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  1. You might not want to tell your dad that your mom called him an older less hot stud.
  2. Ha! You mirror kids know nothing of torture. What was the DS9 episode that (in his mind) made OBrien live out his entire life in a tiny jail cell and then murder his best friend? That's torture! :lol: Hook em up to the mind machine and make them sit in a chair for 30 years staring at a giant clock. You'll be begging for the booth!
  3. I'm going to start charging you every time you say that ::thwap:: :lol: Me no likely mirror :lol:
  4. This is ridiculously cute :lol:
  5. Very nice summary :lol:
  6. Hmm, I found music clips but am not seeing a video.
  7. *

    I LOVE surveys! Favorite Non-Trek Television Show: Lost Favorite Non-Trek Movie: Undecided Favorite Book: Born to Buy Favorite Actor: Jack Nicholson Favorite Actress: Undecided Favorite Musician: Gato Barbieri Favorite Food: Lobster Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Coffee Favorite Hero: A9 Favorite Politician, Journalist, or Activist: The uncrooked one...wait, that leaves nobody Favorite Quote: Favorite Occupation: Corrupt CEO w/ ridiculous salary and zero accountability Favorite Car: Volvo S60 Favorite Vacation Spot: My backyard Favorite Academic Subject: Psychology Favorite Quirky Interests: Simming Who would you most like to meet? Myself, 20 years from now (with any luck I will be a retired corrupt CEO with 6 vacation homes, a new Ferarri, and the bankruptcy application of my company hanging on my golden wall)
  8. Well...if it could be centralized, backed up, and have some kind of longevity I would agree. Otherwise things such as these tend to vanish. For example years ago I set up a complete encyclopedia for the USS Excalibur that detailed the races, planets, objects, characters, etc that it encountered. As I recall it was pretty huge, but as far as I can tell all of that information has been lost. It's a real shame when all that work ends up in the circular file, and I can see a potential for that happening with a project like this.
  9. Well, would one specific to roleplaying see any regular use either? It would certainly be a good resource for new players, but much of it I think would be very basic or irrelevant information (at least for an immediate need). For example, once you understand what a hypospray is/does, there is little need to review it again. Just about anyone who's watched the show and is a fan probably knows what that is anyway. Wouldn't this basically turn the Wiki database into essentially a "beginner's guide" for players? And would we need a full Wiki to do that? It would be also great for adding realism to logs, but during the sim I don't think I would use it. It's much easier just to make up some technobabble to accomplish a given task rather than go to another browser window and search for something I may or may not find that fits the situation. Those are my thoughts on it.
  10. This would be a monumental project, but with Wiki everyone could contribute! It would be a useful resource, but I do not know how much I would personally use it.
  11. My first Trek experience was audio only.
  12. I saw this in the news today. I saw a similar version of the same story a while back, and again a while back. It's been circulating for a while and as far as I can tell, it's fake. China already regulates the Internet. The sites that their citizens can visit is closely monitored and restricted.
  13. "Perhaps Diplomacy" Duty Log - 0918.16 Dox groaned as he awoke from the half-sleep of the phaser stun. His right arm was immediately sore as he remembered where he was. He rubbed his arm; the fabric of his sleeve was stretched over the impact point and he knew there would be a small temporary bruise on his skin underneath. He winced and groaned again as he saw Claire standing over him. "It did not work," he snapped at her, "and the whole idea was ridiculous to begin with." "Mr. Granger thought it would work," Claire, his figment, said apologetically. "Based on what we know of this place, aggression and firmness is highly regarded. Who's to know what would have happened if you had shown fear or weakness?" "Well, aggression is better suited for Granger," Dox immediately shot her a look, "but we are not going down that path again. I have come too far to relinquish myself to either of you. I by far prefer diplomacy, and if the events of tonight are any indication, I am better suited at it." He rubbed his shoulder again, now noticing that Lieutenant Commander Tekyier was laying against the side of the cell. He moved to her, shaking her shoulder slightly and trying to rouse her. She was breathing, but quite unconscious. Carefully he pulled back her shirt and inspected the blast wound on her abdomen. A point blank strike. The faint bruise was more severe than what a standard Federation stun would produce, but Dox was sure it would disappear within a day. It would have been worse. "Ma'am, I am so sorry," he sighed as he checked her pulse and, satisfied that she would be alright, rolled her back into a comfortable position. Obviously he had made a mistake by trying to take a stand against the security officer. And his second mistake was retaliating after he had been struck. Still, by what he knew of this place, his reaction would not have been unexpected, so the damage should be minimal. Dox thought hard about the news feeds he had read. As a figure approached the cell, who he would eventually learn was named Kimura, he could not even begin to imagine where they were. He turned and looked behind himself. They were captured. Claire was gone. Laarell was asleep. He was alone. The mission was going splendidly so far.
  14. Looks good!
  15. Wow don't jaywalk in this place!