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    In the pursuit of perfection they are bound to be setbacks
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  1. So, why does the sub have a big drill on the front? Last I checked torpedoes were the weapon of choice for subs, silly Japanese.
  2. Its all part of global warming I tell you. First the Blizzard in April and wait I bet we have yet another record braking Hurricane session.
  3. Eagle 2 …Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry And good ol' boys were drinking whisky and rye. Singing this will be the day that I die this will be the day that I die Eagle 4: good he’s done. Eagle 1:shhhh or he’ll start again Eagle 2: A long, long time ago… Eagle 3: I don’t’ know about you but I could go for some whisky and rye.
  4. after years of declining viewership MLB decided to spice things up by adding Matrix style combat to the regular play.
  5. It is not the qustion of to be or not but... Life is a play preformed by a idiot. who struts his time on the stage for a hour or so and then, takes his leave.
  6. In other News the Birmingham Police introduce a new training exercise; a variant on the ancient and noble art of the catching of the greased pig from their Hillbilly origins.
  7. A ham on the lamb.
  8. Has anyone here tried M5 yet? I believe that was its name from TOS "the perfect computer" a good campaign for HAL don't you think
  9. A9 you probably will never be done. I would like to have "In the pursuit of perfection they are bound to be setbacks". It goes nicely with my avatar
  10. I appreciate your advice, now how do I add a saying under my avatar?
  11. So are we gona post new sciance topices or are we gona talk about them?
  12. Now I have another predicament. I love it in ENG, if there is something in trek I know it is warp flight. I would become a theoretical physicist if it weren’t for the math involved. But I have a problem with OOC knowledge. I’m quick in thought and can thing of fun/creative solutions and plot advances but I’m in a dertanium and dylitham prison. Any suggestions or should I look for posting elsewhere?
  13. MIDICHLORIANS!!! the worst thing ever. the mystical "force" is what made it cool in the 70's now they try to tell me it is bioloigacal btw Angle, what is that, says US Air Force but i dont recnioze it. i want to say F-15 but the tail is not right.
  14. Is it really “spoiled” to want the producers to make a effort. I mean hell; there are a lot of star trek episodes out there. I remember on day watching a Voyager episode where Nelix gets his lungs stolen and they need to find them quickly. And I thought to my self wow that really sounds like the plot line from TOS “Spocks Brain”. And after that I noticed that a lot of Voyager and Enterprise were throwbacks to the olden days. But I’m getting off topic. My point is that until you take a bold step forward you have nothing. So roll with it. Of course in the 70’s when they took a break and star trek fell of the face of the earth gave a time for it to reemerge with TNG. I really wouldn’t mind waiting for a decade for something fresh to come along.
  15. well at least they are trek fans. that setteles at least some of my worryes.