of the Great Spirit." "Ill do what I can, but we may be too late." She draws up the same medications as before and places them in the hydration fluid. "I am not sure, I’m going to try." She then places the hypo over the cougar’s neck vein and starts the slow release of its contents. Nodding, Daena turns to Swan. "Doctor, please do your best. I fear our safety may depend on it." "He’s really bad. If we could have gotten to him sooner I would have said yes. But I don’t know." The cougar felt the contents circulate through his blood stream. As it began to work its progress on the cougar, it made him jerk his legs involuntarily. She watches as the drugs go into the cougars system. "He’s pretty far out of it Daena." "Maybe if he drinks some of the water," suggested the Tiger. “Daena, hold him still.” The hypo misses its mark and the contents go into the surrounding tissue. Daena holds the Cougar. "Please lay still." She turned back to the Tiger. "Is there a way to bring the water here? I fear we can not move him." “This isn’t going to be good. The drugs are not meant to be in the tissues like this. These are meant for intravenous or internal by mouth." Katherine looks up to Daena. "I don’t know if it will be effective or not." The Tiger looked around his surroundings. "There are some large empty shells on the lake front that may serve as an adequate drinking container," he mused. The young Mithraan dashed off towards the lake. "I will return Doctor." "Daena? DAENA!!” Kat looks around at the others still gathered around her, now getting quite nervous. Daena searched the side of the lake till she found a suitable shell. Grabbing it, she rushed off to the pool. In a very nervous voice. "Umm I’m doing all I can, don’t...don’t hurt me? Daena? Get back here please?" After dipping the shell in the medicated waters, Daena quickly returned. "Here is the water." Not understanding what the fleshy pink thing is saying, they surrounded her, curious to know about Cougar's condition. She once again starts infusing the Cougar with the drugs and the rehydration fluids. "Get better cat please get better." Daena hands the shell to Swan, and then turned to the Tiger and Leon. "He was worse than the others. It may take some time before he is healed." Katherine sees the other cat come closer and becomes really afraid. She gives a sigh of relief seeing Daena return. "I’m glad you back. I thought they were going to kill me." "They are just concerned Doctor. They will not harm you." The cougar started to slowly move as the effects of the drugs started to work. He slowly inched over to Swan and Daena. Tiger and Léon nodded. "But he'll be back to normal over time. Cougar has a very tough spirit," they said reassuringly. She takes the shell with the water and slowly drops a few drops at a time in his mouth being careful not to put too much that he would choke. "You keep saying that but I wonder if that’s true if you had not returned.” "They gave me their word no one was to be harmed." Swan smiles as she sees the Cougar trying to get up on his sternum. She tries to assist him by pushing on his side. "Easy there fella. Take it easy." Daena began to pet the Cougar as she purred. "Is your strength returning?" Swan gently strokes the cats head and neck. "Thank the Great Leader." Her ears perked up. "The Great Leader? Is that your god?" The Cougar blinked and looked around. "Yes" he said. "Though slow going, my strength is returning to me. I shall be fine. Thank you" She takes the tricorder and scans the Cougar once more. "Daena, his heart rate has sped up, the drugs are working. Yes from where I come from I guess you would call the Great Leader my god of sorts. If there are no others that need our attention, we need to get to the shuttle. R4 is there awaiting our return. We need to get back to the ship." Nodding, Daena stroked the Cougar's fur, a little sad to leave. "I suppose you are correct." "The drugs will disperse in the water and fade away. There will be no traces left in about five days. They need to drink from the pond at least once more in the next day or two. After that, the drugs will not help. They will be weakened by the sun and have little or no effect after that." Swan strokes the Cougars head and shoulders gently. "Daena? He may hurt where the drug went under the skin when he had the convulsion. It will be ok but he may feel the sting for a few days until it works its way out." Daena turned to the Lion and Tiger. "Make sure everyone drinks from the waters for the next couple of days." She then pets the Cougar once more as she purred. "I will miss you all." Léon and Tiger stood up. "And we shall miss you as well. We will take care of Cougar until he is well enough to live on his own again" said Tiger. "Thank you both for saving us" added Léon. "You will not be forgotten among us" Swan slowly stands and looks to the Tiger and the Lion glad that she was able to help. These animals were not as bad as she had imagined and even seemed to be thankful for their help. At least that was the feeling she was getting. The Mithraan finally stood, turning to Swan, her tail swishing slowly as if sad. "It is time." "Daena, will they allow me to touch them? Maybe they will feel my happiness and compassion as I know dogs on my world do? Then we must go." She nodded. "You may try." Swan looks to the Tiger and the Lion and takes a slow step towards them. "Tell them I thank them for not hurting us and for allowing me to help." Kat kneels down in front of them as to not look as threatening, and reaches out her hand to them. Tiger and Léon stood perfectly still as if reading Swan's mind. They knew her intent and let the pink thing touch them. "The Pinkie wishes to thank you," Daena says to the large cats. "It is not a problem and the least we can do" replied Tiger. Kat smiles and gently strokes the big cats then steps back away from them. "Daena, we need to go now." "Goodbye..." says the young science officer as she stands there, awaiting Swan. "Goodbye and thank you for everything. May the Great Spirit watch over you" replied Léon. Kat tapped her combadge. “R4, we are on the way. Send a message to Commander LoAmi that the animals are healing and will be ok." She turns away from the Animals and heads towards the ship. “We may have hurt them but at least we were able to help them. Lets go home Daena." A bored R4 beeped back to life whilst waiting for Swan and Daena to return. Beeping, he sent a communiqué back to Commander Lo'Ami and for a second time, started up the shuttle. Daena sniffs in the air, detecting the distinct scent of the shuttle. She dashes off, but stays within eyesight of Katherine. The cat woman simply wished to be able to run free once more before being confined to the cold, sterile starship.
  12. Daena suddenly appeared on the floor of Arcadia's transporter room. Petty Officer Katherine Adams was the chief on duty. The Mithraan glared at the chief, hissing angrily at her. She darted toward her, intent of tearing the poor Petty officer to shreds, but stopped halfway across the room. Her senses started to return to her, realizing where she was. Daena stood up straight and walked over to Adams. "You have to send me back down there now! I was so close. I could almost communicate with them." "I'm sorry Ma'am. I can't send you down there without authorization," replied the Petty Officer, still a little shaken. "You have to! The rest of the team could be in danger!" Daena growled a little as she spoke. "I…I'm sorry, I can't. You have to take it up with the Commander. Now please don't yell at me again, or I will be forced to call security." Daena glared at the Petty Officer. "Fine!" she huffed as she hurried out of the transporter room to the nearest turbolift.
  13. (Here's a little crossover Kansas, Prell, and I are working on. This is the first of about 4 logs. Daena and Aaron are both from Arcadia.) Westler stalked down the corridors of Outpost 718, growling like a Klingon. He smacked a wall. "I can't BELIEVE that deal fell through! That IDIOT Benzenite...." He stormed into his quarters, which were WAY too tiny, even though there was only one other Imperial Fleet officer assigned to the outpost. The light from the hall spilled into the darkened room. Two pairs of glowing eyes shown from the dim lighting. One of the pairs began growling as it moved away. It stopped when it caught the scent of its master. Something that was in-between the two figures began to stir within a pile of cushions on the floor. "Mmmm..." a soft voice moaned, sounding as if it just woke up. "Lights," said the feminine voice. As the lights came to full strength, the pairs of eyes each took a form. One was a black panther, named Cozy. She was the one that had growled. The other was a white tiger named Fluffy. She remained near the lump of moving cushions, protecting it. Once the covers were removed, they revealed a beautiful young woman with dark purple hair, wearing a skimpy slave girl outfit. A long cat tail surfaced from the young women as she sat up, looking towards the door. She was a Mithraan, the last of her kind. Her cat ears perked up as she stretched out. Aaron looked at her. "You'd better be a good mood for a massage." Daena was startled when she realized her master was standing in the door. She quickly removed herself from her bedding and scurried over to him, kneeling at his feet. "I'm sorry Master. Yes of course. Would you like me to use some oils?" The Mithraan's maroon eyes remain constantly fixed on the floor. "What else would you rub with, Little Flower? Cat litter?" Her ears drooped at the sound of that name. It was once the nickname her grandparents called her, which she had mistakenly told to Aaron. "I'm sorry Master." He stroked her ear. "You'd better be...." He moved off to the side, and began taking off his uniform. Daena flinched at first, but allowed him to touch her. When he walked away, she moved over to a counter top, retrieving a bottle of oil. The Mithraan then went to the bed, but did not touch it until her master came to her. The two large cats, Fluffy and Cozy both laid in the corner, watching. Aaron flopped onto the bed, on his stomach. He sighed, scowling. "Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky Benzenite flopped the deal." She followed him onto the bed, lightly pouring some of the fragrant oil onto his back. "I'm sorry to hear that, Master." The purple headed woman began her massage. "I'm sure you are..." he muttered sarcastically into the pillow. Daena was careful not to scratch him with her nails. Instead, she leaned in close and began to purr as she continued the massage. The vibrations of her body were to help him relax. Indeed, it did relax him...."Mmmm, I'm glad I decided to keep you…" She sighed quietly to herself. He was of course referring to the destruction of her homeworld. Her current master had some involvement in it. He turned over, and looked at her. "What are you thinking?" The Mithraan rested herself on top of him, her maroon eyes focusing on his chest. "Nothing, Master..." "You may look into my eyes, my pet." Her eyes warily wandered up, meeting his. He smiled. "A little more to the left." Nodding, she shifted a little. Her purring intensified as she resumed her massage on his chest. He sighed. "I can't even relax now, after that stupid lug." Daena tried her best to relax him, for he would just take it out on her if he didn't. "You have other business deals, Master. Why is this one so important?" She leaned in, gently licking the base of his neck. He let his neck muscles loose. "Not that it's any of YOUR business mind you, but my partner and I really needed that deal to go through for the money. It would have been just enough to start buying and selling Foraxian Shrooms." "I'm sorry." She rested her entire body onto his as she continued to purr. He smiled, and looked at her. "I believe there's only one thing that could cheer me up." "Yes Master..."
  14. Oops...Well if you don't already know, I'm Kairi. I forgot to change names before posting.
  15. General Information: Name: Daena Full Name: Nouvelle Daena of Clan Ronsol Aliases: Danny, Little Flower Gender: Female Age: 37 (Roughly the equivalent of a 20 year old Terran.) Species: Mithraan Height: 5'8'' Weight: 121 lbs. Hair Color: Dark Purple Eye Color: Maroon Noticeable Features: Small fangs, claws, Cat ears, and tail (Both white w/black highlights) Place of Birth: Fa'Diel, Mithra IV Immediate Family: Nouvelle Yunala of Clan Ronsol (Mother) Nouvelle Cidran of Clan Kimahr (Father) Nouvelle Rox of Clan Ronsol (Older Brother) Nouvelle Lynal of Clan Ronsol (Younger Sister) Nouvelle Rikala of Clan Ronsol (Grandmother) Nouvelle Yojim of Clan Ronsol (Grandfather) Nouvelle Lucemia of Clan Kimahr (Grandmother – Father's Side) Nouvelle Jechtar of Clan Kimahr (Grandfather – Father's Side) Fluffy (Adopted Pet) Cozy (Adopted Pet) Service Information: Rank: Lieutenent Commander Position: Chief Science Officer Assignment: USS Arcadia Personal History: Nouvelle Daena is the oldest daughter of Yunala and Cidran, her mother and father, and is part of the Ronsol Family, or Clan Ronsol. Most clans live in large homes with extended family. Clan Ronsol is no different. Daena's family lives with Nouvelle Rikala and Yojim, her grandparents on her mother's side. Rikala is the Clan Elder and also happens to be the High Elder of the Nouvelle Tribe, a position Rikala takes with great pride. She sometimes wishes her granddaughter would see the same. Rikala and Yojim are very close to Daena, sometimes viewing her as their own child. Their nickname for her is Little Flower. Daena loves her grandparents very much, but sometimes has trouble with their old ways and Mithraan tradition in general. For instance, it was customary in the Nouvelle Tribes to arrange bonding (marriage) and Daena was paired with a young man from another clan. Daena disliked the idea, but was persuaded by her family to comply. She later refused when she discovered her younger sister Lynal was in love with the man to be her mate. Dishonor would have fallen upon the Ronsol clan if a bond was not made. Daena suggested the bond be made with Lynal, which was refused at first, but accepted when the couple's true feelings were revealed. The Ronsol Clan was known as great virtuosos of art, painting in particular. Ronsol art has become even more popular since it has been spread throughout the Alpha Quadrant. Daena herself is a good painter, but she does not compare with her mother and grandmother. Rikala, as with most Clan Elders, is Daena's teacher in the arts. For decades, outside influences have helped shape the minds of the younger Mithraans. Daena was no different. She was particularly interested in science and space. Using her grandmother's influence in the higher councils, Daena was able to meet many different people from off world. It was here her passion to travel the stars bloomed. Rikala was disappointed at first with Daena's eagerness, but soon accepted it. She allowed Daena to spend time with many of the Federation ambassadors and scientists that visited Mithra. It was during this time Mithra finally accepted membership into the Federation of Planets. Many were excited about the new prospects this would bring, but none were as excited as Daena. Her new friends had convinced her to sign up to join Starfleet Academy. This was her chance to finally fulfill her dream of traveling the stars. When Daena announced that she was going to join the Academy, her clan, and much of the Nouvelle Tribe's older community were appalled. Many blamed Rikala for not keeping her grandchild under tighter reigns. It took a bit of convincing, but Rikala saw the good that would come of this. She also knew Daena would never be happy if she didn't follow her dreams. Eventually Rikala gave Daena her blessing on the condition that even while she was away, Daena would continue her studies in art. Daena agreed and a month later, she was on her way to Earth. Academy: Daena was not the smartest or most gifted student in her science classes, but she was the most determined. Not only did she have her self ambitions to fulfill, the young Mithraan had her clan, and more importantly her entire race to represent. Daena is the only Mithraan to enter Starfleet Academy. After completing all of her basic science courses, Daena continued her studies into botany, the study of plant life. Personality Profile: Daena is a shy, but kind individual and is capable of speaking out when she needs to. Once she opens up, she is very friendly. During her stay at the academy, Daena came across two stray kittens. Feeling a kindred spirit, she took them in. The white kitten she named Fluffy, the black is Cozy. Sometimes she playfully refers to them as her girlfriends or roommates. Service Record: Stardate 0703.13 - Graduated from Starfleet Academy and promoted to Ensign Stardate 0703.21 - Assigned to USS Arcadia as Assistant Science Officer Stardate 0708.29 - Promoted to Lieutenent Junior Grade Stardate 0712.05 - Promoted to Lieutenent Stardate 0804.02 - Promoted to Chief Science Officer Stardate 0807.02 - Promoted to Lieutenent Senior Grade Stardate 0903.18 - Promoted to Lieutenent Commander ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Information on the Mithraan Race: Physical Description: Mithraans are a cat-like race, and are considered distant cousins to the Caitians. Mithraans are human in appearance with a few exceptions. They have cat ears, and a long tail. Mithraans also have fangs and claws, but they are not dominating in their appearance. Eye, fur, and hair colors also vary, ranging from typical colors (Blonde and Brunette) to more exotic like green, pink, purple, and blue. Physically Mithraans are faster and more agile than most humanoid races. They have a heightened sense of smell, night vision, excellent hearing, and are sometimes sensitive to touch (The tail being the most sensitive.) Mithraans also have an extended lifespan, averaging between 175 and 200 years. ------------------------- Solar System: The Mithraan System is located between Cait and the Gorn Empire. There are six planets that revolve around the Mithraan Sun. Mithra IV is the home world and only inhabitable planet. Mithra VI, however, can be livable through terraforming. Talks are now proceeding to explore this possibility. Planet Information: Mithra IV is a class M planet, very much like planet Earth. There are six major cities, and many smaller cities and communities scattered amongst the almost seemingly never ending forests. Each major city represents a capitol for each Mithraan tribe, Vana'Diel being the capitol of the entire planet. ------------------------- About the People: The Mithraan's are a religiously centered race. They value religion and traditions above all else. Their government and society has revolved mostly around a matriarchal view, where the female have been dominant. This has begun to change however; due to Federation and other outside influences in the past couple centuries. The elders are viewed upon with great respect in their community, as they are not only the priestesses of the tribes, but they are also members of the ruling council. Clan Elders represent each family or house, while High Elders represent each tribe. The Grand Elder represents all of Mithra. Violence has never been a trait in the Mithraan. However, there have been small factional wars in their history. ------------------------- Each Mithraan is addressed by given name, or by tribe name followed by their given (Ex. Daena or Nouvelle Daena.) Never refer to a Mithraan by their tribe name only, as it refers to their patron goddess/god. For most ceremonial purposes, the clan name is added to the end (ex. Nouvelle Daena of Clan Ronsol.) The Grand Elder loses her clan name, as she represents the entire Mithraan people. ------------------------- Six gods center on the Mithraan's beliefs, as they are not only represented in religion, but all things in the Mithraan way of life. There are six tribes that each follows a path their god has laid out before them, and each god/tribe has a capitol city. Mother Yuka is known as the "Mother of All" and also "The Unifier." She is the mother of the other five gods. Regardless of tribe, all Mithraans pay homage to Yuka, as each child is blessed upon birth. It is believed her love encompasses the entire planet. In most Mithraan art, she is portrayed as a beautiful woman with angel wings and long flowing robes. The Yuka Tribe is viewed as the holiest of the other tribes. Most members of this tribe become priestesses or politicians. The capitol of the Yuka Tribe is Vana'Diel, which happens to be the planet's capitol. Most Grand Elders are from the Yuka Tribe, although there have been some cases where that is not true. The current Grand Elder is Yuka Shelinda of Mithraan. Larc is the oldest child of Yuka. He is the strongest and most courageous over all of his siblings. Justice is Larc's highest quality. He is portrayed with large claws and golden armor. The Larc Tribe is viewed as the bravest among the Mithraans. They serve the people as policemen, judges, and militia. The capitol of the Larc Tribe is Vandise. Nouvelle is the oldest daughter and second born to Yuka. Her grace and beauty surpasses all others. She has a strong love for the arts, and also has been referred to as the Goddess of Passion. She is portrayed as a very beautiful woman with calico fur, each color representing an art; sculpting, painting, theatre, and dance. Her followers are all artists of various designs. Daena's entire clan is members of this tribe, hence why she is sometimes referred to as Nouvelle Daena. Fa'Diel is Nouvelle's capitol, Daena's birthplace and home all her life. Nouvelle Rikala, Daena's grandmother, is the High Elder of the Nouvelle Tribe. Elazul is Yuka's third born. He is sometimes viewed as the twin brother of Nouvelle. Elazul was a musical genius, which many believed could tame the wildest of beasts. It was written that his music ended wars before they could even begin. Elazul is shown as a young man with white robes and is almost always carrying a lyre of some type. His followers are musicians and entertainers. Elazul's capitol is Capella. Teapo is Yuka's youngest son. Amongst his other siblings, he is the most hardworking and humbled. He represents agriculture and commerce. Teapo is portrayed as a man in peasants clothing, a crown of leaves on his head, a farming tool in one hand, and gold coins in the others. His followers are farmers, merchants, and shamans before medicine was discovered. Teapo's capitol is Jumi. Duelle is the youngest child and daughter to Yuka. She is considered the baby in the family, but she is also the smartest, as she represents the growth of science and medicine. She is portrayed as a young child with a glowing star in one hand, and glowing heart in the other. Her followers are scholars, scientists, and doctors. Duelle's capitol is Elysia. For most of Mithraan history, clan members followed only one god and as such were required to follow their laid out profession. If a Mithraan wanted to follow a different path then they must switch tribes. In order to do so they had to go through difficult trials in order to gain favor of their new god. Much of this has become blurred with the influence of the Federation. Many of the elders and older clans still cling to such traditions, however. ------------------------- The Federation: Mithra was discovered by Starfleet in 2252. Twenty years after Mithra IV was discovered, first contact was finally made. Captain Conrad Mitchell and a team of Federation diplomats met with the Grand Elder, Yuka Calli of Mithaan. Mitchell proposed the possibility of joining the Federation in the future, but felt that the Mithaan's were not quite ready. A trading pact was made with the Federation and other races not long after, giving a boost in the Mithraan economy. In 2371 the Federation finally reevaluated the Mithraan people and was prepared to accept them into membership. Unfortunately the looming threat of the Dominion forced the Federation to postpone the signing, and even counseled the Mithraan to sign a Non-Aggression Pact. It wasn't until 2375, after the Dominion War, that the Mithraan were officially accepted into the Federation.