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  1. Some very good points made. I'll definitely keep them in mind...perhaps I will go with a more standard lifeform the first time out to get a hang of it all. As soon as I graduate the academy I will do some good searching on which ship I should join...there are many variables to the setting alone which can completely change the plot line of each 'mission.'
  2. Thanks Joy! It was sure fun having an AMO...I'll have to brainstorm some more ideas on how to keep AMOs busy (myself included as I will probably start on a ship as an AMO.) Thanks for the compliment too...it's got to be all that star trek that my brain has 'assimilated'....all I have to do is repeat it ; ) I just love how each sim flows like an episode...it's exciting to be able to make new episodes after I've exhausted all of the official ones. You even get to experience these first hand! Btw, I read your Bio and its very cool. I'm contemplating the possibilities of becoming a hologram based lifeform (ie. the Doctor), but it may be too restrictive. There are also a number of potential loopholes for a character like that (ie. being a "save the day" invincible army of one know-it-all)...I'd have to set knowledge limitations and there would definitely be a number of physical limitations such as existing anywhere else on the ship except the holodeck and sickbay (though, technically there would be a certain amount of portable holoemitter technology out there....perhaps place a time limit on the battery so the Doc cant be superhuman on away missions.) I'd also have to come up with a way on how it was created....I'd love to be EMH gone sentient being, but that may be too close a parallel to the VOY storyline. I'll do some thinking on that one....
  3. It looks like no one has actually posted a solution to this......the concensus so far is that you're SOL, but I've got a answer. http://www.microsoft.com/windows/products/...pc/default.mspx Microsoft released Virtual PC 2007 a few days ago FOR FREE. It is something that no Vista user should be without right now do to the incompatability of some programs. Simply install it on your PC and then start it up with your Win XP (Win 2000, Win 98, Win 95....etc.) boot/startup disk and install the OS on the virtual partition. This acts as a complete OS, so you will have to install programs through it (vs. running them from vista on it). You wil also have to register XP; you may need to call microsoft and tell the microsoft voice assistant that you wish to "talk to a representative", to get someone in person in order to recieve your activation key. btw, as soon as you get it setup, go through and install the updates for Virtual PC so you dont have a lagging mouse, etc. I've been using the chat system fine through VPC with XP SP2 installed on it....along with a few other programs that arent vista-supported yet.
  4. Hello all, I'm brand new to the world of simming and I have to say that after two sims I am completely drawn into it. I would never have thought that something that has the complexity of a board game could be so much fun....I guess imagination combined with my passion for all things Star Trek is what makes it such a great (though short) experience. I'm quickly getting used to the position of CMO, being one on both of the sims so far. Saturday night we gave chase to a Nausicaan pirate ship and then beamed them onto the ship while infested with a biological pathogen and Sunday (still Sun...kinda) our ship was infested with a number of creatures with the craving for red shirts....sadly Ensign Ricky and his pals didnt make it. Anyhow, I hope to try to catch as many academy days as possible during the week and I'll definatly be there on the weekends.