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  1. Trichon found himself back in the most familiar place on Arcadia to him. Main engineering had always been a safe haven for him. The hum of the machinery buzzed around him. He listened to the various crewmen on duty as they pointed at opened panels and told each other the best way to repair something. He nodded at some of them that he knew as they walked by, some he didn't even recognize. Had he really been gone that long? ***** 2 months ago ****** "I expect to see PADD's on my desk with your report on Advanced Warp Mechanics by tomorrow's class." he yelled as the class filed out of the classroom as he turned to put away his notes from his lecture. "I can almost bet that you never thought you would hear yourself say those words Trichon." He turned around and looked at the voice from the back of the room and saw Admiral Cuttey leaning against the back wall, "How long have you been there Admiral?" "Long enough to hear your boredom in teaching Warp Mechanics to first year academy students." she grinned as she walked down to the podium where Trichon was standing, "I heard you wanted to talk to me so I thought I would take this opportunity to come see you at work. I've heard good things from the students." "Oh really," he said as he slipped the PADD in his briefcase, "What are they saying about me? You've piqued my curiosity." "I recall one student saying that you seemed wise beyond your years," She grinned. The admiral was only one of a few who knew about Trichons true heritage. "Most of them just enjoy having somebody here thats done the job there working towards. Arcadia is a name that carries some weight with the students." "Well its nice to know that your appreciated," He snapped his briefcase shut and motioned to a chair, "As much as I love you speaking my praises though Admiral. I think its time we got down to the business at hand." "Ah yes indeed." She walked over and sat in the chair that Trichon had pulled out for her, " So what can I do for you?" "Well Admiral let me start by thanking you for giving me this opportunity to teach here. It was the reason I came back, and I know after I explained my unique situation that most people would have made sure I never set foot aboard another star fleet vessel ever again." Cuttey nodded remembering when she got the message 2 months ago that Trichon wanted to meet with her about a teaching position. When he arrived he had been on a leave of absence from Arcadia for almost 14 months. He arrived and decided to come clean about his past to her. When she found out that he was an El-Aurian and that his personal information on his Starfleet records were falsified her first thought was to court martial him, but she listened to the man and gave him the second chance she knew that he deserved. "I remember that. I thought it took alot of guts to come clean the way you did. And I also remember that I told you that your secret would remain classified and the real records sealed with a admirals clearance. So I know that this meeting is not in regards to that leaking out. Whats going on Trichon?" "I came back with the intention of staying here and teaching. Bringing my wife and son here to start a real life. Settle down on solid ground. I guess my life never is that easy." he sighed, "I need to go back to the Arcadia admiral." "I would hate to lose you here Trichon. So dare I ask why you want to leave?" "During the time I was piecing together my memories while I was traveling something kept coming up in alot of my memories. The words Gren and something called The Initiative." "So why go back to the Arcadia?" "I need to investigate this further. I've tried searching through the library here but I cant find anything." "What are you going to be able to find on Arcadia that you cant find here?" "My fathers logs," he paused for a moment almost in revelation, "That and with Arcadia always moving maybe I'll come across someone or something that can make heads or tales of this Admiral." The admiral stood and paced for a moment. "I'll have to find someone to cover your classes, and your students are not going to like this." "Thank you admiral." he stood and shook her hand, "When I have found the answer's I am looking for. I'll be back." "I'll make sure that your reassigned to the Arcadia. As a matter of fact I think I saw a request for a position cross my desk from Hayden not too long ago..." ****now*** A cup of coffee and a good engineering journal was all someone needed for a successful "dull" shift around the engines. Naara was a firm believer in this, and every day before she went in (assuming that they didn't have some important mission -- for instance, not becoming space dust), the Orion picked up a cappuccino from her replicator, a padd of a back issue, and in she went. She'd temporarily stolen Fitz's office until he came back on Alpha shift, and, in between riveting articles on nanotechnology, she happened to glance out at the engines. Was that...? The woman quickly made her way out of the chief's office, approaching the still figure quickly. "Light? That you... Chief?" she asked, moving towards him quickly. Trichon snapped out of his staring at the warp core as he saw a orion woman making her way over to him very quickly. "Chief is something I have not been called in a while." "When did you get back?" she inquired, a little excited. "No one told me!" "A few hours ago." he grinned, "And dont worry. Nobody knew I was coming back." "Well, welcome back." She returned the grin. "So... back to Engineering -- home?" He shook his head, "Not this time. As of right now they have me flying this thing. Scary thought huh?" "Only a little bit. At least you'll know not to stress the engines... unlike some helmsmen." Trichon walked over to the engine and looked back at Naara, "You might want to adjust your phase modulators. They sound out of sync." "You can hear that?" she asked, looking at a display. "... and you're right." She synchronized the modulators as he'd recommended. "That's good hearing you have." "I just know this engine," he looked at the warp core and sighed knowing that leaving had cost him his spot in engineering, "You'll get there. If I remember right you were becoming a pretty good engineer when I left." Naara blushed. "I hope so. Working on it, at least." Trichon put his hand on her shoulder to reassure her, "I bet since I've been gone you've whipped this place into shape." She laughed, grinning up at him. "Blame Fitz. As much as I'd love to take credit... he's been the one doing all the work. I dropped to Beta shift for awhile... he's kept everything together. Now we've traded spots -- at least for awhile." "Well at least you guys didnt blow the ship up while I was gone," he laughed with her, "I will say this. Its good to be back. I missed you guys." "We didn't blow it up... much..." she corrected, teasingly. "Oh yeah. It's good to have you back. I know we all missed you." He paused for a second and looked over at her, "How's Merri?" She shook her head, sighing. "I haven't talked to her for awhile. I haven't seen here... but I'm sure she's doing well. River too." "Thats good to hear. Its good to know they were well while I was gone," he stopped for a moment and looked around engineering again, "Well I'm proabaly interupting your work. I'll get out of your hair." "Not at all! I was just... studying..." Naara chuckled. "You're always free to drop in." "Trust me I will. I may not be assigned to Engineering anymore but you know the saying," He grinned, "You can take the engineer out of engine room, but you cant take the engine out of the engineer." Naara chuckled at that. "I don't know how I'd function if they took me out of here... you get attached to the machines." He just nodded as he turned to leave, "Oh and one last thing Naara." "Yes... Commander?" "I would appreciate it if Merri didnt know I was back yet. Its a..." he stopped looking for the right words, "Delicate situation." The engineer nodded. "I understand, Sir. I'll keep it under wraps." "Thanks," He headed towards the door, "I'll see you around Naara. Take care." "You too." Now there was a blast from the past for you. Then again, when on Arcadia, one learned to expect the unexpected...
  2. Trichon looked around the bridge at the faces of his crew mates and realized how much he had missed them over the last 18 months. He felt bad leaving the way he had but he knew that if he hadn't he would have never been a whole person.... ----18 months ago---- Trichon wandered the corridors of Arcadia aimlessly. His head ached from all the random memories firing around his brain. It was getting bad enough that it was not only bothering him but Merri was starting to have headaches from the constant activity in Trichons brain. He had looked for a solution to the problem but nothing was working. Sickbay couldn't make heads or tails of it anymore and had run out of options. It was time that he turned his focus elsewhere. After scouring ancient texts and checking with the ship computers he came upon an old text about an ancient earth customer called a walkabout. The ritual entailed a young man goes on a solitary journey through the wilderness in an attempt to learn more about his own character and strength. It was time for Trichon to go on his own walkabout. He had tried everything he could think of in the realm of science it was time to try something else. He quickly went back to his quarters and changed out of his uniform and backed a small knapsack with a change of cloths and some essentials. He looked over at Merri while she slept almost regretting his decision but he knew this is something he had to do by himself. He quickly wrote two letters. One to the captain telling him he was going on a personal leave of absence with no return time frame. He knew that this would cost him his position in engineering and he ran the risk of being reassigned when he came back. The second letter was more personal and it was addressed to Merri. He wrote this one himself and sealed it on a envelope and placed it on her nightstand and kissed her softly on her forehead as he started to walk out of his quarters. He looked back one last time and then turned quickly and exited the room letting the door swish quietly closed behind him. He had booked passage on a commercial shuttle that was heading in the opposite direction. He didn't know where he was going but he knew that he could not come back until he was a better person. A whole person.... ---- 4 months ago ---- The receptionist at the academy sat behind the desk and sighed as he looked out at the beautiful San Francisco skyline and wishing he was out there instead of in here. His job sucked and he knew it. Sometimes he wished he had maybe devoted more time to his studies and he might be in the academy instead of pointing people in the right direction. "Excuse me young man..." a voice said , "I'm looking for Admiral Cuttey and I was hoping you could point me in the right direction." He looked up and saw a man in his late 20's across the desk with long hair and a beard, "Admiral Cuttey is in the administrators office and booked today. I can see about setting up an appointment later in the week." "No thats okay I have an appointment." The young man stifled a laugh. He had an appointment with the head of teaching staff here at the academy. He looked like a vagrant drifter from one of the outer colonies, "Well sir I'll be more than happy to check her calendar and make sure she knows your coming. Your name sir?" "Trichon Light, and I believe she has me penciled in for 3." He checked the computer and his jaw dropped. There was a scheduled meeting for this man. He was astounded that somebody like this could get a meeting with Admiral Cuttey. "Sir you do have an appointment at 3 I have confirmed. It looks like she will meet you in her office in building C." "Ah excellent," Trichon said as he slung his bag on the desk, "I'm early. Look young man can you tell me where I can take a quick shower and replicate a change of clothes. I don't want to look like a vagrant when I meet the admiral." He said as he winked as if he knew what the young man was thinking. "Yes sir," he stammered, "Theres a shower facility just off the gym in building D. One last thing sir." "Whats that?" "Why are you here?" "Isn't it obvious. I'm here to teach. I'll see you around." The young man watched as Trichon walked off. He slowly turned around and went back to watching the skyline know that things couldn't get any weirder today.
  3. Starfleet Personnel File: Light, Trichon Full Name: Trichon Rem Light Rank: Serial Number: SC 587-215 Current Assignment: Academy Flight Instructor until reposting to Arcadia becomes available. Age: 110 Birthplace: Unknown Race: El-Aurian Family: Father: Gary Light (deceased) Mother: Unknown Wife: Merri Light Son: River Light Personal History: Trichon was born on the El-Aurians home world several years before there planet was destroyed by the borg. His father was a scientist and archeologist. He was constantly moving after a incident with a financial backer (due to the time and records this is unknown and speculation. Trichon does remember the name Gren though). During this time of flight Trichon grew up on the run. He learned from many races in there travels. Many years later when Trichons father was confident they were no longer being hunted they settled on a farm on New Luna. Gary Light had decided it best if Trichon was raised as a normal child and proceeded to use a technology he developed years earlier to suppress Trichons memories and give him new ones of a normal child hood. It would be several years before these memory implants would be removed. Many years later Gary caught wind of people still hunting him and his family. He pushed his son away and through manipulating Trichons feelings got him to join starfleet so he would constantly be on the move once joining a ship. This way he would be out of harms way. He died shortly after Trichons posting on Arcadia. Investigation into the incident showed a heart attack was cause of death. Academy Years: Trichon excelled in all of his engineering classes at the academy. Warp core theory was a particular favorite of his. Another was Shuttle maintenance, and piloting. In one of his progress reports he was said to be "Mr. Lights skills in a shuttle are only excelled by his ability to maintain and repair one." Orginally he intended to be a starship designer instead of a ships engineer. A professor at the academy changed his mind and started to steer him towards becoming a ships engineer. He graduated with honors and a 3.8 gpa. Only days after his graduation he received a posting to the USS Arcadia. Service Record: Trichons service record is a scattered one. He was an accomplished engineer but due to the recent removal of the memory blocks he has suffered a total recall of over 80 years of repressed memories. He had requested a leave of absence in order to collect his thoughts and proceeded on a walkabout. Its during this time that he dropped off the grid and we have no records during that time. A few months ago he returned to Earth as a more collected person. He approached the academy to assist with teaching until an opportunity to return to Arcadia presented itself.
  4. You left off El-Aurians on there and I know of at least 2 maybe 3 in our fleet. Its alot of fun playing one. The ability to have a charcter thats been alive for over a century has alot of story potential.
  5. Trichon rolled over and opened his eyes from his slumber. He rubbed his eyes and sat up in bed. He was dreaming again.. Dreaming of things that may or may not have actually happened to him. ever since Jadara it was very hard to tell the difference between the two. He looked around his quarters in search of his soon to be wife. She was proabaly looking for a wedding dress while they were docked at the station. He decided that it was time to get his lazy butt out of bed. He stood up and walked over to the replicator for his morning cup of coffee. He watched the cup materlize filled to the brim. He snatched it and walked over to his desk. He tapped the computer and began recording. "Personal Log... Ever since Jadara life has become different for me. Unlocking my memories has been a difficult and unfinished project. All the pieces are there I just have to put toghther the puzzle and its turning into a larger endeavor than I had orginally thought. The person I used to be, should have no impact on the person I am, or the person I am to become..." he pasued for a moment and shifted in his seat and looked in the other room where Merri had started working on a nursery. "I'm going to be a father soon, and to tell the truth its a very exciting and frighting all at once. My own experience with my father was not what I would want to pass on to my own child. I have so many questions myself about myself, my heritage, my family... How am I expected to raise a child who will have questions of there own..." The outer door slid open, and Merri tiptoed in, in case Trichon might still be asleep. Trichon turned towards the door and saw Merri walk in, "Well hello gorgeous." Merri laughed. "I'm still waiting to be called Roundness or something like that," she giggled, putting a hand on her belly. "And getting rounder every day. Did you sleep well?" she asked, coming over to kiss him. He shook his head, "As well as any sleep I have been getting lately." "There's got to be something we can do about that," she said, concerned. "Its just going to take time for my mind to work through it all." he hugged her, "Besides there not all bad dreams, just confusing." "I know," Merri smiled, "I've shared most of them with you. But you need more rest, is what I meant." "Ive overslept as it is today." he took a drink of his coffee and then looked back at her, "Anyways I thought you would be on the station, dress shopping." "I've got a dress all picked out," Merri informed him. "I just haven't had it made up because I keep expanding!!" He placed his hand on her stomach, "And how is the little one?" "You tell me," she laughed. He shrugged, "How am I supposed to know?" Merri plopped herself on his lap. "If I can tap into your telepathy, surely you can tap into my empathy," she pointed out. "You make a valid point there.." he concentrated for a moment, "Let's see..." She waited quietly. He started to feel a presence inside of Merri. He could sense his own child. It was very limited though a jumble of emotions. He started to cry tears of joy just from the overwhelming thought that the life that he felt was one created by him and the woman he loved. "Little babies don't have very clear feelings, do they?" Merri asked, watching his face. "And they don't have much awareness of themselves, either." Trichon only sat there in awe and shook his head, "No they dont." "All the books say babies get a sense of identity through interacting with their parents," she told him. "I wonder if telepathic interaction before they're born, counts." "It could," he grinned, "It shouldnt be too much longer before we can meet the little one though. Hopefully we have a name picked out by then." "A boy name or a girl name?" she teased. "We should have one of each picked out just to be safe.." he winked. "How about Fasterthanthespeedof?" Merri giggled, teasing more. "I was thinking if its a girl, we could name her River," "River Light?" she asked, secretly thankful that he was ignoring her terrible joke. He turned to her, "Yeah do you like it?" "It's different," she said. "It might take time to grow on me, since where I come from River is a boy's name." "See that makes our job easier," he grinned, "It could work for either." Merri laughed. "And then we don't have to find out which it is until the birth, hmm?" "Thats exactly right." Trichons voice trailed off for a moment, "Merri do you mind if I ask you a serious question?" "You know you can ask me anything," she said softly. "Do you think I'm going to be a good father?" "That's funny," said Merri slowly, "because I was wondering if I'll be any good as a mother." "I'm just scared that my own experiences with my father will have any effect on my parenting?" Now it was the Counselor who spoke, as Merri reached up to touch Trichon's face with her fingertips. "I think as long as you are aware of your father's shortcomings, you're not likely to make the same mistakes," she said gently. He sighed, "You know I have learned to listen to you on these types of things. Your right, I'm proabaly over-reacting to things." She smiled, and suddenly took his hand and put it on her belly. "Feel that?" she asked, her eyes lighting up. The baby's flutters were feeling less fluttery and more like kicks lately. "Yes I can feel our child," He just grinned, "I cant wait to meet you little one." "So... should we go shopping for baby things on the station?" asked Merri. "I think it would be a good way to spend my off duty time." She slid off his lap. "Then go get dressed, Daddy, and we'll go." And she picked up his coffee and drank some of it for him. Trichon stood up and went and changed into something casual and came back out into the main area, "So shall we go?" "We shall," said Merri, and drank the rest of his coffee. "I'll even buy you real brewed coffee on the station instead of this replicated crud," she grinned. It was going to be a nice little shopping trip.
  6. Trichon gripped Merri's hand as the nurses scrambled around them. Trichon knew it was pointless as their reality was at an end. He looked down at the woman he loved and stared into her eyes, "It will all be over soon." Everything was swirling through Merri's brain. She gripped Trichon's hand and curled in on herself, trying to protect her unborn child, but she knew it was useless. Nothing made sense any more. Even her telepathic link to Trichon seemed to fade and then grow stronger and then fade again until it was almost nonexistent. "I love you," she whispered as her mind threatened to fade to black. Trichon started to feel the first twinges of the virus and could only hope that the wayward travelers would make it home, "I love you, too. Know that I will be with you in any reality, my beloved." Reality dissolved and was gone. There was sound, and light, and the absence of light. And silence. *************************************************************************************** Trichon snapped awake from what seemed to him had been a dream, he reached up and wiped the cold sweat from his brow as he tried to make sense of the dream he had just had... Merri moaned in her sleep, attuned to Trichon's discomfort. She had been sleeping restlessly lately. She thought it was due to her body changing with pregnancy. Lately she had been feeling little flutters of the baby moving inside her. Now, she woke, dizzy and disoriented. "Hmmm?" she inquired, still on the raw edge of sleep. Trichon turned to her and placed his hand on her shoulder, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you as well." "You didn't," Merri mumbled, and woke a little more. "That was..." She shook all over, like a wet puppy. "The universe ended," she said. Trichon shuddered for a moment as he reached out and embraced Merri, "It was only a dream," he paused for a long moment, "at least I think it was a dream." "If it was a dream, I dreamed it too," she murmured into his neck, clinging tightly to him. "And your shuttle..." "I know," he tried to stop shuddering from the cold sweat against him, "I sent the captain and the others out in it." Merri chuckled, but it was a nervous sort of chuckle. "We must be doing something right if we're having the same dreams," she ventured. "I guess you're right," Trichon placed his hand on Merri's stomach. "And how is the little one?" "Jumpy," she grinned, feeling the flutters accelerate at Trichon's touch. "I wish someone would tell me if he's a he or if she's a she." The thought was already letting the strange dream fade into the background. "You and Andrea must have some kind of conspiracy to not let me know." "It's not a conspiracy," Trichon laughed. "You know I don't want to know, so there you go." "But what if I want to know?" Merri giggled. "Then you can ask Westler to tell you..." he looked around at the boxes in their new quarters, as they still had quite a few things left to unpack. "But before all of that, I still have to marry you." "So have you made the arrangements with the Captain yet?" Merri asked. "You know I'm putting off getting something to wear because it might not fit in a few weeks." Trichon nodded, "Yes, I spoke to Hayden. She said she would talk with the captain." "All right." She grinned, and got up. "You know... now I have a compulsion to go check on the shuttle..." Trichon laughed, "I can promise you it's right where we left it. It was only a dream." "Then it won't hurt to check, right?" Trichon just stared at her, "You're serious, aren't you?" Merri was already getting dressed. "Well, yeah." "If it will make you feel better, then let's go," Trichon slipped on some clothes quickly. "But you'll see we're just being silly." She held his hand on the way to the shuttle bay. When the lift doors opened and they rounded the corner, the shuttle was still there in its usual place. Merri let go of Trichon's hand and walked ahead, going up the ramp and on into the cockpit. Trichon followed her into the shuttle, "See, it's all still here. Just the way we left it." Sitting down, Merri let her hands roam over the controls, keying in a few commands and a series of passwords. And sat back, pointing silently at the coding that came up on the monitor. Programming for interdimensional travel. Trichon looked closer at the console, "That's impossible, I didn't put that there." "It's my code," Merri said softly, "with my signature and my password. And I didn't put it there, either, except in that dream." "That's crazy..." Trichon tried to think of something that would put his mind at ease about all of this. "It's just a coincidence. She locked down the programming again, double passwording it and adding a command level hold that would only be accessible to someone with both Engineering and Medical clearances. And stood up, rubbing one hand gently across her belly. "Maybe, maybe not." The other hand took hold of Trichon's. "Let's go back to bed, dearest. I'm sure it will all make sense someday."
  7. <<start log>> Trichon laid on the floor of main engineering grasping his head trying to work through the images he saw in his head. Merri was close to passing out from the disorientation. Trichon's mind was linked with hers, and what happened to him affected her on a level she couldn't completely shut out. Turning from her console, she crawled over to him, weaving crookedly from side to side until she could sit cross-legged beside him, holding her own head and trying to put a barrier between them. He looked up and tried to focus on Merris face, "I have to find out what this means..." he gritted his teeth against the pain, "I know these are the answers we have been looking for." It took all her strength and a good burst of self-sacrifice, but Merri reached out and grasped Trichon's hand. "Use my strength," she rasped, and opened herself to him, giving him complete control over her mind and body. Trichon let go of all concious thoughts and let the visions flow into him. He was assailed with visions of the arc exploding and the world then split into 3 parts. There was a vision of Risa in ruins as pieces of the Arcadia rained down on the planet, it was a reality where Trichon himself had almost perished. Merri could only let the visions crash through her, clinging to Trichon's hand and leaning sideways until she was almost lying on the floor herself. The questions that popped into her mind would have to wait for later, the stimuli coming from her bondmate were too strong to push against right now. Suddenly he was assaulted with visions of the universe ravaged with the same virus he had seen aboard the station. Millions of people dried up from the inside. It was a world where thousands of Starfleet vessels drifted dead in space all victioms of the same virus. Among the ships he had a vision of the Arc now a ghost ship in this reality. It's not real! Merri's mind screamed silently. It's not real! It's all a dream! The visions were all coming into focus to Trichon now, there was now a third reality... "there reality". All three of the visions now all appeared to him at once. "What is it?" Merri whispered as the swirling visions began to coalesce into something Trichon was vaguely making sense of. "What's happening, dearest?" Trichons eyes snapped open and the visions ceased as quickly as they had come. "I know whats wrong now." "What is it?" Merri repeated, sitting up with a kink in her back. His head whipped around to look at her, "We dont belong here. When we changed things we wound up in the wrong timeline." "Something changed," Merri agreed, "but what? And more importantly, how can it be fixed?" "I dont know," he said as he shook his head, "But one things for sure. The longer we stay here the harder it is going to be getting back." Still a little dizzy, Merri got up and staggered to the nearest replicator to get them both something to drink. She decided on orange juice. "Just tell me what I can do to help," she said, handing Trichon his, "and I will do it." He stood up slowly, "I have to go see the captain. He has to know whats going on." "Drink your juice first," Merri admonished, and suited action to words. "You do realize how much danger were in right?" he said as he drank the glass that was handed to him. "No more than we were ten minutes ago," said Merri, putting her glass in the recycling slot. "I'll get back to work, and you go talk to the Captain. We'll get out of this mess. I hope," she added softly. He walked over to his fiancee and held her in his arms for a moment, "Dont worry, I am going to try and fix this." "And I have faith in you," she said, giving him a soft kiss on the cheek. "All right, hero, back to work for me. I'll have these chips replaced in no time." Trichon walked towards the nearest turbolift and watched the smile on Merri's face as the door shut. Hopefully the captain would be able to help fix this problem.
  8. Trichon couldnt get out of his office quick enough. He had made a beeline for the nearest Turbolift and made his way to sickbay. He ran into sickbay with a smile on his face and he quickly scooped Merri into his arms. She laughed with delight, hugging him fiercely. "You're not upset?" she whispered in his ear. "Upset..." he couldnt stop grinning, "Are you kidding. I'm going to be a daddy. Of course I'm not upset. I'm getting married to the woman I love and the mother of my child. I couldnt be happier." He hugged her even tighter and gave her a quick kiss. "Oh, good," Merri said with some satisfaction. She was acutely aware of the medical staff watching them, and blushed. "Let's go into my office..." She saw the time, then, and amended, "No, let's go home and plot how we're going to finagle family quarters out of the quartermaster." He kissed her again not caring who saw, "We have more than that to plot as well." "We do?" she asked as the kiss ended. Looping her arm through his, Merri led Trichon out of Sickbay, thankful that the doctors and nurses had more sense than engineers... if this little scene had played out in Engineering, there would have been catcalls and wolf whistles. He walked down the hall arm in arm with his beloved, "Of course. We have to start planning a wedding as well." Merri blushed again. "Well, yes, there is that. Can't we just wear dress uniforms and have the Captain say a few words in the main lounge?" "Really," he breathed a sigh of relief, "I'm glad you want a small wedding. I was hoping you wouldnt want something huge." She stopped walking and turned to face him. "Trichon Light, you have known me HOW long, and you thought I wanted something big and foofy? I may have taken counselor's training but I'm still the same practical engineer at heart." She laughed. He just grinned, "And thats why I love you Merri Light." Her eyes widened. "I like the sound of that," she said very quietly. "But you know, if we were getting married on my homeworld, it wouldn't change... and our children would be Callum-Light. But I kinda like the idea of being Merri Light," she grinned. He grabbed her hand and started to make his way back to their quarters, "So its agreed then. Something small and not so fancy. Any ideas on that my dear?" "I'd be happy with just a small ceremony in the lounge, and a simple buffet reception immediately following," Merri said honestly. "I don't need a fancy dress or a live band or a big party. Unless you wanted them." Trichon nodded, "A small wedding is all I ever wanted. Possibly the captain saying a few words and a small reception. Although I would like to see you in a dress." at the last comment a sly grin crossed his face. Merri burst out laughing. She didn't recall if he had ever seen her in a dress, other than the medieval-style one she'd worn on her very first away mission after she was assigned to the Arcadia. "Okay, maybe a dress," she conceded. "Good," he opened the door to his quarters and invited her in, "Now all we have to do is put in a request for larger quarters." "Yup," she agreed happily. "And as I said to Andrea, no more holodeck training exercises for me for a while." Trichon sat down at his desk and started filling out the request form for family quarters, "So did you find out any kind of due date from Andrea?" "I think it's too soon to tell," she said, pulling up a chair from the dining table. "My people are genetically altered Humans, so normal gestation is between nine and ten months, but I don't have any idea how that will interact with your genes." "As far as my genes go your guess is as good as mine," he looked up at her, "I am not very familiar with El-Aurian physiology at all." "If we can't look it up, we'll have to find some El-Aurians to ask," said Merri. "Could be a little hard to find one. Theres not many of us left, but I might have someone I can talk to." Merri chuckled. She had seen the medical files, even months ago when she wasn't supposed to, when she was rebuilding databases. "Sounds like a plan," she agreed. "Now... what's for dinner? I'm famished!" "Sounds like a plan." He finished filling out the request form for the larger quarters and set down the padd. He walked into the living area and joined the mother of his child for dinner...
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  10. "Unity" by SD Perry. Awesome set of DS9 novels. Check them out if you havent allready.
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  12. Are you kidding. Everyone knows. On my backpack I take to work with me everyday it has a next gen comm badge. Then they look at me and there like "SO you like Star Trek huh." . Ummm yeah just a little
  13. <<start log>> Trichon took short staggered breaths as the small hovercar sped off towards the nearest triage center. He didnt harbor any delusions, he was dying from radiation poisoning. He couldnt stop coughing and his whole body was covered in burns but yet he was felt cold. He looked up and saw the tears in Merris eyes and tried to squeeze her hand just a little to assure her he was still there. Merri hung on fiercely, both to his hand and to his mind. Trichon wasn't leaving her if SHE had anything to say about it! Barely aware of the tears streaming down her face, she prayed to Whoever might be listening, begging not to lose her mate. She lost track of time, so that when the vehicle stopped, she was startled to be pulled away from Trichon so he could be removed from the car. As he was gently moved into the triage center he looked over at Merri, he didnt want her to leave his side. The honest truth was he was scared of what was happening. He tried to look around the center and he saw other people suffering. There cries cut him to the core. Somewhere deep inside he couldnt help but feel a little responsible for all this suffering. He wasnt able to save Arcadia or the people of Risa. She followed, never more than a meter from his side even when the available medical staff swarmed around him, setting up IV lines and working with tissue regenerators. Somewhere in the background, a portable power plant hummed loudly. The sound of it burned into Merri's brain, over the hubbub of voices and other noises. That power source was Trichon's only hope. Without the tissue regenerators and spot-focused stasis fields, he would die. He looked up to Merri. He could see the fear in her eyes, "So tell me something beloved..." "If you die, I'll kill you," she tried to joke. "You know your a terrible liar honey." he coughed again and tried to shoo away one of the nurses. He tried to lift his arm but it felt so heavy to him. "So do I look as bad as I feel?" "You look like hell," Merri said, the words catching in her throat. "Maybe you'll learn to stop playing hero." He grinned for a moment and then started having a coughing fit. "You know me better than that. I had a job to do up there." "You disobeyed orders," said Merri, frowning a little. "What's going to happen if they court-martial you?" Under his breath he wheezed, "I dont think there going to get the chance to do any court martialing. Unless its post-humous." He turned and started into Merri's puffy eyes tear soaked eyes, "Merri you have to promise me something.." "You're not going to die," she insisted. "What do you want me to promise?" "That you'll move on....." he didnt break away from her eyes not even once he stopped for a moment between the tears in his eyes and the coughing, "That you'll not do something stupid if the worst should happen." Merri bit her lip and shook her head slowly. "You're not going to die," she insisted again. It was becoming difficult for him speak verbally so he opened his mind to her. ~~You know as well as I do what my chances are here. You were an engineer just like me. You were taught what happens when somehting like this happens.~~ ~~You have to want to live,~~ Merri told him. ~~These doctors are doing the best they can for you, but your mind is the most powerful medicine of all, dearest. I don't know what healing powers your people might or might not have, but I do know that wanting to live most often makes a difference in questionable cases.~~ She touched his face tenderly with one fingertip. ~~I want to live...~~ his eyes closed as he tried to fight back the tears, ~~I want to see our children grow up and have kids of there own. I want to grow old with you and talk about the good old days.~~ his coughing grew louder now and the nurses flocked to his side. ~~Sleep,~~ Merri told him, her hand still lightly touching his face. ~~Sleep and heal.~~ Did he know? She wondered, since he mentioned children. Did he know that she had not had her implant replaced, that she had done nothing to prevent children? He reached up to try and wipe away the tears at her eyes but he couldnt work up the strength to barely move. He wanted to drink in the image of Merri. There was so many things he wanted to tell her, but he couldnt find the way to put his thoughts into words. So instead he just opened up his mind to her and let go of everything for just a moment. With his mind wide open, she was able to wrap her own thoughts around him, easing him toward sleep. Around them, a doctor and several nurses still worked with drugs and machinery, keeping Trichon's body going long enough for healing to get well underway. But Merri wasn't aware of that. She was aware only of her mate's pain and despair, and the bright bond that held them together. He could feel Merri pushing him to sleep with her mind, and as he drifted off he lost all awareness of his body. A bright light bloomed around him, and he was almost sure he would not awaken again. In a way, it was a relief. That was his last thought before the bright light faded to blackness.
  14. Trichon teetered on the edge of life and death. The radiation was slowly destroying his body, and it was nobodies fault but his own. Once again he thought he would play the hero and in the face of inevitable destruction save the day. It was a hard lesson to learn that the world didn’t work like that. A warp core breech on the Arc had been imminent and everything they had tried to do had failed. As a last resort he thought he could manually release the warp core and save the ship. Fitz had tried to stop him but he simply placed an emergency beam out device on his uniform and watched him shimmer away. As he had neared the release Main Engineering had started to grow warmer and radiation started to leak into the bay where Trichon had sealed himself in. The release lever was hot to the touch, trying not to think about it Trichon reached down and grabbed a hold and started trying to release it. As he felt his hands go numb from the pain he heard his comm with the captain and many others telling him to get out of there before it was too late. He heard the computer tick down the numbers and he thought to himself that this was the end. He heard the core breech and saw a bright flash of light and then nothing. He was suddenly aware of the hard deck plating of a shuttle craft below him. He opened his eyes for one moment and saw Merri looking down on him. Her eyes welled up with tears and a look of fear. She didn’t even see him open his eyes. "Hey there angel." he coughed loudly, "How do I look?" Before he could receive his answer however the shuttle lurched to one side, "We've lost the stabilizers during the shockwave. I'm going to have to put it down." he heard Fitz yell from the front of the shuttle, "Its going to be a rough landing. Everyone hang on." The shuttle sprialed down towards the surface of Risa the last thing Trichon saw before he passed out again was the surface of the planet rising up to meet them....
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